Torstai on toivoa täynnä (2020)

Torstai on toivoa t ynn JOHN STEINBECK tunnetaan rehev st ja l mminhenkisest tavastaan kuvata ihmisi ja yhteiskuntaa Steinbeckin romaanit ja kertomukset mm Vihan hedelm t Helmi Hyvien ihmisten juhla Eedenist it
  • Title: Torstai on toivoa täynnä
  • Author: John Steinbeck Jouko Linturi
  • ISBN: 9789513112141
  • Page: 354
  • Format: Paperback
  • Torstai on toivoa täynnä
    JOHN STEINBECK 1902 1968 tunnetaan rehev st ja l mminhenkisest tavastaan kuvata ihmisi ja yhteiskuntaa Steinbeckin romaanit ja kertomukset, mm Vihan hedelm t, Helmi, Hyvien ihmisten juhla, Eedenist it n ja Hiiri ja ihmisi el v t jatkuvasti uusina painoksina sek n ytelm , elokuva ja tv sovituksina John Steinbeck sai Nobelin kirjallisuuspalkinnon 1962 RomaaniJOHN STEINBECK 1902 1968 tunnetaan rehev st ja l mminhenkisest tavastaan kuvata ihmisi ja yhteiskuntaa Steinbeckin romaanit ja kertomukset, mm Vihan hedelm t, Helmi, Hyvien ihmisten juhla, Eedenist it n ja Hiiri ja ihmisi el v t jatkuvasti uusina painoksina sek n ytelm , elokuva ja tv sovituksina John Steinbeck sai Nobelin kirjallisuuspalkinnon 1962 Romaanista Vihan hedelm t h n sai Pulitzer palkinnon 1940.Toisen maailmansodan j lkeen Cannery Row ja sen huolettomat asukkaat eiv t ole entisell n Joukon keskushahmo, Tohtori, on ollut armeijassa l kint kersanttina ja latkinut siin sivussa valtion spriit kunnioitettavat m r t Kotiin palattuaan h n vajoaa ankaraan masennukseen Huolestuneet yst v t arvelevat aivan oikein ett ainoa parannuskeino olisi nainen Ja kun Karhulipun ilotalossa juuri sopivasti majailee levottomuutta her tt v Suzy kaunokainen, niin mit p muuta kuin lemmen pauloja solmimaan Aluksi kaikki ei tosin suju ihan niin kuin yst v t ovat kaavailleet, mutta railakkaat yll tykset eiv t pilaa lupaavaa asiaa Ja jos joku pahentuu n ihin Steinbeckin veijareihin ja heid n tekoihinsa ja puheisiinsa ja el m ntapaansa, niin sanon vain heist lukiessa syd n sulaa Eik syv sti vakavia ja samalla riemullisen hauskoja kirjoja tosiaankaan ole liikaa Uusi Suomi
    Torstai on toivoa tynn by John Steinbeck Torstai on toivoa tynn book Read reviews from the world s largest community for readers JOHN STEINBECK tunnetaan rehevst ja lmminh Torstai on toivoa tynn YouTube Jul , Kuvat Kaija Olin Arvola Musiikki Kiti Neuvonen Nuoruustango Kaj Chydenius Anu Kaipainen _____ Lmpni lempeni annan, kaunis on nuoruutein Nt suven ruusut kannan, itseni yksin tein Ei Torstai on toivoa tynn. YouTube Aug , This video is unavailable Watch Queue Queue Watch Queue Queue Jokken kirjanurkka John Steinbeck Torstai on toivoa tynn John Steinbeckin Torstai on toivoa tynn, Tammi Kurki kirjat, kolmas painos sivumr .Alkuteos Sweet Thursday, , suomentanut Jouko Linturi, prologi ja lyhytt ja hauskaa lukua Teoksen kansikuva kertoo tunnelmasta paljon, milj on toisen maailmansodan jlkeinen unelias amerikkalainen kylpahanen lhell Tyynen valtameren rannalla. Kirjashkkyr John Steinbeck Torstai on toivoa tynn Yhdysvaltalaisen nobelistin John Steinbeckin Torstai on toivoa tynn teos meinasi uuvuttaa minut alkusivuillaan Jaksoin viisikymment sivua ja pidin muutaman kuukauden tauon Sitten aloitin pikkuhiljaa muutaman sivun pivvauhdilla, ja sen jlkeen, kun kirjassa alkoi tapahtua kaikenlaista, luin kirjan reippain mielin loppuun asti. John Steinbeck Torstai on toivoa tynn Torstai on toivoa tynn palaa niihin samoihin maisemiin, Montereyhyn Cannery Rowille, ja samojen ihmisten pariin, jossa jo Steinbeckin aikaisempi romaani Hyvien ihmisten juhla tapahtui Sota on ohi ja ihmisten pitisi taas orientoitua normaaliin elmn. Torstai on toivoa tynn Virkamiehen pivkirja Torstai on toivoa tynn Tytyy vain toivoa, etteivt ne ole meit havainneet Teinp niin tai nin, arvostelua kyll tulee riittmn Sit en kuitenkaan aio tll kertaa kuunnella, vaiennan sen kirouksilla, jotka olen oppinut vuorikuilujen kansalta Ja mik helvetin opas min olen
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      354 John Steinbeck Jouko Linturi
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    1. Over the course of this year I have discovered an appreciation for American master story tellers I have noted in reviews that some of the books assigned to high school children may not be age appropriate and that one gets a deeper appreciation for some of these books by reading them through adult eyes It is in this regard that I have read Capote, Hemingway, and Steinbeck during this calendar year A month ago, I found myself enjoying Steinbeck s Cannery Row, only to discover in some comments to t [...]

    2. Dear Mack and the boys in Palace Flophouse I can t tell you how grateful I am for the advice you gave the author in the prologue You were entirely right, and helped him write a masterpiece After all, who would know better than you how to describe the intricate balance of talk, action and hooptedoodle, and chapters and settings and characters that form the unforgettable micro cosmos of Cannery Row Uninformed people might get the notion that Cannery Row is a hopeless dump filled with uneducated tr [...]

    3. The War is over and life seems to go back to normal in Cannery Row Mack and the boys return to their feisty drinking at the Palace Flophouse and Fauna and the girls recover their usual business at the Bear Flag Companionship and good cheer, camaraderie and the right dose of picaresque reign over the marginalized neighborhood in Monterey, and the familiar pulse of tragicomedy takes hold of the comforted reader.There is only a discordant note in Steinbeck s symphony that dulls the otherwise colorf [...]

    4. Sweet Thursday Cannery Row ReduxThe world is so full of a number of things, I m sure we should all be as happy as kings Happy Thought, from a Child s Garden of Verse, Robert Louis SteversonIf you love the works of John Steinbeck as I do, it does not matter whether the critics have labeled one of his novels among his major novels Even a minor Steinbeck is a joy to pick up and read Even re read Recently I reveled in Cannery Row Originally published in 1947, Steinbeck set the novel in the waning ye [...]

    5. I was in Monterey quite recently and even visited the Steinbeck house in Salinas, so I thought it would be a damn good time to read another Steinbeck As per usual, it was a really good read and as per usual, I was right But then again, it s always a good time to read Steinbeck Having said that, I do worry every time I read one of his books, because all the character s always die and it will always be sad The amount of hyperbole in that previous sentence is nothing to the level of my forgetfulnes [...]

    6. A book that is a love story on three levels We have the love that Mack, Hazel and the gang feel for Doc, their friend and mentor They want to set him up with a home, a girl and a microscope don t ask , and almost but not quite get it right.We have the slow burn love affair between Suzy and Doc From totally different backgrounds, repelled and attracted in equal measure, but always set to get together in the end.Most of all we have the love that Steinbeck clearly has for Cannery Row and it s motle [...]

    7. Published in 1954, John Steinbeck s sequel to Cannery Row arrived nine years after its predecessor and directly followed the monumental world building of East of Eden This might explain why Sweet Thursday is on much sober footing than Steinbeck s previous literary excursions to Monterey, California rather than loosely connected vignettes connected to a party, this is of a fully formed novel, with a doggone romance as its centerpiece.In a prologue, Steinbeck indulges in a delightful bit of meta [...]

    8. Since listening to an audiobook edition of Cannery Row earlier this year and falling in love with both the characters and Steinbeck s writing, I ve looked forward to reading this sequel It s set about ten years after the events of Cannery Row Doc has returned from army service to his work at the Western Biological Laboratory and finds himself unsatisfied and depressed This makes the other denizens of Cannery Row decide that Doc needs a wife and that Suzy a new girl at the Bear Flag Restaurant is [...]

    9. The sequel to Steinbeck s Cannery Row, it s difficult to nail down exactly why this novel isn t as good as its prequel Sweet Thursday is still a very enjoyable book and managed to arouse and audible chuckle from me here and there, but, as the only work of Steinbeck s I ve read that could be labeled as a romantic comedy, it fell short of leaving me with that happy and slightly amazed feeling that Cannery Row succeeded in leaving behind There were points in the story where I almost wanted to groan [...]

    10. I liked this quite a bit than Cannery Row I always enjoy Steinbeck s writing, but Sweet Thursday had a much stronger center to the story the Cannery Row I liked the characters better and cared a lot about what happened to them.

    11. The second time this book has caught me by surprise He s got a very I wanna say astute, but it s something else He just keeps gettin like GOTCHA me Steinbeck has a voice I can tune in to It s weird, like how singing voices resonate whether I like the music or not, styles of writing they either rattle your bones, or it s nothing Just a story Words completely randomly and inelegantly strung together end rant a a a and here s the part You know, Suzy, there ain t no way in the world to get in troubl [...]

    12. Perhaps it s not rated as John Steinbeck s best books but it s my favourite Whenever someone tells me they enjoyed Cannery Row, I say read Sweet Thursday it s better Steinbeck invented such wonderful characters and breathed life into them.

    13. I loved Cannery Row and it was a love that developed over many years of growing appreciation Sweet Thursday had everything I loved about Cannery Row it being a sequel and all I can t get over how good Steinbeck is at characterization he shows, not tells There were some slow parts and bizarre parts, much like Cannery Row but I really enjoyed it and bought into everything that happened You got to watch Hazel though That boy is trouble.

    14. This was a charming novel It s been too long since I read Cannery Row, though, and I wasn t as connected to the characters as I would have liked I need to read them back to back in a few years.

    15. There are people who will say that this whole account is a lie, but a thing isn t necessarily a lie even if it didn t necessarily happen 54 I loved Cannery Row, and thought I d finally read Sweet Thursday, which is set in the same place and returns after the war to some of the same characters I didn t think it was as good as the first sketch of the Row, but the swashbuckling group created by Steinbeck, plus minus a couple of souls, was still entertaining and endearing.

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    17. Sweet Thursday is the sequel to Cannery Row, one of my favorite of Steinbeck s books I ve read the epic masterpieces, like East of Eden and Grapes of Wrath I ve read the shorter morality tales, like Of Mice and Men and The Pearl Yet after all of those brilliant works, my favorites remain his road trip memoir, Travels with Charley, and Cannery Row I may get depth and inner turmoil from his other works, but these are the ones I relate, the ones I want to return to Sweet Thursday quickly made its [...]

    18. Had I known this was a sequel to Cannery Row, I would have read this the minute I finished Cannery Row How did I not know there was a sequel to Cannery Row But, thank you, El Leonard I decided that this year, I m taking my favorite authors and reading the books they ve read To follow that thread, that slow burn rapture, the world unfolding from a singular point of view And thus I found Sweet Thursday, the sequel to Cannery Row, from the man that makes sense than anybody that he s read Sweet Thu [...]

    19. John Steinbeck yll tti minut t ll Torstai on toivoa t ynn teoksellaan Olen lukenut aiemmin Routakuun ajan, joka oli todella lukuhermoja kutkuttava teos Nautin kovasti my s Oikuttelevasta bussista Torstai on toivoa t ynn teokselle annoin paljon anteeksi kirjan pitk veteiselle alulle, sill lukeminen oli kuin tervan juontia ensimm iset 50 sivua Siihenp se j ikin pitk ksi aikaa, kunnes p tin jatkaa ja ihan mukiinmenev sti Steinbeck taiteili t ss pieness yhteis ss n Yhteis n mukavin henkil oli masent [...]

    20. I had read Cannery Row something like 15 years ago, and had forgotten a lot of the characters So, it may not be essential to have read it prior to reading Sweet Thursday, but it does help There is a kind of style or attitude that Steinbeck brings to this world which is both sympathetic and very humorous That s a difficult trick as it would be very easy for us to laugh at Hazel a man who believes he will become President because of a horoscope reading from the madame of the local whore house, eve [...]

    21. Having enjoyed Cannery Row so much, it was with some trepidation that I began this one I m not a big fan of sequels and think that they are often poorly thought out, ill conceived or just plain lazy However, this one proved to be an exception and is well worth a read it definitely added to the first book rather than detracted which is often the case Any fan of Steinbeck should definitely make the effort to get hold of this one

    22. I had three hours left of this nine hour audiobook, and I was still not enjoying it But I persisted This is one of those books that it takes a while to warm to By the end I cared for some of the characters not just Doc, but Fauna and Hazel too and there was some humor that made me smile It has a cute ending How do you rate a book that for the most part bores you but then at the end it turns for the better By the end I liked it, but not in the beginning and not in the middle either It is too much [...]

    23. SWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEET THURSDAY Man, finding out that this book existed, which I did only after reading CANNERY ROW this recent, second, time, was like discovering a new manuscript of the Dead Sea Scrolls, or something, for me Only all I had to do was go to the library and check it out After tossin back CANNERY ROW and finding myself scarcely able to get a hold of it, of course I was on the internet browsin around about it to glean every little iota of information I could, and there, staring me rig [...]

    24. It is impossible for me to separate Sweet Thursday from Cannery Row so I cannot objectively comment on Sweet Thursday as a standalone novel Cannery Row is one of my favorite novels Beginning as a high school assignment and continuing over the next 40 years I have read it a dozen times Someone told me that Steinbeck wrote Cannery Row as a gift to the country during WWII as something to make people happy He succeeded in that goal Cannery Row is simply magical It has that certain something that all [...]

    25. His writing is deceptively simple but it puts you right into the environment that he has created, it is full of social commentary, sly humor, and something indefinable that I might call a joy in life Doc, educated and erudite, is soul sick From the depths of his emotions the word lonely keeps bubbling up.Suzy is new in town and arrives pretty much with nothing She tries working as a prostitute but she isn t good at it and doesn t like it The Madam of the house thinks Suzy and Doc belong together [...]

    26. It took me a while to get into this book, and I found myself wondering, why revisit Cannery Row But, Steinbeck draws you in and I finally succumbed I think he is a masterful writer and I will relate one paragraph which I especially loved The eyes of the snakes looked dustily at him or seemed to Doc went on, Let me put it this way there is nothing I can do They say of an amputee that he remembers his leg Well, I remember this girl I am not whole without her I am not alive without her When she was [...]

    27. It s probably been than 30 years since I read Cannery Row so I had forgotten all the characters that feature in this sequel While I admire the writing skill and descriptions I was frankly bored for most of this book Very little happens and I suspect that with age my reading tastes have changed and I seek action content for me to rate a book higher than 3 stars The post war characters didn t really interest me and I think I will have to read again one of his famous books, to see whether my rea [...]

    28. Tatl Per embe John Stenbeck in Sardalye Soka , Yukar Mahalle kitaplar ndan sonra lemeyi tamamlayan kitab olarak biliniyor S ras yla okuman z art olmamas yla beraber b yle bir tak nt n z yok ise Star Wars un yaratt bir al kanl kla dilerseniz sondan da ba layabilirsiniz benim gibi II D nya Sava sonras Sardalye Soka na d nen Doc u, birbirinden renkli karaktere sahip mahalle sakinleri hayata d nd rme ve hayat na birini sokma abas i ine girerler Yazar bu eserinde beni o kadar a rtt ki yer yer k f r i [...]

    29. I am so glad I read Cannery Row before this, because I would not have understood the story Cannery Row took place during the Depression in Monterey, California, and Sweet Thursday took place after WII I liked Cannery Row, but I liked Sweet Thursday better Mack and his band of misfits are back and so is Doc, the endearing scientist that everyone in Cannery Row treats like their local family doctor.

    30. One of the funniest books I ve ever read Takes the cast of Cannery Row, retains the poignancy, turns up the mayhem Hidden gem in Steinbeck s oeuvre.

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