A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years (2020)

A History of Christianity The First Three Thousand Years The author of The Reformation returns with the definitive history of Christianity for our time Once in a generation a historian will redefine his field producing a book that demands to be read a prod
  • Title: A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years
  • Author: Diarmaid MacCulloch
  • ISBN: 9780713998696
  • Page: 248
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A History of Christianity: The First Three Thousand Years
    The author of The Reformation returns with the definitive history of Christianity for our time Once in a generation a historian will redefine his field, producing a book that demands to be read a product of electrifying scholarship conveyed with commanding skill Diarmaid MacCulloch s Christianity is such a book Ambitious, it ranges back to the origins of the Hebrew BibThe author of The Reformation returns with the definitive history of Christianity for our time Once in a generation a historian will redefine his field, producing a book that demands to be read a product of electrifying scholarship conveyed with commanding skill Diarmaid MacCulloch s Christianity is such a book Ambitious, it ranges back to the origins of the Hebrew Bible covers the world, following the three main strands of the Christian faith Christianity will teach modern readers things that have been lost in time about how Jesus message spread how the New Testament was formed It follows the Christian story to all corners of the globe, filling in often neglected accounts of conversions confrontations in Africa Asia It discovers the roots of the faith that galvanized America, charting the rise of the evangelical movement from its origins in Germany England This book encompasses all of intellectual history we meet monks crusaders, heretics saints, slave traders abolitionists, discover Christianity s essential role in driving the Enlightenment the age of exploration, shaping the course of WWI WWII.We live in a time of tremendous religious awareness, when both believers non believers are engaged by questions of religion tradition, seeking to understand the violence sometimes perpetrated in the name of God The son of an Anglican clergyman, MacCulloch writes with feeling about faith His last book, The Reformation, was chosen by dozens of publications as Best Book of the Year won the Nat l Book Critics Circle Award This inspiring follow up is a landmark new history of the faith that continues to shape the world.
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      248 Diarmaid MacCulloch
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    1. What religion am I asks Homer Simpson in one episode of his family s eponymous cartoon I m the one with all the well meaning rules that don t work out in real life uh Christianity One of the many pleasures in Diarmaid MacCulloch s amazingly comprehensive book is getting a handle on what historical basis there is for the rules and doctrines of this prolific and mercurial religion, which nowadays seems characterized by extreme reactions of either perfect secular indifference or increasingly litera [...]

    2. This book should have been called Christianity A Speculative History from a Somewhat Antagonistic Viewpoint I only read the first 150 pages, plenty far enough to understand how MacCulloch feels about Christianity Most of the book is, by nature, extrapolation based on a very fragmented set of documents and conflicting histories, but MacCulloch is always overanxious to undermine Christianity by taking huge leaps of speculation and is never, at least that I saw in the first 150 pages, willing to re [...]

    3. This is a monumental piece of work by an erudite scholar It covers the whole range of Christian history from its roots in Judaism to modern day As a starting point it delves into the Old Testament contrasting it s God jehovah a jealous and vengeful God with the loving God that sacrifices his son in the New Testament.It shows the rise of Christianity from an obscure Jewish sect, through the rebranding by St Paul, and on to an established state religion It is a truly astonishing journey Throughout [...]

    4. It took three library renewals to get through this book and thanks to an ice storm, the fifth this year , I still owe the library a one day fine, a whole nickel that they thank you for and dump in a desk drawer with a bunch of rubber bands, and I love living in the country and having that library , and then work kind of slammed me a little, so it s just been sitting there languishing on my currently reading shelf for two weeks And in all that time I still haven t come up with something deeply in [...]

    5. This book is seriously insane I m only halfway through and we ve already covered Rome, early popes, African christians, the Orthodox Church, the beginnings of various brotherhoods and convents, ways to pray, Constantine, early theologians and philosophers, pergatory, the energy of God I can t list everything The only issue I have is that it s just too much at once This is the perfect book for someone studying theology.The Virgin Mary, the Tartars, the reformation and restoration, Martin Luther, [...]

    6. This is a very good history It depresses me a bit because it is written in the cynical, anti establishment style which is typical of the educated elite today, but it is valuable for its quality and the insight which it offers regarding the multitude of different takes on Christianity most of them sincere and justified, none of them isolated from political expediency which were the fruit of the early Church Its quite humbling for those who maintain the correct doctrines and at the same time gives [...]

    7. This is a rather astonishing overview of the history of Christianity An ambitious subject to handle in one volume, and the author does a fine job as discussing the most disparate strands of this almost universal faith The title seems a bit odd at first, considering Christianity is only two thousand years old But the author does not skimp at first, covering the Platonic and Hebraic traditions and how they affected the background of early Christianity One of the interesting assertions is how Chri [...]

    8. MacCulloch makes reading exhaustive history exhilarating rather than exhausting, and although everyone will have a favourite nit to pick mine being the dubious treatment of Hegel, and the absence of anything about Erigena only the most die hard partisan could claim that this is anything other than brilliant Ignore anyone who tells you it s anti insert your own sect here , and read it Take your time And I m sure you ll be mining the recommended reading section at the back of the book before you v [...]

    9. The title provides an early indication that the Ancient Greek and Hebrew roots of Christianity are covered by this book in addition to the past two thousand years that are commonly accepted as the era of Christianity That s a very long span of history, in fact too broad of a scope to cover in great detail even with 1184 pages actually 1000 pages plus table of contents, notes, bibliography, index and illustrations Nevertheless, the author does a good job telling the story in a free flowing but y [...]

    10. This book may be too ambitious It claims to cover three thousand years of global history, but it does so sketchily, most of its focus being on, first, the Middle East and, second, Europe and America The Britishness of the author is clear as is the fact that he himself is not a Christian The content ranges from the breezy, as in his descriptions of modern trends, to the dense, as in his treatment of the controversies animating the earliest church councils Most readers will find parts of it object [...]

    11. Christianity is complex After having had read this book two years earlier, I had to reread this book in order to understand why I didn t understand it the first time I read it The first time I had read this book I was trying to make sense of the Trinity and how it developed and caused differentiation between sects of the Christian faith I realize now that was a mistake Whether it be one person, one nature, and one will or two people, one nature, and one will or doesn t make sense and never will [...]

    12. I m what you might call a slightly bewildered agnostic, but I ve always had a particular interest in Christianity So much of its own history fragmented, argumentative and hypocritical has always seemed to be at odds with much of Christ s core message, and I ve never quit understood how so many Christians can fail to see that contradiction in their own faith s history But this book, which is surely destined to become a classic in the field, goes a long way to explaining why Christianity has had s [...]

    13. Well, I m currently reading this, and probably will be for some time This is my go to book at bedtime It s rich with explanations of periods and time that my education skipped over oh, let s be frank, my education didn t even go faintly near, periods like the entire history of the Eastern Christian Church and the millenium of Byzantine history.Where I come from, the midwest of the 1950 s, it just didn t happen, right Trying to make up for that now, I m discovering whole worlds of thought and dis [...]

    14. MacCulloch is so uptight PC he must squeak when he walks The first tipoff is his use of CE and BCE instead of Anno Domini AD and BC CE refers to a common era The terms he uses are used by certain publishing houses and writers to avoid offending non Christians The use of these terms seems ludicrous considering the subject of his book His survey of Christianity seems to me to not be dispassionate or objective It gets PC the closer he gets to our time The book is over 1,000 pages and I didn t find [...]

    15. MacCulloch s history of the Reformation, which I read a few years ago, was powerful, informative, engaging, and even inspiring in places I had high hopes for his one volume Christian history with its intriguing title.He spends hundreds of pages on the roots of the Christian tradition that first one thousand years beginning in Greece and not the Ancient Near East While it seemed a pretty standard presentation of these ancient histories, it was primarily a history of ideas, which intrigued me for [...]

    16. I was looking for a straight forward, unbiased and thorough history of Christianity so when I found this book at my local bookshop and read the title I assumed that exactly what it was Unfortunately, after reading the first 300 pages I decided to put it down This book is certainly thorough, however, it is neither straight forward or unbiased Firstly, the author s style of writing is very busy Points and ideas that could easily be made in 1 or 2 sentences usually takes the writer 4 or 5 to get ac [...]

    17. to read 1100 pages of christianity s history is to read 1100 pages of world history since christianity has been a prime mover of human history every continent and every religion has found a place of clarity in this book it does not disappoint whereas it is true that to cover 3000 years of human and religious history, the writer must default to an inch and a half below the surface and some readers may be disappointed in that factor, i decidedly was not the sheer breadth of the work, by default, w [...]

    18. I ll begin my review this way there are a few reviewers who did not like this book due to the secular but by no means anti Christian perspective most educated readers would expect from a serious church historian Naturally, many of these reviewers associate MacCulloch with the atheistic academic left, which I m sure would come as a surprise to the author, given his background in the Church of England If Christian apologetics masked as church history is what you are looking for, then I have a few [...]

    19. This kind of book is exactly why the adjective magisterial was invented It s so learned, engaging, and comprehensive that by the time you finish it your mind feels full It s nothing less than an attempt at a truly ecumenical pun intended history of Christianity, covering not only its temporal history, which as you can tell by the subtitle goes back much farther than the BC AD line, but also all of the different denominations, their doctrinal disputes, the major figures, philosophical lineages, a [...]

    20. A great reference book on the topic I would not say it is an easy read as MacCulloch does cover almost all the major traditions and their philosophies within the history of the Christianity Because of the vastness of the subject, the book at times reads like witty encyclopedia rather than a monograph Yet such scope, along with MacCulloch s meticulous use of existing literature on differing subjects, make the book a welcome addition to any e library.

    21. nwhytevejournal 2021907ml return return This magisterial and thorough book goes through Chrstianity s roots in Judaism and Greek philosophy, the life of Jesus and the immediate aftermath, and then the historical development of the movement that his followers became I learned a lot MacCullough s broad historical focus took us to places I had not really thought of before, like the early history of Christianity in Asia including China , and explained to me stuff I thought I already knew about, like [...]

    22. 4 STARS FOR A HISTORY OF CHRISTIANITY THE FIRST THREE THOUSAND YEARS BY DIARMAID MACCULLOCHSimply put, whether you re religious or not, you cannot deny the importance and impact religion Christianity, specifically has had on the world Researching and studying the different religions and cultures helps us to gain understanding and respect for the world that we now it, and the kind of world that it was shaped from Diarmaid MacCulloch approaches Christianity and some of the other monotheistic relig [...]

    23. This thousand page tome is excellent, with all the limitations of a single volume work on such a large topic The writing is excellent and the narrative coherent, but it is very dense Don t expect this to be a quick read It is heavily documented, but as usual the notes are stuck in the back instead of at the bottom of the page Okay, I ll stop ranting now The author begins a thousand years before the birth of Jesus and comes right up to the beginning of this millennium He pays as much attention to [...]

    24. A massive book over 1000 pages It was not easy to finish just because of the size of the book, though the style was very readable and engaging I didn t get bored throughout quite the opposite I was eager to read and learn This history helped connect lots of other historical events and developments for me, as if the religious aspect provided a key element to understanding the past two millennia of Western history, an aspect that has been neglected in other histories Other than providing me with [...]

    25. Whew What did I learn I don t know how much I can remember but there s a whole lot of very interesting information packed into this book 1100 pages I read MacCullough s The Reformation a few years ago and was very impressed This book isn t quite as tight as the former but the scope of this book is 10 times as long and many continents broader MacCullough covers it all from the works of David to Islamic terrorism From Jerusalem to New York, China and Africa From the Israelites to early Christians [...]

    26. For all its scope, this never fails at being readable The style is engaging MacCulloch clearly loves his subject, but as a product of late western enlightenment ideals, has enough distance to be able to bring an outsider s perspective to it He is wry and funny and occasionally cynical without being overly critical This is not, nor is it intended to be, a coruscating iconoclastic destruction of Christianity If I have a criticism, it is that MacCulloch too often accepts the justifications of Chris [...]

    27. Via book and audible Fundamentally, the scale of the achievements of a book like this can t be doubted it is sure footed over a huge canvas, deft at the intermingling of religious and world history, and acerbically witty with it It is not , however, without error For starters , it states that all the psalms are attributed to David and this is an error of scripture because some are patently later when in the Bible they clearly aren t some attribute to his contemporary Asaph, some to no one , and [...]

    28. It s hard to say who this book is written for Practically every sentence is some new factoid, every paragraph enough to fill an episode of Jeopardy And with 3000 years to cover, there is no time to come up for air It s incredibly frustrating There is so much emphasis put on facts, that there is no room for insights, or connections between events But with 3000 years of ground to cover, has MacColloch bitten off than he can chew I think so.I m actually quite torn There is a lot of good in this bo [...]

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