Owlsight (2020)

Owlsight Owlsight is the companion volume to Lackey Dixon s most recent Valdemar novel Owlflight and follows the fortunes of Darien who watched his mentor die as his own life was saved and of the village h
  • Title: Owlsight
  • Author: Mercedes Lackey Larry Dixon
  • ISBN: 9780886778026
  • Page: 120
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Owlsight
    Owlsight is the companion volume to Lackey Dixon s most recent Valdemar novel, Owlflight, and follows the fortunes of Darien, who watched his mentor die as his own life was saved, and of the village he left, Errold s Grove now safe from the barbarians under the watchful eyes of the Hawkbrothers and of Keisha, a natural born healer, though not yet officially recognizeOwlsight is the companion volume to Lackey Dixon s most recent Valdemar novel, Owlflight, and follows the fortunes of Darien, who watched his mentor die as his own life was saved, and of the village he left, Errold s Grove now safe from the barbarians under the watchful eyes of the Hawkbrothers and of Keisha, a natural born healer, though not yet officially recognized for her gift Though he fought long and hard to avoid his destiny, Darien is now gaining new skills as a mage, but a very particular mage with an affinity for the Hawk Owls which have become his closest companions An imaginatively realized fantasy that brings to life a world rich in natural magic and wonder, beautifully illustrated with Larry Dixon s character portraits.
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    1. Lackey is one of my favorite authors ever I started reading her Valdemar series in 8th grade but I will still pull out her books to reread them I also love her work so much that I never miss the chance to buy her new stuff This series was her last full Valdemar series and I m sad to say I almost wish she hadn t written it This whole series just fell flat for me and although, as always her characters were great, the whole work just felt a bit formulaic.

    2. Owlsight is definitely solid than Owlflight less drama, interesting worldbuilding without the tedious flashback driven backstory We get a cameo by Kerowyn, and really awkwardly placed references to the rest of the main Mage Storms characters, which is nice but clumsy, and otherwise it s just a fairly solid YA adventure.My main gripe with this series is the bizarre in context patriarchal assumptions In a country where there is no sexism at all in the ruling class, it s jarringly out of place to [...]

    3. A many times reread, and a much solid reading experience than the first book Part of that is sentiment this was one of my favorite books as a teen, and I think the first Valdemar book I ever read but it s still enjoyable even now.

    4. While the previous book in this trilogy, Owlflight, centered almost completely around Darian and his adoption by the Tayledras, this book splits its time evenly between Darian now a few years older and a good bit mature than we last saw him and Keisha, the resident Healer of Errold s Grove While both viewpoints are interesting and allow us to get a much complete feel of the situation than before maturity can do that to a person , it was Keisha sections of the story that primarily interested me [...]

    5. Book two in the Owl series, and we get introduced to some of the characters other than Darian and Snowfire that make this series so great Keisha and Shandi are two of my favorites, and Keisha and her struggled with her gift I absolutely adored the first time around Add to that all the usual Hawkbrothers and I adored this series, both as a teenager and now.I can t wait to get into book three and read again about what happens with Darian and Keisha Five stars.

    6. Number 25 in the quest to read 100 books in a year This is the second book in the Owl trilogy, which has also been rebranded as Darain s Tale The middle book in the trilogy is always the toughest Darian is now a young adult and has been fully adopted into the Tayledras or Hawkbrother clan he has been undergoing training both as a warrior and as a mage He has found a home More interesting is the introduction of Keisha, who, following the death of Justyn in the first book in the trilogy has reluc [...]

    7. Dive into a story of love, conquest, and magic with the book, Owlsight , a fiction story by Mercedes Lackey.The amazing plot drew me in like a fish to water Additionally, this story puts you into the main character s perspective A healer with no idea how to use her gift magic to heal, named Keisha Alder and a young mage and apprentice to a deceased magician finding his way in life, named Darian.Darian has been training to become a healing adept with the mysterious Hawkbrothers who took him in He [...]

    8. The 2nd book of the Owl trilogy starts about 4 years after the happenings in book 1 Keisha Alder is introduced in this book she has a Healing Gift, but is having trouble learning how to use it from reading books Her Healer s empathy is driving her nuts living at home with several large noisy brothers, and a somewhat clingy mother When her sister is Chosen and leaves, their mother s hysterics nearly drive her crazy, and she realizes she must move out of the house She is using Justyn and Darian s [...]

    9. While Darien has been traveling with the Hawkbrothers and learning to become a Healer Adept for the past four years, Keisha has taken over the healing in the village She has no formal training, but she is good and the Hawkbrothers have also watched over her when it comes to herbal remedies Just as Darien is settling in to his new family s Vale, word comes that another set of barbarians are following the same path as the ones that killed Justin and brought Darien to the Hawkbrothers It s decided [...]

    10. In this book, Keisha and Darian each come of age and finds their places I don t usually read coming of age YA type stories, but I find myself often making an exception if it s a Mercy Lackey book The world building here is lush, almost too much so at times hence the 4 stars rather than 5 , the settings and peoples vivid and enchanting New friends, new enemies, new magic.

    11. New PeopleOut of the many clans one decided to leave and find help for the Ghost Cat Clan Summer Sickness had them travel far from home to look for healer s Saved the Leaders youngest child and became heroes.

    12. Mercedes Lackey, fantasy at its finestEnter the land of Valdemar, where magic is real, horses talk, and gods walk among us You won t be disappointed.

    13. After four years of traveling, the Tayledras group returns to k Vala, their home Vale, where Snowfire and Nightwind celebrate their wedding and Darian studies with an elderly Healing Master He also enjoys getting to know the young people of the Vale in at least one case, rather intimately But his thoughts are on the future on a mysterious teacher he has been promised, and on his plans for k Valdemar, the Vale he hopes will become a sort of Camp David for Valdemar and its Hawkbrother neighbors An [...]

    14. Owlsight is the middle book of my beloved Hawkbrothers trilogy by Mercedes Lackey, and within it is the Tayledras wedding ceremony that I have remembered all these years since I first read it I m not one to moon over lovey dovey stuff, but this ceremony spoke to me p 108 This bond, this joining, is not meant to be a fetter A joining is a partnership, not two people becoming one Two minds cannot fuse, two souls cannot merge, two hearts cannot keep to the same time If two are foolish enough to try [...]

    15. ReviewOrphaned when his trapper parents failed to come back from the forest one day, young Darian is resentful when apprenticed to the damaged magician Justyn He sees little point in the few tricks he manages to learn, and what has magic done for Justyn save leave him under employed, sick and despised in a remote village Then half human invaders take the town and Justyn dies heroically helping people escape while Darian looks on in horror Lost in the forest, Darian is rescued and recruited by th [...]

    16. First, know that I am writing one review mostly for all the books in the series because if you like the first one, you ll keep reading the rest.I recently rediscovered Mercedes Lackey after a friend recommended one of her series Waiting for the next book in the series to come in, I went to the library and pulled pretty much everything off the shelf that she had written and this series happened to be one I read before hitting author burn out.You can read any synopsis to find out what the series b [...]

    17. I admit upfront that this trilogy is my first exposure to the world of Valdemar I have a thing for owls, so when I was browsing the local book shop, the cover caught my eye, and I had to read the trilogy I understand that much has happened before this trilogy, but I never felt lost when reading this book.Here is what I think the writing team of Lackey Dixon LD do extremely well in this book 1 Their description is beyond phenomenal I can envision myself in the Vale and in Errold s Grove The level [...]

    18. Mercedes Lackey s Valdemar series provides one of the cornerstones of my reading history After discovering her when quite young, I still follow new additions to the series nearly twenty years later I read and re read these books over and over again throughout my youth, but I haven t re read this series in its entirety in a long time and never as an adult There are some new books added to the series since the last time I read them, so this re reading project is pretty exciting for me since it wil [...]

    19. This isn t my first time reading through this In fact, Darian s stories are actually among my favorite out of the Valdemar books.That being said, it s not Darian who fascinates me in this book though his magic lessons are interesting to read It s Keisha Alder, the rather ascerbic, slightly bitter, but still warmly compassionate and very bright young Healer in Errold s Grove that draws me in and keeps me reading She s a bit whiny, but then again, she s 18 and has been carrying the weight of an en [...]

    20. Though the book description had me worried the plot of this book would be nearly identical to the first, that is thankfully not the case Unfortunately, the book still suffers many of the pitfalls of the first in the trilogy The biggest problem is that the first half of the book is full of slice of life information that isn t interesting enough to carry the narrative for such a long time, and the bulk of the plot is crammed into the last few chapters, ending abruptly just when things get interest [...]

    21. Better paced than the first book, and yetStill disappointing The book starts with Keisha, and I was like who is this Where are the bondbirds and grrryphon Where is Darian I want to know what happened to Darian after all the hardships I went through in finishing the first book, now I get ANOTHER main character With another petty problems too, if I might add Right Review, not rant It made a interesting book, especially if it was the first of the trilogy, I believe it would pique interest in the [...]

    22. For a book in which nothing really happens , I enjoyed reading this.I think this book is enormously self indulgent loving, extensive detail is given to the minutiae of daily life of Darian and new character Keisha Unfortunately some of it IS a re tread of things from book one in the trilogy, so reading them back to back the repetitive bits are a drag However, it s just a NICE story to read The focus is really on character development, but that being said both Keisha and Darian start the book at [...]

    23. Honestly, I was very disappointed with this book The characters were good and the setting interesting and vividly described, but the story was lacking I found myself waiting almost the entire book for the story to start nothing exciting, dangerous, even interesting happened the entire first half or of the book The primary antagonist of the book was a plague that we knew nothing of until the end, that no main character died of, and that was apparently fairly easily Healed Only one character was [...]

    24. This is the second book in the Owl Mage series, that began with Owlflight, so you should read that first I generally like Lackey s Valdemar books, and if you re new to them I d start with the first published, Arrows of the Queen They almost all deal with Heralds, a police military force bonded to and partnered with Companions, magical creatures in horse guise Heralds don t factor much in this particular trilogy though, but the Tayledras, featured in other stories, do, and for me that than makes [...]

    25. So, the writing style was much like the first book, which didn t really help how I felt about the book, but I thought it felt a bit less repetitive Now whether that was just getting used to the style or actuality I m not sure Really, I plowed through just because I was curious enough about where the characters were going, and well truth be told I am just stubborn like that If I hadn t checked out this book along with the 3rd from the library at the same time, I probably would have passed on the [...]

    26. One of the things I love best about these Valdemar books is that they often focus on a sense of duty, but usually that comes with the faint taint of nationalism Yes, Valdemar is the best country ever one founded by immigrants with the principles of religious freedom and cultural tolerance but it can seem a little, well, nationalist on occasion So centering this book on a young Healer whose oath of treating the sick transcends race and boarder as well as a young man growning up in two cultures wh [...]

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