Onde Estarás? (2020)

Onde Estar s Decorreram dez anos desde que o jovem de vinte e um anos Charles MacKenzie j nior Mack desapareceu sem deixar rasto Saiu do seu apartamento na Upper West Side em Manhattan sem ter dito uma nic
  • Title: Onde Estarás?
  • Author: Mary Higgins Clark
  • ISBN: 9789722517492
  • Page: 189
  • Format: Paperback
  • Onde Estarás?
    Decorreram dez anos desde que o jovem de vinte e um anos, Charles MacKenzie, j nior, Mack , desapareceu sem deixar rasto Saiu do seu apartamento, na Upper West Side, em Manhattan, sem ter dito uma nica palavra aos colegas que partilhavam a casa consigo e desde ent o nunca mais foi visto No entanto, obedece a um ritual todos os anos telefona m e no Dia da M e SempreDecorreram dez anos desde que o jovem de vinte e um anos, Charles MacKenzie, j nior, Mack , desapareceu sem deixar rasto Saiu do seu apartamento, na Upper West Side, em Manhattan, sem ter dito uma nica palavra aos colegas que partilhavam a casa consigo e desde ent o nunca mais foi visto No entanto, obedece a um ritual todos os anos telefona m e no Dia da M e Sempre que lhe liga, assegura a de que est bem, recusa se a responder s perguntas fren ticas que ela lhe faz e desliga.A irm de Mack, Carolyn, actualmente com vinte e seis anos, formada em Direito, acabou o seu est gio, n o obstante, sente que nunca ser capaz de voltar a ter paz de esp rito e dar continuidade sua vida enquanto n o encontrar o irm o.A procura apaixonada de Carolyn, com vista descoberta da verdade sobre o desaparecimento do irm o al m de tentar descobrir o paradeiro do pr prio Mack leva a a um confronto mortal com algu m que lhe chegado e que guarda um segredo que n o pode permitir que ela revele.
    • [E-Book] ✓ Onde Estarás? | by ✓ Mary Higgins Clark
      Mary Higgins Clark

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    1. I always like Mary Higgins Clark because I know what I am getting Since I have read so many of them, I am getting better at predicting who the murderer is, but I still find that I can t stop turning the pages to find if my guess is correct She is a clean writer and gives me just enough suspense without making me too scared.

    2. Good book, though the ending was disappointing The author spent so much time building up to a finish, that when the finish came, it was quite a let down I m not talking a little let down, I mean really disappointing The kind of thing where you finish reading and then look for the rest of the pages that obviously fell out of the book She left the final scene until pretty much the last chapter But then there was so much to finish off that it just said, Okay, all these people are dead, all the bad [...]

    3. I didn t love nor hate this book I did like that the book was a page turner I liked the short chapters allowing me to read 5 minutes here or 10 minutes there I did like that it was an easy read for the situation I was in I liked that the author included so many suspects I did feel creepted out by the murderer thinking in first person I did think it was blood and guts clean for a murder mystery.I was disappointed in the main character, Carolyn She wasn t very characteristic of what I imagine a pr [...]

    4. Fans of Mary Higgins Clark know she has her formula Her first four books didn t seem to be as formulaic, but ever since then, there are certain things we watch for The mentally incompetent person who knows something, but is being protected and told to shush, and when they finally talk, it s the clue to the whole case We watch for the mentions of clothing and food during the 1980 s, the heroines wore capes and boots, and ate pasta and crusty bread with green salad and wine We also know that it s [...]

    5. I feel as though the Mary Higgins Clark books are good for quick reads.For me all her books seem to be three point five star books They re good if you want something quick to read and yet I never seem to enjoy them as much as I love other authors They re sort of just there for when I want something quick to read.I think my main problem is that they all seem to be a lot of the same, in my opinion Whether it is simply due to the selection of her books I have read or whether such is the case all ov [...]

    6. I picked this up to see if I could decipher the key to Ms Clark s longstanding success I m done and I still can t say I ve deciphered that key Formulaic with a very anticlimactic and unsatisfying endingI can t recommend it And I am certain Ms Clark will weep bitter tears over this review as she counts her millions on her private jet.

    7. Would have probably given this 4 stars of I had liked the ending better As it is though, I m left feeling a bit let down It s almost like I haven t actually finished the book yetNote of Warning For the readers out there who are looking for a clean Christian read, this is not Christian fiction there isn t any sex or anything, but there is some bad language in this book.

    8. 3,5 Mais um cartucho policial de Mary Higgins Clark que n o me deixou desiludido, o final apanhou me totalmente desprevenido, os suspeitos eram muitos Gostei

    9. Predictible I think her books have really gone downhill but I ll continue to read them I m sure I have read all of her books to date She churns them out too quicklya good fluff book though I guess.Summary from It has been ten years since twenty one year old CharlesMacKenzie Jr Mack went missing A Columbia University senior, about tograduate and already accepted at Duke University Law School, he walked outof his apartment on Manhattan s Upper West Side without a word to hiscollege roommates and h [...]

    10. Could you imagine how bizarre the feeling when your brother disappeared all of a sudden, and only make a phone call only on Mother s Day, and assured the family that he s doing well Charles McKenzie Jr known as Mack in this book disappeared ten years ago shortly after his 21st birthday Every year on Mother s Day he rings his mother and assures her that he is fine Even when his father died on 9 11, he didn t emerge from hiding.And now his sister Carolyn Mackenzie has had enough She is determined [...]

    11. i finished this book last night and it was a pretty good book again, mary hiigins clark goes back and forth and each chapter has to do with a different charachter in the character s going on s but it does not get confusing and annoying i liked ths tory line about the main character trying to find her brother and see what really happened and either him or turn hin over in the murders that have been recently linked to his sudden disappearance his only sib, carolyn start trying to figure out what h [...]

    12. this is a really good book when mack disappears, the police suspect he s the reason why 4 other young women disappear in the next ten years so when mack sends his sister a note saying not to look for him, it just make carolyn all the determined i wont spoil the ending, but i suggest that if you like to read about missing people or such, then it s a good book to read.

    13. I do not read enough of Ms Clark s books to know whether or not she was formulaic an accusation in another review but I do know that I did not guess who the bad guy was I loved entering the world of the very well off It s cool that the list of possible murderers is limited and that so many people had a motive I thought that the hero s change for the better a little fast but, remember, in real life, people often make change in behavior when faced with life or death situations.

    14. Good enough mystery from MHC did not predict the killer this time, but also did not feel there were nearly enough clues hinting at who it was Clark s books are always quick and easy reads I know what I m getting when I pick one up.

    15. There is a reason that Mary Higgins Clark is the Queen of Suspense i was down to like 20 pages and was still clueless as to who was behind everything I enjoyed this story and thought it was interesting how everything tied together at the end.

    16. 4.5 starsOverall, as with any Mary Higgins Clark novel, the storyline kept me intrigued to the end The book follows the lives of those closest to Mack, who disappeared 10 years ago when he was a student at Columbia University In the present day, recent events and murders suggest that Mack is still alive and the perpetrator of these murders, and his sister, Caroline, goes to any length to clear Mack s name and it may cost her her life Our children begin by loving us as they grow up they judge us [...]

    17. This book kept me interested the whole time The ending was a huge twist and I had no idea what was going to happen This was exactly the kind of book I ve been wanting to read

    18. From America s Queen of Suspense comes a gripping tale of a young woman trying to unravel the mystery of a family tragedy a quest with terrifying repercussions It has been ten years since twenty one year old Charles MacKenzie Jr Mack went missing A Columbia University senior, about to graduate and already accepted at Duke University Law School, he walked out of his apartment on Manhattan s Upper West Side without a word to his college roommates and has never been seen again However, he does make [...]

    19. Onde estar s foi a minha estreia com a autora Mary Higgins Clark, que possui mais de 30 obras publicadas, tanto de autoria pr pria, como juntamente com a sua filha Carol Higgins Clark.Charles MacKenzie J nior, Mack como conhecido por todos, um jovem de 21 anos que desparece misteriosamente, contudo todos os anos no Dia da M e contacta a m e salvaguardando que se encontra bem e que ningu m o dever procurar A sua irm mais nova, Carolyn, passado dez anos do estranho desaparecimento do irm o decide [...]

    20. While the overall premise of the book was intriguing, too many irritating things kept me from enjoying it Told in multiple POVs I lost count after the 10th person chimed in , much of the time in the beginning I had to skim back to figure out who was who and how if at all they connected.I found Carolyn, our only first person POV, to be an inconsistent character One moment she s spouting about being an amazing lawyer and the next she s seeking counsel over general law questions any attorney should [...]

    21. Mary Higgins Clark never disappoints me Her writing is always smooth, her plots move along, and I like her protagonists In this book, every Mother s Day, Charles Mack MacKenzie, Jr calls his mother But it s not your usual Mother s Day call because Mack walked out of his apartment one day and disappeared Despite a nominal police investigation and a thorough investigation by a P.I no trace was found of the young man However, a call received on the first Mother s Day after his disappearance assure [...]

    22. There is some suspicion that Mack has stolen his own car Mack has been missing for 10 years If he s using that car, how does he register it each year without being found And what did happen to his car There was another incident that was so completely wrong impossible but I can t remember what it was.She goes into great detail and highlights so many incidents that aren t important and introduces so many characters that it helps keep the reader stumped as to who dun it She also leaves so many loos [...]

    23. OK, I will admit to being a Mary Higgins Clark fan from the get go What I most like about her books is that she builds suspense, but for me at least the solution isn t obvious from page 1 having said that, though, you can still pick the book up and put it down to do something else without losing track of the story Maybe that doesn t mean it s Literature, but I always enjoy her stories This one is interesting to me, as it deals with a young man from a well to do family who disappeared suddenly, b [...]

    24. This is another awesome book from MHC She did it again,kept me guessing til the end A well to do New York family with two children, one studying to be a lawyer and the other girl in high school Their son, Mack is getting ready to enter law school disappears into thin air But he calls his mother every Mothers Day The story opens when he has been gone for ten years It is mothers day and both Carolyn and her mother are anxiously waiting for the call The father was a high power lawyer and hired a pr [...]

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