The Limehouse Text (2020)

The Limehouse Text In The Limehouse Text Barker and Llewelyn discover a pawn ticket among the effects of Barker s late assistant leading them to London s Chinese district Limehouse There they retrieve an innocent loo
  • Title: The Limehouse Text
  • Author: Will Thomas
  • ISBN: 9780743293334
  • Page: 123
  • Format: ebook
  • The Limehouse Text
    In The Limehouse Text, Barker and Llewelyn discover a pawn ticket among the effects of Barker s late assistant, leading them to London s Chinese district, Limehouse There they retrieve an innocent looking book that proves to be a rare and secret text stolen from a Nanking monastery When they take it to Ho, Barker s favorite restaurateur, for inspection, they discover thaIn The Limehouse Text, Barker and Llewelyn discover a pawn ticket among the effects of Barker s late assistant, leading them to London s Chinese district, Limehouse There they retrieve an innocent looking book that proves to be a rare and secret text stolen from a Nanking monastery When they take it to Ho, Barker s favorite restaurateur, for inspection, they discover that it contains lethal martial arts techniques forbidden to the West With the political situation between the British Empire and Imperial China already precarious, the duo must safeguard the text from a snarl of suspects with conflicting interests and track down a killer intent upon gaining the secret knowledge Prowling through an underworld of opium dens, back room blood sports, and sailors penny hangs while avoiding the wrath of the district s powerful warlord, Mr K ing, Barker and Llewelyn take readers on a perilous tour through the mean streets of turn of the century London.
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    1. I finished this book a week ago and I still cannot think of a good way to review it It s a compelling mystery with really fun characters, but it also made me very uncomfortable in its treatment of the Chinese people living in London at the time of the story.My friend Shannon, who introduced me to this series, said that each one tackles a different microcosm of London, which is pretty cool So, in the first book, we learned about the Jewish community in London In To Kingdom Come, it was the Irish [...]

    2. A book, a ticket and total immersion in the Chinese district of London has Barker and Llewelyn on a path that could end up in one or both of them disappearing forever Third in the series, the characters are developing quite the relationship and reputation for attracting trouble, from both the seedy element and the police who feel encroached upon by their methods No harm no fouls doesn t seem to apply as far as these two are concerned.

    3. The Limehouse Text by Will Thomas is the third book in the series set in Victorian London featuring the eccentric and mysterious private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his young assistant Thomas Llewellyn A new lead has been uncovered in the year old murder of Barker s previous assistant Quong A pawn ticket recently found in the dead man s effects by a police inspector leads them to London s Chinese district of Limehouse where they find a small, nondescript book that turns out to be a secret Chi [...]

    4. Third book in the series, third failure due to badly mangled characterizations I LOVE the portrayal of the historical setting and the focus on inter national intrigue mystery novels tend to be so insular and it s refreshing to discover a series that is broader in scope BUT sadly, again, Thomas proves he just cannot write characters into being.Barker is yet again Superman he can defuse explosives and fool the Irish on their own turf, fight using Chinese and Japanese martial arts better than any C [...]

    5. Age recommendation 16 and up depending on your maturity level Rating System 1 10, 1 being the lowest, 10 being the highest.Profanity 4 10Words Blast Blasted 11 times Bloody 9 times Drat 3 timesConfound 3 timesDamn 2 times What in blazes 1 timeWhat the deuce 1 time Language wise, it is relatively clean The main characters almost never swear, with the worst they do being blast confound it and what the deuce Other supporting characters occasionally use a word such as bloody , which is popular in En [...]

    6. Another excellent investigation by Barker and Llewelyn.This adventure focused on the 500 or so Chinese living in London and a mysterious book.A lot of interesting characters and an intricate plot.I borrowed a copy from the public library.

    7. PROTAGONIST Enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant, Thomas LlewelynSETTING Victorian EnglandSERIES 3 of 3RATING 3.25When you hear the phrase Victorian England , a certain image springs to mind I m almost certain that for most people, it would not involve an enigmatic enquiry agent and his assistant dealing with mysterious happenings in the Chinese section of London, Limehouse.Enquiry agent Cyrus Barker had a Chinese assistant, Quong, who was murdered a year earlier Determining who killed Q [...]

    8. Perhaps I ve been reading these Will Thomas books a little too quickly, because my enjoyment of them has been going down While this book had some nice twists as well as some back story concerning Barker, I found the pacing very slow and the ending a little too convenient Yes, I was amused that Barker resorted to the getting all the suspects together in one room ploy which strenghens the Nero Wolfe Archie Goodwin connection , but his solution is pretty lamely delivered and did not give me that Oh [...]

    9. I must be feeling cross, but if I read the word lad one time, I won t be responsible for my campaign of rage and destruction ARRRGH.This one teetered between good and silly just a little too much for me Barker just seems like an ass Llewellyn is an idiot Everyone spoke in Hollywood fake Chinese It s a wonder I m giving it three stars.

    10. I believe this is the third book in the series I have enjoyed them all so far I love the characters and that in each new book you learn about them.

    11. Good read, but not the best of the ones I ve read so far.Readable, and enjoyable, but not as much as Some Danger Involved for example.

    12. So in the first book Some Danger Involved, Llewellyn finds out that the reason the job is vacant is because Barkers other assistant was killed In The Limehouse Text we find out a little bit about what happened to that assistant when they find that he pawned a book Going after this book puts Barker and Llewellyn in the Chinese district of London with a lot of bad guys wanting to get their hands on the book It s a secret book that contains some dangerous forbidden martial arts moves and such that [...]

    13. This is the third in this series, and I haven t been super engaged since the first book They are okay, but not fantastic for me I didn t end up finishing this because it just wasn t interesting enough to really hold my attention.The snap and crackle that I found between Barker Llewelyn in the first book just hasn t been there in the next two It feels like a relationship where there was suspense and fraught tension in the beginning, but once the partners settled in, everything got kind of dull.Th [...]

    14. More twists than a Chinese finger puzzleThe Limehouse district of London, with its nearly exclusive population of native Chinese, is the setting for a story about a book worth killing to obtain Finding the book is easy, finding the killer is not In the process we learn a great deal about Cyrus Barker and his relationship to China Thomas Llewelyn learns patience the hard way and develops his sleuthing skills And we are given a window into the intrigue of the Chinese imperial court and Chinese so [...]

    15. The adventures of private enquiry agent Cyrus Barker and his assistant, Thomas Llewellyn, always make for enjoyable reading Barker is just brimming over with eccentricities, and tidbits of his history peek out of these novels at unexpected moments This installment centered around the discovery of a murderer who is killing to get his hands on ancient Chinese fighting texts, was compelling I was not previously aware of any style of fighting which could disrupt the body s internal flow and cause de [...]

    16. The Limehouse Text is, compared to previous installments, by far the most interesting book in Barker Llewellyn series I simply loved the humor between both MC and their way of figuring cases out Llewellyn is still young and impulsive young man, which is great nonetheless, because this way we are part of his growth as a character and an assistant to Barker This time Llewellyn made an error in his action, which started chain of events, which lead Barker and Llewellyn in to higher danger This book [...]

    17. This book was not available at any of the libraries of which I am member, so I bought it from Audible Not ideal, but I couldn t wait to see what happened This installment delves much deeply into Barker s Chinese background Some of his secrets are revealed and Llewelyn s curiosity gets deeper as the secrets are revealed.I also found the story to be much confusing There are lots and lots of pieces It all came together in the end, but I couldn t put the pieces together I was surprised at the perp [...]

    18. I enjoyed this book but not as much as I did the two previous ones I just wasn t as wrapped up in the mystery and it seemed ramble about without any real clear path I also felt so bad for Thomas who got himself in such a mess this book I have been enjoying the series and look forward to the next one.

    19. An interesting time in society to read about I wonder if I could read about now 100 years in the future if our conversations about classes and race would be similar I suspect they might be I do wonder what makes people so afraid and judgmental I ll be looking for 4 I like these characters and a good mystery is always a fun read.

    20. Stumbled upon this series at a library book sale and boy am I glad I did It keeps getting better Character development and storylines are great Victorian life depicted is accurate Great series.

    21. I thoroughly enjoyed this book My one question is to the publisher of the hardcover edition of this book Why do they produce a book with a saw tooth edge that makes turning pages difficult and flipping through the pages impossible VERY shabby design

    22. this is the second book in this series I enjoyed it very much I like reading about the history of England in the late 1800 s The story is told by the assistant He recounts the case and we read all about the area and the solving of the case

    23. Really great Educational, entertaining the only reason I gave it 4 rather than 5 stars is because I figured out the murderer 2 seconds after the character was introduced A good read, though, and I do recommend it.

    24. A fine and fun Victorian mystery novel, true to the culture of the times Don t expect political correctness, but do demand historical c all accuracy.

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