Connect The Dots (2020)

Connect The Dots What ties the true life protagonists of the book together is that they are all entrepreneurs but without the much coveted MBA degree Written in conversational form the book is divided into three s
  • Title: Connect The Dots
  • Author: Rashmi Bansal
  • ISBN: 9788190453028
  • Page: 468
  • Format: Paperback
  • Connect The Dots
    What ties the 20 true life protagonists of the book together is that they are all entrepreneurs but without the much coveted MBA degree Written in conversational form, the book is divided into three sections Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan The author speaks to people from different parts of the country who have carved a niche for themselves in different areas of business.JWhat ties the 20 true life protagonists of the book together is that they are all entrepreneurs but without the much coveted MBA degree Written in conversational form, the book is divided into three sections Jugaad, Junoon and Zubaan The author speaks to people from different parts of the country who have carved a niche for themselves in different areas of business.Jugaad covers the stories of those who used grit and determination even as they observed and experimented to create a business on the road less travelled The nine stories covered in this section give us a glimpse of the steely resolve of people who tried to do things differently from what others in their chosen industry normally do.The second section Junoon details the growth of seven entrepreneurs who were driven by a dream or a passion They followed their interests, did not give up on their dreams and succeeded in creating ventures that were not only unique but which successfully tapped a market that nobody even knew existed.Zubaan gives us an insight into the mindset that allowed four extremely creative people who successfully channeled their immense talents to create a business platform for themselves By tapping their talent successfully, these creative people become entrepreneurs in their own right.The book is inspirational as the readers are sure to get totally involved in the unique spirit that drove these people to the heights of success The title of the book is inspired by Apple founder, Steve Jobs commencement speech given at Stanford University in 2005 In his speech, Jobs said, You can t connect the dots by looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards So you have to trust in somethingyour gut, destiny, life, karma Connect the Dots tells us the story of people who trusted in themselves and grew to be truly inspirational success stories.About the AuthorRashmi Bansal is an Economics graduate from Mumbai s Sophia College She also did her MBA from IIM Ahmad
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    1. Amazing book Ummokay, take that back Wonderful Nah, take that back,too How about one which gives you air time and rushes adrenaline through your endocrine system Yep, that s it And, what s nice about the book is that it gives a sense of reality maybe, only for Indians yet thrilling You see their ventures still flourishing and with new targets set 20 entrepreneurs with 20 different unique tales and passions and with different vision One can feel the labor of Rashmi Bansal in carrying out this boo [...]

    2. People who ask me, Do I like Rashmi Bansal s books I have a pat answer What s there to like and not to like This book is not about narrative or writing style or any other literary or creative pursuits It is simply a factual story of entrepreneurs made it So, solely for the content, the inspiring stories of some real life heroes I recommend this book.Some of the protagonists entrepreneurs covered in the book couldn t speak English and spoke broken Hindi Rashmi has narrated them as is, I liked tha [...]

    3. This book is very different from Bansal s first book Stay Hungry Stay Foolish which has the stories of IIM Ahmedabad alumni turned entrepreneurs Almost all the entrepreneurs from this elite college mentioned that they knew in the back of their minds that they always had the option of going back to their jobs After all they had a management degree from the best college in India On the other side Connect the dots is the story of those who did not have the luxury of going back to any steady job Fai [...]

    4. You can t connect the dots looking forward you can only connect them looking backwards So you have to trust in something your gut, destiny, life, karma, whatever This approach has never let me down, and it has made all the difference in my life Steve JobsI have read the Tamil version of the book published by Ananda Vikatan It was good highly inspiring.It tells the stories of courage, determination and inspiration of 20 people from different backgrounds who chose to become entrepreneurs without d [...]

    5. This book is not at all about the writing style or the authoris book should be read for the stories narrated, the content of the story and not the way it is narrated It is for drawing inspiration, getting motivated and not for entertaining yourself.

    6. Must read for people who want to be entrepreneurs 20 different stories but had one thing common, its all in your hand.

    7. An essentially entrepreneurship book about 20 individuals who goes onto create their own legacy inspite of apparently insurmountable odds.The book is divided into 3 parts Jugaad Junoon and Zubaan Each of these sections talks about individuals who essentially creates their own identity by their sheer tenacity to learn through observations, create through passion and artists who create their own platform to express themselves All of them are sans any fancy degree or backed by strong financial base [...]

    8. In compare to Stay Hungry Stay Foolish this book didn t bore at the end,Actually it was better than that.If you read it all the book shows off all types of people, passions and crazy decisions.More wide and colorful than SHSF because except for quickly grabbing a market opportunity they all started off with their passion without any VC and paved their way into making money out of it even though that wasn t the plan for most of them.But at the end of most of the stories it kind of bores a little [...]

    9. Connect the Dots is a very inspiring book and it does motivate the little entrepreneur in you The best part is it covers stories about India based entrepreneurs from varied fields be it automobiles, inverters, restaurants, t shirts, beauty products, agriculture, education, theater, photography, books and the list goes on Most of them are well known brands and you would be surprised to know the stories behind these creative ideas A must read book for anyone who is simple and wants to make it big [...]

    10. I choose to rate this book as 4 5, not for the writing style, but for the content It was amazing piece of work introducing 20 entrepreneurs in India, who didn t have formal education in business management It s an awe inspiring book, makes one to sit and keep turning the pages to know and about the my life, my way attitude There hasn t been a contemporary book in past, which has excited me as this book has.

    11. This is not a book but is, indeed, an eye opener for all those who have lost all their hopes, tangled in difficult circumstances suffering from huge losses Really loved reading the book Such inspiring stories from common people is so great to hear It will surely inspire other ordinary people to rise up and struggle to live a prosperous beautiful life

    12. The book is a collection of 20 successful individuals recounting their life experience as entrepreneurs Not just for the aspiring entrepreneurs but the book renders great inspirational message to every person in general to delve deeper to find the meaning of their lives and spearhead their lives by their own conviction and persistence towards life goals.Written using the most generalized terms and progressive narration the book is an easy glide through some of the technicalities of business and [...]

    13. Storytelling in this book is so engrossing It seems as if the entrepreneurs are talking in front of you The characters chosen and positioning them is done in such a scientific way Precise and attractive Very inspiring to know about the persons who have struggled in their life to be on top where they are now They don t have MBA degree but have fulfilled their dreams Nice read for the inspiring entrepreneur Will go for the other books by Rashmi.

    14. Book is the Collection of real life stories of entrepreneurs It explains in detail where they have done mistakes or how they managed themselves to go through the situations in making their company stand up in a good position Best book for aspirants of MBA and entrepreneurs We can learn how to handle the situations and how our attitude should be towards the growth Rashmi Bansal has done very good job in collecting the personal experiences of all of them.

    15. It was amazing and quite inspirational to read about stories of 20 Indian entrepreneures starting their businesses from scratch making them successful However, the writing style of the author was a bit annoying to me at times Quotes aside, the articulation and vocabulary is clearly targeted towards Indian audience only Apart from that, it was a nice read overall and I got to know stories behind some of the businesses I love so much.

    16. This book is collection of successful stories of entrepreneurs , how they started all was clearly explained.Most of them started from scratch to big stage, which gives an aspiring entrepreneurs hope to try Book described all the successfull stories but if it could show failure stories too, people can really learn than just being motivated.

    17. it talks about the stories of entrepreneurs and the problems they faced in real.Really their problems are far big than i have generally face day to day stops making you procastinating and make you happy at same time by letting you know how to chase your dreams and face the hurdles A great book

    18. I read this book while when I decided to give up incidental works Unknowingly, every experience of an author unveils a special connection to me I feel myself as one of them in their Initial stages Well presented book with great advises to Young and aspiring entrepreneurs Eventually, It connected my neurological dots in an organised and structured way dealing with toughest organizational challenges and critical market scenario s Worthy read.

    19. A combination of some 20 inspirational people s stories This book has led me to a state where my life has started making a little sense the story of Tantra tshirts is the one where I ve realised that life is much then your daily workplace Amazing read Kudos to Rashmi Bansal l

    20. Very much Inspiring Highly motivating Must read for startups Entrepreneurs The key message from all the success stories in this book is Be Patient Stay course on your chosen path and success will come for sure.

    21. All things considered, on the off chance that you feel that it is hard to begin a business, it is for you Unmistakably, shows the most imperative prerequisite for beginning a business is a confidence in your thought or mission and the underlying stride.

    22. this one from rashmi bansal has really helped me connecting my dot lately Now i want to read some other books of her

    23. Awesome book with different different motivational stories BVG Krishna dance group stories are really heart touching

    24. A collection of stories of self made entrepreneurs Read to get inspired from struggle to success stories.

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