The Phantom Diaries (2020)

The Phantom Diaries What happens to the Phantom after the tragedy at the Paris Opera House is the basis for this fantastic tale of The Phantom Diaries loosely based on Gaston Leroux s classic The Phantom of the Opera
  • Title: The Phantom Diaries
  • Author: Kailin Gow
  • ISBN: 9781597489126
  • Page: 358
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Phantom Diaries
    What happens to the Phantom after the tragedy at the Paris Opera House is the basis for this fantastic tale of The Phantom Diaries, loosely based on Gaston Leroux s classic, The Phantom of the Opera, but with a new tale and a modern twist This new series for older teens and young adults is told through the eyes of 18 year old Annette Binoche, who lands a job at the New YoWhat happens to the Phantom after the tragedy at the Paris Opera House is the basis for this fantastic tale of The Phantom Diaries, loosely based on Gaston Leroux s classic, The Phantom of the Opera, but with a new tale and a modern twist This new series for older teens and young adults is told through the eyes of 18 year old Annette Binoche, who lands a job at the New York Metropolitan Opera House as a seamstress assistant only to become the lead singer of the Opera House, with the help of the mysterious, yet highly seductive Phantom.You do not need to read or know the story of Phantom of the Opera to read The Phantom Diaries Series.Disclaimer Do not expect this to be just like Phantom of the Opera.View the Official Book Series Trailer youtu UC2A9ZN0ul4
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      Kailin Gow

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    1. I always hate giving books bad reviews, or thinking badly of them when the author has put so much into the writing and birth of the story but this was justmissing something for me.Erik didn t strike me at all as the sexy seductive Phantom Instead he just seemed far too moody and dare I say emo for a grown man who is supposed to have been alive for the past 100 years And he s not even deformed but I won t go into how he is missing his deformity.He struck me as being whiney, dim and a bit thick at [...]

    2. 1.5 stars rounded down.I really like The Phantom of the Opera but, this wasn t.good.The characters made me just plain annoyed If you don t like cheaters, three timing people, then you won t like the main character She s an insufferable brat who needs to grow up and stop whining when a guy won t sleep with her She has three people,THREEpeople who want her lord knows why but I don t however, she only wants the fourth.What Am I missing something No.No.No You don t just.No.

    3. What a joke A seamstress who can mirraculously sing like a diva meets a than hundred years old man former phantom of opera and passionately falls in love with him but at the same time is attracted to two other men, is possessed by her ancestor witch former lover of the phantom And it continues in other books Mercy upon us.

    4. As I said earlier , The Phantom Diaries from the wonderful author Kailin Gow is a story loosely based on the famous play The Phantom of the Opera In the Phantom Diaries we see Annette Binoche her name reminding me of that famous actress set off as a fresh faced 18yr old in the world of New York the Big apple , the City of Stars She gets a job at the Met as a dressmaker , helping making the costumes for the productions The main production in this novel is The Phantom of the Opera However , their [...]

    5. Fabulously fascinating, engrossing and addictive The Phantom Diaries by Kailin Gow, is an incredibly modernized and paranormal twist on the highly recognized story, The Phantom of the Opera A first in a new series, readers will be hooked and aching for , as the final page is read Geared toward young adult readers, this is a story that will appeal to, not only its target audience, but to adults as well The Phantom Diaries is the story of Annette Binoche, an eighteen year old girl who, through her [...]

    6. I believe in my books so heck yeah I m going to rate it a five This is loosely based on the Gaston Leroux classic Phantom of the Opera and gives another take on Eric purposely spelled Eric not Erik and Kristine purposely spelled Kristine not Christine to modernize and change the characters a bit Obviously with the addition of a new character to the story Annette, a new setting, and placing this in modern times this is not going to be about Phantom of the Opera The Phantom Diaries is an interpret [...]

    7. I don t know much about Phantom of the Opera the book, but I have seen the movie with Emmy Rossum and Gerard Butler Because of the movie, I had to read the book I did and I love it Now about The Phantom Diaries, I m usually a YA reader, so The Phantom Diaries fit that Phantom of the Opera fans would LOVE this book because of the reference from the Phantom of the Opera book BUT you do not need to know the Phantom of the Opera story to enjoy this new story The author does an amazing job honing thi [...]

    8. Okay I just finished reading this book, so this is my emotional review Later, I might erase this one and write another one, but I kind of doubt it, as will be explained below.I think the Phantom of the Opera is both a book and a movie I uh, think I ve only watched the movie with Gerard Butler as the Phantom, so I can t really compare this book to the original book, as movies very rarely are like their written counterparts But if I could huh.Kristine Daea or whatever her last name is in the movie [...]

    9. At first I had my doubts about this book, because I didn t know if I would enjoy the topic seeing as how I usually focus on fantasy books with vampires and werewolves and faeries etc But once I began reading I was instantly intrigued.It enveloped me instantly with mystery and questions.The book focuses on the life of a girl named Annette, she was called upon to New York to work at the MET Opera house as a seamstress, and even though she is very talented in creating the beautiful costumes of th [...]

    10. I grew up loving The Phantom of the Opera and have dragged my family and friends to see it on Broadway times than I ll admit out loud, so getting the chance to read Kailin Gow s new twist on my old favorite was very exciting for me I wasn t sure what to expect but once I opened to the first page and dug in I couldn t put it down It had all the old romance, mystery, tension and wonder that I was hoping for and have come to expect when dealing with this classic Gow s writing was quick, relatable [...]

    11. This passionate modern steamy not graphic or explicit steamy retelling of The Phantom of the Opera will get teens to read the old Leroux story It made me pick up The Phantom of the Opera AFTER reading this young adult teen paranormal romance version Romantic from the very start, Phantom Diaries draws you into a world of music and mystery Annette, young seamstress arrives in New York from New Orleans, and she quickly gets drawn into the seductive world of the New York opera house With exquisite b [...]

    12. What is going on with the Opera House and how is the masked musician connected to events from over a century ago The Phantom Diaries is a fast paced romantic adventure filled with passionate characters and a haunting tale of love, betrayal, and obsession A tragic legend, and an unearthed tale of black magic and revenge lend a chilling backdrop to this story of heat and passion Every man falls for Annette, but in the end, who can she trust and who will she love I enjoyed The Phantom Diaries and a [...]

    13. After reading Bitter Frost, I read Phantom Diaries Two different books, but still strong in story Bitter Frost will appeal to all ages, especially teens Phantom Diaries is mature and will appeal to young adults and adults Mature teens would devour this book, too Like Bitter Frost, you are drawn into another world I enjoyed being drawn into the mystery, suspense and romance of Annette s world I ve seen Phantom of the Opera on stage Phantom Diaries captures that dynamic drama and makes your heart [...]

    14. This was such an amazing book My heart can t stop beating after turning the last page.This book was too short for my tastes but it was still very good I have completely no idea what is going on in Annette s head sometimes She s so unsure of herself and that s what I didn t like about her She can t seem to make her mind up between 3 guys I mean, can she not see that Eric is so much better for her than Chace and especially Aaron Seriously, Annette, how could you fall for him Eric really does unde [...]

    15. Even if you haven t heard of Phantom of the Opera, which Phantom Diaries is loosely based on, read this book Every page is dripping with heat, and there is no graphic explicit sex so it s truly YA Gow is a truly talented writer to have turned an old classic into a hot modern YA romance with paranormal teen appeal The chemistry between Annette and Eric is scorching You almost forget you re reading YA, but at the same time, it is mature and unique The members of my book club instantly voted this b [...]

    16. The Phantom Diaries is an incredible story of love, revenge, and passion that can consume one s soul Amazingly narrated by young Annette Binoche, the book s writing emerges you completely I cannot stop reading until I was finished and yet I wanted More of Eric, of Chace, and of Aaron The ending was incredible WOW Gow s next Phantom Diaries book cannot come soon enough Phantom Diaries is my second young adult book from Gow, and she continues to weave some of young adult fiction s most imaginat [...]

    17. I read the kindle version of this after I downloaded and read Kailin s other books Pulse and Bitter Frost Oh My God This isn t written like your typical romance novel, but romance and passion is gushing out on every page I haven t read Phantom of the Opera You don t need to at all Actually, it can stand alone and be its own story I highly recommend it

    18. Aside from having the sexiest man alive, Phantom Diaries is a book about a young woman s coming of age At first I found Phantom Diaries a character study on passion, but it has now become my guilty pleasure.

    19. This was absolutely terrible Takes place in modern day New York, the Phantom has somehow survived since the 1800s someone can t do math and is named Eric not Erik and is still pining for Kristine after she left him for a rich tool And he only falls for Annette, a seamstress who is actually an opera singer with NO training, because she looks like Annette Like any typical fanfiction, Annette is gorgeous without really trying and has 3 men falling for her the second they meet her And she s so cluel [...]

    20. I read this six years ago, and, even as a teenager, I knew it was terrible I found it here again and can still remember all the things I found wrong with it That should say something So many typos it s actually embarrassing to read Phantom of the Opera is one of the few things I will read published fanfiction retellings for, and this one was horrid Mary Sue ish, far too short, none of the situations were believable, etc Don t recommend I ve read fanfictions on fanfiction for Phantom better than [...]

    21. Don t start this expecting to read something that is exactly the same as The Phantom of the Opera Although it has it s similarities and uses a couple similar names it is its own story Kailin takes a classic that we love and turns it into something new and different that we can love I think the reason this twist was so acceptable to me was the new characters I become much critical when they are using the exact same people even if they try different names.I liked Annette I did find at times she h [...]

    22. I had pretty high hopes for this one, especially after seeing the four five star ratings on I also love the musical by Andrew Lloyd Webber, but I ll admit I ve never read the original story Still, I was excited for the story to continue in Gow s book I found the synopsis intriguing, and couldn t wait to pick it up Due to my high expectations, I was a bit disappointed There were, however, a few aspects of the book that I did enjoy.I really enjoyed reading the last quarter of the book The story re [...]

    23. OMG A modern version of the phantom of the opera I have to get this I meanAAHHH Sorry not the most mature review I ve done but I cant help it Lets hope its really good or I may cry in disappointment Update I have to say this book was better than I thought it would be I am a major Phantom of the Opera fan I have the movie with Gerald Butler in it, along with a movie of the stage version and another movie of Love never dies which left me in tears I have also read the original book which was just B [...]

    24. I wasn t real sure how I would feel about this one when I received it One, I ve never read The Phantom of the Opera, so I had nothing to compare it to, even though it s loosely based on that Two, the author sent it to me along with these words, The Phantom Diaries is for older teens and young adults age 17 and up It is a romance novel loosely based on the Phantom of the Opera, and does contain a few racy scenes due to the prominent characteristics of two characters If that is not the kind of boo [...]

    25. I can t finish this I have tried other series by Kailin Gow and this one is no different The character development is so weak that it is hard to connect and to care about their story The story itself jumps from scene to scene with little in between to develop the story, explain the characters responses or to impart backstory You are simply lead to each scene assuming you will understand how the character ended up there For example, Enter Eric, surprise Annette Stranger behind you Cut to next sce [...]

    26. I am a mild Phanatic I read the original novel by Gaston Leroux earlier this year and I m enad with the movie starring Gerard Butler I love the story, except for the fact that Christine didn t end up with the Phantom So I thought this would be the story to change that.Well, it sort of is Taking place in 2009, Annette comes to the New York opera house to become a seamstress With the help of a mysterious vocal coach, she becomes the new lead and wins the hearts of many She begins to wonder if her [...]

    27. Annette Binoche is a young girl who has moved from New Orleans to New York to work as a seamstress for an opera house She ends up becoming the lead in the opera She meets Eric this mysterious guy who wants her to succeed in the lead role She helps her practice and hone her skills He pushes her beyond the normal vocal coach role.She is also entranced with Chace the first chair violinist from the show Aaron the owner of the opera house also has a fascination with Annette I loved this book It was a [...]

    28. CONTAINS SPOILERS There were a few things I liked about this book First, I thought the way the author added some Phantom of the Opera elements was clever I m a new Phantom of the Opera fan the musical and movie and thought that it was going to be good Also, I liked that it took place in New York City I know the city very well, so that helped me to know where the characters were I also liked that Annette was able to defend herself just a little bit, she wasn t the Bella Swan type of girl who had [...]

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