We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism (2020)

We Are Doomed Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism To his fellow conservatives John Derbyshire makes a plea Don t be seduced by this nonsense about the politics of hope Skepticism pessimism and suspicion of happy talk are the true characteristics o
  • Title: We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism
  • Author: John Derbyshire
  • ISBN: 9780307409584
  • Page: 143
  • Format: Hardcover
  • We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism
    To his fellow conservatives, John Derbyshire makes a plea Don t be seduced by this nonsense about the politics of hope Skepticism, pessimism, and suspicion of happy talk are the true characteristics of an authentically conservative temperament And from Hobbes and Burke through Lord Salisbury and Calvin Coolidge, up to Pat Buchanan and Mark Steyn in our own time, theseTo his fellow conservatives, John Derbyshire makes a plea Don t be seduced by this nonsense about the politics of hope Skepticism, pessimism, and suspicion of happy talk are the true characteristics of an authentically conservative temperament And from Hobbes and Burke through Lord Salisbury and Calvin Coolidge, up to Pat Buchanan and Mark Steyn in our own time, these beliefs have kept the human race from blindly chasing its utopian dreams right off a cliff.Recently, though, various comforting yet fundamentally idiotic notions of political correctness and wishful thinking have taken root beyond the Kumbaya singing, we re all one crowd These ideas have now infected conservatives, the very people who really should know better The Republican Party has been derailed by legions of fools and poseurs wearing smiley face masks Think rescuing the economy by condemning our descendents to lives of spirit crushing debt Think nation building abroad while we slowly disintegrate at home Think education and No Child Left Behind But don t think about it too much, because if you do, you ll quickly come to the logical conclusion We are doomed.Need convincing Dwell on the cheerful promises of the diversity cult and the undeniable reality of the oncoming demographic disaster Contemplate the feminization of everything, or take a good look at what passes for art these days Witness the rise of culturism and the death of religion Bow down before your new master, the federal apparatchik Finally, ask yourself How certain am I that the United States of America will survive, in any recognizable form, until, say, 2022 A scathing, mordantly funny romp through today s dismal and dismaler political and cultural scene, We Are Doomed provides a long overdue dose of reality, revealing just how the GOP has been led astray in recent years and showing that had conservatives held on to their fittingly pessimistic outlook, America s future would be far brighter Ladies and gentlemen, it s time to embrace the Audacity of Hopelessness.
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    One Reply to “We Are Doomed: Reclaiming Conservative Pessimism”

    1. Besides wanting to put a gun in my mouth after reading this depressing book, there are some good ideas here and there located in paragraphs or small chapters within the chapters micro chapters , but the book is a bit scatter brained in topics example The author states I will explain in the next chapters or I explained in previous chapters Confusing why not just explain right away and organize your chapters better A lot of jumping around, etc There are bursts of good ideas in these micro chapters [...]

    2. A skeptic s and pessimist s dream of a book What s happened to the healthy pessimism and realism of our founding fathers John Derbyshire says It s gone, bleached and parched by the false sun of optimism, then blown away by the cold winds of reality, leaving all the roots of our liberty exposed to the colorless, featureless glare of infantile cheeriness, to wither and die He further states that Happy talk and wishful thinking are for children, fools, and leftists So, it comes as no surprise that [...]

    3. Note I am reading this on the recommendation of a respected friend Please, draw no inferences from this selection.Okay, kind of like torture at some points, but articulate and ideological than partisan Not for reading by people prone to depression or extreme angst.I care even less about politics right now I care about positive psychology and listening to Motown, which is rather inexplicable, buthey, I m okay with that.

    4. It is interesting that an atheist presents a better understanding of human nature and potential than many nominal Christians, but National Review contributor John Derbyshire does that in his call to a return to pessimism In We Are Doomed, Derbyshire lambasts happy talk, including from too many conservatives, that lacks foundation in reality He moves swiftly and deftly through a broad range of topics diversity nothing to celebrate , politics show business for ugly people , culture, education, hum [...]

    5. Mark Steyn caused a stir a while back with a book he published called America Alone which predicts that Europe will soon be overcome demographically and become part of the international Islamic Caliphate leaving the US as the last refuge of Western Civilization John Derbyshire is not so optimistic In page after page of masterful moroseness he laments all the areas where the US has embarked on the road to irreversible ruin, pointing the finger at third world immigration, a broken education system [...]

    6. An incredibly entertaining and insightful polemic pie in the skyism of shapes and sizes Derbyshire argues quite persuasively that undue political optimism leads not merely to disappointment, but to overreach, excess, and harm If Bobby Kennedy dreamed of things that never were, and asked Why not , Derbyshire entreats us to look at them as they are, make the best of them, and to tell the Bobby Kennedy s of the world to stuff it Not that he expects many to follow his advice because, well, We Are Do [...]

    7. The style is sprightly and witticisms abound, concealing the fact that the arguments are deep and the conclusions founded in considerable erudition.The conceit is the familiar one that conservatism is founded in a belief in the fallenness, or at least the imperfection of human nature, and the complexity and proneness to error inherent in social arrangements Hence impulses to uplift frequently cause trouble, and social experiments regularly fail.Running through diversity, foreign policy, immigrat [...]

    8. Entertaining yet straining at the end Like the Author wanted to have a few pages.His recommendations is pretty much how I live life anyway.And man do I feel lucky

    9. Fantastic book A conservative atheist lays into just about everyone in an impassioned rant about the terminal decline of America He casts blame far and wide, though he in fact mostly goes after his fellow conservatives, who he says have fallen into a pit of magical thinking that comes from having an overly elevated opinion of human nature A summary of his argument appears in the intro, where he states Heady optimism about human nature leads directly to disaster In the past, conservatives were kn [...]

    10. John Derbyshire has written a wonderful novel Seeing Calvin Coolidge in a Dream , a popular math book, and in We Are Doomed has added political polemic We Are Doomed is addressed to fellow American conservatives whom Derbyshire has diagnosed with an illness shared by those on the left, namely foolishly utopian ways of thinking What Derbyshire calls pessimism is simply a realistic view of human nature although his prognosis is pessimistic in a different sense The book after all is titled We Are D [...]

    11. the heart of the wise is in the house of morning but the heart of fools is in the house of mirth Ecclesiastes 7 4 The book makes a convincing case that the traditional conservative movement in the USA is doomed The main topics discussed are diversity indoctrination, ever bigger governmental encroachment, feminism, false educational theories, biological limits of people, secularization The Great Falling Away , US international interventionism democracy building , third world immigration, expandin [...]

    12. Derbyshire seems to be missing the whole story University English and women s studies departments may be ideological minefields, but not the departments of physics, biology, history, computer science, and math American Idol may be vulgar trash, but TV at its best The Wire and cinema at its best The Reader are incomparably better than all the 1970s disco films made and unmade Despite everything, there s still a bit of space left in this world for men as well as women Derbyshire really shines as a [...]

    13. Derbyshire is my favorite gloominary, but he still seems a bit unbalanced in his antipathy towards organized religion He spends much too much time trying to push his own biological physical interpretation of the universe, and he tries to show himself at ease with the pessimistic conclusion of that way of viewing life I would have much preferred a stricter adherence to the theme of negative trends in our world He has much to say that is insightful and causes the reader to pause and reflect on his [...]

    14. Derbyshire s erudite and delightful style always makes his writing a pleasure to read, even when his subject is a bracing and sober look at the present and future of the USA Derbyshire is than anything a member of the reality based community , and the reality of our national predicament, from immigration, to education policy, to economics, to cultural decline, is one that most of us would shrink to face directly But face it Derbyshire does, and with great style A joy to read, though sobering an [...]

    15. Sample quote This book is addressed to American conservatives Its argument is that things are bad and getting worse for our movement, for our nation, and for our civilization A large part of the reason they have gotten so bad is that too many of us have fallen into foolishly utopian ways of thinking I often liked the passages from poetry than the book s text.A few times, I thought that the author s commentary was so off color that I really hoped he was trying to be provocative.

    16. The Derb is a wonderful writer, and as a natural pessimist, I find myself nodding along almost incessantly Where we part ways is at religion He is most emphatically NOT a believer Still, I think that the conservative, non militant atheist and the conservative Christian can both agree that there s plenty to be pessimistic about here on planet Earth After all, Jesus Himself said, In this life, you will have troubles Soere you go.

    17. John Derbyshire takes a very dim view about the future of America and conservatism it will be destroyed by fuzzy headed multiculturalism, a horrible education system, and other changes in culture In the future, business will be gone and the government will provide the only good jobs While I m not sure the future is quite as grim as he sees it, he does raise some very good issues, and they are issues that will cause problems if they aren t addressed.

    18. Derbyshire s become one of my favorite political and cultural commentators I can t say I disagree with very much in this book American conservatism got swept up in completely irresponsible Utopian pipe dreams the freedom agenda , compassionate conservatism over the last generation or so, and as a result has failed in its proper restraining role Had we been pessimistic then, there might be some reason for optimism now But we weren t, and so there isn t.

    19. This book was an eye opener, a hoot, and a slap in the face all in one Derbyshire s style is as enjoyable as they come, and his pessimistic attitude awakens the realist in all of us to the idolatries of American optimism A must read, with one caveat Derbyshire is an atheist, and although his critiques and commentary are often spot on, his solutions and suggestions often miss the boat But don t let that keep you away.

    20. An interesting and entertaining read The underlying philosophical message I think is a good one human nature is real and ignoring it leads to disaster But it is a sort of popular essay or survey style book not a detailed argument Lots to argue with but that also makes it interesting, IMO.

    21. Something to offend everyone a cosmopolitan, atheistic, English self identified conservative, from a working class background, who lives in the US with his Chinese wife American children, and believes human biodiversity is obvious to anyone not brainwashed and economics is not a science I enjoyed the book but it s not for the easily offended.

    22. Through John Walker Fourmilog.The book apparently doesn t suggest any measures that can be used to change course Might be too depressing to read Read only to understand if there is any sound logic.

    23. Broad overview of political topics in which the author believes conservatives have given in to cheery what he calls foolish optimism instead of maintaining a healthy skepticism and even pessimism about human nature and relationships.

    24. I enjoy Mr Derbyshire s columns They can be quite funny This book though was quite a tough read I couldn t argue with much of what he said, but it was still an emotionally tough book to work through.

    25. Funny, observant and profoundly pessimistic I m tempted to label this a call to arms, but the author is rather clear that, in his view, the war has already been lost Wonderful reading.

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