Lucky (2020)

Lucky Dal buio della galleria abbandonata cosparsa di cocci e bottiglie rotte dove stata violentata la notte dell ultimo giorno di corso mentre attraversava il parco diretta al pensionato studentesco Alic
  • Title: Lucky
  • Author: Alice Sebold Claudia Valeria Letizia
  • ISBN: 9788876415609
  • Page: 323
  • Format: Paperback
  • Lucky
    Dal buio della galleria abbandonata cosparsa di cocci e bottiglie rotte dove stata violentata la notte dell ultimo giorno di corso, mentre attraversava il parco diretta al pensionato studentesco, Alice Sebold ci consegna una sconvolgente rivelazione Io divenni tutt uno con quell uomo Quell uomo teneva in mano la mia vita Il racconto di questo trauma violento che iDal buio della galleria abbandonata cosparsa di cocci e bottiglie rotte dove stata violentata la notte dell ultimo giorno di corso, mentre attraversava il parco diretta al pensionato studentesco, Alice Sebold ci consegna una sconvolgente rivelazione Io divenni tutt uno con quell uomo Quell uomo teneva in mano la mia vita Il racconto di questo trauma violento che imprime un segno fondamentale nella sua vita, ci trascina in una esperienza sconvolgente Alice non tralascia alcun particolare, i pi segreti ingranaggi psicologici, sociali, familiari, che entrano in gioco a partire dallo stupro subito, modificano la percezione del mondo, di se stessa e le relazioni con gli altri E nulla viene lasciato fuori dalla sua affilata e dolorosa analisi.
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      323 Alice Sebold Claudia Valeria Letizia
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    1. This is what I remember This is the first line in Lucky, Alice Sebold s memoir of her rape and its aftermath It s the kind of first line that hooks you as you stand in the aisle of Barnes Noble, or as you browse the Look Inside feature on It s the kind of line that demands you read further In five words, swollen with portentousness, it makes a lot of promises An author needs to have a certain amount of guts to start a book like that Alice Sebold has them and All the words that follow are testam [...]

    2. IO ERO STATA FORTUNATANella galleria in cui fui violentata una ragazza era stata uccisa e smembrata Al confronto, dissero, io ero stata fortunata.RAPE 101 ISTITUZIONI DI STUPROIn principio fu Amabili resti e per me stato subito a L anno dopo fu pubblicato in Italia questo, ma l ho ignorato sapendo che era una storia vera, la vera storia della scrittrice, ho sorvolato pensando non avesse la potenza del primo che avevo letto Poi ho visto Alice Sebold a Massenzio leggere alcune pagine del suo nuovo [...]

    3. In Lucky, Alice Sebold recounts the night she was raped and how that event and its consequences reverberated throughout her life The first chapter of this book made me feel ill, so major warning to readers that there is intense detail about rape and assault right from the very start However, I thought Sebold s frankness was very important to her story She tells it exactly like it is, and it was interesting to see how she handled herself in and out of the courtroom especially for someone so young [...]

    4. Maybe you have to be a survivor to really appreciate this book Maybe that is why I could not put this book down Even though what happened to me was not violent, nor did I report it, I still went through many of the emotions, inner dialogue, and relationship changes and challenges Alice went through in the long aftermath, and I really enjoyed comparing the similarities and differences in our experiences I felt myself choke up several times throughout this book because even when it seems she shoul [...]

    5. When I first started reading Lucky I thought that something was wrong with me I mean, I get that there is this horrific rape within the first chapter and that NO ONE should have to go through what she went through, but I wasn t feeling it It was like oh, wow, that sucks Then, I started feeling worse because I thought of my soul has become a blackened prune pit residing near my left kidney I was into the fact that Tess Gallagher and Tobias Wolff were Alices professors than that poor Alice had t [...]

    6. i read this before i readLovely Bones, in part because i wanted to see how she dealt with her own history, in part because well, i m a sucker for memoirs i classify this as a crazypeoplememoir not lightly my definition of crazy is a little loose alice sebold was raped by someone she didn t know as an undergraduate at syracuse university what i love about this book is that sebold doesn t fall into the normal tradition of victim memoirs she doesn t blame other people even her attacker she accepts [...]

    7. I feel so sad that I hated this book so much It wasn t the subject because I ve read books on this subject matter before but it drove me crazy how everything in her life, every moment became about her rape To the the point that when her room mate was raped she made it about her own rape No wonder she couldn t wait to get away from her It was a bit insane actually Every one she met she had to tell them about her rape, every guy, everyone one It absorbed her If they tried to support her she compla [...]

    8. Alice Sebold is an eighteen year old college freshman Walking home from a party she is attacked this attack takes place not far from the campus Alice is brutally raped and beaten she struggles as much as she can, but is threatened by her attacker that he will kill her is she doesn t do as she is told.After the attack she must deal with the aftermath of the trauma she has just endured She reports it to the police where she will have to relive the whole attack again Then of course there is her par [...]

    9. Brilliant I was hooked from the first paragraph of the foreword but I had a very difficult time getting though the first chapter, where Sebold s rape was described in excrutiating detail Remembering this is a memoir, it made me physically ill I really admire the guts this woman hase went right back to Syracuse and went on with her life, determined to get justice for what happened and reclaim her identity to be than that girl who was raped I was appalled at the treatment she received her fellow [...]

    10. An absorbing memoir about a college girl who was raped The book covers the rape, the trial, and the very long recovery Rape is an ugly and isolating act and the author takes you as close to it as is possible for someone never having experienced the trauma It will take me awhile to get this story out of my head.

    11. A harrowing tale, indeed It is not just forcible intercourse rape means to inhabit and destroy everything p.123 No wonder it had taken so long for Alice to come to terms with it Such brutal destruction of everything one knew and was could not be overcome quickly or easily I found I had to stop reading at intervals to recover my own equanimity.The reactions of the people surrounding her I found fascinating What does one say to the victim Certainly not I guess this will make you less inhibited abo [...]

    12. It took me awhile to read this book, mostly because I had so little time, but I loved it It was like reading my own story I was so proud of how she stood up to her attacker, and always wished I could have The time period was exactly the same, so it was eerily the same in a lot of ways I also grew up in Syracuse, so I knew all the locations quite well and felt her story even , if that s possible You have a life before and a life after, and it s never the same again, no matter how hard you try.

    13. This was the last thing I ever intended to read, but Sebold s narrative really captured my attention I was on Chapter 3 before I knew it, and just had to keep reading I had to find out what happened I actually got the rest of the book as an audiobook got to Chapter 3 via online excerpts and listened to Sebold herself narrate the story of how, when she was an 18 year old virgin coed at Syracuse University, she was brutalized, beaten, and viciously raped and sodomized one night on her way home Not [...]

    14. I read Lucky not long after it was released Alice Sebold deserves credit for her sometimes graphic but realistic description of her horrible experience I would have hoped that writing this book would have allowed her to get it out of her system so that she could move on with her life Evidently, this is not the case review show

    15. As a grad student at Syracuse, this book definitely hits close to home For this reason, I forbid my girlfriend to go to Marshall Street alone late at night yeah, I am a chauvinistic knuckle dragger I feel that The Lovely Bones is really just a metaphor for this, the author s real experience with her rape as a college freshman at SU I love the recognition and legitimacy of hatred in the author s recovery I want to fuck you with a knife, she writes of her rapist Studies have shown where different [...]

    16. I have to admit I couldn t finish this book Rarely do I not finish a book, but I just couldn t with this one I normally love Alice Sebold s matter of fact writing style, but here, it failed She described her rape and the events in her life that followed, but she kept saying that no one else can understand what it s like to be a victim of that kind of violence I know that s true I can never understand but I m reading this book to try to understand what it s like, and it s the job of the author to [...]

    17. I picked this book up when I was living in Ireland, actually I read the first five pages just standing in the bookstore and I was hooked Unfortunately, I didn t have the money to buy it at the moment, so I put it on my mental to read list Just before I left for camp for the summer, I found it at my boyfriend s parents house and started it again.This book is very realistic in the fact that it has no happy ending it isn t really a beginning, middle and end sort of story It follows the life of the [...]

    18. 4 5 difficile trovare parole per descrivere questo romanzo cos come stato difficile leggerlo Alice Sebold solo una ragazza universitaria di 18 anni quando viene stuprata e questa la sua storia Penso di non possedere parole appartenenti al mio vocabolario con cui descrivere questo libro che tagliente e doloroso ma uno di quei romanzi che tutti dovrebbero leggere e lo dico non solo in quanto donna ma, prima ancora, in quanto essere umano Il passo che ho trovato pi traumatizzante la parte relativa [...]

    19. It was interesting reading this true story after The Lovely Bones this was her first published book as now I see where her obsession with interlacing violence with the mundane world comes from This was an interesting read but felt like a recitation of fact, of the drill you go through as a rape victim, rather than an exploration of her mutilated sexuality, as she suggests I didn t feel the terror, the anguish, the paranoia but instead felt as if I were in fact at the police station going endles [...]

    20. DNFI ve said this before about memoirs, and I ll say it again they need to be believable If you tell me something, which I doubt very much to be true, then I m going to take it that the whole book is a fabrication.Page 13 on my laptop He began to knead his fist against the opening of my vagina Inserted his fingers into it, three or four at a time Something tore I began to bleed there I was wet now.It made him excited He was intrigued As he worked his whole fist up into my vagina and pumped it I [...]

    21. Rape is at once both a simple and complext subject Regardless of the victim and rapist, it ties, cuts, right to the heart of our views about gender It is impossible to step this, and it has been used to inspire terror and as a form of punishment It should be note that before I read this book, I had read the jezebel article about You Deserve Nothing, to which Ms Sebold is connected My reading of this book is most likely affected by that article Sebold s story starts with an act that despite its v [...]

    22. The first line of the book This is what I remember The last line implied This is what I ll never forget The Lovely Bones was how I first heard of Alice Sebold, first the movie, and then the book Unfortunately I wasn t as much fascinated by the book as I was with the movie, which I think captured the real essence of what was supposed to be the book Lucky , a true account of the brutal assault and rape of Alice Sebold, was the precedent to The Lovely Bones , her first novel I was immediately intri [...]

    23. One of the most fascinatingly written novels I ve ever read Alice Sebold goes into such brilliant detail about everything, and really elongates things she finds most valid and or important It s a must read

    24. Lucky by Alice Sebold is a haunting memoir with sticking power I feel lucky or I should say honored to have read it I thought I had a fair understanding of how rape affects victims, but after reading this book, I feel humbled by how little I really knew Ms Sebold opens with a graphic, blow by blow depiction of the rape itself From there, she describes with painful honesty how being raped affected her, how beyond the PTSD, it tainted her, like a communicable disease.The treatment Ms Seibold recei [...]

    25. It wouldn t do justice to Lucky to call it a rape memoir Though the events of the book cycle around Sebold s rape she experienced as a college freshman, in a broader context her story deals with social attitudes and crime justice It takes a gifted writer to make brutal events into captivating memoirs in stories that deal with a single trauma, first person accounts tend to be so caught up feelings of aggression or grief that the emotions take precedence over the writing itself Since Sebold wrote [...]

    26. Mixed feelings on this one I was with her most of the way, but the part towards the end where her friend is raped really, really bothered me at that point the story, for me, stopped being a straightforward account of this is my rape, this is my trial, this is what happened to me and started to get, as one commenter below wrote angrily, holier than thou Sebold writes effectively about people having inappropriate reactions to her experience, but didn t seem able to recognize at the time, or later, [...]

    27. I originally bought this book for research My WIP work in progress a novel centers on a rape victim, and I needed verification I was on the right track even though I based my character s background on an actual event Sebold s story is the account of her own rape It s raw and ugly, and hits you smack in the guts with its straightforward account It s a story every woman and man should read Although I m happy I found this book, I m so sorry it had to be written Thank you, Ms Sebold for your courage [...]

    28. The year is 1981 Alice Sebold experienced something which is nothing short of horrifying and traumatising But she was above all of it, as fought through it at every step, never faltering and never hesitating Her story brings about a number of messages, but the ones which struck hard are the ones that need to be brought out to the world Talking about rape isn t easy But, it has to be done If not for us, then for others who find it hard to cope up with it Sebold s story proved it And as the societ [...]

    29. finished Alice Sebold s memoir Lucky last night, and I really loved it as a piece of writing of course, since it s about rape, the story is trying and difficult but important and valid something that needed to be said I find Sebold s spare style to be perfect for this work She lays out the events and their aftermath with straightforward gumption, get it out there and get it out there truthfully She s strong in her experience, and that makes for good reading to me.But one of the things, oddly eno [...]

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