Candy Houses (2020)

Candy Houses So you think you know fairy tales Guess again Greta didn t get her happy ending her first time around And now that she s a Grimm special kind of guardian angel and official ass kicker in the paranorma
  • Title: Candy Houses
  • Author: Shiloh Walker
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 494
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Candy Houses
    So you think you know fairy tales Guess again.Greta didn t get her happy ending her first time around And now that she s a Grimm special kind of guardian angel and official ass kicker in the paranormal world romance is hard to find Besides, there s only ever been one man who made her heart race, and the fact that he did scared her right out of his arms Now Rip is back.So you think you know fairy tales Guess again.Greta didn t get her happy ending her first time around And now that she s a Grimm special kind of guardian angel and official ass kicker in the paranormal world romance is hard to find Besides, there s only ever been one man who made her heart race, and the fact that he did scared her right out of his arms Now Rip is back And just in time too, because Greta needs his help.On a mission he knows is going to test all of his strengths and skills, the last person Rip expected to see is the one woman who broke his heart Working together seems to be their only hope But, when faced with a danger neither of them anticipated, the question is, how will they face the danger to their hearts assuming they survive, of course.
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      494 Shiloh Walker
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    1. Greta is a Grimm, a guardian angel of sorts that fights demon takeovers Greta is better known as Gretel uh huh, that Gretel and the stories about her couldn t be further from the truth Then there is Rip yep, Van Winkle and he sets Greta s heart a pitter patter but it scared her so bad she took off.Now both of them are on a mission that brings them together and puts them both in danger, but the attraction between them might be a tad dangerous.Greta no longer wants to be called Gretel because of [...]

    2. Gretel from the old fairy tale Hansel and Gretel gets a makeover in this fairy tale retelling by Shiloh Walker She calls herself Greta now, and she s a Grimm a warrior who protects humans from demons Greta is feeling rather bored, but that quickly changes when she comes across a girl in trouble and Rip, another Grimm warrior Greta has been trying to forget Rip for years now, but she can t deny her attraction to him any longer especially when the two of them are being hunted by a dangerous enemy [...]

    3. Greta is bored, she doesn t have anything to do lately as a Grimm But that all changes when she s attracted by something, while walking down the street Someone needs her When she arrives at the place her feelings led her to, she sees a young girl, surrounded by two Orin and with a book of demons in her hands That doesn t look good At the same time, not far from where Greta sees the girl, Rip is busy with destroying another demon when he smells Greta, with a Bocan He runs to her aid as fast as he [...]

    4. I chose this book for a reading challenge because the promise of the book sounded fun A Grimms fairy tale.ied up a bit for adults It is the Grimms story of Hansel and Gretel except Gretel goes by Greta and is a Grimm, a fighter, a warrior for all the things that go bump in the nightThe story has 3 tellers Greta POV, Rip POV and narrator The author missed the chance to capture an audience Instead she switches back and forth between the tellers Quite confusing and i personally don t like books tha [...]

    5. While on a mission to save an unsuspecting girl from a grim faith, Greta comes across the man she never could forget While joining forces to save the girl, they ll have to make another decisionPNR romance, action, suspense and smutty fluff in a great, quick read Disclaimer I was given a free copy in exchange for an honest review.

    6. A new take on fairy tales.A friend rec d this series to me and I m glad they did Grimm s Circle is than your typical paranormal romance There is a strong vein of Urban Fiction throughout this universe Greta is a Grimm A type of guardian angel avenger no worries, there are no feathers here whose job is to protect humanity from demons Her latest job involves the one Grimm that sets her heart a racing.I really liked both main characters, the universe and the story Ms Walker can certainly create a [...]

    7. A super quick read form Walker The story gives a new spin on our Grimm fairy tale characters An actual new take on them The story was written from two very different PoVs we had Greta, and Rip i loved Greta s voice she was a refreshing read to say the least the switch back and forth to the different PoVs was easy to follow and flowed seamlessly sometimes i get a little twitchy about going back and forth but that wasn t a problem in this story in this world our fairy tales were all human at one p [...]

    8. I liked but did not love this story The mythos was interestingd the love story was fulfilling My main discontent was a factor of this being a novella A lack of character and world development leaving a lot of gray areas That and the fairy tales A lot could have been done with the Grimm tales, but the references were a list of what was not right, which was pretty much everything other than the names.And there was a minor consistency issue with whether vampires existSo, worth reading but not sure [...]

    9. A Gem More Grim than GrimmThe Grimm brothers have nothing on Shiloh Walker, who tells a mean tale Literally This grim twist on Grimm is original, unique, and interesting, and Walker has penned another dark, rich novella to start an exciting new series So much urban fantasy and paranormal romance is based around the idea that there s always a kernel of truth in all folk lore and fairy tales, and Walker not only embraces that ideology, she slams into it, tackles it to the ground, and hog ties it u [...]

    10. This is the first book of the series Grimm s Circle If any of you have seen and or like the new TV Show Grimm I do , I ll let you know right of the bat that, other than the name Grimm, there s not much similarity The TV show is one of the resons I started reading this, which was written before, but I m having trouble keeping the diffences sorted in my head The book Grimm s are guardian angels chosen to fight demons instead of Wesen They are extremely hard to kill and each has a special power abi [...]

    11. Reviewed on behalf of 2 Girls Who Love Books BlogI really like books that give the old and traditional fairytales a twist to make them modern or sometimes even interesting I never liked the tale of H nsel and Gretel It was too dark, too scary for me as a child and now when I am trying to be all grown up I like to stick with my loved tales instead of discovering something new Nevertheless I was curious to see what can be done with this tale I mean, what can you do with two kids that get lost in [...]

    12. This review was posted at Under the CoversI m not sure what I was expecting from this series but my definite first attraction was the fact that this series is based on fairytales There aren t enough erotic books out there that play on this, so I was super excited I should ve known that this being a Shiloh Walker book, I wasn t going to get flowery fairytales And I couldn t be pleased The Grimm s Circle series is not your everyday fairytale, it s betterNDY HOUSES was dark and a bit gritty Defini [...]

    13. 4 1 2 stars Candy Houses by Shiloh Walker is the first novella in her Grimm series, a very different take on familiar fairy tales and fables Forget everything you remember about the story of Hansel and Gretel and allow yourself to be drawn into this mesmerizing tale of Greta, a woman who survived the torture inflicted upon her by her evil stepmother and stepbrother and became a Grimm Those who become Grimm have their work cut out for them, to protect the mortals on earth from the monsters who se [...]

    14. Setting Ann Arbor, Michigan streets, cottage, park Theme fighting evil opening up to another falling in love Characters Rip Van Winkle unlike story, was hypnotized unaware for 5 weeks because overreacted to demon only 200 years old sent to take down his expartner mentor runs across Greta, and cannot leave her she seems to need him she asks him for help Greta aka Gretal 500 years old stepmother withheld food from her, step brother accosted her mom didn t believe , and taken in by Mary witch who f [...]

    15. I am, of course, a sucker for tormented male main characters and damaged yet strong heroines Thankfully, in Candy Houses, that particular sweet tooth is indulged The book has elements of urban fantasy, fairy tales, and romance that are put together exceptionally well The main characters, Rip and Greta are Grimms, which are kind of like super sexy ass kicking guardian angels The Grimms protect humanity from demons that try to take over human bodies and destroy the soul that resides in the body Ad [...]

    16. Candy House is the first book in the Grimm s Circle by Shiloh Walker ,and I thoroughly enjoyed this great story Shiloh Walker has given us a story that is written from two POV ,we have Greta and Rip I found Greta was quite refreshing ,the switch back and forth for the different POV was really easy to follow and the storyline flowed smoothly and seamless This world of fairy tale were humans at one point in time, and they were give the choice to become Grimm s Well I was reading I was thinking gua [...]

    17. I somehow missed many of the Grimm s Circle books when they were originally published, but I plan to read them all now that J.C Daniels Shiloh Walker is re releasing the books I ve always loved Ms Walker s romantic suspense books, and am now a fan of her paranormal romances with her take on the Grimm world.Greta is best known in the Grimm World as Gretel, and Rip is best known as Rip Van Winkle The history of both characters that is common knowledge to anyone who has read their stories differs a [...]

    18. Greta s life is known as a fairy tale, however, she didn t get her happy ending the first time around Now she s a Grimm, a special kind of bad a guardian angel, and so while on the hunt for demons, there isn t a ton of time for romance When she runs into Rip again, the only man that ever tied her stomach in knots, she knows that working together is the only way to survive Ok, that s it, no , as this story is short, but action packed I LOVED the premise, and the characters, but as deep as they ar [...]

    19. Do you remember growing up and hearing those old fairy tales and thinking Oh, magic And Happily Ever After Then when you re older you get the real version and you realize it s not all roses and fairy godmothers and such Yeah These books lean to toward the wall of thorns side of the spectrum Which is, you know, cool because those fairy tales were crazy bloody and sometimes just downright crazy.Having read these books out of order, I think the later books are a bit tighter story wise However, I l [...]

    20. I am not sure what to really think about this story I liked the fairy tell premise of it all but I just can t put my finger on what was actually wrong with the book I loved how the book began and who the characters were I liked the twist on the characters but I am not sure if the characters were evolved enough I never got a good sense of who these people really were or what made them who they became There did not seem to be much substance to any portion of the book which is maybe why it took me [...]

    21. Sometimes a girl just needs a good ole does of smut to cheer her up That s what I was thinking when I bought this book I m helping my cousin through a nasty divorce and my opinion about guys has been somewhat negative as of late, so I figured this type of book would be exactly what I need to perk myself up And WHOA MOMMA was this an awesome book I really like the mythology behind the Grimms and the way they each ahve a history that ties into a fairytale folklore And the characters were really en [...]

    22. Overall, Candy Houses is an amazing story, and while it is an ebook, it is totally worth the effort of getting and reading it There are not very many books that make me instantly want to get a sequel enough to preorder it, but as soon as I heard No Prince Charming was going to be released, that s exactly what I did In fact, I can tell you exactly how many novels I ve preordered in the past two years, because I ve only done it twice Seriously, Candy Houses is a fabulous and everyone should be rea [...]

    23. Good start to the series I liked the characters I did have problems at times with PO Sometimes it wasn t clear at first who was saying or doing what And the beginning was a bit choppy like the author wasn t sure how she wanted to start off the book But over all it was a good story With an interesting concept and characters I look forward to reading of the series Gifted ARC copy L.

    24. Okaya few spelling errors that greatly irked me made this review a 4 star instead of 5 star review This is definitely a promising series I love the whole aspect of the Grimm s being fallen angels of a sort Greta is actually Gretel from Grimm s Hansel and Gretel fairy talebut in a very sadistic twist This book is NOT for YA s or anyone who is easily offended This book IS for those looking for a new twist on an old tale Would reccomend and reread in the future.

    25. Okay first review of 2015 Read this book this afternoon, and although its not the first book I ve read by this author, I must say the plotline was quite intriguing but still, the way it was written made it difficult for me to follow the actions, to imagine what was going on in each scene and BRIEF I don t know if I flicked through it, but before I realized, it was over Jury s still out on reading the next one in the saga.

    26. Actually read this a couple of years ago and just re read it I like the world building, but I think the romance got a bit lost in it Both characters were likable but I wasn t crazy about the shifting POV even though it was easy to follow.Overall, a good read by a solid author I ll probably purchase the next in the series with the hope that the relationship will be central now that the setting is established.

    27. I downloaded Candy Houses as a free book from The book presented some interesting twists on the Grimm fairy tales, but I never really cared much for the plot or characters It was worth a read, and some parts ere very intriguing, but I was never really sucked in Horror and suspense readers may have appreciation for the storyline.

    28. I found this for free at the Kindle store along with a few others in the series I m not sure what I was expecting to get but overall it wasn t half bad It is an interesting spin on how fairy tales came to be and demon fighting.For a first book there was a lot of flipping back and forth on the story line trying to get the whole back story somewhat told.

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