Trespasses Against Us (2020)

Trespasses Against Us Celia Costain finds it tough being thought of as the perfect principal s daughter at John Paul High Being Catholic has never been easy but now Celia s friends are all dating and say she s uptight C
  • Title: Trespasses Against Us
  • Author: Christian M. Frank
  • ISBN: 9781933184531
  • Page: 451
  • Format: Paperback
  • Trespasses Against Us
    Celia Costain finds it tough being thought of as the perfect principal s daughter at John Paul 2 High Being Catholic has never been easy, but now Celia s friends are all dating and say she s uptight Celia can deal with that, but how can she relax with someone stalking her friend Allie And no one will tell her what s really going on John Paul 2 High series, Book Two
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      Christian M. Frank

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    1. Trespasses Against Us is a thriller, often instructing the reader about Catholicism without being preachy and presents real life issues all teens face The series takes place in a newly founded Catholic High School with a very small number of students Celia is the girl who has a strong prayer life, is very modest and attends Eucharistic Adoration George, Celia s best friend, asks Allie to be his girlfriend and he wisely seeks the counsel of a priest in confession Allie has transferred from the lo [...]

    2. This is the second in the John Paul 2 High series, and I read the first one, too, a year or so ago The first book set up the characters and the school, the place and the setting So this second book was able to take off quicker, and get right into the story.This was a compelling story, which kept me up late turning pages till I reached the climax and conclusion It was much interesting and exciting than the first, slower moving but still compelling story.In this second book, the students are deve [...]

    3. This book was definitely darker than the previous, you know, since Allie is being stalked by someone, but that s okay, I can handle it That being said, I saw the dark side of George Peterson, the good boy Catholic, the one no one thought would do anything wrong besides Celia Celia and George are the King and Queen of Goodness at JP2HS , but boy, George does some BAD things Like some potential lethal thingsThe ethics of a just war are discussed, as well as how harmful revenge is with some dialogu [...]

    4. Full disclosure I edited this book as the head of the John Paul 2 High team We knew this was going to be an intense book, and I think it s powerful than the first one In this book, George and Allie start dating, only to have Allie getting stalked and George thrown into a crucible as events start raking up his recent past And who is stalking Allie Her sneering ex boyfriend Or someone sinister, and dangerous I like this book because we get to see inside Celia Costain s head for the first time A [...]

    5. RELATIONSHIPS DO NOT WORK IN A SMALL SCHOOL OF 7 PEOPLE lesson learned from this bookGeorge is dating Allie, Liz is dating smooth public schooler Rich, and JP is dating public schooler Courtney Celia likes George, but can t tell him because of her friendship with Allie which contributes to her inner turmoil as she watches George struggles with the feelings of hatred and revenge growing inside of him Allie s ex, Tyler, continues to make trouble And as if that weren t enough, a mysterious polterge [...]

    6. I WANT TO KNOW WHO THE SHOOTER IS On a less spastic note, I liked hearing from Celia s perspective, as I could definitely relate to her as a teen and even now.

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