A Lost Love (2020)

A Lost Love She didn t have to guess how Rafe felt about his wifeBrooke Adamson knew the whole bitter story Because she was Rafe Charlwood s wife or rather she had been before the terrible car accident Rafe bel
  • Title: A Lost Love
  • Author: Carole Mortimer
  • ISBN: 9780263112627
  • Page: 487
  • Format: Hardcover
  • A Lost Love
    She didn t have to guess how Rafe felt about his wifeBrooke Adamson knew the whole bitter story Because she was Rafe Charlwood s wife, or rather she had been, before the terrible car accident Rafe believed had claimed her life.Now, three years later, she had a new face and a new identity, and only a mother s love for the son Rafe had so cruelly taken from her could havShe didn t have to guess how Rafe felt about his wifeBrooke Adamson knew the whole bitter story Because she was Rafe Charlwood s wife, or rather she had been, before the terrible car accident Rafe believed had claimed her life.Now, three years later, she had a new face and a new identity, and only a mother s love for the son Rafe had so cruelly taken from her could have brought her back to Charlwood.She couldn t tell Rafe the truth when he still so obviously hated the memory of the woman he had married
    Points About Lost Loves That Might Surprise You Lost Love Poems Getting Over a Lost Love Poems About a Lost Love The loss of a lover, whether because they have passed on or for any other reason is a heartbreaking experience Some never fully recover. A LOST LOVE Kindle edition by Carole Mortimer Dec , A LOST LOVE Kindle edition by Carole Mortimer Download it once and read it on your Kindle device, PC, phones or tablets Use features like bookmarks, note taking and highlighting while reading A LOST LOVE. Quotes for Coping With a Lost Love ThoughtCo Jun , These Soul Stirring Lost Love Quotes Will Strike a Chord Shake off the blues with encouraging words about lost love Share Flipboard Email Print Tara Moore Getty Images Literature Quotations Love Quotes Funny Quotes Great Lines from Movies and Television Quotations For Holidays Best Sellers Classic Literature Myths of Lost Love Reunions Psychology Today Dec , Lost love reunions are a different kind of romance Because there was an initial romance years ago usually in the adolescent, formative years, and lasting than a year these romantic Lost Love Quotes quotes quotes have been tagged as lost love John Green You can love someone so muchBut you can never love people as much as you can miss them , Kahli The Pain of Lost Love Men s Health Jan , Understanding the pain of lost love and heartbreak at Men s Health As mysterious as love may be, the agony of its loss is an even baffling experience, driving many men to depths of despair Lost Love What It Means to Move On Tiny Buddha Lost Love What It Means to Move On By Hong Rui Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all Alfred Lord Tennyson I met a special someone It was my first taste of love and I was sheepishly drunk with it His were eyes I could look into forever, and he had a voice I could hear till the end of time Myths of Lost Love Reunions Lost Found Lovers
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    1. This book absolutely packed a punch I have read many themes in my romance novels, amnesia, revenge, second chances, etc, but never a book about hidden identity.Four years ago, Jacqui married Rafe after a two week tempestuous love affairat probably should have stayed just a love affair They marry and have a few months of happiness until everything starts to go wrong Rafe becomes a control freak, not allowing her any independence not even the ability to care for their son She becomes and frighte [...]

    2. Re A Lost Love I have to be honest here, epic whacked plot or not I ADORE this book Srsly, it is on my top ten list of all of HPlandia and that hasn t changed in 31 years it is only superseded by The Spanish Groom, Whirlwind Marriage and Married to a Mistress.The story is so outlandish it can only be done properly in HPlandia h literally comes back from the dead with a new look and a serious grudge against the H, all to have whatever part she can in her son s life The best part of this book is t [...]

    3. I couldn t decide between four or five stars, but I went with five because when I closed the book I had that wheeeee feeling that you get after riding a roller coaster Then you giggle and get in line to go again This is one crazy story and while the ghost of Christmas past heroine didn t berate the hero enough at the end he groveled but I wanted her to pull out the powerpoint and list his sins against her and their son just so I could feel her righteous indignation one time , there was a great [...]

    4. Well, talk about the ultimate makeover H reinvents herself after a car crash results in plastic surgery so she can come back to England and see her child that was denied her.Carole Mortimer does a good job redeeming what is obviously a cruel, cruel hero He doesn t so much grovel as fall apart over this new version of his wife.One thing you have to say about the old school Harlequins and MB while they may be un PC, the have better plots usually and much better titles.Re read ReviewAfter having r [...]

    5. view spoiler It sounds like a fascinating train wreck, complete with faked death, face changing plastic surgery, psychological warfare, and 85 pages of grovel but when I read in a review that the H used repeated rapes and strangulations against the h, I knew this was NOT going to be a possible read for me hide spoiler

    6. Don t know why I haven t reviewed this before This was a reread for me Lovely angsty hidden identity story The plot, once you have your willing suspension of disbelief in place, is beautifully done The heroine has been divorced and had her child taken from her After convenient accident and plastic surgery she returns to get to know her son as a stranger Consequently of course, she also gets to know her husband again and they fall in love again Of course it is an HP after all Loved both the hero [...]

    7. 4.5 starsHow far would you go to be able to see your child In this case, very far After being involved in a deathly car crash that resulted in the immediate death of 3 members of her dance troops in Los Angeles, Jacqui made a life changing decision She was believed to have perished in the accident and required comprehensive facial plastic surgery, Jacqui instead decided to alter her features and change her name She was suffering from depression and a nervous breakdown and her messy divorce back [...]

    8. I only read these books due to a love of all things retro I am pretty sure I read this book as a 15 year old high school girl It probably really messed up my ideas of what love is all about.Of course no one expects a literary masterpiece in these cheap novels, so my expectations are not that high But reading as a grown woman, there were so many things in this book that bothered me Little things like portraying the main character as a woman who had the height and the ability to be a ballet dancer [...]

    9. Other shelves heroine is a former dancer, heroine changed her face4.5 starsThe beginning was slow but then the story started to turn interesting I enjoyed the 70% of the book Hero s grovelling was GOOD.I always question myself why Harlequins have a few sex scenes, sometimes just one detailed and other little to the imagination the morning after XD.Well this book hasn t have a lot, but since the hero and heroine fell in bed, they share a lot in there D I MISSED my epilogue as usually I was an e [...]

    10. This book is everything how much I loved it And I dont mind reading it straight away again This is different from the usual romance books mills boons HP I have have read , Hidden identity I was reluctant to pick it , then found it difficult to hook to the book for the first few chapters Once the actual plot began , This turned out to be than perfect There were so many emotions , Whenever Brooke meets her son , the pleasure she has but she can t admit to anyone that she is his mother , helpless [...]

    11. 5 Stars After a short 18 months, Jacqui Charlwood found herself in a loveless marriage with a husband who seemed to hate her Her sister in law told her Rafe only married her for the child she gave him, so in rebellion she defied her husband and went to London to attend a party with her friends from before the marriage When Rafe turned up at the party she flirted with her old boss, not thinking that Rafe would assume the worst Returning to their home she discovered herself locked out at the main [...]

    12. A Love Lost is a book about second chances and a mother s love Jacqi was 19 when she married successful businessman Rafe Charlwood She married for love and thought her husband did too Sadly she soon learned that wasn t the case Before she knew it, she was accused of infidelity and locked out of her home and separated from her baby Falling apart, she travelled with her friends and former dance troupe to America where a horrible car crash killed her and three other dancers Three years later, Brook [...]

    13. I have to admit openly that I ve never read a book like this I ve read the amnesia books that I guess are similar but never a plastic surgery book I have to admit I loved this book, I was spectacular, not to mention well written The characters were amazing, had emotional depth and it felt like being with them in the story I connected on a level I haven t with a lot of books.Jacqui married Rafe when she was a young adult but things didn t work out all that well They both loved each other but thei [...]

    14. This one was a lot of fun with many exciting moments Some of the other reviews summarize it pretty well I thought the plot was interesting and original, though creative license is definitely at work The heroine, although insecure during the flashbacks, is strong and enpowered, particularly after she reinvents herself The hero is HORRIBLE and flawed He is never really redeemed completely IMO, but I feel that his actions were the result of his own insecurities and I feel that he s sincerely remors [...]

    15. Oh, where can I start I m truly in a minority here based on all these 5 star reviews I know, I know its older HP which I normally try to avoid and I shouldn t expect much but come on There were so many suspend believe moments and situations that, at some point, I stopped counting them The whole premise is ridiculous The ex wife survived a deadly crash just 3 years agoright after divorce, ended up in a hospital, elected to undergo numerous cosmetic surgeries to the point of being unrecognizable, [...]

    16. THis is a reunion with a lot of angst Rafe and Jaqui s marriage broke up in a blaze of hatred and suspicion caused by her immaturity and his unwillingness to yield The custody battle over their child only solidified the barrier between them Her death shortly afterwards should have been a relief For Jaqui, re emerging from her brush with death it was a relief It enabled her to rebuild her life as a different person under the name Brooke With the help of Rafe s sympathetic aunt, the deception enab [...]

    17. He was nice to her when he HAD to be.She was no longer naive and young, she knows how to strike back.She probably is strong enough to fight for the kid s custody.So he basically is a textbook bully, who can t do anything when people strike back.And he has history of rape, abuse and domestic violence.I can t really bring myself to read this.This really isn t my idea of romance.

    18. Sometimes I regret reading spoilers this was one of those times Not that I ll ever stop opening every spoiler I see But yeah I would have enjoyed this book even if I d gone in blind Learn from my mistake This was a good story, go read it unspoiled If you re undisciplined like me, read onMostly I appreciated how Brooke had matured As Jacqui, she had genuinely come to fear her husband She couldn t fit into his life and didn t have the confidence to even take charge of the household, or put her fo [...]

    19. An amazing read.This book was a totally different lost love type of read and really brings a lot of emotion in All the tears, the anguish, the anger, and the love just roll right of the pages and YOU feel with Brooke and Rafe A real rollercoaster of emotion that packs a punch I loved how both Brooke Jacqui and Rafe realized it takes two to make a marriage and that they both made mistakes in the past They both learned from the past mistakes and are trying to be better because of it.A nicely well [...]

    20. The heroine left me cold I thought she was extremely self centered and immature and the alpha but caring and tender hero was too good for her Still it was a fun enjoyable ride It was worth the read

    21. He was a classic bully He was ONLY nice to her when she was no longer the young and weak vulnerable thing she used to be This time around he couldn t go on raping her because she not only had a stronger personality to put him in his right place but also she could physically retaliate him She no longer had her hero worshipping love acting as blinders on her eyes and she no longer cared about trying to please him or any of his family members for that matter So this time the hero had nothing Not on [...]

    22. So much respect for the heroine I love the story and the way the hero kept his silent about him knowing Brooke as his wife his agony and delight rediscovering her I like the way they resolved their past mistakes Jealousy,misunderstaning, immaturity and violence I only hate the part where in he pulled her necklace on her neck the causes bruises on her lovely neck ughhhI hate to say this but the hero had a tendency to hurt his wife physicaly and practically rape herrtheless he realized his mistake [...]

    23. One of the best books you could ever ask for The romance is brimming and the past of the heroine is so intriguing that you tend to look for This is a good one indeed I must have read it twice already

    24. I was surprised at how much I enjoyed this book The H was definitely crazy about the h I also liked that the h wasn t falling over herself to be with the H She insulted him when he deserved it.

    25. I am happy with this back from the dead story Warning, there are some plot holes you ll have to overlook for the story to work.

    26. A Lost Love is the story of Jacqui Brooke and Rafe When Brooke Adamson s closest friend Jocelyn gets sick, she expects antagonism from her nephew Rafe, especially as Jocelyn leaves the Charlwood cottage in the will to Brooke after she passes away But Brooke knows all about Rafe s ruthlessness Three years ago, at 19, she was Jacqui and part of a dance trope, when Rafe had swept her off her feet, only for the fairytale to be shattered when she was impregnated, abandoned, and her child ruthlessly t [...]

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