Wet Foot, Dry Foot, Low Foot, High Foot: Learn About Opposites (Beginner Fun Books) (2020)

Wet Foot Dry Foot Low Foot High Foot Learn About Opposites Beginner Fun Books Small feet big feet duck feet pig feetere s fun afoot than you can shake a leg at in this first introduction to opposites The simplest Dr Seuss Beginner Fun Book yet
  • Title: Wet Foot, Dry Foot, Low Foot, High Foot: Learn About Opposites (Beginner Fun Books)
  • Author: Dr. Seuss
  • ISBN: 9780679870869
  • Page: 337
  • Format: Paperback
  • Wet Foot, Dry Foot, Low Foot, High Foot: Learn About Opposites (Beginner Fun Books)
    Small feet, big feet, duck feet, pig feetere s fun afoot than you can shake a leg at in this first introduction to opposites The simplest Dr Seuss Beginner Fun Book yet
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    1. Read Reviewed by Me and My Niece Emma Those 5 stars are totally biased, because Emma just read this whole book to me all by herself the first one ever and I m over the moon with pride There was so much joy up in my heart that I forgot to make a joke about her own stinky feet After a day of hard playing at school, those little piggies get ripe Apparently The Foot Book is one they have at school and obviously it s a favorite, because Emma passed over a dozen other good choices even Cinderella and [...]

    2. by Andrea Renee CoxAnother great book by Dr Seuss, but that doesn t come as a surprise to me He was always one of my favorites when I was young Such an imagination he had I connected with that then and now This book of opposites is fun and entertaining with cute pictures and rhyming words Enjoyable for any age kid.I was not compensated for my honest review.

    3. The Foot Book is a children s book from the greatest mind of children s books, Dr Seuss and it is about how the main character, a fuzzy and golden looking character, introduces the various types of feet that everyone has The Foot Book is one of the greatest books from Dr Seuss ever created that children will enjoy for many years.Dr Seuss talent for writing and illustrations has been astounding children around the world for many years and this book is no exception Dr Seuss perfectly puts the book [...]

    4. If I were reviewing this book from my two year old s point of view I d be far liberal with the stars From me it s only getting three I enjoyed it the first two hundred times, but the plot s a bit lacking Our favorite part his feet,her feet,fuzzy fur feetWho doesn t love fuzzy fur feet

    5. Well last night was definitely a night devoted to fun family reading and fond memories My kids are celebrating Dr Seuss s birthday in school and my my sons shad an assignment to find a Dr Seuss book that had an affect on their early life, read it, and bring it to school the next day My 7 year old chose this title He loved this book when he was a toddler and still does My husband and I know many of these books by heart now and now my son knows this one by heart now too It not only helped teach hi [...]

    6. This isn t one of our favorite Dr Seuss books It doesn t have a lot of content, other then a few rhymes about feet My biggest attraction to this book is that it s about feet, something I like My children were half interested in it Nice addition to a full Dr Seuss collection for the die hards out there, but not imperative.

    7. Personal Response I read The Foot Book to my little step bother told me he liked this book because of how many different feet there were and how he had never been read this book but other and never heard of this one Jacob told me it made him smile and laugh in his own word and trust me thats weird because hes only 4 years old His favorite part was when this creature of many different legs came out on a page and he took the book and tried to count all them Plot Summary This book is mainly about l [...]

    8. The Foot Book is one of Dr Seuss s books that doesn t have much of a story line, but it does have many different meanings behind it and lessons that can be taken away from it For one, this book would be great when teaching children about opposites Throughout the whole book Dr Seuss compares opposites such as big foot, small foot and his foot, her foot The illustrations also correspond with many of the comparisons Another lesson that could be taught from this book is all the different types of pe [...]

    9. The Foot Book is a classic Dr Suess book that talks about the opposites The tone throughout the book is a very melodic and poetic with its rhyming every other sentences, making it a great book to read to any child As I read this book to a five year old, she enjoyed the illustrations that were in each page She made her own story by just looking at the many details in each page She also picked up on how every last word of each sentence would sound familiar and asked why it sounded like a song I th [...]

    10. It only took a few reads for the 2yo to remember most of the adjectives, and to say them with great relish Now, after 20 or so iterations, I barely have to say a word And it teaches left and right too, which are remembered often than not At least for feet.

    11. Another book that I managed to read during my lunch break the other day and it was such delightful read I flipped through it twice, it was so much fun I really missed out on a lot, not having read any books by Dr Seuss in my childhood but I ll try to make up for it now In this, I particularly loved the quote In the house and on the street, how many different feet you meet It stayed with me throughout the day and kept replaying in my head D

    12. So the Story of this book is about one fuzzy animal walking around town and pointing out every bodies feet I thought it was cute, I likes the rhyming of feet feet feet I believe the theme of this book is to teach children about feet and which one is right and which one is left I also believe the character is static He does not change at all during the course of the story.In The foot book all of the pages are bleeds They also use very bright pastel shaded colors for the backgrounds and characters [...]

    13. I read this book for my college class as a preschool concept book This book is most definitely a beginners book for children starting to read It is a great book to use when talking about differences and even easy body parts think feet, arms, legs, head, etc.

    14. This is the first book I remember being read to me when I was little I have always loved this book, and I think I always will I think this book can teach kids all different kinds of things For example, it can teach them rhyming words, as well as the many things feet can do It is a very good book for beginner readers.

    15. Okay, so I m sitting in the exam room today waiting for my doctor to come in and eventually tell me I have a sinus infection when my husband says, Hey, there s a Dr Seuss book There stuck between the year old Women s Day magazines is a well used copy of Dr Seuss The Foot Book Suddenly, instead wondering what was keeping my doctor, I secretly prayed she d spend a few extra minutes with the patient in the next room What I realized immediately with this book is that Dr Seuss is best enjoyed when re [...]

    16. Rate 4Review the book the foot book is a very good book for young children to read The foot book teachs young children about their opposites and what opposites mean The book describes that you can have wet feet, dry feet, high foot, and a low foot which is good for young children to learn aboutAuthor Dr SuessThe author Dr Seuss was an American writer and poet, and cartoonist He was most widely known for his children s books He has published 46 children s books often characterized as imaginative [...]

    17. The Foot Book may be my favorite Seuss book It is certainly the most memorable.Long ago when I waited tables at an up scale restaurant, this book was kept beneath the hostess stand The restaurant discouraged children, but for some guests, their children were permitted.Anyhow, it become a custom on Saturday evenings for me to break out this book and read it to all the tables in my section It was not uncommon for there to be a chorus line of diners putting their left feet, then their right, etc as [...]

    18. I have always loved all of Dr Suess books but this one wasn t necessarily my favorite He has very clever well written books that rhyme which is why I love them I think the reason I wasn t the biggest fan of this book was because it was so short This book is great for very young children If your child is maybe four years old this book would be perfect for them This book is about all different types of feet out there, from different colors like black and red, and different sizes like small feet an [...]

    19. This book can be used for math lessons on measurements and counting The measurement lesson can consist of students measuring feet within the classrooms The counting lesson can consist of students counting the number of feet within the classroom It can also help students focus on even numbers and counting by 2 s, since most people have two feet The lesson on counting can also be used for graphing in which the students collect data on the shoe size each student wears and graph the information The [...]

    20. I loved reading about all the feet I even told the story back to my mom when she read the pages to me Although we didn t read the board book version it was paper pages

    21. Along withThe Ear Book,The Tooth Book, and from what I guess,The Eye Book, this is just a book of rhymes about feet It has the added focus of opposites, which is cool My 10 month old daughter is OBSESSED with these books

    22. I read this to my daughters tonight.Here s my question did the good doctor write it AND illustrate it Second comment question observation This was published in 1968 Sgt Pepper s was released in 67, right Along with Lucy in the Sky Have you SEEN the pictures in this book Is it a coincidence

    23. The Foot Book by Dr Seuss is one of the preschool class favorites After being read repeatedly, the children often read along with the teachers as we read it to to them at story time They like the simple rhymes about a part of the body that they are familiar with and can relate to the words.

    24. I think this is a good book that kid like me would love Its funny to because it is a rhyming book that make alot of jokes The author of this book is always making funny rhyming that all kids would would love The setting of the book is very where because the people in the book will go every where and rhym s to every one

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