Priestess of Avalon (2020)

Priestess of Avalon Long awaited final volume in the Avalon series by bestselling fantasy author Marion Zimmer Bradley As the Merlin of Britannia keeps his vigil atop the Tor of Avalon Rian the High Priestess of Avalo
  • Title: Priestess of Avalon
  • Author: Marion Zimmer Bradley Diana L. Paxson
  • ISBN: 9780451458629
  • Page: 187
  • Format: Paperback
  • Priestess of Avalon
    Long awaited final volume in the Avalon series by bestselling fantasy author, Marion Zimmer Bradley As the Merlin of Britannia keeps his vigil atop the Tor of Avalon, Rian, the High Priestess of Avalon, dies giving birth to her fifth child The girl, named Eilan with her mother s dying breath, takes life From the stars the Merlin draws forth her prophecy The child thatLong awaited final volume in the Avalon series by bestselling fantasy author, Marion Zimmer Bradley As the Merlin of Britannia keeps his vigil atop the Tor of Avalon, Rian, the High Priestess of Avalon, dies giving birth to her fifth child The girl, named Eilan with her mother s dying breath, takes life From the stars the Merlin draws forth her prophecy The child that was born at the Turning of Autumn, just as the night gave way to dawn, shall stand at the turning of the Age, the gateway between two worlds A prophecy of greatness, but it seems that she is destined to walk a path unlike any trod by a Priestess of Avalon before Published posthumously, this spellbinding historical romance is the concluding volume in the Avalon series from Marion Zimmer Bradley, the author of the worldwide bestseller, The Mists of Avalon, who died in 1999.
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    1. Begun by Marion Zimmer Bradley and finished by Diana L Paxon, Priestess of Avalon is the story of Helena, the mother of Constantine the Great.It is historical fantasy The book swirls with goddesses, priestesses, druids, and faeries.Though part of a series, it isn t necessary to have read the others Each one pretty much stands alone An understanding of the workings of Romano Celtic Britain will help, but it s not essential The ladies were are excellent researchers and their historical components [...]

    2. I d give this book three and a half stars I liked it well enough and it was well written but for me, it lacked some of the magic that made The Mists of Avalon such a fantastic book Don t get me wrong, I m not saying this book is bad, it is not It simply didn t enage and inspire me the same way as Mists did Here we follow the live story of Eilan, the daughter of one of the tribe s king s daughter, who is send to Avalon but later will become the mother of Constantine, the first Roman Emperor to co [...]

    3. Recently I read Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diane Paxton I picked it up somewhere months ago in a bargain book stack, and from a purely critical standpoint that s pretty much all it s worth While The Mists of Avalon still stands out as one of my all time favorites I ve actually read the thing twice, which is rare for me , the sequels and prequels to that book are generally thin on plot and character and just leave a lot to be desired.But I loved the book anyway Given the set [...]

    4. After having read Mists and then the Lady of Avalon, I went next to the Firebrand which I didn t particularly find myself liking though it did strengthen my beliefs in the Goddess But when I started Priestess I thought, okay, here we go, will this make me happy or just frustrated The beginning was everything that I had loved of Bradley s other novels, teachings on Avalon and the study discovery of the ancient mysteries of the Goddess As it split when Eilan left Avalon with her husband, I began t [...]

    5. The second prequel of The Mists Of Avalon I ve read in the serie so far Though it can be clearly seen on the writing style that this book was finished by Diana L Paxson her writing style is surely poorer and simple than Marion s I still enjoyed Helena s story very much and it was very touching too It s of a historical fiction novel that introduces the reader to the life in ancient Rome, and we can also learn about the Mysteries I think that all Avalon lovers should read this one, giving a cha [...]

    6. This was a really cool book I was expecting it to be just a lot of fiction but actually it wasn t Of course there were various fictional characters and events But the majority of the book were things that actually happened in the Roman Empire circa 300 AC Everybody knows that Constantino was the first christian emperor But this book delves into this period in history and actually shows what happened and why And since it s written from the perspective of Eilan Helena, Constantino s mother, you ge [...]

    7. Another great read The story of Helena and Constantius was great and I was so glad that they did not die after their first communion like most of the stories in this series and was glad that MZB carried on their life story and the child of prophecy was indeed born However, I didn t like it when Helena and Constantius life was separated because of the Roman law requiring Constantius to be married to a woman who had status and could be recognized.The characters in the story were something else I l [...]

    8. Marion Zimmer Bradley s Avalon series ranks among one of my all time favorites, and Priestess of Avalon stands out as my favorite Drawing on the real life historical figure of Helena, mother of the Roman Emperor Constantine, Bradley intricately weaves Helena s origin story into that of Britain and the Isle of Avalon Helena is a character you will root for from the very beginning, as she makes her way from the Isle of Avalon to Britain to Rome to Jerusalem Helena here is a woman for the ages Even [...]

    9. Truly interesting exploration of the Roman world at the time of Constantine The main character, a priestess of Avalon, moves into the world of men to be the wife to one emperor and mother of another.At times the text felt somewhat unwieldy the pace slowed in the second half of the book and at times I wondered what the point of it all was However, it was a great look through one person s eyes at the world at that time, and piqued my interest in the Late Roman Empire.

    10. This was a very moving book I found myself empathizing with the life of Eilan Helena, sharing in her joys as well as grieving for her losses Very well done One of the best books I have read in long time.

    11. Fluff read that kept my interest throughout Interesting religious undertoneshonor to the Goddess combined with the roots of Christianity.

    12. Could it be that while we think we are acting of our own free will, we are actually working to fulfil some greater destiny Is the world shaped by the whims of individuals or are there greater powers directing us This is the question Priestess of Avalon raises.Although probably not historically correct the real Saint Helena was from what is now Turkey it s a very interesting idea that one headstrong priestess can accidentally help diminish the tradition of goddess worship The book is a worthy par [...]

    13. I really loved this book, as I have loved the entire Avalon series It does not capture the same magic that The Mists of Avalon had, but it still has some elegant themes that were able to transport me back to this world As with The Forest House and Lady of Avalon, I do not enjoy the politics historical fiction in the books, I tend to zone out a little when I m reading it I love the spiritual and religious aspects of the books though as well as the setting The ending was really entriguing as Helen [...]

    14. I love Avalon and Marion and Diana This is a great combination Like Wonder woman, there was not enough time spent on the island itself and too much time out in the world Diana is a meticulous researcher and sometimes i got confused by all the Roman cities and places and there were no maps included and i would have liked that But I did like the story itself The priestess understands the new religion and that there are multiple faces of divinity but it masks one force underlying That as humans we [...]

    15. I liked Mists of Avalon when I read it back in the day, but couldn t get even halfway through this It s like someone s half assed diary when they are living through momentous things but are too tired to describe them in any manner of compelling detail It s just so bland and depthless that I can t care about any of it.

    16. Possibly my favorite in the series other than Mists I love the character Viviane and this book includes her origin story I also adore the way these stories all intertwine It s truly magnificent.

    17. O orgulho, a ambi o desmedida, a religi o, poder, a cegueira com ouvidos, a derrubar sonhos e pureza.Contempor neo, se bem interpretado.

    18. I wasn t that enamoured with this book as previous in the series by Marion Zimmer Bradley I loved the start of the novel in Avalon but after that it started to lose its interest for me.

    19. I finished listening to this book, but it was a little drier than I like in a fantasy book I will finish this series though.

    20. Marion Zimmer Bradley s The Mists of Avalon was such an incredible book that when I found Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L Paxson, I thought even if it was only half as good, it would be worth the read Unfortunately, I overestimated it by about a factor of 100 Before There Was Camelot While The Mists of Avalon takes place in medieval Britain, Priestess of Avalon is its ancestor, taking place in the time of the Roman Empire Eilan is born to Rian, the Lady of Avalon, but Ri [...]

    21. My paperback copy of The Mists of Avalon is a worn and tattered wreck But I would never trade it in for a new one In fact, rather than lend it to a friend, I d buy them their own copy I know this is one book I d never get back Were I an author, and saw such a tattered copy of my book, I d take it as a great compliment, for it shows that my words had enough influence on someone for them to read them over and over again Marion Zimmer Bradley s books have that very affect on me Her worlds are so vi [...]

    22. This was a very good read, perhaps my favourite of this series among the ones I have read so far Although not quite as engaging as those in Ravens of Avalon, the characters in this book were well introduced and felt very real No one was perfect, each person had their human flaws, including the heroine Eilan Helena She took fate in her own hands and defied the Lady of the Lake both to save her friend and to get what she herself desired, but the very next morning her ignorance was pointed out to h [...]

    23. The Mists of Avalon took the story of Arthur and changed it so that the perspective was from a woman And then a series was spawned from it Priestess of Avalon is one of those books in the series, although I couldn t tell you what order they should be in as it doesn t seem to matter what order you read them in.Helena, also known as Eilan, was born of the Lady of Avalon and also caused her death She is sent to her father as a child and only returns to Avalon ten years later, to start her training [...]

    24. Priestess of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley and Diana L Paxson is the story of a priestess named Helena who was forced to leave her home at Avalon and live an entirely different life from what she was used to The story follows her life and her pseudo marriage and tells of the different places that she lived in the Roman Empire The story tells about her relationship with her children and her grandchildren and also about her feelings in regard to the rise of Christianity in the Empire and how it [...]

    25. Though I enjoyed this, it was probably my least favorite of the Avalon books That s probably because except for Mists of Avalon, originally read years ago, I ve read the subsequent books fairly recently and with relatively little time between them When you read them so closely they start to look formulaic.This book concerns Helena, the mother of the Roman emperor Constantine Bradley and Paxson fill in the blanks in Helena s life starting with the idea that she was born in Britain and was a Pries [...]

    26. It seems whenever an author dies that does not necessarily mean the end of his or her career, as there is always at least one book to be published posthumously which the world has never seen Marion Zimmer Bradley, who shocked the world with her retelling of the Arthurian legend from the woman s point of view in Mists of Avalon died in 1999 Coauthored with Diana L Paxson who finished off the novel after Bradley s death, Priestess of Avalon is the last book in the magnificent Avalon series from i [...]

    27. La Sacerdotessa di Avalon la rivisitazione avaloniana della leggenda storia di Santa Elena, moglie di Costanzo Cloro e madre di Costantino.Mi piaciuto, ho apprezzato l a tra Costanzo ed Elena, mi spiaciuto sinceramente quando ella ha lasciato l isola sacra, io sarei rimasto Il finale mi piaciuto particolarmente Uno dei fulcri centrali del libro risiede nell identit di Elena, solo verso la fine del romanzo potr veramente essere se stessa, quando ormai capisce che a dispetto di tutti i cambiamenti [...]

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