Consider Her Ways and Others (2020)

Consider Her Ways and Others Librarian s Note alternate cover ISBN Consider Her Ways Jane Waterleigh has no memory of her past wakes up and discovers that she is a mother of some description in a bloated body that is
  • Title: Consider Her Ways and Others
  • Author: John Wyndham
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 293
  • Format: Paperback
  • Consider Her Ways and Others
    Librarian s Note alternate cover, ISBN 0140022317Consider Her Ways Jane Waterleigh has no memory of her past wakes up and discovers that she is a mother of some description, in a bloated body that is not her own Odd is a tale of how an ordinary man profited from an extraordinary time paradox when he stops to help a man seemingly lost and confused, and then learns the reLibrarian s Note alternate cover, ISBN 0140022317Consider Her Ways Jane Waterleigh has no memory of her past wakes up and discovers that she is a mother of some description, in a bloated body that is not her own Odd is a tale of how an ordinary man profited from an extraordinary time paradox when he stops to help a man seemingly lost and confused, and then learns the reasons why.Stitch in Time concerns an elderly lady reflecting on a lost love and, thanks to her sons experiments with time, finally discovering the reason why her lover abandoned her so many years ago.Oh Where, Now, is Peggy MacRafferty is a social satire on Hollywood glamour in which a bright, individual young Irish woman becomes part of the celebrity circuit, and loses all that makes her special in the process of becoming a star.Random Quest combines romance and parallel universes.A Long Spoon is the story of how a demon is summoned by mistake and the lengths the couple that invoked him have to go to get rid of him without losing their souls in the bargain.Contents Consider Her Ways 1956 Odd 1961 Oh, Where, Now, Is Peggy MacRafferty 1961 Stitch in Time 1961 Random Quest 1961 A Long Spoon 1960
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    1. I ve been working my way through all of Wyndham s stuff there s a flavour to it that makes it just wonderfully easy to read, despite being a little bit dated This collection of stories wasn t, I suppose, terribly memorable all based around the same gimmick of time travel, but it was fun to read and to see what different things he did with that idea Some of the stories have nice little stings in their tails, which is something I always like to see.Not a must read, by any means, but enjoyable.

    2. d I wondered, was this nothingness my soul This has to be the most wonderfully written passage I have ever read and one that will stay with me forever.

    3. I absolutely adored this book John Wyndham sets a very particular tone in this collection, everything feels just a little bit off, like a familiar room but everything is shifted 2 inches to the left While I thoroughly enjoyed the title story, Consider Her Ways, it wasn t my favorite The dystopian future which would have been very unique in the decade it was publiahed feels less exciting given the flood of dystopian novels out today It was wonderfully executed, and the use of time travel was grea [...]

    4. The back cover of my Penguin edition of this 1961 collection carries a quote from The Guardian that might almost be the definition of damning with faint praise Mr Wyndham writes strongly and has a gift for bizarre plots As such, this is, unfortunately, a better assessment than that in the Tribune quote above it, which lauds the book as Top quality Consider Her Ways and Others is mildly entertaining, but pretty humdrum stuff Four of its six stories are about time slips, with Random Quest showing [...]

    5. Disappointing The stories ranged from distastefully smug and preachy Consider Her Ways , to three variations on pointless Odd, Peggy MacRafferty, Stitch in Time , to somewhat interesting Random Quest , to quite good A Long Spoon The running theme could have been better handled by removing all but the first story While the last story A Long Spoon was well done and very funny, but it couldn t save this collection from itself.

    6. Not his best work, Consider Her Ways contains six stories that are all variations on a theme That doesn t have to be a bad thing but by the third story, it all starts to feel repetitive The first, and also the longest, story starts out ok with a woman walking up in an all female society and in a body that she does not think is hers I found it interesting at first but it descended into a long debate on the oppression of women and whether love is real or just something to invented to distract wome [...]

    7. Consider Her Ways, a collection of short stories, was released in 1965 It s an interesting collection and while the stories repeat the same theme a sudden change that leads to exclusive knowledge or perception there is still plenty of variety to the tales All but the last tale involve some sort of transportation body switching, folds in time, or multiple dimensions, that enable the main character to learn something they wouldn t otherwise know The final tale reminds me of Clive Barker s The Yatt [...]

    8. A nice piece of holiday reading There are a couple of real gems in this collection which really make you think as well as make you thoroughly uneasy As with the Arthur C Clarke collection I read earlier this year a fair few share some similarities with jokes in their long slow build up to a single punchline Conceptually very well done.

    9. A brilliant set of short stories by my favourite author A set of mixed genre stories all with quite imaginative plots and likable characters I almost wish each of these short stories had a full length book to read.

    10. Next up, some of Wyndham s short stories These are fun, but formulaic all pretty much predictable time slip stories The title story is one of these too, but stands out by dint of just being weird as hell it s a bizzaro fantasy about a future where men have all been killed by a virus they caught from rats, and women run things according to the model of an ant colony, with mothers, workers, servitors and doctors ie the few female trained professionals left, most of whom are medics It s pretty maca [...]

    11. Consider Her Ways NO SPOILERS A very intriguing story indeed.Apart from being somewhat Kafkaesque being a kind of metaphysical journey, where the protagonist is constantly questioning her own lucidity, it is Wyndham at his core The insomnia being experienced by Mother Orchis lends easily to a narrative that proceeds from one moment to the next, without having any idea of what is to follow She is our narrator, and thus everything that she sees happen in front of her is virtually everything that s [...]

    12. I love John Wyndham s writing and I m slowly making my way through his books This one is a short story collection and the first of Wyndham s I have read There are only two out in these Penguin editions and I m not sure if he has any short stories but that s all good I ll take as much of John Wyndham s work as I can get.So, there are six short stories in this book but the first one, the title story is actually the longest by quite a bit I quite enjoyed this story It was really unique and quite i [...]

    13. My liking for John Wyndham is a little strange I ve never adored anything he s produced, but for whatever reason I m really drawn to his work This collection pretty much confirmed my feelings As far as cool and innovative sci fi goes, none of these stories are brilliantly conceived Time warping is a bit of a constant theme my personal interest in the subject probably kept me entertained than I would have otherwise been but people including people who were alive around the same time as this guy, [...]

    14. This rating is only for the story Random Quest.I listen to the British Invaders podcast, and they were recently talking about a modern adaptation of John Wyndham s short story Random Quest which is published in this collection I watched the production on YouTube before listening to the second part of the podcast and really enjoyed it Brian and Eammon mentioned that the story, naturally, was set much earlier in the 20th century, which made me interested to read it.Hooray for the library stacks I [...]

    15. Collection of 6 short stories from Wyndham.ral offering differing twists on individuals slipping through time and the social effects of such on their own lives and others.I do find that Wyndham in general may not have aged as well as some other Scifi writers His stories contain much reference point to the decades he wrote ind those relevance factors can be somewhat tedious now, even meaningless That said, these factors to tend to make one ruminate over the current life we are living too.However, [...]

    16. A collection of science fiction short stories These include Consider her ways WellIts one of those end of world scenarios where men have been completely wiped off the face of earth and only female left on planet earth You have females designated as mothers whilst others are assigned tasks of workers and so on This plot , though intresting, is not first in the literary world I like the way the arguments against men and for men has been presented.Stitch in time Its like this Time is like a square [...]

    17. This is the second collection of short stories by John Wyndham that I have re read in search of a time travel story that I read long ago and didn t understand Well, I found the story and it wasn t about time travel and it was perfectly understandable, which made the title Random Quest quite appropriate Random Quest is a great story, a little dated, but interesting and almost plausible Consider Her Ways is another really good story This one was about time travel, or sort of Wyndham was a good sto [...]

    18. While not the best of Wyndham, he is as always a pleasure to readThis collection of short stories mainly deal with ideas about time travel and parallel universes modern readers are much used to these ideas now, so I think their impact may have diminished over time, but when they were first published, they must have seemed extraordinaryMind you, some of the issues he realises still apply to us even nowWell worth a read if you can find a copt.

    19. A book about how to yield to female cyclists without accidentally seeing their ankles.This was written in the 1920s, a time when seeing a young woman s ankles accidentally meant stopping your automotive device or horse and immediately throwing yourself under the next lorry that came along or group of horses The twist at the end is that the heroine has no ankles, due to a puddle skipping accident.

    20. There were some great stories in this little book I especially enjoyed the longest story Consider Her Ways Great detailed and slightly creepy story that surprised me all the way through Definitely appealed to me in many ways Odd was an odd story, of course, but amazing how much an good author can say in a very short story I like Wyndham s writing, may have to read some .

    21. I really enjoyed these short stories Consider Her Ways was by far my favourite, although Random Quest was very good too Although I liked them, I did have to keep reminding myself when they written, as some of the themes seem a bit outdated now, but taking that into consideration, I thought they were probably a bit ahead of their time Classic SF at its best.

    22. This book was compulsory for my English lessons but it wasn t that bad Even taking into account that science fiction is not the genre I enjoy the most, the plot has interesting aspects and the story has a good ending.

    23. This is a most enjoyable and interesting collection of Wyndham stories set around the theme of time travel Wyndham writes beautifully with a deliciously English sense of humour I feel that he is still a neglected writer.

    24. This collection of stories was very poorly assembled While the stories are mostly interesting and well written, they are too similar to enjoy It should probably be labelled Consider her ways and others A time travel collection Not bad at all, but not on par with most of his other works.

    25. Some really enjoyable stories with interesting ideas The collection does seem to focus a lot on shifting in time or different dimensions Well worth a read.

    26. Interesting, most definitely entertaining, but a bit weird The first story, in particular, is rather obscure and difficult to understand Fel like Wyndham was experimenting with ideas.

    27. Gee, these are good, and worthy of a five star rating Wyndham was a great short story writer, and these show him at his best.

    28. I am not sure whether the lack of originality I d the result of the reuse of many of the ideas or whether this was unoriginal at the time Most of the stories are interesting but largely predictable.

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