Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life (2020)

Believe It Be It How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life When Ali Vincent was selected to be a contestant on the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser her weight was at an alltime high of pounds and her life had reached an all time low Like millions of Americ
  • Title: Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life
  • Author: Ali Vincent
  • ISBN: 9781605295480
  • Page: 386
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Believe It, Be It: How Being the Biggest Loser Won Me Back My Life
    When Ali Vincent was selected to be a contestant on the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser, her weight was at an alltime high of 234 pounds and her life had reached an all time low Like millions of Americans, Ali struggled for years with poor eating habits, family problems, stress, and low self esteem After years of being afraid, ashamed, and unhappy, she resolved to changWhen Ali Vincent was selected to be a contestant on the hit NBC show The Biggest Loser, her weight was at an alltime high of 234 pounds and her life had reached an all time low Like millions of Americans, Ali struggled for years with poor eating habits, family problems, stress, and low self esteem After years of being afraid, ashamed, and unhappy, she resolved to change her life, once and for all to lose weight, get healthy, and pursue her dreams Before she was even offered a spot on The Biggest Loser campus, Ali made up her mind that she was going to not only drop the weight but win the competition In her bedroom at The Biggest Loser ranch, Ali rang a little bell she kept on her bedside table each night before she went to sleep and again when she awoke in the morning, repeating the phrase that had become her mantra Believe it, be it Seven months later, she emerged from the grueling competition as its first ever female champion, claiming the title, the grand prize and, most of all winning back her life In Believe It, Be It, Ali shares for the first time her intimate story of personal and physical transformation and provides a rare glimpse inside life at the famous Biggest Loser ranch Ali also shares the weight loss strategies, eating habits, and workout tips that helped her lose and keep off than 100 pounds For anyone who has ever battled with weight loss or struggled to accept themselves for who they are, Ali Vincent s story provides hope that a happier, healthier, fulfilling life is within reach It all begins with believing that it s possible Believe it, and be it.
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    1. I had higher expectations for this book perhaps expecting greater insight into Ali s life and the behind the scenes of the Biggest Loser And though we did get some of that, the writing and the details came off as superficial A tease of what could have been shared without the oomph to back it up I also felt that the health tips that were shared were common sense again I felt a bit let down What I will say is that Ali appears to be a very positive person who is looking for ways to leave her mark o [...]

    2. Ali Vincent won fame as the first female winner of the Biggest Loser television show by losing nearly half her body weight over the course of 6 months In this memoir, she takes the reader through her childhood and behind the scenes of reality television Her relentlessly perky attitude is clearly meant to inspire the reader to take charge of her or his own life and make changes, but the book suffers from the repetitiveness of her exhortations Vincent is also obviously reluctant to share certain p [...]

    3. Amazing Inspirational If you didn t see her season, do it She was a machine Nothing can stop her.Really good book for everyone who is fan of the biggest looser or want kick up to live better live

    4. I m a huge fan of The Biggest Loser brand from the TV show, to the cookbooks and workout DVDs So, when I stumbled upon the memoirs of Ali Vincent the first female Biggest Loser winner I didn t hesitate to pick it up.Believe It, Be It is a quick read, and a very inspiring tale documenting Vincent s life and her road to weight loss I really enjoyed the back stage pass to The Biggest Loser process and the behind the scenes details about life on the ranch it provided a very interesting perspective o [...]

    5. I am a huge fan of the TV show The Biggest Loser, so I was thrilledt win this from a First Reads giveaway I have been watching TBL faithfully since season 3 and I haven t missed an episode to date The show is incredibly inspiring, and I love watching the contestants achieve their goals The book was short and sweet, and I was able to read it in two days.Believe it, Be it is the story of Ali Vincent, the first female winner of the Biggest Loser When Ali was first accepted to be a contestant on the [...]

    6. This weekend I watched an episode of Biggest Loser and I got hooked I have had some of the Biggest Loser books on my shelve because I tend to buy a lot of diet books but had not truly looked at them In the process of looking at what books were out there from the show, I noticed this book and immediately went to the library to pick it up I was not disappointed that I did.I started reading it yesterday afternoon thinking I would only read a little bit and could not put it down I loved reading the [...]

    7. I am a big fan of the TV show The Biggest Loser I did not watch all of the season that featured Ali the author I have seen her in person and loved her spunk Ali and her mother were part of the Biggest Losers BL cast of 2008 She was sent home, but in a BL twist of fate she lost the most during her stint at home and came back Ali went on to win the season and was the first female BL Ali starts and finishes this book with her struggle Ali realizes that she was not at her highest weight because she [...]

    8. Ali Vincent s Biggest Loser memoir, Believe It, Be It, was in equal parts fun and inspiring I like watching the show but I did not watch the season Ali won, so while I was somewhat familiar with her as a past winner, I didn t know anything about her personal journey But I do now Ali shares the details of her personal experience, from gaining weight to making the lifestyle change necessary for her to win the show and keep the weight off She fills you in on unseen details of life in the Biggest Lo [...]

    9. There are so many quotes from this book I want to share, but if I do then you wouldn t need to read the book I watched Ali s season of biggest loser and found her determination to be such an inspiration It doesn t matter if your 0 pounds over weight or 400 pounds overweight this book serves as a reminder women and I suppose men too need to know their true potential is just around the corner and settling is never enough Takeaways I just had to do one thing at a time If I could do it once, I could [...]

    10. I was watching past seasons of The Biggest Loser and came to the season where Ali won the title and remembered how much I enjoyed watching her on the show So, I decided to read her book and I m really glad that I did Just like the rest of us Ali struggled with life, and like so many of us, she medicated with food I loved that she said that while the Biggest Loser allowed her to focus on herself, she knew just standing in line for the audition was admitting that she had to make a change I really [...]

    11. What I loved EVERYTHING WOW When I opened this book about 2 hours ago, I was just going to read the first couple of chapters to see if it was something I wanted to read I have never seen an episode of Biggest Loser though I know the concept and have been winning my battle with weight slowly over the last 7 years gone from 286 to currently 189 What I was not prepared for was how much I was going to connect to Ali s story It was not only the story of how she did it but why she did it She was open [...]

    12. This was an incredibly fast read I read it in less than two days, and had I not spent some of that time at work and sleeping, it probably wouldn t even have taken me that long Less than 200 pages, some of those pages were full length photos, big font, haha Not too in depth about Ali s history, but enough for you to understand how sad she d been and how she was looking to change her life for the better Her story is really inspiring and her philosophies on health nutrition fitness are really upbea [...]

    13. I ve long been a fan of the show The Biggest Loser, so when I saw Ali Vincent s book, I snatched it up Her triumph at being crowned the first female winner made me tear up years ago She inspired me.Unfortunately, this book felt a little slim, a little weak to me It s not that Ali doesn t reveal personal stories it s that they come across too vague for my taste I d read Julie Hadden s book about how the Biggest Loser changed her life, and I was so impressed and moved by how honest and deep she to [...]

    14. A wonderful light and easy read Started it today at the gym and finished it when I got home Very rare for me to want to read at home but I needed to finish this I wasn t yet watching Biggest Loser when Ali Vincent was on it but I certainly know her story from the Wii game, watching now, etc What I didn t know was her back story I m not Mormon and I was never quite as heavy as she was, but in many ways I felt like I identified with her.She seems to be in the minority among BL contestants in that [...]

    15. I found this book on and having watched The Biggest Loser on tv, decided I wanted to read it.If you re looking for a dieting memior, then this is a book to read I found the insights into getting on the show and what it s like on the show to be interesting I also liked how she got into all the past stuff, realizing how it all got her to where she was when she started her season on The Biggest Loser So, it was interesting, but she s not an exceptional writer The writing was just ok.The last bit of [...]

    16. There were many times while reading Ali s story where I got a little choked up You could feel her excitement and her joy when she accomplished goals that she learned to set for herself It was also nice to here from someone else the things you might be doing as well if you were overweight The stuff that isn t talked about and what you do about it The one thing that struck a cord with me was when she talked about other judging her for what she was eating, then eating in private so as not to be jud [...]

    17. I entered to win this from a giveaway because I enjoy watching The Biggest Loser I am new to the show 2 seasons of watching so I didn t watch when Ali was a contestant However, you don t need to be an Ali fan to enjoy this book It was fun to hear the behind the scenes scoop on ranch life, training experiences, and how they film the show The best part of this book was hearing about a person s complete transformation both in a mental and physical sense Knowing that her speaking engagements, story, [...]

    18. I wanted to read books by every contestant that has written one since being on The Biggest Loser I glad I picked up this one first She was very inspiring and gave great advice on how to she has managed to keep the weight off She had some humorous moments in the book, but overall it was great to see such honesty about how the weight came in the first place and how much of a fight it was to lose it on the ranch despite being sent home and then coming back.I would definitely recommend it to anyone [...]

    19. A good little motivational book Yes she was the Biggest Loser s first female winner but she s really used what she s been handed to be a positive role model The book isn t great but it is a story about a believable everyday woman doing something for herself that was scary and selfish but necessary We could all learn to put ourselves first a little often especially when it leads to the same kind of rewards and opportunities I support you Ali, I just wonder why you re so vague about your past rel [...]

    20. I really enjoyed reading this book I am currently on a weight loss challenge myself and wanted some motivation Ali went from 234 pounds to 122, if that isn t motivation I don t know what is She also confirmed what I am doing with my weight loss challenge vegetables and counting the calories Although a lot of people frown on counting calories, if it worked for her I am all about it I also liked how it incorporated the power of positive thinking Ali was actually eliminated, but got a second chanc [...]

    21. I m a huge fan of The Biggest Loser, so I ve been wanting to read this book by the first female winner for awhile.This was a very, very quick read Ali talked a lot about Jillian but said barely anything about Bob I d love to know if he s the same person off camera I vividly remember her season and the other contestants so I liked hearing about them I really enjoyed the glimpses of what living on the ranch is really like and what filming a TV show actually entails I could definitely not have cam [...]

    22. I watched one episode of The Biggest Loser the first or second season I happened to catch a temptation and I thought it was terrible to put all of those overweight people in a room full of every kind of treat imaginable I decided that I didn t like the show and never watched it again until last season I wanted to see Rulon I became a huge fan of the show, not Rulon and so when I saw this book I was excited to read it I liked it It was interesting to read a little bit about what happened behind t [...]

    23. The first time I watched the Biggest Loser was the year that Ali won I can remember cheering her on, because I just fell in love with her personality and her spunk I was excited to read this book, and found it to be very inspiring I liked reading about what happens behind the scenes at The Biggest Loser However, it felt as though the last half of the book was all the same message, just written with different words Also, being LDS myself, I felt as though she portrayed the LDS faith aka Mormons [...]

    24. Such an amazing book for those who s currently on their weight loss journey Ali taught us how to be different and how to appreciate yourselves Throughout the program, Ali not only able to loss her weight but the relationship between her and her mother getting better Yeah, she had loss about half or her weight and you ll be quite suprised on how she look before and after Because of this book, I had watched most of the biggest loser episodes and impressed on how the contestants able to change them [...]

    25. It would have been nice to have a little depth detail to the book because the changes she s made are inspiring The season she won is the one season I watched consistently, so it was nice to have a little insight into her journey I enjoyed reading about her pink party carpet, rose petals, punch, shirts, a pink wheelbarrow filled with 99 lbs of fat adopting pink as her signature color I liked her twist on the No Fear brand KNOW Fear , and the reminder of Jillian s mantra If you fail to plan, you [...]

    26. This book details the weight loss and life transformation of Ali Vincent, season 5 s biggest loser It has a lot of behind the scenes on the Biggest Loser set I would call it a must read for Biggest Loser fans, but if you are looking for ideas on how to lose weight, you will probably have to look elsewhere Every book has food in it I did start to find my self doing things I shouldn t, like standing in front of the freezer at night, dipping into the frozen yogurt for another spoonful when I wasn t [...]

    27. I finished this book in one day it was fast and easy to read I am a huge fan of the Biggest Loser and so I was excited when I found out about this book The best parts of the book were the behind the scenes of the Biggest Loser things that we don t see on TV Ali also had lots of good tips and tricks she used while she was on the show that led her to being the first female BL winner The other parts of the book were somewhat disorganized, but overall it was still interesting to read about her life [...]

    28. I just finished reading Ali s book and it was exactly as I had anticipated I met Ali briefly at the MOA in November and was happy to get her to sign my copy Reading the book was a treat I especially liked reading about some of the things that happened behind the scenes, and I loved that Ali was so open and honest about herself and her relationship with her mother Watching Ali on season 5 of Biggest Loser played a part in keeping me on track with my own weight loss efforts something I wrote about [...]

    29. Ali Vincent is one of my biggest inspirations, and this book was exactly what I needed to kick my arse into gear A lot of what she went through and the things she claimed were holding her back are the same for me, so being able to read an account of someone who was able to do it and do it well has been so inspiring If you want to get fit at home, but need a little kick start to get on track, this book may be that for you Of course, it won t inspire everyone the same way it did me, but I m sure i [...]

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