Mob Rules (2020)

Mob Rules I m Domino Riley an enforcer for Shanar Rashan Like most mob bosses in L A he s a powerful sorcerer battling for control of the city gathering up the magic of violent and powerful emotions and stor
  • Title: Mob Rules
  • Author: Cameron Haley
  • ISBN: 9780373803200
  • Page: 402
  • Format: Paperback
  • Mob Rules
    I m Domino Riley, an enforcer for Shanar Rashan.Like most mob bosses in L.A he s a powerful sorcerer, battling for control of the city, gathering up the magic of violent and powerful emotions and storing it for his own use Back in the day, Rashan saved me from the streets and made me his lieutenant You could say I m his go to girl.When a fellow gangster is ritually exeI m Domino Riley, an enforcer for Shanar Rashan.Like most mob bosses in L.A he s a powerful sorcerer, battling for control of the city, gathering up the magic of violent and powerful emotions and storing it for his own use Back in the day, Rashan saved me from the streets and made me his lieutenant You could say I m his go to girl.When a fellow gangster is ritually executed, I have to find out which of Rashan s enemies was behind it and why The cryptic messages I m getting from the Beyond tell me it wasn t a simple hit.With the bodies piling up, I need to win an occult gang war, take out the supernatural traitor within our outfit and, oh yeah, deal with the mixed messages I m getting from the boss s son.
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    1. Review courtesy of AllThingsUrbanFantasyIn MOB RULES the good is really good amazingly creative world building and a feisty fun sidekick , but by comparison, the bad is really bad a slow storyline that never picks up speed The main storyline in which magical mob enforcer, Domino, is trying to avoid a gang war while chasing down a nasty killer who skins and crucifies his victims in order to drain them of their magic sounds a lot interesting then it is on paper And that s not because Haley is a b [...]

    2. Meet Domino Riley, second in command to her Mob boss Rashan The buck stops with her, and typically most problems are a relatively simple fix for her using bribes, intimidation, or just plain removal of the person causing the problem However, when bodies start showing up skinned and no traceable magical residue is left, she knows this one won t be so easy to crack Things get really complicated when one of the deceased s ghost points her in the direction of her boss s son, the man she has a strong [...]

    3. Are you tired of reading the same book over and over again under the guise of a different title You know the ones girl meets boy with a secret, magic is plentiful, perhaps a vampire is featured, and don t forget the happy ending Well, Cameron Haley may have started with this formula, but he blew it up literally The main character, Domino, works for the baddest mob boss in L.A As a strong magic user, she s his lieutenant in the outfit, which means she takes care of business the boss doesn t want [...]

    4. Ugh, I really wanted to give this five stars, but I can t Mob Rules was unique and interesting from the start Yes, as others pointed out, the word juice is overused to the point of physical annoyance at the beginning of this book Just push past it, it does decrease a bit after that I wonder if I would have noticed it if I hadn t read a review that mentioned it first It is pretty excessive, but I was also looking for it Anyway, this book is about rival gangs that control the magic in a city That [...]

    5. This was one of the books I had offered to me for review by Harlequin its published by their imprint Luna and I thought it sounded interesting so I added it to my pile It took me longer than I wanted to get to it and I d deliberately avoiding reading anything about it so really had no idea what to expect Within the first chapter I was hooked on the characters and world building and couldn t put it down.Domino is a little darker than most heroines in this genre, as the lieutenant in what amounts [...]

    6. The publishing company, Luna, turns out pretty decent stories I have a feeling that much like the better known company that Luna is a part of Harlequin there s a bit of a formula that goes into these They re all based around a female lead, they re all fantasy and there s some kind of romance built in.Some pull it off better than others C.E Murphy is one of those.Mob Rules was certainly decent but it did lose my interest about half way through I had to sort of pick at the last few chapters for my [...]

    7. I read an advance reader s copy of this novel This urban fantasy novel had a fast paced strong storyline with a strong heroine and an intelligently plotted magic system The protagonist Dominica, or Domino as she prefers, is one of the top level magic users in a mob in L.A that s run by a Sumerian sorcerer Magical mob wars ensue, as her fellow mob members start turning up murdered in gruesome ways and Domino has to get to the bottom of it all It s very mod, with Domino using and the Internet to d [...]

    8. This one was a very quick read, and kept my attention I have to say that it does usually take at least 2 books to find out if I like a series the first book is world building and not enough room for real character development so I count the pace and whether or not I want to finish it higher than other things I felt it was a good start, and I was starting to become invested in the characters The main characters are gangsters, so they are working in a lot of gray areas They didn t spend too much t [...]

    9. This is my first foray in to supernatural chick lit thrillers, and I cheated by picking a well reviewed first novel rather than trying on a best seller It was good You could drive a truck through the plot holes, but it hit some good notes, and the writing wasn t offensively bad It had a fairly original conception of magic who doesn t these days in which magical juice is tapped from human vice using graffiti and other methods Organized crime, then, is just as concerned with tapping juice it can u [...]

    10. I note this book didn t get positive feedback from quite a few readers, but I really got into it with the refreshing focus being on the urban gang warfare factor.I liked the inclusion of having a good mix of nationalities, broadening out the personalities implicit in a high density urban city populations and that in itself providing different behavioural patterns, injecting a impressive freshness to the atmosphere.The action was pretty good and the resulting love interest is paid out in the natu [...]

    11. This is a fun book to read It has magic used in an original way, with both everyday and combat spells There is personal conflict, internal turmoil, family problems, new friends, betrayal, and a war.Domino grew from nothing to a lieutenant in a LA mob made up of sorcerers She doesn t realize how powerful or important she is and can be She has a genie as a familiar She gets a peskie not a pixie, that s offensive and insensitive as a roommate She dates the boss s son, who may be possessed by an evi [...]

    12. Someone passed me an advanced reading copy, after I said I was on the lookout for urban fantasy set in L.A.While this book hit the edges of my tolerance for splatter at times, the voice kept me hooked A witty protagonist will get me every time Add to that colorful characters I am totally in love with the piskie princess , some surprisingly chewy discussions of morality, and twists that I did not predict I couldn t put it down, and will be on the watch for the next.

    13. This stunning debut effort may be the best urban fantasy novel I ve read Well crafted vivid prose and strong characters across the board I find that most uf novels stumble somewhere in the early chapters but this remained solidly on track for me I read the Kindle version and bought a paper copy for my permanent collection.

    14. Enjoyable book which sets up well for a sequal Enjoyed some characters but main character lacked depth was hard to identify with The love relationship seemed hokey but all in all there was enough action and interest to keep the pages turning especially for one new to the genre who may be learning about juice for the first time.

    15. Great SciFi Fantasy book that brought the world of sorcery and magic together with Gangsters Mobsters I am looking forward to the next book If you want to read something with a pretty original idea then give this book a try.

    16. Mob Rules was brought to my notice via a friend on the website As soon as I read the blurb I decided to give it a shot I contacted Greg asking for the same and he promptly sent me a review copy The story is set in Los Angeles and features a world wherein magic is present and it has been utilized to set up a feudalistic crime structure which has led to various US cities being divided up by gangs Dominica Domino Riley is a Mexican Irish member of one such gang which is situated in South Central pa [...]

    17. A really fun read with interesting characters Domino has a lot great lines, and Honey is a hoot It kind of dragged at the end, and could ve ended sooner But the idea and creation of this world of magic and gangs, really creative Well done overall Worth a read.

    18. The first half of Mob Rules was okay.The second half was better, though there were still a few issues that bothered me.

    19. In Mob Rules, the first novel of Cameron Haley s new Underworld Cycle series, we learn from a mobster s right hand lieutenant, Domino Riley, what it takes to be a gangster It doesn t take any longer than reading page two before readers understand that this isn t the world of Don Corleone s mafia Domino s world is ruled by cut throat sorcerers who use the power of graffiti magic to boost the strength of their organization One the most powerful sorcerers, Shanar Rashan, is a Sumerian mobster and D [...]

    20. I should start by stating that I haven t yet finished this book I have about 30 pages left to go But I m okay with writing the review now, because the book very obviously ended about 15 pages ago There are spoilers ahead.First of all, it seems Cameron Haley decided he was going to write his main character as a Cool Girl tm You know the one The one that isn t like other girls, doesn t really even get them The one who wears jeans and boots, and only drinks beer or hard liquor The one who watches s [...]

    21. I m kind of on the fence about the rating there were things I really quite enjoyed about this book, the world building and the choice of making the protagonists the good guys , as it were a bunch of gangsters but on the other hand, some vocabulary choices nearly drove me to screaming and a major plot reveal came completely out of nowhere, so I ve read better overall comprehensive and consistent books I ve given three stars to, so two it is.It wasn t a boring book, I can say that it was a quick, [...]

    22. Something NEW this way comes 4 stars In Domino Riley s world if you re not the one controlling the most juice you re liable to get squeezed No really In L.A the gangsters work for stronger magic juice users who control their territories As a bit of a right hand to Shanar Rashan, Domino commands a lot of respect for an half Irish, half Mexican woman in the world of thugs When one of Rashan s boys meets a very grisly end completely dried of his juice it s up to Domino to find out how The plot cont [...]

    23. Have you ever had a book sit in your review pile for what seems like forever, and then randomly one day you start reading and it grabs you by the eyeballs and just refuses to let go That essentially sums up what happened to me with Mob Rules, the first book in the Underworld Cycle I figured it would be a fun urban fantasy story by an author I hadn t read before which makes sense, since I found out upon further research that this is a DEBUT NOVEL, which only adds to my awe but I wasn t expecting [...]

    24. I m not sure what I was expecting from this book, but it wasn t what I got.The beginning seemed promising It was just different enough from other urban fantasy novels that I sort of wriggled back into my chair and prepared for a long read You don t often read books about a main character who s part of the mob and is all right with it and what she s doing Add a bit of grit and a fairly interesting magic system and I thought that I would truly enjoy reading the book Unfortunately, it didn t quite [...]

    25. I passed Mob Rules several times in book stores, picking it up and pondering buying this, because lets face it, that s a cool cover But this book is than just a pretty face and an interesting story I knew when I picked it up that it was urban fantasy, but I was surprised by the mixing and melding of histories to create the world Cameron Haley writes in Magic is juice, gangs focus on who can control the most juice, but what are they really doing with it I think that the world building and the pl [...]

    26. c tait un livre qui changeait un peu Premi rement, on part du c t des m chants, enfin tout est relatif, mais ce n est pas la gentille h ro ne qui veut faire justice elle m me Elle est second d un grand mafioso poss dant un norme pouvoir et r gle tous ses probl mes avant qu ils arrivent jusqu lui Ce tome est assez surprenant on tombe directement dans l action sans vraiment comprendre ce qu il se passe et il faut quand m me lire un bon bout du livre avant d arriver entrevoir les bases de l histoir [...]

    27. reviewed by urbanfantasyinvestigations.bloI gave it 2.5 5I happened to win a copy of SKELETON CREW Book 2 from First Reads so I went to the library and borrowed a copy of MOB RULES so I would be ready to read when my book got here I thought the world building was creative and engaging The storyline was interesting and entertaining but the pace at which things happened was pretty slow throughout the whole book I really wish the pacing wasn t so slow but I found myself loosing interest because of [...]

    28. the short description of this book was so promising and after reading the sample chapter, I was not convinced but still thought ok, lets try itere is a lot of good things in this book but some really bad as well I struggled a lot and had to convince myself to finish it I admit I skimmed over quite a bit what was good the world building is well done all this ideas and how they go together, how you can discover so much throughout the book it was really amazinge same goes for the story there is a [...]

    29. I wish I could give this a 3.5 rating That would be a accurate representation of my feelings on this one.It was interesting to see what looked like a ceremonial magic approach in an urban fantasy Many urban fantasy writers take a Wiccan approach The Wiccan rede An it harm none, do what you will, obviously wasn t going to work for a mob sorcerer Ceremonial magic is appropriately grey The central character, Domino Riley, makes tough pragmatic ethical choices and she struggles with having to do th [...]

    30. This fun, fast paced urban fantasy tells the story of Domino Riley, a lieutenant for a powerful, magic wielding, 6000 year old mob boss in Los Angeles Some of Domino s men have turned up dead while that s not unusual in her line of work, what is unusual is that they were skinned alive and had all of their magic drained from them Domino s investigations lead her to a rival mob boss, an ancient mystical king and hint at bigger, broader dangers that will likely unfold in later volumes Domino hersel [...]

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