Silver Lake (2020)

Silver Lake Robbie and Carlo have been involved professionally and personally for twenty years Lately though their architectural practice and their marriage are beginning to falter One fall day Tom Field a pe
  • Title: Silver Lake
  • Author: Peter Gadol
  • ISBN: 9780982520901
  • Page: 249
  • Format: Paperback
  • Silver Lake
    Robbie and Carlo have been involved professionally and personally for twenty years Lately, though, their architectural practice and their marriage are beginning to falter.One fall day, Tom Field, a peculiar young man, drifts into their storefront office asking to use the phone The men get to talking Tom is curious but enchanting, and Robbie ends up playing tennis with hRobbie and Carlo have been involved professionally and personally for twenty years Lately, though, their architectural practice and their marriage are beginning to falter.One fall day, Tom Field, a peculiar young man, drifts into their storefront office asking to use the phone The men get to talking Tom is curious but enchanting, and Robbie ends up playing tennis with him that afternoon, ultimately inviting him home for dinner.The ensuing evening involves a lot of wine and banter and then increasingly dark conversation, and when the stranger has had too much to drink, the two men insist he sleep in their guest room.During the night, Tom commits an act of violence that shatters the couple s ordered lives the men are forced to cope with the blossoming doubt and corrosive secrets Each in his own way, Robbie and Carlo seek to understand the disquiet stemming from their time with Tom.
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    1. Very dark, angst filled story.Robbie and Carlo are life and business partners They meet a young man and invite him into their home When the guest becomes too drunk to drive home they invite him to spend the night While they are sleeping the guest commits a violent act at their home.The ensuing story is true to life docudrama than a mystery or thriller It made an impression

    2. Peter Gadol s sobering novel, Silver Lake, is a profound meditation on long term relationships and a grim portrayal of one couple s instability in spite of their longevity.Carlo and Robbie met in college and have been together for twenty years Partners in business, as well as in life, their architectural company, Stein Voight, is showing signs of failure, and the underlying financial stress has carried over to their life at home in Silver Lake, outside of Los Angeles Yet everything appears mostl [...]

    3. Too many pet peeves for me to enjoy this book at all From comma abuse, to run on sentences, to a false ending oh, please never do this , to misplaced words and phrases, to rambling descriptions, internal monologues, and side trips that had little to nothing to do with the main story, I couldn t stay lost in this tale The first rule of a good book in my opinion is suspending disbelief, and that simply wouldn t happen with Silver Lake.I must say, I do like a good depressing story, and this was sad [...]

    4. If you like a straight forward thriller with likable characters, this is not the book for you I really didn t like the two main characters Robbie and Carlos at all They ve been together for 20 years, but one couldn t tell it from the way they behaved.Plus, the narrative was all over the place, moving back and forth in time, changing point of view, and telling several stories at once.It s a shame, too, because I really would ve liked insight into Tom, the young man who ends up committing suicide [...]

    5. This novel took me by surprise It had this ominous modern noir feel to it, while remaining decidedly literary I loved how Gadol really pulled the loose string on the protagonists relationship and allowed himself to pull it very slowly, so that the unraveling would be tense and gradual I picked up the book from my library s local fiction shelf, because it is set in the neighborhood in which I have lived for the past dozen years It added even an extra element to imagine all of this happening just [...]

    6. A meditation on what it means to fear loneliness, even in the comfort of a solid relationship What happens when our most loved one becomes our most mysterious I was often reminded of Kundera s The Unbearable Lightness of Being while reading this quiet, wintery book.

    7. Peter Gadol writes what he calls moral thrillers a lawyer is involved in a hit and run, for instance in his book THE LONG RAIN The lawyer is then called on to defend the wrongly accused What does he do In books reminiscent of THE TALENTED MR RIPLEY Patricia Highsmith or THE ICE STORM Rick Moody which is to say, precisely written and forcefully paced Gadol writes across genres of literary fiction and noir, making his novels mean something, but not at the expense of a good read.In SILVER LAKE, his [...]

    8. Got this as a Christmas present Finished it by the time I went to sleep Christmas Day.A couple, Robbie Carlo, befriend a fellow gay man, Tom, who is scattered, interested in all sorts of things and nothing He plays tennis with Robbie, cooks dinner for the two of them, drinks a ton, and then when he is supposed to be spending the night in the guest room, hangs himself and commits suicide Was it really a suicide, or something else Carlo apparently has met Tom before, but where, and in what capacit [...]

    9. It s probably been about 8 10 years since Peter Gadol s last book, so when I discovered Silver Lake I fell on it like a soldier protecting his company from a grenade Needless to say, I wasn t disappointed, except when I was faced with the prospect of another 8 10 year wait It s a lazy weekend, and Robbie and Carlo are doing some work in their architecture studio when a young man enters and asks to use the phone because his car broke down After some conversation, Robbie and Carlo invite the man t [...]

    10. The most literary page turner or the page turningest literary novel I ve read in a long time Silver Lake is the story of two men who have been together for twenty years, most of which have been devoted to making a good life even better They have a house with a lake view, a semi successful architectural practice and their weekends are devoted to tennis and expensive cheese But while the core is not exactly rotten, there are definitely a few loose threads in the fabric of their relationship that c [...]

    11. The reviews noting the main characters as wooden and the prose pretentious are wrong, absolutely wrong Robbie and Carlo are treated with ingenious sensitivity and the growing gulf between them, after twenty years of loving one another, sears itself across the reader s heart with every page There is one sentence late in the book that, unfortunately, shatters the carefully constructed tension and invalidates the tenuous, dubious synchronicities to which the author has directed the reader s attent [...]

    12. It s been a while since I ve read a depressing book What we learn about Robbie and Carlo initially is that they ve been a couple for 20 years, they re both architects who work together in their own business and they seem to be content and happy with their lives With that start, you know it could only go downhill from there, which it does Let s just say a young man enters their lives who is the catalyst for doom gloom for this couple I think this is basically an essay on how secrets and lives ca [...]

    13. I finished this book today and I really liked it Peter Gadol s writing is hard to describemple, yet descriptive Particularly when he writes about scene settings and moods I wasn t even looking to buy a book the day I picked this up The cover drew me in first, and I read a page at the bookstore and I was intrigued with it a very simple, comfortable kind of wayI just wanted to see where the story was going to lead This book weaves an intricate story and tells how so many things can be connected by [...]

    14. Gadol uses the back drop of a mysterious death to explore the dynamics of a 20 year marriage Tom, a friend of Carlo and Robbie the couple , is found dead in their backyard Sometimes the mystery of Tom s death is intriguing and sometimes it just seems like a grim and strange setting to dive into the issues in this long term relationship Gadol rolls Carlo and Robbies relationship in some soap opera infedilities and Hallmark TV nostalgia Gadol s craftsmanship was highest by cutting the scenes withi [...]

    15. Not my usual fare but it was free if I recall correctly so why not Definitely an interesting read But I found the main characters to be really childish for 40 somethings, who were just very quick to throw away a 20 year relationship and treat it like nothing I would ve expected their behavior from a new couple or something I understand that suicide impacts in ways you can t predict but this was a virtual stranger Still it was well written and interesting enough that I didn t have to fight to fin [...]

    16. Well written and magical and beautiful descriptions of the place Definitely satisfied my craving for LA fiction Reading about a modern middle class gay couple was interesting for me as I am one I think the delicate balance that exists for all of us in wanting to be alone and to be together was too sharply tilted toward the dark side I will say that I normally hate 3rd person omniscient narration that hides some key plot point to build reader suspense It worked oddly well thought went a little aw [...]

    17. A lot of the writing seemed really pretentious And I can t decide if it was intentional, or if this writer was really somehow trying too hard The guy who killed himself seemed pretty interesting and I would have liked to get to know him better The other two assholes were sorta losers All of their cutsey attempts at suburbia and the way their life together was such a boring imitation of a straight marriage Complete with the lies.

    18. What a downer But thoroughly enjoyable The author s ability to paint a scene or a feeling makes the read worth your time The event seems a little far fetched, but it s really about what it does to a committed relationship Don t read it because it s a crime novel or who done it it doesn t rate very high on those scales Read it because it s about people and how they react to tragedy.

    19. The way he made the writing seem to reflect the aesthetic tastes of the two protagonists was cleverly done Functional, rational and sleek, the prose glided over the dark, threatening urban enviornment which felt like it constantly wanted to seep through the modernist surface Even the way he couldn t make up his mind about the ending seemed to fit.

    20. Beautifully written book set in Los Angeles I ll never get over the magic of reading a book that takes place in a neighborhood I know so well It was surprisingly suspenseful and an intriguing story of long and short term relationships, secrets, trust, loneliness, and the patterns one can fall into.

    21. This was decent and gets bonus points for taking place in the hood.However, it hurt me to read this, literally The copy I had was new from the library and the pages are so thick and stuff it required a lot of force to keep the book open The publisher should really try out some lighter paper for future editions

    22. This book made me both hopeful and sad It s about a gay couple and an event that tears them apart It s about love and forgiveness and fidelity and the connection that people have with each other.

    23. Engaging story of how a long term relationship can falter from a breakdown in communication and dishonesty.

    24. I just couldn t get into this book at all I found the two main characters annoying, and I had not interest in what happened to them.

    25. I really enjoyed this book even though it looks like it took me two months to read it That should be no reflection on the writing The plot is somewhat unusual, but in a good way.

    26. I can t seem to make it through this book I pick it up well, I pick up my Kindle and read a few pages, then put it down and a few weeks months later try again.

    27. the book grew on me It was a bit long winded and corny at first but the depth of the relationship and how you can be together and grow apart hit home as the book continued.

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