Distant Dreams (2020)

Distant Dreams The first book in a sweeping historical series from two bestselling authors young Carolina Adams is fascinated with the expanding railroad in the s
  • Title: Distant Dreams
  • Author: Judith Pella Tracie Peterson
  • ISBN: 9781441207128
  • Page: 115
  • Format: ebook
  • Distant Dreams
    The first book in a sweeping historical series from two bestselling authors young Carolina Adams is fascinated with the expanding railroad in the 1830 s.
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      115 Judith Pella Tracie Peterson
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    1. meh.disappointing Extremely slow moving plot Overkill on railroad detail to the point I was snoozing Cop out ending Annoying cast of charactersGood news Read for free with Kindle Unlimited Not interested in paying to read the rest of the series nice try though

    2. Free download I enjoyed the premise of the book, and it kept me interested for a while, but then it stalled It totally bored me before too long I got about 70% through the book and I could not bring myself to finish it having looked into the rest of the series, I am glad that I didn t waste too much time or any money on it because it seems to take a VERY long time to get to the happy ending As some of the other reviewers have noted, this book ends with a cliffhanger, but not the good, suspensefu [...]

    3. This was a really fun book to read since I love the 1800 Joseph Adams is a southern gentleman who owns Oakbridge Plantation He and his wife, Margaret, are loving people who enjoy their southern way of life They have several wonderful children and life seems to be grand Enter Carolina Adams This 15 year old southern belle is anything but the belle of the ball She longs for higher learning in a world where ladies run the household, care for the children and are the picture of society Her father wa [...]

    4. really interesting story ruined by self absorbed me me me charactersThe book is actually really good in many aspects, however, I experienced an overwhelming urge to punch the female protagonist and the hero requires a kick up the backside , hence this is getting a 1 The PlotThe heroine is a poor little rich girl who wants to study and pursue a career in the Railroad However, due to her gender severe restrictions are imposed relating to her ambition The plot starts off great pioneer intelligent h [...]

    5. I found this to be an interesting book focusing on the emerging railroads of the US with a light romance spin to it This is NOT a typical, bawdy romance novel, and would instead be completely appropriate for a religious, teenager who wants her heart to flutter a bit as she reads I haven t read the two sequels yet, so can t speak to those However, the story line was a bit slow for me, and even my own fascination with the railroad politics, etc was taxed by some of the time the author spent on set [...]

    6. If you didn t get to read this charming story in 1997 or 2009 when it was reprinted, I implore you to grab it when you can I was impressed with the overall story, the characters and their growth, and the time it was set The Railroad and trains were mysterious to Americans in the mid 1800 s Fear, uncleanliness, and misunderstanding of science plagued the city people in that day What a wonderful story of a young sister who fell in love with the idea and science as well You will keep up with severa [...]

    7. It was well written and a good story, but it had a cliffhanger type ending I don t mean there is suspense, but all the loose ends are left untied waiting for the next book Thankfully the whole series is out so there is no waiting These types of books series are the worst when just released because you can end up waiting a year or to find out what happens This particular book is interesting and well written, but left me feeling kinda depressed I am thankful that i have access to the next book an [...]

    8. Ok, I wanted to give this book stars but helb back The reason for that is because it is not a stand alone book I don t mind a series if it grabs me and I need to read the rest This was not one of those stories.

    9. I absolutely loved this book It had a great mix of historical and romance fiction action happening and the characters were quite loveable The story largely centers around 16 year old Carolina Adams, daughter of plantation owner Joseph Adams and his wife Margaret Carolina is a headstrong girl who is ambitious to attempt a different type of life when the railroad comes to town However, can a young southern girl really follow her dreams when she is supposed to be worrying about getting married That [...]

    10. I loved this book The characters were interesting and well developed The story was interesting The biggest bummer is that my library doesn t have the third book in the series I m going to read book two and request that they add book three to their collection.I thought this book was Christian, but the first three quarters of the book lacked any mention of God I thought that was odd as it felt like I was reading a very clean secular novel Toward the end, the characters started discussing God a bit [...]

    11. I realized this book was part of a series, but it s been awhile since I read a romance series where the relationship wasn t resolved in the first book So be aware that the romance continues over than one book Don t be frustrated like I was Beyond that, however, the book was fairly well written and presents an era of American history that isn t often explored in these sorts of novels Yes, it does offer the girl struggling against historical norms trope which is typical of many historical romance [...]

    12. Distant Dreams ReviewThis is great reading Any book with Tracie Petersons name is good Great for anyone who loves clean wholesome reading A story of happiness, sadness, love and some Freudian acts Shows the true meaning of trusting God in all things.

    13. Quickly lost interest in this one Details can add to the story but sometimes too many details can bring it down.

    14. Great historical novel, with an amazing amount of detail relating to railroads of the day That amazing detail got a little old around 3 4 of the way through, but if I had researched railroads that much to write a book, then by gum I would bore the reader, too There were also some unnecessary to the plot encounters with historical figures and political discussions, but again, it was ok with me I d rather skip over too much historical detail than feel like an author knows nothing about the period. [...]

    15. I got this book as a free Kindle, and I should know to be careful around those when it turns out to be the first in a series The story was okay, but too long winded with no real resolution Far too many pages were about people s thoughts or rather the two main characthers thoughts It gets rather tedious to read the same thoughts and doubts and dreams again and again The main problem with showing both main characthers thoughts is that the reader know all about the other person s feelings so there [...]

    16. It just seems to go on on.There s a black monster coming The iron beast smelled as it belched black smoke Sparks made the ground catch fire Carolina Adams was 15, and her mother, Margaret, didn t like her father, Joseph, calling her a child The parents conversation was drowned out by the noise, Carolina moved closer to the machine Philip Thomas, President of the BO Railroad announced that the trip from Balti to Washington had been successful, having taken a little than 2 hours Carolina asked qu [...]

    17. I was not a fan of this book I love historical romances but this was far from entertaining pleasing me The book itself made me feel as though I were reading a history book, or accurately a book on trains they got started, the problems, and whatnot Not to include the government and overall history lesson, everyday life issues in the 1800 s, aspect of it BORING There was just way too much focus on the detailing of how the first trains worked ran and like 5% went to the actual story, that being Ca [...]

    18. GENRE Historical romanceSETTING 19th centuryCENTRAL FEMALE CHARACTERS Carolina Adams plantation owner s 15 year old daughter curious intelligent non conformist CENTRAL MALE CHARACTER James Baldwin only child rebellious but willing to make a big sacrificeNOPSIS She is strongly drawn to understanding how locomotives work Mom wants her to take her place in society as a lady He needs to rescue his family from financial failure and marry into money but the railroad is his love.WHAT I LIKED Humorous t [...]

    19. sigh well this was a boring book It started out well enough, but quickly went into long winded conversations Most of the characters are very self centered I liked the train aspect, but they did go on and on forever about trains It s all well and fine that the main characters like them, but I don t need it so often I m pretty sure this book could have cut out a lot and been a much better read The worst part No ending Wah wah Lame Well, there was an ending, but it was a sad one I don t read these [...]

    20. The author does an excellent job writing a historical romance which also introduces the reader to the history of how railroading began in America There are societal expectations, danger, tragedy, faith, and forgiveness entwined in the plot The heroine in the story, Carolina, is very intelligent and much interested in learning and adventure than in coming out to society Her sister, Virginia, is just the opposite a true southern belle who wants to marry well and be a hostess for her husband If yo [...]

    21. I actually was really into this story but then it ended, or like it didn t end I read the description for the next two books in the series and it looks like book 2 is the ending for this book and the description of book 3 basically tells you how it all ended It s like they took the book and chopped it in half right in the middle at the climax and gave the first part away for free and want you to pay for the ending.Since the description for the third book told me how it all ends, I have at least [...]

    22. Enjoyed this book Reminds the reader of those lovely olden days where The oldest daughter MUST marry before any other daughters Girls were expected to be married about 16 or 17 A girl of 18 was considered an old maid A girl shouldn t EVER get or even WANT to learn science or math A girl s little head would just wobble at the thought The oldest son was expected to follow in his father s business.Should I go on This was the high society of the era of President Andrew Jackson s presidency One key f [...]

    23. I enjoyed this history lesson about trains Cause the book talked so much about them that I felt it most be important Carolina was a dreamer, she wanted to be educated like her brothers and was rather intelligent except when it came to men She feel for her sisters, finance, James Baldwin because he too was a dreamer Personally, I felt that they were both clueless James was definitely all about the beauty before brains aka Carolina sister Virgina And Carolina was interested in proving she was jus [...]

    24. I m not all that religious of an individual, but I really love this book Firstly because Carolina wants to defy all the traditions of the mid 1830 s She s got one thing on her mind, and she decides to go for it Another thing that I loved about this book is that you get the prospectives of several of the characters that are mentioned in the story I m also thinking that the authors did a great deal of research with this book, especially having to do with the railroad This is one of my favorite his [...]

    25. Distant dreams Distant dreams I wish I could give it than five stars This was an extremely interesting novel I can t remember when I read a story that brought tears to my eyes It was a story of a loving family, who experienced joy and sorrow, love and laughter, tragedy and dreams and failure Also a lot of lessons to learn from these experiences, though not intentionally I would have been very disappointed of the ending if this was end of story , but there are two books to this series and you b [...]

    26. 3.5 stars, historical setting 1830 s Started to understand the history of banking with President Andrew Jackson Basically, he opposed the bank because it was run by and mostly for the rich people in the Northeast and did little to benefit the working people in the Western states The second interesting part of the book was about the railroad and western expansion The ending leaves everything open for the sequel I prefer closure So the history was fascinating, the characters disappointing.

    27. I loved Carolina and James and the story between them I have to admit that Carolina s mother and oldest sister aggravated me, but that s the point, right The story was well written and moved at a decent pace.The only downside which may not be a downside for some is the extremely lengthy historical accounts of trains the railroad at the time While I found it to be interesting at the beginning, later on I ended up skipping some of those sections For those interested in learning the history of the [...]

    28. I would rate this book higher the writing is superb i fell in love with the hero and heroine and their romance BUT the book just ends No resolution to any of the story lines In fact, they are all worse I don t mind a secondary story line left hanging for a sequel but I become very dissatisfied when a book leaves me with nothing resolved at all I feel like I have just wasted the time it took me to read it If you re like me, don t read this book unless you have all the subsequent books handy.

    29. I liked the courage of Carolina Adams a young high society woman wanting to learn all she can of the railroads I felt like the setting and circumstances of the Adams family were very close to what life for a young woman in the 1830s would have been like Arranged marriages, women would go insane if they knew too much of things I liked the dream for freedom I had to read the second book right away to get the conculsion of the love match that you want to happen in the first book I really liked how [...]

    30. I enjoyed this story I particularly enjoyed learning about the early history of the railroads and people s reactions to this new way of travel and transportation of goods The other aspect I enjoyed was the insight into social expectations of women in society The philosophy behind the value of education for women was also of interest The characters were believable and well developed as the story progressed The ending was abrupt until I realized there is a sequel Yes, I purchased the sequel and wi [...]

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