November of the Heart (2020)

November of the Heart Set at the turn of the century November of the Heart tells of Lorna Barnett a young woman from a wealthy Saint Paul family and Jens Harken the ambitious dreamer who works in the kitchen of her fam
  • Title: November of the Heart
  • Author: LaVyrle Spencer
  • ISBN: 9780515113310
  • Page: 381
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • November of the Heart
    Set at the turn of the century, November of the Heart tells of Lorna Barnett, a young woman from a wealthy Saint Paul family, and Jens Harken, the ambitious dreamer who works in the kitchen of her family s summer estate Lorna s father, Gideon, an avid sailor, is determined to claim victory for his own White Bear Yacht Club in the next summer regatta Having recently suffeSet at the turn of the century, November of the Heart tells of Lorna Barnett, a young woman from a wealthy Saint Paul family, and Jens Harken, the ambitious dreamer who works in the kitchen of her family s summer estate Lorna s father, Gideon, an avid sailor, is determined to claim victory for his own White Bear Yacht Club in the next summer regatta Having recently suffered defeat at the hands of the rival club, Gideon is willing to do almost anything to win back the prize he sees as his Jens, pressed into service as a waiter as an elegant family dinner party, overhears Gideon s lament, and is sure his boatbuilding skills can be put to use on behalf of his employer Brazenly crossing the boundary between servant and master by offering to design and build a boat that is sure to win the race Jens incites Gideon s ire but piques his interest too With Lorna s help, he convinces Gideon to finance the project.Grateful for her intervention yet wary of jeopardizing his chance to build the boat of his dreams, Jens nevertheless is powerless to face of Lorna s growing interest in the boat and him He soon finds himself eagerly awaiting her visits to the boatshed, and stars teaching her about the craft of boatbuilding, as well as the craft of love.Despite the rigid caste system which keeps them apart, Lorna and Jens are drawn inexorably together, and begin an affair as fresh and innocent as the summer itself But the repercussions of their passionate idyll soon separate them against their shame to endure loneliness where it is always November of the heart.
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      381 LaVyrle Spencer
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    1. Si tuviera que definir este libro con una sola palabra ser a DULCE Realmente tengo que confesar que no me esperaba que fuera a gustarle tanto, como para otorgarle mis ltimas seis estrellas de este a o Sencillamente es perfecto La autora no s lo ha conseguido sorprenderme con una historia original sino que ha retratado a la perfecci n el modo de vida y las costumbres de esa poca, y a cuidado el lenguaje hasta el m s peque o detalle Es que hasta la voz con que narra la historia es hermosa y dulce [...]

    2. Gratamente sorprendida pensaba que iba a encontrarme con la t pica historia entre personaje que se enfrentan a distintas clases sociales, pero tiene unos giros que la hacen diferente Me encant el ambiente en que se desarroll la historia y sus personajes son adorables Preciosa Historia.

    3. This is just one of those super romantic impossible love stories LaVerle Spencer only writes these kinds of stories, and they always have happy endings This isn t good literature by anyone s standards but it is a nice little piece of escapism Only women would appreciate this kind of stuff what my husband would dub porn for women, because the level of romance is ridiculous and may cause women to sigh and wonder why their man doesn t treat them like this And of course the sex in LaVerle s books is [...]

    4. 3 5 Estrellas Podr a haber sido m s, pero no me ha emocionado tanto como esperaba Creo que Maravilla me dej el list n muy alto y esperaba un libro del estilo, pero aunque es un buen libro y se nota el trabajo que ha desarrollado la autora, me ha faltado algo.En ste caso tenemos una historia muy t pica, en un ambiente que podr a desarrollarse en cualquier parte, tanto en EE.UU como ocurre, o en Inglaterra, lo mismo da Oto o en el coraz n ocurre en EE.UU a finales del siglo XIX Los protagonistas, [...]

    5. 3 de 5 estrellas me ha gustado No soy muy de novela rom ntica, es un genero del que huyo porque no me hace disfrutar de la lectura.En este caso, la ambientaci n, la poca y las circunstancias que rodean esta relaci n de pareja me han mantenido enganchada a la trama y me ha entretenido bastante Es dulce y con personajes muy adorables.

    6. 2 to 2 1 2 starsI did not care for this book The heroine was spineless and unsympathetic The author tried to redeem her character in the last few pages of the book, but, frankly, by then it was too little too late I really liked the hero and felt he was charming, honorable, and swoonworthy I will say, though, I had a hard time believing the hero continued to harbor strong feelings toward the heroine during their two year separation, or that he would have considered taking her back I also felt th [...]

    7. I loved the movie book The Notebook by Nicholas Sparks and the movie Titanic There is just something about class differences and forbidden romance that holds unmistakable appeal for me This book deals with this controversy and so much Lorna Barnett was the 18 year old daughter of a wealthy commodore Jens Harken was the kitchen help These two people s lives intersect when Lorna s father looses a boating race and will do anything to win the next one Jens is from Norway and comes from a long line [...]

    8. AMO ESTE LIBRO Lo amo totalmente Fue el primero que le de Lavyrle Spencer y me hizo enamorarme de su estilo, sus personajes, su pluma, todo Desde entonces no he dejado de leerla y es mi autora favorita

    9. Simplemente precioso Un libro hist rico con una protagonista rebelde que rompe con los t picos de la poca Los giros que da la novela, para mi gusto, perfectos y la forma de escribir de LaVyrle me encanta como describe todo, es todo un placer leerla.

    10. What I find most interesting about this is how many people have read the book than once I, also, don t read books twice there are just too many other ones waiting to be read But this one I did, and found it equally moving and satisfying both times In fact, it made it to my permanent bookshelf, while 99% of what I read gets recycled There is just something to this story The love feels true I sympathize and empathize with the characters I didn t LOooooVe the book that feels too sappy for some rea [...]

    11. The only thing I didn t like about the book was that it couldn t decide on the tone it wanted to take It started out playful and light and then turned darker and serious Maybe that was the point I m glad I m a woman in 2012 instead of 1900 I don t want to give anything away and maybe this is a spoiler alert Jens wants Lorna to make a sacrifice and make a stand Hello She had a baby, almost bled to death and was mentally tortured Poor manbody does anything for him sarcasm However, the end was goo [...]

    12. Una historia preciosa entre dos personas de origen muy distinto Ambos tratan de luchar por impedirlo pero terminar n cayendo en las complicadas redes del amor Rese a completa enn beldevoradoradelibros

    13. A classic romance which reminded me of Nicholas Sparks novels but without the explicit religious message which is present in most of his stories Set at the beginning of the XXth century, the story of two young people, Jens, a kitchen boy who dreams of having his own boat building business, and Lorna, the eldest and pampered daughter of the master of the house, who are divided by their social class, their future perspectives and their youthful innocence It s an improbable match and they both know [...]

    14. I absolutely love this book Spencer is a wonderful story teller She weaves dialogue and plot in a well balanced way She is one of my greatest writing inspirations Although, I will admit from a literary standpoint, omniscient point of view head hopping, too doesn t work well for her, there are a lot of other redeeming qualities though I like her use of showing the reader through what the characters say dialogue and not what they do I m especially pulled into romances about forbidden love wrought [...]

    15. 2,5 This is a sweet story about young love between an ambitious Norwegian immigrant kitchen help turned boat builder and a naive high society girl taking place at the end of 19th century in Minnesota Because much importance is given to social standing in those times, and difference therein, their love and relationship is far from welcome and the girl s parents will do everything to keep them apart.With her usual immense talent, LaVyrle Spencer does a great job to tell a compelling tale Personall [...]

    16. Another wonderful love story by LaVyrle Spencer who evokes time and place so beautifully in her books This story begins in a summer colony on a lake in Minnesota in 1895 Lorna, the lovely willful daughter of a wealthy St Paul couple, decides to champion Jens, a young Norwegian immigrant, who has a brilliant new concept for a boat design that he s convinced will allow Lorna s father to win the cup at the next regatta Their budding friendship turns to love and their love turns to trouble in their [...]

    17. Another great tearjerker of a romance from LaVyrle Spencer I really loved this one Jens made a great hero, Lorna was a likable heroine, and the upstairs downstairs aspect of their romance made for a good story I was so impatient for them to be together at the end that I had trouble putting the book down This book also really brought home for me just how little freedom women had at the end of the 19th century.

    18. No me ha gustado el estilo de la autora, no he llegado a conectar con los personajes y, en general, me ha decepcionado bastante Aunque a decir verdad, la historia por momentos me ha enganchado, y es por esto que le doy dos estrellas Llevaba una idea preconcebida y eso ha sido lo que ha fallado Las expectativas tan altas nunca son buenas, nos podemos llevar un chasco Pero por encima de todo, no me ha gustado la pluma de la autora Y a n tengo un libro de ella pendiente

    19. A heart warming, emotion journey into the late 19th century social circles and their resrtictions But love holds no bounds and this book takes you through their trials and struggles as only Lavyrl can do it Loved this book and the place it took me everytime I opened it up The characters are so real and genuine you can t help but love them and root for them.

    20. I read this years ago I hated the fact that the heroine gave up her child, I don t care if she got him back later.

    21. Me encant , una linda historia de amor, a pesar de todos los inconvenientes en la que nos muestra una sociedad hip crita y cruel, regida por costumbres encorsetadas en la que impera el que dir n, sin tomar en cuenta lo que siente el coraz n.Me encanta esta autora, con historias sencillas, logra envolverte y emocionarte hasta las lagrimas.

    22. Aunque a la trama le cuesta un poco arrancar, luego la historia te atrapa y te sumerge en el romance de Lorna y Jens, dos personas aparentemente opuestas que por sus sentimientos descubrir n algunas de las grandes alegr as de la vida, pero tambi n las mayores tristezas.Rese a completa entrelalecturayelcine

    23. NOTA 2,5 5Nos encontramos en medio de una sociedad victoria Tenemos tambi n una familia acaudalada que pasa las pocas de buen tiempo en el lago Una hija rebelde adelantada a su tiempo Varias regatas a la vista Y un chico que trabaja en la cocina y construye barcos.Lorna es la hija mayor de la familia Barnett Es guapa, independiente, con las ideas claras y un pretendiente muy prometedor dentro de la sociedad del momento Pero ella tiene otras inquietudes y est lejos de ser la hija perfecta que sus [...]

    24. Historical romances featuring a poor or servant hero are hard to find amid a sea of books about dashing dukes and wealthy rakes The ones that do exist often cop out with a storyline about mistaken identities or the hero is actually an aristocrat in disguise, or else are horribly unrealistic But this hero is a genuine working class man who starts out as a lowly kitchen boy I liked that the book depicted the very real class differences and the morality of the time, and that the characters actions [...]

    25. Only rating the Kindle edition I d like to point out that while November of the Heart is one of my favorite LaVyrle Spencer novels, and possible the one that turned me permanently on to her books, this Kindle version is entirely computer entered.And, as with many OCR books that have never been read by human eyes before being published, it s got its fair share of errors There are some poor word choices, mostly that accidentally being replaced by mat and if you see a funky capitalized word that do [...]

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