The Coffin Quilt: The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys (2020)

The Coffin Quilt The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys Fanny McCoy has lived in fear and anger ever since that day in when a dispute with the Hatfields over the ownership of a few pigs set her family on a path of hatred and revenge From that day forw
  • Title: The Coffin Quilt: The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys
  • Author: Ann Rinaldi
  • ISBN: 9780152164508
  • Page: 423
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Coffin Quilt: The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys
    Fanny McCoy has lived in fear and anger ever since that day in 1878 when a dispute with the Hatfields over the ownership of a few pigs set her family on a path of hatred and revenge From that day forward, along the ragged ridges of the West Virginia Kentucky line, the Hatfields and the McCoys have operated not withing the law but within mountain codes of their own making.Fanny McCoy has lived in fear and anger ever since that day in 1878 when a dispute with the Hatfields over the ownership of a few pigs set her family on a path of hatred and revenge From that day forward, along the ragged ridges of the West Virginia Kentucky line, the Hatfields and the McCoys have operated not withing the law but within mountain codes of their own making In 1882, when Fanny s sister Roseanna runs off with young Johnse Hatfield, the hatred between the two clans explodes.As the killings, abductions, raids, and heartbreak escalate bitterly and senselessly, Fanny, the sole voice of reason, realizes that she is powerless to stop the fighting and must learn to rise above the petty natures of her family and neighbors to find her own way out of the hatred.
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    1. This book was well written but it was not to my taste It is historical fiction about the family feud between the Hatfields and the McCoys And frankly the characters are not nice people so I did not enjoy reading about them The narrator is the youngest daughter in a McCoy family and she adds a little bit of hope But overall I just didn t like the book I think I ve figured out that I would rather read factual accounts vs fiction when it comes to unpleasant accounts because I do not get enjoyment o [...]

    2. I gave this book two stars because the topic interests me I m from WV The author relies on cliches and stereotypes for her characters I did feel offended at times and I m not a person who feels that way often Rinaldi failed to grasp a good understanding of Mountainese or that there are several dialects of it The few times she did attempt a dialect, it was one that could ve came from anywhere Her use of this false Appalachian dialect was also inconsistent Needless to say, this made it very diffic [...]

    3. Very interesting, especially since I am living very near where the feud took place though the raids and killings have long ago stopped I had never considered the idea that the Civil War conditioned men to believe it was okay to fight brother against brother and could be considered a catalyst for feuds such as this Especially since the men who fought from West Virginia were on one side of the war to begin with with the south and came home to find out they had really been fighting for the north un [...]

    4. I saw this sitting on the bookshelf in my coworker s classroom the other day and picked it up, despite never having heard of it before then I ve read a couple other Ann Rinaldi books, but this one particularly seemed interesting because it is about the Hatfield McCoy feud, which is pretty fascinating It ended up being a quick and interesting read I love when I read historical fiction and it makes me want to go spend hours doing research to learn about the book s topic Case in point here I now w [...]

    5. Book Review Alexis Milbee Introduction The Coffin Quilt tells about life of the McCoy s during the time of the Hatfield and McCoy feud from the point of view of Fanny McCoy, the youngest of the McCoy children It all started with the dispute over the ownership of a few pigs, and ever since that day in 1878, the McCoy s and Hatfield s loathing for each other did not extinguish, but has grown About the book The Coffin Quilt is a book that will not leave you disappointed This morbid tale of hate and [...]

    6. One of the most famous feuds in American history, the Hatfield and McCoy s, is well represented and well enriched by a talented author, Ann Rinaldi In this tragic tale, two star crossed lovers are broken and consumed by hatred from the prying eyes of their forgotten family members Further, Roseanna McCoy, daughter of leader, Randolph McCoy, unexpectedly falls for Johnse Hatfield, fueling the feud even then before The McCoy s did not approve of Ro s affection for Johnse Blinded by love, Roseanna [...]

    7. Rinaldi s fictional account of the Hatfield McCoy feud, told from the POV of young Fanny McCoy, as she ages from seven to sixteen Powerful account of how family bonding and vigilante justice can result in a war just as deadly as one between two countries, instead of two famiies When the beautiful Roseanna McCoy runs away with the handsom Johnse Hatfield, everybody gets upset Then Johnse s father, family patriarch Devil Anse Hatfield, forbids their wedding Roseanna continues to live with Johnse a [...]

    8. A morbrid tale of death is all this is, represented in a coffin quilt Near everyone dies, and all anyone can put the blame at is the other persons feet Not decent, not seemly, and not a very good book.

    9. The plot is great The writing isn t The first two pages were stuffed with colloquialisms and an attempt to capture Appalachian language with such phrases as fair hand , middling well , recollect The stereotypes only get worse, a Primitive Baptist mother who prays all the time, a brother who uses copper for his stills, a well meaning school teacher and a prostitute named, of all things, Belle Beaver I reckon I cain t stand this kind of characterization It s a vexation to me They s far better writ [...]

    10. A bit sad, but good, fairy clean read I think the author did a good job retelling the story of these two families feud.

    11. Such a good book I wish I would have read this ages ago It s so crazy how bad and brutal this feud was So happy to the know the actual story.

    12. Meh The Coffin Quilt The Feud Between the Hatfields and the McCoys by author Ann Rinaldi is intended as a young readers historical fiction novel based off of the true events of the infamous Hatfields and McCoys family feud Only this time there is no Richard Dawson there to crack jokes and make the story enjoyable.Young Fanny McCoy grows up knowing nothing but violence and hatred as the youngest daughter of the McCoy family Her family has been in a literal war with another family, the Hatfields, [...]

    13. This is another enjoyable book by Ann Rinaldi I really like her style of historical fiction writing It is clear she spends a lot of time researching so that you can really learn something about history but the characters are still strong with enough details filled in to make it interesting Her books usually have a clear theme running through them, instead of many smaller ones And she almost always has strong female protagonists.The Coffin Quilt is about the feud between the Hatfields and McCoys [...]

    14. The Coffin Quilt was an interesting take on the Hatfield and McCoy feud told from the perspective of Fanny, the youngest of the 14 McCoy children It was a quick, easy read for our first day of summer break while the kids played and I had some back issues getting me down.I enjoyed the colloquialisms scattered throughout the story such as Don t ever be pushed into a promise Say you ll study on it 86 made everybody nervous as an ugly girl at a box supper auction 143 I thought it was interesting to [...]

    15. How often have I made the comment about people fighting like Hatfields and McCoys I had no idea what I was talking about, until I read this book The narrator, Fanny is a young McCoy girl who sees and experiences things no child should Her favorite older sister develops a relationship with a Hatfied boy and starts making a coffin quilt a Hatfied tradition Each family member s name is captured on a coffin on the outside of the quilt and is moved to the middle when they die Fanny tells us about thi [...]

    16. In the book The Coffin Quilt, there is a feud between the Hatfields ,and the McCoys Fanny, the little girl that was a Hatfield, was scared of the many things that could happen to her There is a thing called yeller that lives in the woods, many people try to hunt it, but it is just too fast No one has ever seen this yeller and Fanny sees it, but it is standing still Yeller comes to warn Fanny of bad things that happen Fanny has a sister that falls in love with a McCoy Fanny s father gets mad, and [...]

    17. This is another great book by Ann Rinaldi In telling the story of the Hatfield McCoy feud, she uses the voice of Fanny McCoy, the youngest of the McCoy children, whose entire childhood was taken up by and destroyed by the feud When she was born in 1873, tensions were already high, and renewed over a theft when Fanny was five Two years later, when Fanny s favorite sister, Roseanna, has an affair with a Hatfield, tensions explode Over the next ten years, Fanny loses numerous family members to the [...]

    18. This book was excellent The feud is the background to the story of young Roseanna McCoy who meets and falls in love with Johnse Hatfield It is told by Fanny McCoy who understand the futility of the feud an its terrible impact on everyone The tragedy of the relationship is made poignant because of the coffin quilt Roseanna works on to preserve the memory of family who are killed over the feud Coffin quilts were made in the Appalachian Mountains and contained a graveyard in the center of the quil [...]

    19. Knowing that the feuds satirized in Huck Finn are based off of the Hatfields and McCoys makes me interested to know about the real feuds When I first picked it up to read a couple of years ago, I was overwhelmed by the all the names of the McCoy children, but I just let them by this time and after a bit I knew who was who It was a fast read I read it in my spare time in two days pretty much in two sittings I learned a lot about this particular even in history, about which I knew pretty much not [...]

    20. Emily Nicole Final Review I recommend this book if anyone loves love stories, killings, history stories then you would love this book.Summary This book is about a girl named Fanny McCoy she has lived in fear ever since 1878 when a dispute with the Hatfields over the stealing of a few pigs set her family on a path of hatred and revenge The feud was along West Virginia Kentucky line.When Fanny s sister Roseanna runs off with Johnse Hatfield, the hatred between the two families explodes As the kill [...]

    21. I really like the coffin quilt because it is an informative book that provides wholesome and useful information of the feud, families, and the psychology behind the feuding i was also pleasently surprised with the accuracy portrayed throughout the book and the mini series on t.v Ann Rinaldi also does an extremely good job in her descriptions of not onl y the feud but also the scenery of the battling and the emotional affects it had on each character.It was fun to read the dialects in the book an [...]

    22. The Coffin Quilt , was about a quilt that the family had for generations after generations For every death in the family they would stitch a coffin into the quilt There were several people in the family, but the main character was Fanny She was a really nice girl and always tried to help everyone, but her sister, Alifair, on the other hand, was a very rude and obnoxious girl A lot of things happened in the family A lot of things in the book involve things between the Hatfield s and McCoy s My fa [...]

    23. I am writing about the book named the Coffin Quilt by Anne Renaldi This famous book introduces to viewers information about the Hatfield and McCoy feud in the late 1800 s This book well describes events that have happened in WV history For the book, my interest was low Most of the time spent on the book was generally just about Roseanna and how she and Johnse were doing Nearly all of the hatred in this novel is based on Roseanna and her wrong doing I would have to say my favorite part of the boo [...]

    24. This juvenile historical fiction book helped me understand a little bit behind the Hatfield McCoy feud Did I spell that right I still don t know how to spell check on these reviewsAnyhow, the book is from the perspective of the youngest McCoy daughter Interesting times, interesting families, interesting love story that started it allThe romance between Johnse Hatfield and Roseanna McCoy and the illegitimate daughter that was born brought the family feud to a head The guy was a jerk in the end su [...]

    25. I felt compelled to finish this book as Fanny took me through years of fears and toutures Living a life I couldn t imagine, knowing than any young girl should More responsibilities and mature thoughts then should need be I can relate to her in many ways, but I would never hope to face the same chanlenges she did Through the fighting between the Hatfields and Mcoys to the fighting in thier own families, this was a trecherous time I would recomend this book to history person, or someone looking f [...]

    26. I thought the Coffin Quilt by Anne Rinaldi was a very impressive and informative book Often times, I felt like I was being taken on a trip through the Appalachian Mountains alongside Fanny McCoy as we struggled to end the extreme and terrible fighting between the Hatfields and the McCoys However, I sometimes felt like she was getting a little carried away with the mentioning of yeller thing I think everyone knew that it was a made up character and should never have been written in the book.I wou [...]

    27. I just might start liking historical fiction It was difficult to get used to the dialect used throughout this book, but the story was interesting enough to keep me hooked I never knew much about the Hatfield McCoy feud until this book Life was so rough back then already, it s a shame that so many lives were lost between the two families Pick up this book if you want to know about this small, yet memorable, piece of American history.

    28. I would give this 3 stars but I definitely feel that if I didn t have to do all the schoolwork that goes along with this book id enjoy it

    29. Whew, this was a heavy one The Coffin Quilt had some very interesting characters, and scenes, but man, was it sad A lot people look back on the Hatfield McCoy clan as kind of a joke, but this book reminded me how tragic it all really was The whole thing is just a couple millennium away from being a full fledged Greek tragedy But, I really, really enjoyed this book, and if you re a fan of historical fiction or of Ann Rinaldi, I would definitely recommend it I will say though, as someone born and [...]

    30. We had just seen the outdoor drama of the Hatfield and McCoys so I wanted to read this book Roseanna McCoy made a quilt with coffins for each family member around the border When a person died, she moved the coffin with their name on it to the center of the quilt This was disturbing for other family members This book followed very closely what I had learned about the feuding families It is told from the perspective of Fanny McCoy the youngest daughter.

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