Marie Antoinette (Libretto) (2020)

Marie Antoinette Libretto The German libretto of the Michael Kunze Sylvester Levay musical Marie Antoinette
  • Title: Marie Antoinette (Libretto)
  • Author: Michael Kunze
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 242
  • Format: Paperback
  • Marie Antoinette (Libretto)
    The German libretto of the Michael Kunze Sylvester Levay musical Marie Antoinette.
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      Michael Kunze

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    1. Mostly, I really liked this The lyrics are not Kunze s best, but there are good parts, and the story and the characters are engaging enough that I was quite into reading this and felt emotional at finishing it, so I imagine it will also be powerful live in theatre However, there are some reasons why I won t give it a full five stars The aforementioned lyrics not being Kunze s best, as well as some problems in the execution of the story There are some superfluous scenes or ones that drag on for t [...]

    2. Read 2009 Not as brilliant as it could have been, and I m not very interested in the French revolution, but still a well working story with some really great lyrics and characters.Update 2012 After a re read I got better into the story and got out of it There are some really excellent parts like Cagliostro s remarks on the human nature and revolutions, but the transitions and smaller scenes around the big solos and other key scenes would need some polishing The big solos are great, though with [...]

    3. The book is entirely written in german, which allowed me to practice it Since I also have the highlights cd, some of the songs on it can be brought to life in my mind I especially liked the Duke of Orl ans song because of its rockish beat.

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