Prazer de matar (2020)

Prazer de matar Num parque da cidade ele celebra cuidadosamente a cerim nia Prepara o corpo Deita o catalisador e unge o morto Em seguida acende o f sforo e diz Do p vieste e ao p h s de voltar A popula o est aterr
  • Title: Prazer de matar
  • Author: Tami Hoag
  • ISBN: 9789727596461
  • Page: 480
  • Format: Paperback
  • Prazer de matar
    Num parque da cidade, ele celebra cuidadosamente a cerim nia Prepara o corpo Deita o catalisador e unge o morto Em seguida, acende o f sforo e diz Do p vieste e ao p h s de voltar A popula o est aterrorizada e os jornais n o falam de outra coisa j o denominam de o Cremador ningu m sabe quem , de onde bem ou o que pretende com tais rituais Mas quando ele riNum parque da cidade, ele celebra cuidadosamente a cerim nia Prepara o corpo Deita o catalisador e unge o morto Em seguida, acende o f sforo e diz Do p vieste e ao p h s de voltar A popula o est aterrorizada e os jornais n o falam de outra coisa j o denominam de o Cremador ningu m sabe quem , de onde bem ou o que pretende com tais rituais Mas quando ele risca o f sforo com que ir incinerar a sua quarta v tima n o se d conta de exist ncia de uma testemunha, uma adolescente fugida de casa que v o rosto do Cremador luz tremeluzente da pira funer ria
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      480 Tami Hoag
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    1. 3.5 wish it could have been better stars.I wish I could have given this book a higher rating I think I have been spoiled by SB and her suspense books This was well written but, to me, it could have been about 30% shorter Way too long, way too many details in the first half of the book Not enough time with Quinn and Kate.Some killers are born Some are made.I will try from this author Maybe check out a shorter book the next time.The series is called Kovac Liska based on two police Sergeants in th [...]

    2. FINALLY Back to reviewing following a long absence due to a difficult pregnancy and a huge bout of newborn induced sleep deprivation I haven t had much of a chance to do anything except rock a screaming baby lately, so its so nice to be able to read a book Or I should say, listen to an audiobook Finding time to sit and read is still a little bit beyond me at the moment But hopefully soon I had listened to another book by Tami Hoag last year, and I always wanted to read another So when I wanted s [...]

    3. My co worker and I were always baffled by this book Running a small used bookstore, we never understood why we had seven copies of this title and no other Tami Hoag When an eight one rolled in, I decided I had to know It was either a horrible disappointment or was go good that it had been issued to every mystery fan in the area.I read it It was the latter.A vicious serial killer, wonderfully realized characters, city level political intrigue, and one of those introspective romances I can be crit [...]

    4. 3.5 stars rounded up.A little long winded in some places where they are reviewing and reviewing their profiles and the witnesses Sometimes it felt as though I had already read the analysis and did do some skimming The plot has a lot of moving parts characters but it was fun trying to second guess who the serial killer was I had identified one twist, but missed another as I really wanted someone else to be guilty I liked Kovac and Liska and how their characters were portrayed I liked Kate and her [...]

    5. never underestimate the taste of the American public for pure garbage The writing sucks, the characters suck, but somehow.ey keep buying it.This may be one of the most horribly written books I ve had the displeasure to read I really tried to give it a chance since a friend told me how much she enjoyed it.edless to say, I won t follow her advice re what to read again I was trapped at home while out on disability and had nothing else to read that is the only thing that made me stick it out til the [...]

    6. 4.5 bumped up Good stuff Believable cast of characters, lots of tension and suspense Nice details Very competently written The only criticism is I thought the killer turned out to be too much of a cliche Also thought the sex scenes were a little over the top You know, where both characters climax together and the world moves and fireworks explode in the sky kind of sex

    7. So I really liked this book I was captivated and taken on a journey My guesses for who done it were all wrong However, which is part of my 4 star rating is that it was too easy for the author to chose The Who done it I ve seen it be that way so many times, at least one aspect, I didn t think a seasoned writer would go there Anyway, my other problem was with technology and pop culture references which dated the book.Everyone had pagers including Cate who used a pay phone to return a page Not a pr [...]

    8. Wish I could rate this book higher, knowing this author wrote a better book in later years This one was just painful to read and need some serious editing help Cut two hundred pages, change the route to the killer and it would of been a better read for me Many people recommend this writer, but this book didn t support the recommendations We have a killer called the Creamator by the media, but his third choice of the victim is what brings this case to the forefront of the homicide division and ca [...]

    9. Even though this is called the first Kovac and Liska book it s really not The book focuses on Kate Conlan who is a former FBI agent and her former lover Special Agent John Quinn These two do appear in Ashes to Ashes but after that, I can t even remember if we see them again This is a pretty good start to the series that stars Kovac and Liska not everything is going to involve serial killers though, some of it just involves terrible people doing horrible things to someone else I did love the dial [...]

    10. I have been buying Tami Hoag books for awhile and just have never gotten around to reading them So I finally chose a book and got to it Ashes to Ashes is book 1 in the Kovak and Liska series, and I am so glad that I finally decided to pick one up and read Tami Hoag is a brilliant writer.I loved the characters in the book I also loved the premise of the story I also loved the twists in this book The premise of the story, to catch the Cremator A serial killer so twisted he puts the best villains t [...]

    11. Mais um cartucho da Tami Hoag explodido, sendo este o melhor que j li, apesar de me ter custado a avan ar mais depressa do que o esperado, por motivos que j vou explicar mais frente Trata se de um policial de elevada qualidade e inteligente, muito bem estruturado, com uma variedade de fortes suspeitos a fim de nos baralhar e dar volta Tudo come a com uma adolescente a fugir de p nico Ela tinha testemunhado um homem a fazer um ritual matando uma mulher com fogo Foi o que esta testemunha relatou P [...]

    12. This is a case of I don t care for the pace and language than it being a poor mystery copper read It s her style of writing long worded and redundant and the fact that all of that gets doubled down by the subject matter VERBOSE And for me, when I am reading I find the pattern of quips in the constant dialog just annoying as hell Take a usual TV sit com You know how they have the line and then the laugh track Then the straight line, then the quip Then the laugh track Then the insult and the self [...]

    13. Ashes to Ashes2 StarsSynopsisA killer known only as The Cremator tortures his victims and sets them on fire Victims advocate Kate Conlon is called in to help a reluctant witness to the latest murder However, things are not at they seem and Kate, together with FBI profiler John Quinn ,must get to the truth before Kate becomes the next victim ReviewThe book is 200 pages too long The serial killer plot has potential but becomes bogged down with the characters internal dialogue that is repetitious a [...]

    14. a great opening line Some Killers Are Born Some Killers Are Made this is one of my top favrite books the descriptions of the Cremator s work will have you smelling the stench this is for sure a grab you by the throat suspense thriller that will keep you guessing till the end

    15. There s a serial killer loose in Minneapolis and now he s broken pattern and abducted and presumably killed someone other than a prostitute Now he s got the attention of the community, law enforcement and the press, and a new monikerThe Cremator, because of what he does to his victims after he s killed them The atmosphere is now so politically charged the top guns are being assigned Kate Conlan, a former DC FBI agent, now victim witness advocate for the city, is assigned to work with the killer [...]

    16. Rating 3.5Review to comeA 1 23 16 Son of a mother hen My actual review was eaten My shelves were saved but not my review Fuck DR The way the book mocked prostitutes and those who want to help them actually receive help from law enforcement was deplorable insert small rant I was indifferent to most of the characters tbh Meh.My favorite part was the actual plot, I could not stop reading The plot twists were very good.

    17. I really enjoyed this book This book isn t her typical Lifetime Movie Book It reads like a suspense novel with a hint of romance Romance is way in the background in this book which makes it so much enjoyable I m a sucker for a good romantic movie book but I want suspense than romance or else I get really bored Luckily this book was fast paced enough and didn t have the characters every move about some long lost love Long story short I really enjoyed this book.

    18. I am sorry but I had to stop reading this book Gruesome and way too graphic Decapitations Torture Live cremations Excessive swearing and just silly language by the police officers involved I won t repeat it here but highly inappropriate language And the book is too long I hope she goes well in the future with her writing I have read others by her and they were a lot better.

    19. Hoag continues to exploit the theme of mutilated women A Thin Dark Line, 1997, etc in a romance thriller about the hunt for a serial killer Someone in Minneapolis is tying down women, then raping, torturing, and killing them While they re still alive, the attacker sticks knives into the soles of their feet, then cuts off their nipples and aureoles After they die, he stabs them in a ritual pattern, slices off their tattoos, and burns their bodies beyond recognition to relive his moments of triump [...]

    20. It had me from Some killers are born The story follows Kate Conlan, former FBI agent turned victim witness advocate, a no nonsense, person grimly hiding her soft insides by being tough on the outside Things get complicated when she is asked to sponsor a young girl, a homeless runaway who witnesses a hellish event, and oh by the way work with her ex lover, John Quinn FBI s supervisory special agent from Quantico, on assignment in Minneapolis St Paul to profile the serial killer responsible for th [...]

    21. This was my first reading from Tami Hoag Wow Master of building alluring suspense, mystery, romance, and depravity combined with intriguing personalities villians and do gooders alike falling under precarious circumstances that elicit powerful and full spectrum emotional responses from the reader Amoral and nightmare inducing descriptions of crimes that at times were difficult to consume due to their graphic nature and realism My only critique is that the writer tended to be a bit repetitive whe [...]

    22. This is the first in the Kovac Liska series I read the third in this series some time ago and am reading the books out of sequence.I enjoyed the story, at 570 pages it s by no means a short novel but for me it was a page turner With plenty of twists and turns I was pretty certain I knew who the Cremator was but I was wrong.I found the novel well written and felt that the characters were very believable With a good mix between the narrative and the dialogue driven parts I m looking forward to rea [...]

    23. Though this book was written several years back, when serial killer themes were highly popular, the work holds up well, due to the considerable skills of the author Plenty of gore and grit, lots of tension and suspense The romantic subtheme is predictable, but a pleasant element in the midst of the pace of the thriller Familiar characters balanced with the new make this a very enjoyable read for fans of Tami Hoag, one of my favorite authors.

    24. honestly I read this 10 days ago and can t remember what it was about the mental load is strong and or this book wasn t good likely a combination of both.

    25. Great story Loved the characters Loved the mystery and the romance of the story And it s not as predictable as many of the mystery books I read.

    26. Wow This was a really suspenseful book, a nail biter until the end I have read the books in Tami Hoag s Oak Knoll series and enjoyed them, but those books did not give me a complete clue as to Hoag s skills in writing thrillers What first enticed me into reading this book was the setting Minneapolis MN Minnesota is my home state and I worked for the last ten years of my career in downtown Minneapolis, so books set in my neighborhood are always of interest for example, John Sandford s Prey and Vi [...]

    27. I d like to give this a 3.5 rating I like this book But I don t know if I m prepared to put the word really in front of that statement.I first met Liska and Kovac when I picked up the audiobook The 9th Girl, from my library so my introduction to them was out of the series sequence However, that did not deter me from starting at the beginning for these books can stand alone quite well I took to the duo right away And this story was no different It s always fun to be with characters who make you l [...]

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