Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man (2020)

Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man What does Frankenstein have that a skeleton wants Sounds like a bad Halloween joke But Sammy Keyes isn t laughing She s the one who collided with the skeleton while he was making his getaway And she s
  • Title: Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man
  • Author: Wendelin Van Draanen
  • ISBN: 9780375800542
  • Page: 313
  • Format: Paperback
  • Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man
    What does Frankenstein have that a skeleton wants Sounds like a bad Halloween joke But Sammy Keyes isn t laughing She s the one who collided with the skeleton while he was making his getaway And she s the one who discovered Frankenstein tied to a chair with his head twisted around Someone s taken trick or treat way too far When Sammy starts to investigate what realWhat does Frankenstein have that a skeleton wants Sounds like a bad Halloween joke But Sammy Keyes isn t laughing She s the one who collided with the skeleton while he was making his getaway And she s the one who discovered Frankenstein tied to a chair with his head twisted around Someone s taken trick or treat way too far When Sammy starts to investigate what really happened Halloween night, she s amazed at how many people have something to hide Of course, Sammy s got a few secrets herself And than a few tricks up her sleeve
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      313 Wendelin Van Draanen
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    1. A satisfying follow up I m realizing that the cartooniness in these books is exactly what appealed to me in the games I was playing as a young un I spent a decade trying to find out how tropes in MegaMan Battle Network and EarthBound might work on the page Van Draanen was waiting for me to discover her answer Fom a writer standpoint, it s interesting to see how Van Draanen weaves series elements into her sequel The previous title was a fine stand alone, and, though this volume retains that episo [...]

    2. Good Liked hotel thief better In this one, I kinda got this feeling like why do you have to go do dangerous things by yourself Sammy People are trying to hurt you and yet you go without any backup And also you make your grandma worried sick by telling her one thing and doing another I think because I am rereading these book as I m older that I m annoyed when she throws herself in dangerous situations Anyway, I still liked book and loved the revenge part on heather Forgot how crazy heather s mom [...]

    3. Sammy and Marissa decide t show Dot new in town the scary Bush man s house So, on Trick or Treat night, they walk up to the door and out comes a skeleton man carrying a sack nearly knocking them down Sammy goes up to the door and run inside because a fire has been set Then she turns and sees a Frankenstein sitting in a chair It turns out to be Chauncey LeBard the Bush Man himself So begins the mysterious case of burglary or was it attempted murder

    4. I love Sammy s way of trying to figure things out, both criminal mysteries and just life as a teenager And I love all the characters around her that help her out These books are awesome.

    5. Sammy Keyes is a 7th grader She lives illegally in her Gram s grandma s apartment at the highrise rest home She has two friends Dot and Marissa.She always has to put up with a snobby, red headed no offense I m one myself , popular, girl named Heather Acosta.Hurtful Heather decides to pull a prank on Sammy, by calling a boy named Jared and saying embarrassing things about how much she loves him, while pretending to be Sammy Jared s girlfriend doesn t like that one bit and gets really mad at innoc [...]

    6. If you re a mystery reader you should read the exciting book written by Wendeline Van Drannen, called Sammy Keyes and the Skeleton Man Sammy Keyes has to solve the difficult and dangerous mystery of the bushman She is a normal school girl who always hangs out with her friends called Marrissa and Dot On Halloween night they stumble into the Bush man s house a haunted house, It is said that if someone goes and knocks on the door of the house, the Bush man will jump out and kill him I think that I [...]

    7. Once again, I have the paperback that has this sweet cover rather than the kiddy covers, but the site only shows it as the Kindle or audio edition It s a great story Of course, it s a little coincidental that another crazy mystery falls in Sammy s lap, but it s fun The characters are great.My only qualm is that Sammy technically breaks the law when she finds the evidence at the climax and when she gets back at Heather for her jerkiness It s fun and we root for her, but I wonder if she would fac [...]

    8. Sammy and her friends are only going up to the haunted Bush House to knock on the door as a goof But when a man dressed in a skeleton costume runs into them as they approach the house, they quickly discover that they ve stumbled on a crime scene The owner of the house, the reclusive Bush Man has been tied up, and the carpet is on fire But with nothing apparently missing from the house, Sammy must figure out not only who broke in, but why Although the first book in this series, Sammy Keyes and th [...]

    9. This was a very cute book I enjoyed the story line My daughter read this book when she was in middle school.The story starts out on Halloween Sammy, Marissa and Dot are getting ready for trick or treat Sammy s Gram thinks she is too old for dressing up The girls decide to knock on a house that is considered scary As the girls are on there way to the house they are run down by a man in a skeleton costume That is the set up for a very adventurous story There are teenage going ons in the book that [...]

    10. trick or treat sammy and her friends are out trick or treatingw a skeleton man just bump me they were just walking up to a scary house.Then the door cracks open and sammy decided to go in.Then she turns the corner and a man with a frankonstein maskis tied up to a chair then her friends scream and ran out the door.No she says stay he needs help.So her friends stay sammy is untieing the rope andif you want to find out what happens to sammy and her friends read Sammy Keyes and the skeleton man

    11. It s Halloween and Sammy and her friends went trick or treating They come across a crime scene where a man in a skeleton costume robbed a person and ran Sammy Keyes tries to solve this mystery as to who the skeleton man is This book is one of my favorite books about Sammy Keyes because it is mysterious and includes detective work I recommend this book to anyone who likes mysteries.

    12. This is the book that started it all for me My 5th grade teacher read this book to our class, and I fell in love with it and then proceeded to read every other book in the series over the last 15 years This still remains one of my favorite books in the series The mystery has a great combination of creepy ness and puzzling, and the plot line of Sammy at school includes some of my favorite Sammy moments great attitude, great ideas, and tons of humor.

    13. I actually read this when I was younger, but am re reading it now I remember loving all the Sammy Keyes books, and I still do, but I can see why this book is for middle grade Some of the social and school interactions especially with Heather struck me as particularly immature But like I said, this is a middle grade book and I think kids will get a kick out of it while learning some interesting things.

    14. O my god I about had a heart attack when it said that and the reason Im screaming is beacause right there sitting in the chair with his head bloody and twisted around was frankenstien Well I didnt believe it but really just picture it I just love the way Wendalin Van Draanen described Sammy,Marissa and Dot s reaction I felt like it was happpening to me too It was just a amazing book Worood

    15. The second in the series is a worthwhile followup to the first Great if you are looking for a quick, easy read with a good, fun mystery Van Draanen s characters are sharp and fun, and they feel real in their own contradictions Sammy s arch enemy Heather might be a tad one dimensional, but one can easily accept that as consistent with the way Sammy would see and react to her, rather than as a failing of the author.

    16. 5 STARSEVEN BETTER I m so in love with the old dude named Chauncy Weird, but I do He is such a gentlemen 3 Heather Acosta is just getting on my nerves I mean she s been, but let me tell you something She is just a terrible girl and I, one day, hope she just realizes that and changes herself I don t even want to involve myself with her, so why keep reading this series WELL CAUSE SAMMY IS SUCH AN AMAZING CHARACTER AND THIS SERIES IS THEEEEEE BEST.

    17. 4.5I m glad I started this series They re quick They re fun Most importantly, even if it s middle grade, it s not as immature as I thought it was going to be, if that makes any sense I wish my younger self could ve been like Sammy Yeah, she occasionally lies what kid hasn t but she sticks up for herself, she s smart, and she s very personable.

    18. I love Sammy Keyes, don t get me wrong I just felt the mystery was underdeveloped and too much was centered on her getting revenge on heather I don t find her rivalry with heather HALF as interesting as I find the mysteries I felt there could ve been clues and time spent with Chauncy Good, but not as good as some of the other books in the series.

    19. Brilliant as ever I think there s no Sammy Keyes book that has disappointed me yet You will definitely love how light it is despite the fact that there s a lot of mystery going on in the plot The mix of humor and the serious side is really great and worth the read Children, teens, and even adults will love reading this Two thumbs up

    20. This book is kinda creepyThe book is about sammy the main character and her friends are out trick or treating but when they are going from house to house they find a man tied up in an empty old house.Sammy and her friends all scream and run but sammy turns back and un ties the man.See what happens to her

    21. All of these books are great for children ages 8 13,Van Draanen does a great job of executing an appropriate mystery novel that will get kids excited about reading But if you really want to challenge yourself as a reader, I wouldn t recommend these books for you If your just looking for something to sit down and enjoy, than these are great novels to read

    22. I remember three things about this book Sammy Keyes s costume of choice is a swamp monster she s willing to dress up as a princess if it means taking down Heather and Heather had a rug made out of a cow hide that she used to think was cool, but doesn t any Oh, and I also remember liking it, but I don t remember what the mystery was.

    23. It was really fun to experience the world of the daring 7th grader, Sammy Keyes I love her ingenuity and daring as she foils the terrible plans of her jr high rival, Heather Ascot, but also solves a dastardly robbery A good read for any age, in my opinion

    24. i love this book, its the last of all the sammy keyes books i read the old covers were way better idk whats up with the bew ones, they are really embarassing to carry around, i recomend reading this but make sure you have a book coverer too O

    25. Sammy is still a fun, unpredictable character, but this particular book is a bit too middle schoolish for me It did serve its purpose as respite from the intense politics of the Years of Lyndon Johnson volumes I have been reading.

    26. 4.5 This book was so great I read it all in one sitting, and some parts made me laugh out loud so much Really love the characters and the action, can t wait to keep reading these And it won t be long till I get to the new ones, I read these so fast

    27. I was a bit unsatisfied with this book and really thought it could be better Never the less it s still a good book and has something in it for everyone Please consider this book as a last resort for when you don t have anything to read.

    28. I ve been checking these audiobooks out from the library to listen to while I m driving or cleaning I load them onto my iPod The reader is really good, and they re really fun This particular book was a little too simple, but it is written for 10 year olds, so I can t really complain.

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