Dirty (2020)

Dirty This is what happened I met him at the candy store He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back This was not a children s candy store mind you this was the kind of place you we
  • Title: Dirty
  • Author: Megan Hart
  • ISBN: 9780373605132
  • Page: 486
  • Format: Paperback
  • Dirty
    This is what happened I met him at the candy store He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back This was not a children s candy store, mind you this was the kind of place you went to buy expensive imported chocolate truffles for your boss s wife because you felt guilty for having sex with him when you were both at a conference in Milwaukee HypotThis is what happened I met him at the candy store He turned and smiled at me and I was surprised enough to smile back This was not a children s candy store, mind you this was the kind of place you went to buy expensive imported chocolate truffles for your boss s wife because you felt guilty for having sex with him when you were both at a conference in Milwaukee Hypothetically speaking, of course I ve been hit on plenty of times, mostly by men with little finesse who thought what was between their legs made up for what they lacked between their ears Sometimes I went home with them anyway, just because it felt good to want and be wanted, even if it was mostly fake The problem with wanting is that it s like pouring water into a vase full of stones It fills you up before you know it, leaving no room for anything else I don t apologize for who I am or what I ve done in or out of bed I have my job, my house and my life, and for a long time I haven t wanted anything else Until Dan Until now.
    • [E-Book] ✓ Dirty | By ✓ Megan Hart
      486 Megan Hart
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    1. I WILL NOT BE RATING THIS BOOKSorry to all the lovers of Dirty , don t hate me or my review, these are just my thoughts after I finished the bookYou know that feeling when you see a good book, it s labeled erotica , and most of your friends absolutely loved it, saying it s emotional and deep and all I was very excited to read this one I wanted some emotions with all the sex, that s the best erotica out there Well I can t really say this book made me feel a lot of emotions At all I didn t cry The [...]

    2. ETA downgraded to four stars September 20, 2015.4.5 stars CONTAINS SPOILERS All men have the stars, but they are not the same things for different people by Antoine de Saint Exup ry, The Little Prince 78What would you reply when the woman you re falling for is telling you that she s had sex with 78 men Judge her The heroine, Elle Kavanagh, is a junior vice president of corporate accounting She prefers having casual sex and one night stands In fact, she doesn t do relationships and intimacy It s [...]

    3. Title DIRTYAuthor Megan HartReview Rating 4 5 StarsReviewed by I Bookie NookieReview Wow I was not prepared for DIRTY It was heavy I was expecting something Dirty , but that s not all I got I am always interested in the meaning behind the title of a book and I really look forward to that moment of clarity, because in a good book, there is always a definitive moment the reader can say Ah ha, this is where the title came from There is, of course, a very good reason for the title, but I m not going [...]

    4. 4.5 5 stars Woah I think I loved this book.It was a completely unconventional erotic romance Raw, but not gritty Real, introspective, dark and sexy, painful and yet not in a rip your heart out way, very erotic, heavy and just so different than anything else I ve read so far It a very well written, character driven book that touches on themes of guilt, self worth, trust, survival And a sort of love.I started this one because I wanted something different Don t get me wrong, I live for my romance b [...]

    5. Five Stars I think I m in lovet with Dan, the amazing man in this book though he s great too but with this author, Megan Hart Her talent for delving into the human soul is truly amazing In Broken, she destroyed my preconceptions and bias, just ripped me apart and somehow managed to make it all better Now in Dirty, she s once again making me question my beliefs and convictions The opening of the book introduces us to Elle, a woman with a pastd a woman with seventy eight past lovers Now it s such [...]

    6. This was a wonderful erotic novel It has an amazing back story, with LOTS of character development This is a story about Elle She is a twenty something successful business woman with a hang up about getting into serious relationships she is terrified of them Til she meets Dan He is patient with her, he entices her, he deals with her weird quirks, and oh yeah, they have really hot sex This book takes place over a somewhat lengthy period of time, I would say, probably 6 months to a year There are [...]

    7. I really liked this book After just one read, I ve become a Megan Hart fan It seemed to come off as a very real read Elle is a successful professional woman who knows what she wants sexually She doesn t do dating, and for many years, went through a series of no strings encounters However, by choice, the last three years she has remained celibate She wasn t happy and didn t like her self She felt Dirty.Later we find out she was molested by her older brother for three years while she a young girl, [...]

    8. It s a relatively simple storyline Quite common Elle is a loner and feels socially awkward She has her skeleton s hidden way at the back of her own personal closet The she meets Dan She doesn t want to want him, she doesn t want to like him, she doesn t want to get close or connected But just because she doesn t want to doesn t mean it doesn t happen Soon they embark on an affair and slowly she is forced to confront her past and try to embrace her future, even though it may destroy them both in [...]

    9. Megan Hart is a very good writer, but this wasn t at all what I expected It was emotionally draining from beginning to end I highly doubt I ll read another book by this writer.

    10. Wow I m almost speechless Let me just collect my thoughts and find something constructive to say about this book Let s start with something simple I loved it It is beautifully written, intensely thought provoking, extremely classy, even with some scorchingly erotic sex scenes and powerfully emotional You look gorgeous, Elle, and you don t act like a gorgeous woman does I don t How do I act You act like an angel But you fuck like a deomon Don t you This is a story about irreparable emotional dama [...]

    11. Story Rating 4Character rating 5Romance Rating 4Heat Level 4 out of 5Overall Rating 4This is a very hard story for me to rate and review because I never read a story quite like this I had a hard time in the beginning of this book understanding the heroine As the story unfolded and she started to come around I found myself totally absorbed in it There was some absolutely beautifully written parts in this book that had wowed me.Like I said the heroine has some major problems from her past that kep [...]

    12. 3,5 Vaya por delante que empec este libro con alguna que otra reticencia sobre la manera de escribir de Megan Hart, pues hab a le do Switch y no me convenci nada En este libro he descubierto a una autora a tener en cuenta, que narra de forma muy real y cre ble nada de fuegos artificiales ni se ales divinas ni hombres de ciencia ficci n una relaci n entre dos seres imperfectos y muy humanos que empieza siendo solo sexo como casi todas, no nos enga emos, el insta love no es lo habitual y acaba sie [...]

    13. I wasn t prepared for how emotionally deep this book was Elle is a beautiful, very intelligent VP for an accounting firm Elle knows she is beautiful so to offset unwanted advances from men, she dresses very conservatively The mystery of her past relationships is revealed slowly as the story progresses This story is told in first person from Elle s point of view and it needed to be because Elle has a lot of issues She has erected a tough exterior shell to help protect her fragile interior Ella wa [...]

    14. Excellent book Not at all what I expected Oh yes, it was over the top hot, but there was such a complex story to go along with all the passion Elle and Dan s first meeting is nothing than casual with some sensual flirting They run into one another again and enjoy some dirty dancing, very dirty, dirty dancing YOWZA As their relationship continues, both of them hold back when it comes to anything other than being intimate, that s putting it lightly, with one another At some point Dan tries to pee [...]

    15. I know that Hart s second book is titled Broken To be honest, it would be an equally apropos title for this one as Elle, the protag, was just that a broken woman.Written in first person, Dirty follows a short section of Elle s life starting with an encounter with a man she met at an upscale chocolate store She s instantly attracted to Dan and, though she s just met him, she agrees to go with him to a local bar.Elle has no qualms about one night stands she s had plenty The sexual tension with Dan [...]

    16. 4.5 starsI m not sure what I expected of this book, but this isn t it Based on the blurb and the title, maybe I expected it to deal with promiscuity It didn t, exactly It dealt with the reason of Elle s actions and her inability to be in a relationship Both of which were caused by a tragedy in her pastElleWhat to say about Elle The easiest way to describe her would be to say she is broken She is scarred and she had been shattered and she is now holding the pieces together clutching them really, [...]

    17. As always Megan Hart s erotic novels go far beyond being a steamy read I love how her characters are so layered and how she can write the hottest sex scenes ever Its sex, not love making Elle is a dirty girl She sleeps with men, never wanting a relationship Sometimes not even giving her real name One night when she goes out with her co worker and her boyfriend she runs into Dan A guy she met at a candy shop The things they did on the dance floor could have melted chocolate Dan is described as so [...]

    18. This book started out to be the best book I have read in this genre I haven t read that many erotic books mostly historical romance, or paranormal romance , but it was by far the best in its classuntil the end I had the same feelings when I read the Outlander Outlander was headed straight for my all time favorite s list until the weird exorcism of Jaime s arsehole in the abbey close to the end of book Why was that necessary I was shaking my head and asking myself the same question here Why, oh w [...]

    19. I d met men who made me laugh, who made me sigh, even a few, very few, who d made me come Until now I had never met one I couldn t forget It will come as no surprise to anyone who knows me or has ever read any of my reviews that I like books that make me blush but this book went so much further than that it is by far the most arousing, tantalizing, toe curling, panty obliterating, sensual read I have ever come across This story, however, should not be just nicely slotted into the erotica genre t [...]

    20. Initial reaction I read this all in the span of a day I m still trying to put together my thoughts and the rating s tentative, but it s very likely this is going to end up being 4.5 stars provided that I think about how it ended and whether or not it dragging its feet a little in the end is enough to make me knock off a half star That and giving some thought to whether or not I was bothered by the emotional turns in some of the conflicts I need a night to sleep on it I think one thing I ll say o [...]

    21. Phenomenal erotica read from RR My concept of reviews is rather simple ignore the rating, read the review Never have truer words been spoken than in the case of the review I m writing for Dirty It s a wonderful book Emotionally draining, heartbreaking, the kind of book that lingers well after the reader has finished the last page However, it is not for everybody, and I wager this is one book that will illicit strong opinions on both sides of the fence Readers are either going to really love it, [...]

    22. Dirty tells the story of emotionally messed up Elle and her friends with benefits wink dude, Dan The hot scenes were hot, as per usual with Megan Hart But all the other stuff the plot and the main characters and the supporting characters simply didn t hold up as well as they normally do This isn t to say this story is bad Had this been my first Megan Hart novel, it would have earned so many stars from me But this author is capable of much better than what is put forth here Elle is an unlikable [...]

    23. 4.5 stars What happend I stopped smiling and nobody asked me why It was all to REAL, every detail and every reaction, made you get involved It was crazy and oh so sad, almost painful at times I can t say much, because you almost have to live through it to appreciate it Elle and Dan s story is not your fairytale happily ever after, it was just After.Elle lived a world of black and white, finding comfort in numbers Elle didn t date, didn t kiss, didn t do intimacy, didn t want to be called beautif [...]

    24. If I could give this book 6 stars, I would This book was profound I loved the writing style, the characters, the plot, everything There is nothing that I didn t like about this book Yes, this book is true to its title It is dirty, but it s profoundly dirty I will even go as far as saying that it was better than 50 Shades of Grey because it has better story line The main character, Elle, is broken because of her traumatic childhood She is a logical, analytical person who has three coping mechanis [...]

    25. This book was so amazing After reading the synopsis of this book, I already thought I knew what was going to happen How this book was going to pan out Boy was I wrong This storyline had me enthralled from the very first page, to the very end Ms Hart was very slowly, but cleverly slotting in little hints to Elle s past, things that left me constantly trying to fiugure out what the hell had happened to Elle Why was her oldest brother dead Why is her mother so cruel to her, for no apparent reason W [...]

    26. Accountant Elle prefers to engage in anonymous sex and one night stands It s been over three years since she has slept with a man, and finds herself intrigued with lawyer Dan Stewart, whom she met at a candy store and thought would accompany her home, but merely received a chaste kiss But when they meet again, she doesn t leave anything to chance She gets than he bargained for with Dan, as he agrees to her no dating policy they have appointments instead and claims that he won t get serious But [...]

    27. I need Dan to be real And marry him.I need female protagonists to be like Elle and understand that they dont need a man in order to be completely happy.And I need to read healthy relationships like the one Dan and Elle havew, this may or may not contain spoilers.This book started really boring And that s why I took so long to read it The good thing is that after it got a lot better.This book was so sad but I think it treated really well the sensitive subject sorrounding Elle This was a hard, t [...]

    28. I love this cover This book was recommended to me by many and recently by my friend Francesca I finally gave in after I heard the rec for the n th times and because she said it is a sexy book So, I went for it Fran is right this book is super hot and sexy However, as I am now realizing that most of these Erotica or BDSM books are not just about hotness Okay, well, it IS What I mean is, there is a hidden deep story behind every kinky page I enjoyed Elle and Dan in their crazy adventure to the lan [...]

    29. I spent most of the day engrossed in this book The utter self loathing which Elle feels is not apparent at first, the book start s in a eazy breezy way but then continues into such bleakness I was surprised by the way the story went, i did not read many reviews about the book so i was unprepared for such monstrousness I have such strong feelings towards rape abuse so this book was really hard to read at parts Dan is like a breath of fresh air in Elle s life, the silver lining in her life Such a [...]

    30. I ve tried really hard to write a review for this book but keep failing miserably, spending the last 1 2 hour typing then cursing myself on the re read b c I d given everything important away So what I am going to say is this, it s a well crafted, brilliant observation of human nature, a moving love story with lots of heavy emotional stuff It s a fantastic read, Elle and Dan are wonderful together and I loved both of them immensely

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