The Third Teacher (2020)

The Third Teacher Created by an international team of architects and designers concerned about our failing education system The Third Teacher explores the critical link between the school environment and how children
  • Title: The Third Teacher
  • Author: OWP/P Architects VS Furniture Bruce Mau Design
  • ISBN: 9780810989986
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Third Teacher
    Created by an international team of architects and designers concerned about our failing education system, The Third Teacher explores the critical link between the school environment and how children learn, and offers 79 practical design ideas, both great and small, to guide reader s efforts to improve our schools Written for anyone who has school age children in their liCreated by an international team of architects and designers concerned about our failing education system, The Third Teacher explores the critical link between the school environment and how children learn, and offers 79 practical design ideas, both great and small, to guide reader s efforts to improve our schools Written for anyone who has school age children in their life, from educators and education decision makers to parents and community activists, this book is intended to ignite a blaze of discussion and initiative about environment as an essential element of learning Including a wealth of interviews, facts, statistics, and stories from experts in a wide range of fields, this book is a how to guide to be used to connect with the many organizations, individuals, and ideas dedicated to innovating and improving teaching and learning Contributors include children s singer and advocate Raffi, author and creativity consultant Sir Ken Robinson, scientist and environmentalist David Suzuki, inventor James Dyson, and other experts who are working to create fresh solutions to problems and create a new blueprint for the future of education.
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      139 OWP/P Architects VS Furniture Bruce Mau Design
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    One Reply to “The Third Teacher”

    1. This is a book or rather a huuuge infographic that every policy maker and school administrator should have on his her desk at all times I really liked that the authors themselves admit that this book is an incomplete collection of all the possible ideas to improve the learning environment they even allocate some pages for you to fill in your own ideas.

    2. Actually this is my second time going through this book while not everything is necessarily applicable in all contexts, it still makes for a useful reference point if you are working with learning spaces for children I find myself referring to it each time I am working on a project and many of the points are quite important That said, you actually do need to follow up on some of the individual recommendations to get concrete recommendations on how to apply some of the points Lots of case studie [...]

    3. A Design for Learning initiative at our school has led to discussions at staff and PLC meetings about how to design classroom spaces that are conducive to learning for all children This book was mentioned as a resource so I decided to read it The book was a relatively quick read as there are many photographs and quotes I agreed with much of what the book had to say Schools were designed years ago when life was much different Children need places where they can move both in and outdoors, a connec [...]

    4. Because it was designed by architects and ignores everything book designers know about readability, the book is almost unreadable Important statements are put in our lines of huge text in a white font on a black background with nothing else on the page, for instance, and illustrations are thrown on the page in a bunch so it s hard to figure out what s going on However, it has some very interesting ideas for school design, some workable than others, and it serves as an excellent starting point f [...]

    5. Okay, the low ish star is due to the accessiblity of this book The content I am in support of, have been preaching but useability of this book is pretty low Designers actually getting in the way of things, or in some ways, undermining what they are trying to teach.I was comforted to learn that one of my new graduate students who actually worked with the group who developed the content of this book, has designed a hand out that will make the contents accessible, by theme, for educators and admin [...]

    6. I want to give this book to every teacher I know It is a collection of all of the major thinkers of progressive education and their ideas It is eminently browsable and inspiring All of the research that supports each small essay is cited so that you can easily get to the source and read on whichever topic interests you most.The binding, however, is utter crap I didn t need a bookmark because I could just go to the pages that were still glued in The sewn binding is holding, but I m disappointed [...]

    7. Upon finishing The Third Teacher, I immediately catalogued it and put it in our professional development resource section The versatility of the experts that speak out for design in education in this book make it a rich read It isn t a how to, necessarily, but it helps clear the stale air out of the mind in preparation for the much needed paradigm shift needed in education today It is a big help to me as I prepare to transform my school library into a learning commons.

    8. Amazing book, a true eye opener of the different aspects that affect the education of children For those just getting into education, this is a great place to start Although the book speaks of concepts and ideologies almost 10 years old now, in many parts of the world they are still not seen as significant and are ignored.

    9. Good read for anyone interested in design in schoolsI got a lot out this book Would recommend to designers and anyone interested in education whether your a teacher or a politician

    10. Ok, want illustrations Need illustrations to show the ideas Some are very simple but useful concepts but Not immediately for practical school designers

    11. The third teacher opens up the discussion about the impact of design of spaces and places on learning Good read.

    12. I was not excited to begin reading a book on the role of spaces in education created by a group of architects, but I was very pleasantly surprised by The Third Teacher It forces contemplation regarding the natures of schools and how one should exist as a student or a teacher or a community member in relation to the education of future generations I will disagree with some other reviews in that I really enjoyed the design of this book I thought that the overall structure was very conducive to the [...]

    13. If I were to rate this book s binding and construction, I d give it a one star Fifty or so pages in it fell apart I d also give the book a low mark on the flow of content For me it was very distracting reading the large numbered pages that took a 64K look and have the in depth content on the pages to the left.I come to the field of education to learn and get ideas for other industries That might sound pretty weird given the overall state of at least American education But I am convinced there i [...]

    14. I kept feeling like I should have liked this book a lot than I did, and I m still struggling a bit to understand why it never grabbed me The book is a collection of 79 ideas for using design to transform teaching, which on the surface of things sounds like compelling content The problem I had was that often each idea was a starting point for a conversation that the authors never did much with While some of the ideas were good, the subsequent content wasn t tremendously helpful in expanding on t [...]

    15. This book is very visually compelling It also inspired me to think of creative ways to make my learning space playful, comfortable, homelike, flexible and conducive to creativity Text wise, it was disappointing This book was clearly written by design experts rather than educators The research they site is flimsy and the text is shallow I would recommend THE THIRD TEACHER in the same way I would recommend an inspired glossy home design magazine but this one is eye candy for the teacher.

    16. I loooved this book It s not a novel, of a coffee table book so I don t think the layout made it not worthwhile as some reviewers said I took a few pages of notes and am passing it around our school I m excited about t incorporating some of the concepts into project based learning next year In particular, I love how each chapter begins with a two page infographic On its theme I plan to use the one from access as an entry event for a social justice pbl How great to tie our class novel, Monster, [...]

    17. A well designed compilation of interesting and new ideas for improving the quality of our schools, primarily focused on architecture, design, and technology Not only an interesting book in its own right, but a innovative model for groups of leading edge thinkers, designers to explore, curate, celebrate and publicize the ideas that could shape a subject that the group was impassioned about.

    18. It s like a list of things to think about when approaching the topic of reinventing education and teaching But the way the book is laid out and designed makes it a pleasurable list There aren t really any solid answers to transforming teaching and learning, but it helps you come to your own conclusions.

    19. There are some very interesting ideas for school redesign in this book I ll admit I skimmed through sections that were less applicable to our upcoming construction projects, but I am very hopeful for the emphasis on flexible spaces that focus on what is best for students health and learning vs what is most convenient for budgets or teachers.

    20. There are good ideas and case studies presented, but the book was poorly laid out An ironic thing to say when the book was produced by designers, but there it is They were so obsessed with keeping one of the design themes that a number of articles were broken in jarring ways that made them challenging to follow.

    21. Aims to bring educators and designers together to fix everything ignores the impracticality of building new schools in many school districts, but many of the suggestions here can be reframed as incremental change Less the Massive Change than the Slow and Steady Change of K 12 Review coming soon at BookMarks.

    22. This book is eye opening in the attention it draws to so many elements of a child s learning experience that I would not have considered, but can reflect on from my own K 12 and higher ed experience If you have anything to do with or interest in education and honestly, every human s community is impacted by the quality of its educational institutions , this is worth the read.

    23. An outstanding book for 21st century school design from building design right through to community connections I love the fact that this book doesn t just repeat the same old ideas it looks afresh at elements to school Let s get out of the rut of factory schools and replace the conveyer belts with creativity hubs.

    24. Stunning book that looks at how the design of physical learning spaces play the role of the Third Teacher Inspiring, beautiful, filled with amazing ideas some easy for schools to implement, others that will take time and advocacy Well worth the read.

    25. An essential resource for reconsidering how the learning spaces in schools serves students and teachers There are many ideas and examples that educators can pull into their own buildings The book itself is a product of design with unique fonts and compelling images.

    26. Designers did to the layout of this book what they do to the layout of libraries, they made it visually stimulating but hard to use However there are some fine ideas about space wedged into the small grey print Worth the effort.

    27. First, this is a pretty book It is artfully designed It is structured with snippets of wisdom and tips, as well as short page long stories from the field Very visually pleasing Nice reminders Found it on a whim and enjoyed it.

    28. Probably one of the best books to read if you care about the physical environment where learning takes place If you want creative, collaborative modern learning spaces in your school or office, this book is full of ideas, inspiration and really practical advice.

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