Romancing Miss Brontë (2020)

Romancing Miss Bront In this astonishing novel a brilliant m lange of fact and fiction Juliet Gael skillfully and stylishly captures the passions hopes dreams and sorrows of literature s most famous sisters and imagi
  • Title: Romancing Miss Brontë
  • Author: Juliet Gael
  • ISBN: 9780345520043
  • Page: 108
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Romancing Miss Brontë
    In this astonishing novel, a brilliant m lange of fact and fiction, Juliet Gael skillfully and stylishly captures the passions, hopes, dreams, and sorrows of literature s most famous sisters and imagines how love dramatically and most unexpectedly found Charlotte Bront.During the two years that she studied in Brussels, Charlotte had a taste of life s splendors travel, litIn this astonishing novel, a brilliant m lange of fact and fiction, Juliet Gael skillfully and stylishly captures the passions, hopes, dreams, and sorrows of literature s most famous sisters and imagines how love dramatically and most unexpectedly found Charlotte Bront.During the two years that she studied in Brussels, Charlotte had a taste of life s splendors travel, literature, and art Now, back home in the Yorkshire moors, duty bound to a blind father and an alcoholic brother, an ambitious Charlotte refuses to sink into hopelessness With her sisters, Emily and Anne, Charlotte conceives a plan to earn money and pursue a dream The Bront s will publish In childhood the Bront children created fantastical imaginary worlds now the sisters craft novels quite unlike anything written before Transforming her loneliness and personal sorrow into a triumph of literary art, Charlotte pens her 1847 masterpiece, Jane Eyre.Charlotte s novel becomes an overwhelming literary success, catapulting the shy and awkward young woman into the spotlight of London s fashionable literary scene and into the arms of her new publisher, George Smith, an irresistibly handsome young man whose interest in his fiercely intelligent and spirited new author seems to go beyond professional duty But just as life begins to hold new promise, unspeakable tragedy descends on the Bront household, throwing London and George into the background and leaving Charlotte to fear that the only romance she will ever find is at the tip of her pen.But another man waits in the Bront s Haworth parsonage the quiet but determined curate Arthur Nicholls After secretly pining for Charlotte since he first came to work for her father, Arthur suddenly reveals his heart to her.Romancing Miss Bront is a fascinating portrayal of an extraordinary woman whose life and work articulated our deepest human longing to love and be loved in return.
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    1. Reviewed in May 2015, with some minor edits in May 2017 4.5 Many years ago I visited the Bront Parsonage in Haworth on a very, very cold snowy day What struck me was the general bleakness It didn t help that the upstairs windows overlooked the cemetery The other thing that stuck in my mind was how small the clothes and shoes were that were on display.Juliet Gael does an admirable job of bringing the Bront family, and in particular the star of this book, Charlotte, to life One can readily imagine [...]

    2. A disappointing historical fiction about Charlotte Bront , her sisters Emily and Ann, and how they came from obscurity to write some of the most enduring fiction the West has known.The first part of this story was the best The reader gets a unique glimpse into the minds of the Bront s, what their lives were probably like and how unfortunate their brother s existence turned out to be.I loved hearing Juliet Gael s vision of their character and personality quirks.The second half of the book, focuse [...]

    3. 3.5 Behind a veneer of a quiet, ladylike demeanor, Charlotte concealed an acerbic mind and ruthlessly harsh opinions on the weaknesses of the human species Arthur, on the other hand, was the blustery, bigoted sort who could barely open his mouth without offending someone Yet when the gloves came off, he had a great and tender heart, and was capable of love that would bear all wrongs, endure all tempests in short, the very stuff that Charlotte took great pains to fabricate in her stories and that [...]

    4. A long admirer of Charlotte Bronte, and all the Bronte authors, I picked up this book at the library purely out of curiosity It left me in tears Years ago, when I was thirteen or fourteen, my mother insisted over and over that I read Jane Eyre I kept trying, but I just couldn t get past the first 100 pages I couldn t see how it would improve It felt depressing and morose Finally, when I was fifteen, I committed to it I don t think any novel has had a greater impact on me since I fell in love wit [...]

    5. What a sad life Charlotte Bronte lived Well, really all three women led sad lives but Charlotte had to endure What geniuses Emily, Anne, and Charlotte were though I mean many families can have three wonderful novelists in them I ve read a book by all three, I can t say I have a favorite among them, but I ve enjoyed the three I have read 5 star books I can t imagine what Anne Emily would have come up with if they had lived long enough Charlotte has received the most accolades but they all deserv [...]

    6. For the life of me I cannot understand why I was so hesitant to read this novel in the historical fiction genre Perhaps I was expecting fiction than fact, fluff than substance What a pleasant surprise to discover that Romancing Miss Bronte was nothing like that at all Ms Gael s prose is somewhat Austenesque although her subject matter is nowhere near Ms Austen s well to do, charming, close knit family with suitors stumbling over each other This is the story of the family Bronte headed by a pat [...]

    7. I hope I can do justice to Romancing Miss Bronte when I describe why this is one of the best books I ve ever read, certainly the best historical fiction novel I ve ever had the pleasure to read.Let me begin by saying that even before hearing about this novel, I have always wanted to read a realistic book about Charlotte Bronte s life That s because I always considered it such a tragedy that almost all the people she was close to died so early, and she herself marrying someone that as I got the i [...]

    8. Biografia romanzata di una famiglia straordinariaQuesta biografia romanzata parte dall arrivo del reverendo Arthur Bell Nicholls il curato del reverendo Bront alla canonica di Haworth Le tre sorelle Bront , Charlotte, Emily e Anne, nutrono il sogno di rendersi indipendenti Un sogno piuttosto arduo da realizzarsi per tre donne nell Inghilterra Vittoriana Le fanciulle, dopo una breve e difficile parentesi come istitutrici, sperano di poter aprire una propria scuola Intanto vivono nella piccola cit [...]

    9. Haunting, intriguing, enthralling Juliet Gael s Romancing Miss Bront is a delight Once I picked this book up, if I stopped reading it for a short while, I continued to think about these characters until I began reading the book again The Bront family and all the people who are connected to the Bront s truly became real people to me I cared about all of them, and I reacted to them When Patrick Bront yelled horrific statements to Charlotte, I became angry I marched across the moors with Emily I wa [...]

    10. Se siete delle appassionate delle sorelle Bront e avete letto i loro romanzi, non potrete fare a meno di questo libro Juliet Gael ripercorre la vita di Charotte, Emily e Anne Bront in una delicata sintesi di realt e finzione Le loro vite ritirate e a contatto con la natura, le difficolt di dimostrare il proprio talento perch donne, le privazioni e la salute cagionevole che porta alla prematura scomparsa delle due sorelle pi giovani, il successo che giunge, forse troppo tardi, le passioni, i sogn [...]

    11. Ma l intelligenza era una qualit inutile in una ragazza, e cos Charlotte aveva tenuto le sue speranze strettamente confinate nella sua immaginazione Le teneva chiuse a chiave nelle sue scatoline, negli scrittoi e nei cassetti segreti, e guardava il fratello avventurarsi nel mondo per vivere i suoi sogni al posto suo Grande carica emotiva per questo scritto sulle sorelle Bronte, con spiccata enfasi nella seconda parte per il rapporto di Charlotte con il curato del padre Arthur Nicholls.Il profumo [...]

    12. Un romanzo che mi ha sorpreso, come la bravura della Gael che stata capace di far rivivere, mescolando in modo sapiente realt e finzione, le vicende tragiche e appassionate, di tre donne straordinarie Una storia intensa che ci fa anche riflettere sulla condizione delle donne nel periodo vittoriano La figura sorprendente di Charlotte Bronte, emerge da queste pagine in tutta la sua umanit , forza, talento

    13. I must mention now I m not the kind of person who would be seen reading a book with romancing in the title But for Miss Bront , I shall read Anything for the Bront s Other writers during the Bront s time were mainly concerned about money and marriage, but the Bront s were That is what I love about them A lot of women of the day would have seen Arthur as a marriage opportunity the second they met him But even after Arthur proposed, Charlotte remained unconvinced At almost age forty Charlotte t [...]

    14. If you love Jane Eyre and Charlotte Bront , this novel is unmissable If you are interested in the lives of the Bront family, so full of sorrow and talent, you ll love it.Impossible not to be fascinated by the story of the three sisters who managed to get to fame thanks to their strength, talent and stubborness Yes, stubborness Because, if we have Jane Eyre, Villette and Shirley, Wuthering Heights, Agnes Grey and The Tenant of Wildfell Hall, we owe that especially to Charlotte s stubborness She f [...]

    15. This is a very enjoyable fictionalized biography of Charlotte Bronte She grew up fairly sheltered, with a trip to continental Europe providing her only real life experience outside of the English countryside While studying in Brussels, she fell deeply in love with one of her professors, but to her great sorrow, her love remained unrequited She drew upon the passion and dreams of this period, as well as her own fertile imagination, to write Jane Eyre Charlotte and her sisters and brother amused t [...]

    16. Plot summary A fictionalised version of Charlotte Bronte s life from the time Arthur Nicholls becomes her father s curate to her death.Thoughts I think perhaps the title is misleading here It gives the impression that it s going to be a Becoming Jane kind of a story, where in fact it s far focused on Bronte s homelife with her family, and her struggles with her eventual fame While her eventual marriage to Nicholls does, obviously, come into the book, there is little of it in the first 300 pages [...]

    17. Well written and researched, this book kept me enthralled from beginning to end The story of Charlotte Bronte s relationship with her husband is particularly engaging Although not a love story, the book is full of tenderness both for and between the characters 4.5 stars Definitely recommended.

    18. Good interesting history as fiction, esp for me as Wuthering Heights was one of the books in my honor s thesis probably a 3.5, I think sometimes the writing was kind of self conscious, and she may have lost that half a point just for writing that she was ringing out a cloth I know regular people make those kinds of mistakes all the time but really, how hard is it that you re is you are and your is a posssessive , but a real writer also aiming for of a tone of the period, closer to Brontes own [...]

    19. Excellent read I finished this book just in time before I visit Haworth in a couple of weeks The author fills in the gaps beautifully using fact and fiction to paint a portrait of such a talented family I can imagine the conversations that took place between the sisters, as they went about their lives in a dreary parsonage, all the while escaping their hardships through their creative writing I developed a real soft spot for Arthur and Patrick Bronte as I felt their heartache through so much los [...]

    20. Cosa c di diverso da I sogni perduti delle sorelle Bronte Poco o nulla.Seconda biografia romanzata che non ha neanche il pregio di esser la prima.Posso riconoscere all autrice solo il dono di aver reso pi simpatico e innamorato Mr Nicholls.Nonostante si legga con piacere, continuo a preferire e sponsorizzare la biografia di Elizabeth Gaskell.

    21. I mostly liked this novel The characters are well drawn, and the book gives a good sense of what Charlotte Bront s life was like The aspect that bothered me most and prevented me from giving this five stars was the point of view adopted by the author She used third person omniscient, and at times the narrator seems so detached and above it all, particularly when trying to summarize a lot of material or provide a significant flashback Such sections read like infodumps Fortunately, those pretty mu [...]

    22. I can imagine Charlotte would approve of this book Honest truth is what she aimed to reveal in her life and to her readership Usually when an author takes liberties to devise a fictional account of another s life, it s poorly written, cheesy, and extremely wild and romantic in its imaginings Sometimes the truth is twisted to fit the author s wish for a better outcome This happens constantly with Jane Austen, but so far I ve read two books including this one that portray Charlotte Bront as true t [...]

    23. I anticipated enjoying this book even though I did not really hope to learn anything new about Charlotte Bronte or her immediate family most notably her sisters Emily and Anne and their difficult father, the Reverend Patrick Bronte As an avid Bronte fan, I ve read quite a few biographies on the Brontes, including what I consider to be the definitive work on the family The Brontes by Rebecca Fraser I picked up this book primarily because I was intrigued on how the author would present Charlotte s [...]

    24. I devoured this book I could not put it down and I enjoyed every moment of it Reading this book has inspired me to read the writings of other famous 18th century British female novelists.I learned so much about Charlotte Bronte from this novel and even though this text falls into the category of historical fiction, the key characters and events are accurate and project a very real picture of who Charlotte Bronte was and the kind of life she lived.This statement may sound a bit cliche, but this b [...]

    25. If you could only be content with mortal love stripped of all delusion This novel begins with the arrival in Haworth of Arthur Bell Nicholls, Patrick Bront s new curate It is 1845, and the four surviving Bront siblings Charlotte, Branwell, Emily and Anne are all living in Haworth Parsonage with their father Charlotte has returned from her time in Brussels, and her experience there and her attachment to Constantin Heger, partly define the woman we meet in the pages of this novel.By the time the n [...]

    26. Charlotte Bronte was the only one of her five siblings to marry, though it seems she loved three men in her short lifetime The title of this book, Romancing Miss Bronte, is something of a misnomer, since this poor woman actually experienced very little in the way of romance The Bronte sisters who became writers lived with their minister father in the remote moors of Yorkshire, in a bleak stone house on the very edge of a graveyard To understand the impact of environment upon their lives, it is o [...]

    27. This book has been on my very long to read list since 2011 After making a resolution to myself that I would tackle books that have been long simmering on that epic list, this was the luck of the draw.And I am so glad it was Having been a fan of the Wuthering Heights and Jane Eyre, and only somewhat aware of the true lives of this distinguished but seemingly doomed family, I was ready The story follows Charlotte and her family from childhood done retrospectively into early adulthood and to their [...]

    28. 4 stelle e mezzoUn grazie infinite a Juliet Gael che con il suo romanzo mi ha permesso di conoscere una parte della vita della meravigliosa scrittrice Charlotte Bronte Questo libro, che mescola realt e fantasia, narrato con passione e a C una sorta di venerazione e una cautela estrema, si vede che l autrice ama la figura della Bronte e non vuole sminuirla affatto Quello che vuole che anche il lettore meno propenso alle biografie e ai saggi possa apprezzare il ritratto di una donna dell 800 E che [...]

    29. I have to say I am pleasantly surprised by this book I am generally not partial to books and especially novels about a famous author s life or sequels to their great works If you have read Pride and Prejudice than I am sure your own imagination was sufficient about the lives of the Darcy s after their wedding vows and therefore are not in need for some cheap invention of Victorian sex So with great trepidation I saw this book at the library and seeing and hearing great things about it I gave it [...]

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