Pim and Francie: The Golden Bear Days (2020)

Pim and Francie The Golden Bear Days This gorgeous grimoire is part alchemy part art book part storybook part comic book and part conceptual art from the pen of Al Columbia a longtime fan favorite contributor to comics anthologies l
  • Title: Pim and Francie: The Golden Bear Days
  • Author: Al Columbia
  • ISBN: 9781606993040
  • Page: 123
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Pim and Francie: The Golden Bear Days
    This gorgeous grimoire is part alchemy, part art book, part storybook, part comic book, and part conceptual art from the pen of Al Columbia, a longtime fan favorite contributor to comics anthologies like Zero Zero, Blab , and recently, MOME Collecting over a decade s worth of artifacts, excavations, comic strips, animation stills, storybook covers, and much , thiThis gorgeous grimoire is part alchemy, part art book, part storybook, part comic book, and part conceptual art from the pen of Al Columbia, a longtime fan favorite contributor to comics anthologies like Zero Zero, Blab , and recently, MOME Collecting over a decade s worth of artifacts, excavations, comic strips, animation stills, storybook covers, and much , this broken jigsaw puzzle of a book tells the story of Pim Francie, a pair of childlike, male and female imps whose irresponsible antics get them into horrific, fantastic trouble Their loosely defined relationship only contributes to the existential fear that lingers underneath the various perils they are subjected to Columbia s brilliant, fairytale like backdrops hint at further layers of reality lurking under every gingerbread house or behind every sunny afternoon Never have such colorful, imaginative vistas instilled such an atmosphere of dread, and with such a wicked sense of humor This is a comprehensive collection of Columbia s Pim Francie work, including paintings, comics, character designs, and much , all woven into something greater than the sum of its parts, with Pim Francie careening from danger to danger, threaded together through text and notes by the artist This is the first book collection by Columbia, a well regarded talent amongst longtime fans of the alternative comic book scene, and one who will thrill an entirely new audience with the singular, inspired, fully realized fantasies within Pim Francie.
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    1. Eisnein s No.29 Favorite Artist Artbook Check Out No.30 Right HERE Go Back to No.1 HERE.King of Creeps Al Columbia s Pim and Francie The Golden Bear Days Al Columbia is an anomaly in the world of comics He first emerged in the late 80 s, working as an assistant to Bill Sienkiewicz when the older artists fully painted work on series like Elektra Assassin had established him as one of the most influential and successful names in comics When Alan Moore quit DC and began writing edgier material for [...]

    2. I ve long been a fan of Pop Surrealism, particularly that of the darker variety Al Columbia is one of my favorite artists of the movement After reading Pim and Francie The Golden Bear, he remains one of my favorites Imagine, if you will, sitting in a decrepit apartment, the kind with sirens down the street, gunshots down the hall, and weeds a la Little Shop of Horrors growing in the cracks of the sidewalks It is the mid 1960 s, and you are up late watching three black and white televisions at on [...]

    3. What a wonderful book of nightmares Lending the sensibilities of the Grand Guignol to the art styling of early Walt Disney cartoons mouse ear caps, exaggerated limbs and lumps, big can do smiles , this collection of drawings, scribblings, cut and pastings and vaguely coherent snippets of sequential art regales the eye with the misadventures of Pim and Francie, two mildly incestuous waifs who occasionally sometimes accidentally murder one another when they aren t too busy torturing frogs, decapit [...]

    4. How, you ask, can you give five stars to this particular horror comic and one star to Josh Simmons s The Furry Trap, which is also possibly in a similar horror category Both are disturbing on some levels, and possibly both shock to some extent Both are done by pretty thoughtful technicians Well, let me focus on Columbia, whose work seems to draw on a commentary or nostalgic reflection about old timer comics such as the Katzenjammer kids or early Disney Mickey Mouse and the like Then he adds tran [...]

    5. There have been a great many tomes dedicated to the relationship between the sacred and the profane in art, and while it is an engaging and enlightening process to learn of this divide from an academic standpoint, to experience it is altogether different Few works of commercial art manage to accomplish this But to call Al Columbia s work commercial is a challenge in and of itself, as he plays with commercial sacred cows and mercilessly leads them out of hallowed halls into macabre slaughter Colu [...]

    6. What The Hell Was that This is good, don t get me wrong Hella good It s like William S Burroughs scripted Krazy Kat by cutting and pasting the editing room scraps from a Tex Avery Chainsaw Massacre It s s like Little Nemo in Slumberland takes The Midnight Meat Train It s like that It s exactly like that.

    7. A gorgeous nightmare When I bought this the sales clerk asked if it was some collection of old comics And you might be forgiven for mistaking it as such by the beautiful cover But once you open the book you realize that this nightmare landscape of death, mutilation and grotesqueries is not for the kiddies Or for faint hearted adults Pim and Francie existed in a blasted landscape of horror There is no narrative, per say The two are they brother sister Husband Wife Both wander through panels and e [...]

    8. I ve enjoyed everything Al Columbia that I ve read so far He is definitely a very talented guy I didn t get into this long work of his as much as some of my friends here have I enjoyed the trip, but it didn t come together as anything than a bunch of really fantastic pieces of comic art.

    9. Unlike typical entries into the Macabre Childlike zone of comics and pop surrealist art much of which, it seems likely, has drawn inspiration from Columbia , at no point does this feel like a gimmick or throwaway shock effect Pim and Francie dwell in an ambiguous put seamlessly realized world of dreams and nightmares where deepest fears drag themselves out from behind the surface mechanisms of old style cartoons and comics There s a heavy Fleischer influence here, and Fleischer always had a haun [...]

    10. The stuff of your darkest nightmares There is a weird guilty pleasure in reading this book which takes the seemingly innocent charm of early animation and crams it into a meat grinder Pages in their various levels of completeness make the book read like concept art from a shelved animation project from Hell The hints of narrative make the book seem all the disturbing Most of the time Pim and Francie are haunted by one homicidal maniac after another Other times, they are victims of their own hor [...]

    11. Gives new life to old nightmares Cures the rhumatiz Adds a little spice to the bedroom Builds a dungeon in your basement Battens down your occasional craving for human flesh Shrinks swollen organs Keeps kittens out of the bathroom trash Encourages zombies to give your house a pass Gives great tips on door to door salesmanship Makes your mother cry

    12. Disturbing and beautiful, and one of the few books that manages to capture perfectly the look, feel and depth of the original drawings Less a book to read, than one to absorb with your eyeballs.

    13. Man oh man, do I love Al Columbia I ve been watching him since the publication of Doghead, so have seen him ditch on Big Numbers, work with The Action Suits, create an odd couple of Biologic Shows, and finally we end up here.If the rumours about Columbia s erratic behaviour prove to be true, this book is certainly evidence of it Much of the book appears to be abandoned, severely revised, or even destroyed and pieced back together It s believable there was a plan to make a coherent, continuing na [...]

    14. Pim Francie is kind of like the Katzenjammer Kids as reimagined by Tool.This was not a graphic novel but a sort of madman s sketchbook a point that caused a certain amount of frustration I wanted to find out how Pim and Francie dealt with the zombie invasion or whether they caught the escaped murderer instead all I got were snippets and half stories I m giving the artwork four stars the artist renders the stuff of nightmares with maniacal glee However, he keeps you laughing even while shocking y [...]

    15. This took some readjusting as far as expectations, as some of the advance material I read suggested there was some kind of narrative, when in reality, it s an art book A carefully constructed art book with fits and starts and half finished, half remembered nightmares Max Fleischer had after reading too many fairy tales Loses a little steam in the end, but still, I dare you to look through it and have its creepiness keep repeating on you.

    16. Such an amazing assemblage of art This book escapes an exact label as it is comic art, but there is little resemblance to how comics are presented There are stories, but most details are inferred by the viewer who sees fragments that have it made it onto paper It seems the stories are concocted to varying degrees in Columbia s mind, who then draws and writes bits and pieces The real story writing aspect of the book is in how the pictures are arranged in the book One of the most refreshing aspect [...]

    17. BCDER 83Pim Francie isn t a read per say, but an experience A lot of disjointed barely verbal storytelling, which some will view has an overall plot but others maybe most will not I feel it s a great example of cartooning and I love the presentation method of a mixture of pages between sketches through final inks It s definitely the type of book that after finishing you flip back through a few times in attempt to understand what just happened I want to experience Al Columbia.

    18. The drawing is masterful and the surreal sketchbook construction intriguing, however, this work is fundamentally NOT FOR ME I got about halfway through and could not continue, it was that disturbing I appreciate that this exists and would recommend it to fans of horror and subversive lit.

    19. The only reason it doesn t have 5 stars is that I want a full, plotted goddamn Pim and Francie comic Columbia, you son of a bitch.

    20. One of the very best things in comics I don t usually go for this kind of cute Gothic style because it seems so gimmicky and I feel like I ve seen it all before Fortunately this is a great example of deeply felt self expression, completely unlike the shallow exercises in aesthetic irony produced by Tim Burton and Edward Gorey I don t normally go for art books either, but the way this is constructed as a kind of scrapbook is really appealing Even though the narrative is jarred, the sequence of im [...]

    21. I hesitate to call this one a graphic novel because there s not really a story, at least not in a traditional sense Columbia creates a purposely fractured narrative that gives us brief looks into this cartoony, terrifying world Pim and Francie may look like cute little characters out of a 1930 s BW cartoon, but their lives are about as far from that as possible They live with grandparents who are savage killers, and their own behavior is pretty out there as well Aside from the dark story, Columb [...]

    22. Okay, and certainly impossible to call pleasant There were some nice illustrations in here and I use nice loosely but the sketchbook presentation didn t really work for me, and the lack of narrative was a bit disappointing Columbia s other work is so great and awful and disturbing, and this books seemed to have so much potential, but it doesn t really pay off with anything satisfying or cohesive There seemed to be bits of different storylines which could be pieced together out of the overall mas [...]

    23. The darkest heap of corrupted childhood cartoon memories I ve ever come across, Pim and Francie is a tragedy on so many levels Simply reading the story gives you nothing but a sense of loss, but even worse, the artist s incredible talent and creativity shines through much of the time but falls back into scribbled out, barely penciled, partially erased jibberish on almost every page Not always, mind you some pages he s able to put down what he wants to show in incredibly graphic, unsettling detai [...]

    24. Quite the experience Disturbing, morbid, but I enjoyed what was presented to me I would have loved to see some stories, but with how this book was created I think this is the best way it can be presented If you re easily offended or not into experimental concepts then I wouldn t recommend it to you On the other hand, if you re looking for examples of sequential art or independent comic art I cannot strongly recommend this enough

    25. Al Columbia is cool because a lot of authors you think wow, that s messed up, the author must have some real inner demons But then you find out their major childhood trauma was like, going to the doctor or something But every interview and anecdote regarding Columbia supports the idea that he is in fact as deeply disturbed as his art would lead you to believe Hopefully he doesn t destroy all of his work and we can get another collection like this someday

    26. Definitely one of my favorite books This REALLY is a fantastic collection of Al Columbia s Pim Francie work and is a most enjoyable read any time of the day Recently lent it to a friend of mine who s LOVING it Black n White, Coolumbia, alternative comic books, DOESN T GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS.A great source of inspiration too.

    27. I have always liked Al Columbia s artwork, but trying to get through this garbled work almost made me gag In the vein of another book I read for the Eisner award nominations The sguirell machine, I was fascinated but repulsed at the same time Don t get me wrong, I loved the art in both, but I need a good subject to keep me interested.

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