Lockdown (2020)

Lockdown Furnace Penitentiary the world s most secure prison for young offenders buried a mile beneath the earth s surface Convicted of a murder he didn t commit sentenced to life without parole new fish Al
  • Title: Lockdown
  • Author: Alexander Gordon Smith
  • ISBN: 9780374324919
  • Page: 124
  • Format: Hardcover
  • Lockdown
    Furnace Penitentiary the world s most secure prison for young offenders, buried a mile beneath the earth s surface Convicted of a murder he didn t commit, sentenced to life without parole, new fish Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices find a way out, or resign himself to a death behind bars, in the darkness at the bottom of the world Except in Furnace, death is theFurnace Penitentiary the world s most secure prison for young offenders, buried a mile beneath the earth s surface Convicted of a murder he didn t commit, sentenced to life without parole, new fish Alex Sawyer knows he has two choices find a way out, or resign himself to a death behind bars, in the darkness at the bottom of the world Except in Furnace, death is the least of his worries Soon Alex discovers that the prison is a place of pure evil, where inhuman creatures in gas masks stalk the corridors at night, where giants in black suits drag screaming inmates into the shadows, where deformed beasts can be heard howling from the blood drenched tunnels below And behind everything is the mysterious, all powerful warden, a man as cruel and dangerous as the devil himself, whose unthinkable acts have consequences that stretch far beyond the walls of the prison Together with a bunch of inmates some innocent kids who have been framed, others cold blooded killers Alex plans an escape But as he starts to uncover the truth about Furnace s deeper, darker purpose, Alex s actions grow ever dangerous, and he must risk everything to expose this nightmare that s hidden from the eyes of the world.
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    1. In the dead of night they come for you, Alex, he said Sooner or later they come for everyone 4 1 2 stars Oh wow, this was truly terrifying If you re looking for a tense, fast paced and frightening book that pulls you in immediately and makes your heart pound, I cannot recommend Lockdown enough.You know, I think realistic stories can be very scary, and so can supernatural stories, but the most horrifying stories of all are those that balance the two of them The kind of stories that play on real f [...]

    2. Now this was rather damn scary Imagine breaking into someone s house one night then randomly you and your accomplice are rushed by a small army of rather large men in black suits They quickly dispatch your friend and pin the murder on you All you wanted was a bit of loot You re sentenced to life imprisonment at an ominous sounding placed called Furnace, but the prison is run by the same men who framed you When you arrive you quickly realise this place is beyond normal it s dark, oppressive, infe [...]

    3. I think I m going to bump this to 4.5 stars because I can t stop thinking about it In fact, when I went to sleep I was picturing the wheezers and literally had to remind myself that it was just a story it s not real, Brandi it s ok you re a big girl fine, just cuddle up to the mister, he s asleep so he won t know how big of a baby you re beingThat was me at 1 in the morning True story, haha.I don t typically read books that have a horror element to them because of the fact that I m a huge wussy [...]

    4. The entire reason I picked this up is because told me to You know how it has those recommendation sections where it s all because you liked this, you re gonna love this and it s all HAPPY and HELPFUL and KINDLY FEEDING MY BOOK ADDICTION Yes I fell for it But, omg we ve been together for 4 years and you don t even know me Cue distant sobbing I THOUGHT WE MEANT MORE TO EACH OTHER THAN THIS 3Because No, I did not like Lockdown.In fact I thought it was rather a mess Kind of like a conglomeration of [...]

    5. 3.5 out of 5 stars I am rounding down to 3, but depending on how I feel later, I might round it to 4.Beneath heaven is hell.Beneath hell is Furnace.One of my biggest fears is being blamed for something I did not do be it stealing something, cheating in an exam which btw gives me nauseas just thinking about the hypocritical cowards who do this in real life killing someone you name it Alex has been sent to Furnace Penitentiary for a criem he did not commit, and it is said that prison is hell on Ea [...]

    6. melissa413readsalot We told you, he said, placing his hand on the shoulder of the boy beside me but talking to us all You can run but you couldn t hide And now here you are, guests of honor at Furnace Penitentiary OH MY GOD What did did I just read Okay so apparently you can be a somewhat criminal or not a criminal at all and these thing people come and find you and get you put in jail Jail jail would be a cake walk you get put in the Furnace Your underground and just lost, left to your own, NO [...]

    7. Don t make the mistake of bringing your heart down here with you, there is no place for it in Furnace Wow It d be odd to say that I really liked this book considering it to be one of the most scary books I ve read.But still,as much as the story managed to scare the hell out of me,I really loved this book Until now I had read horror stories with blood,some monsters and lots of creepy stuff Now mix all those scary scenes with Sci fi that s what this book is about.There was some crazy stuff going o [...]

    8. Beneath Heaven is Hell, boys, and beneath Hell is Furnace I hope you enjoy your stay The book gods have decided to smile at me today so excuse me while I dance to the awesomeness of this book.Interview with Lockdown by Paige Bookdragon.Paige Good evening everyone, this is Paige from The Book Interview and today we have the one and only Lockdown for ourThe Favorite Shelf segment Let s give it a round of applause everyone claps Paige Now Lockdown, for those who haven t heard of you, can you tell u [...]

    9. My summary Alex was like any other boy Go to school, hang out with his group, and control the monkey bars But when he started stealing, his life changed for the worse Out of nowhere, his best friend is murdered, and he is framed for it he is sent to the child prison a Hell hole Worse than Hell Furnace When he s there, he is disgusted with the way people live Kids do hard labor like chipping rock Gangs kill kids and he isn t the only innocent person who was framed But there s no hope of escape No [...]

    10. I usually don t say this, butLockdown Is Amazing inserts hardcore fan squeal Being super engrossing and totally un put down able, I couldn t stop reading this book, and ended up finishing it by 4 o clock in the morning, only then did I close the book with a satisfied smile on my face and went to bed dreaming about Alex s Escape.What I love about this book 1 A hero with a complex personality Alex Sawyer is a school bully, a thief and a burgular but never a killer After he is accused of murdering [...]

    11. My rating 4.75 5 stars.Dude, I knew I d love this book the second I saw the cover and read the synopsis.If you re looking for a fast paced, intense and frightening YA book that captivates you and has you on the edge of your seat until the end, I recommend you read Lockdown Beneath heaven is hell, boys, and beneath hell is Furnace I hope you enjoy your stay Seriously, just try to imagine being framed for a crime that you didn t commit and being sent to prison for life with no possibility of parol [...]

    12. Buddy Read with TL Edit On further recollection, I m giving this a 3.5 Lockdown was an extremely hard book for me to rate Usually I generally have a feeling on what rating a book will get, but this one left me feeling so conflicted On the one hand, it s a super fast paced, action packed book that never once made me bored while reading The characters were also really cool, especially Donovan, who was my favourite However, I just didn tloveit I am so interested in finding out about this world and [...]

    13. Buddyread with Melissa Her review hereA fun idea of a book the writing can be overly descriptive but never boring There were quite a few times in the book where I wanted to smack Alex for being an idiot if you could reach into a book haha Loved Zee and Donovan the setting was grim, every person for himself and downright scary at times The Warden shudders I would rather run into Odin in a dark alley.The rating Well, I liked it for the most part but wasn t in love with it Kind of got the blah feel [...]

    14. Lockdown follows the story of Alex Sawyer, a young delinquent who, along with his best friend, makes a habit of entering people s houses and stealing whatever they can put their hands on One night though, everything goes wrong Alex promised himself that after one last job, he d stop stealing But nothing goes as planned after his best friend is murdered right in front of him, and Alex is the one convicted for the murder He s then thrown into Furnace, an underground prison, where are sent young mu [...]

    15. OMG Another amazing book I am so glad that I bought this book and I cannot wait for the next one to come outThis book is a horror creepy action book and it does not disappoint It is the first book in a 5 book series and these books will definitely be pre ordered asap.Alex is the main character in this book and he is framed for murder and sent to The Furnace Penitentary A prison that was built 5 6yrs ago to house kids up til the age of 18 that are convicted of serious crimes There is no parole at [...]

    16. I was pleasantly surprised with Lockdown It was fairly predictable but the plot was laid out in such a rich manner it didn t take much from the experience I devoured every page about these boys and the dangers they faced inside their horrific cage There was mystery, violence, horror, and a fast pace that easily guided you through the characters struggles The characters were believable and had dimension There wasn t a lot of world building outside of the prison touches on some school and home lif [...]

    17. 4.5 This was heading for a 4, but that ending made me grin so much This ends on a cliffhanger This book barely skims the surface of this prison, society, and characters This books raises questions than answers them For a YA novel, I consider it very dark Children that are killers, gangs, no skin dogs that eat children, soulless silver eyed men, child labor, etc As dark as it got at times, the novel was sprinkled with much needed humor and hope There was one time I swear I could hear Sean Astin [...]

    18. We ll I just stared reading this book and it s very good for me and I ll think I ll finish by 3 weeks

    19. First thought Oh, a cute little YA book about boys in a spooooooky prison Second thought What Third thought What Fourth thought WHAT Rest of thoughts WHAT THE SON OF A FLYING MONKEY AM I READING AND WHY CAN T I STOP READING AND HOW THE HELL AM I GOING TO SLEEP TONIGHT BECAUSE I CAN T STOP THINKING ABOUT THIS AND PICTURING EVERYTHING IN THIS BOOK INCLUDING THAT CREEPY GAS MASK WHEEZER ON THE COVER Honestly, this isn t a full on horror book It is YA although it s very disturbing YA.Our main charac [...]

    20. Fast paced and bloody brilliant Don t go looking for snakes, you might find themDon t send your eyes to the sun, you might blind them,Haven t I seen you here before There ain t no heroes here This is a shit meet fan kind of book There are no sugary bits glossing over events because of the main character s age It s actually adds to the horror, when you are forced to see kids as adults and surviving trough ordeals you are certain most adults wouldn t survive trough.It has it all Underground prison [...]

    21. This book is the first in a series of five altogether, and it starts off with a bang Society has devolved into a place where there is no quarter given for age in the consideration of a crime, and young children pre teens are imprisoned for life in maximum security facilities for serious crimes The main character, Alex, and his friend Toby, are busted ripping off a house This is a problem for them, but the even bigger problem is that they are not caught by the police that would have been a good d [...]

    22. J ai mis longtemps a me lancer dans cette lecture, en premier temps parce que l ge du personnage me refroidissait un peu, Alex Sawyer a 13 ans au d but du r cit, et 14 ans quand il int gre la Fournaise, du coup je craignais une criture trop jeunesse, et une histoire trop dulcor e pour la th matique de l histoire, mais la r alit est tout autre et je suis ravie d avoir tenter cette lecture Parceque en r alit Alex est m re pour son ge, il m a d ailleurs fait penser plusieurs reprise Thomas dans le [...]

    23. Thoughts While Reading just my opinions, others may disagree pg 89 of 521PROS plot the creepy and suspenseful aspectsCONS though completely fictional,thought the way the main character was tried to be a little too dramatic and far fetched The judge laughed at him The jury laughed at him The judge was sarcastic and rude, to a 13 year old boy mind you, saying things like he wishes he could hang him for his crimes Where the hell was this kid s attorney The jury s decision only took 45 minutes, when [...]

    24. The writing is very descriptive up to the point of being tedious but that s fine because the plot s simple enough to follow Alex is not a good kid He is a bully and a thief His life of petty crime changes once he is sent to the Furnace Now consider the tag line Beneath Heaven is Hell Beneath Hell is Furnace Scary Yes No If this were one s first foray into the world of YA horror thriller or whatever genre Lockdown can be classified under, I definitely say yes But is it sad that I didn t find it a [...]

    25. Wow This was so good I had to choose a book to read that is out of my comfort zone and I chose this one because it takes place underground I hate the feeling of claustrophobia that these kind of books give me I kept putting this book off and I shouldn t have I was so into the story I didn t even mind where it took place I was on the edge of my seat almost the entire time I was reading it and couldn t even put it down after a certain point Would definitely recommend In fact, I m giving it to my 1 [...]

    26. I absolutely loved this book I couldn t put it down I saw it coming at the end but it still got me RIP.

    27. Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do and get a punishment Well Alex has and he has been sent to an underground juvenile prison for the rest of his life This book is fantasy because in the juvenile there is dogs that are inside out , there are also these creatures call wheezers that choose your last day on Earth , and weird guards that for some reason you can t look at their eyes I like this book because it says that Alex can t take when a gang call the Skulls bully other guys h [...]

    28. THIS IS A SPOILER Lockdown escape from furnace is an amazing thriller by Alexander Gordon Smith I love this book so far In this story a boy named Alex Sawyer and how he was framed for the murder of his best friend Toby.Alex is a complex individual he was a good kid until one day he stoled money from a kid his friends were bulling After that day he felt consumed by guilt but motivated by greed He is a teenager and considers himself a criminal All he had to do was one last job Toby had heard from [...]

    29. The beginning of this book dragged me in, and by page 37 on my laptop my stomach was tied in knots and I was thinking that this is gonna be one helluva read And so it wasuntil we entered Furnace And then the wheels kind of fell off for me.I loved the whole idea of Furnace, a privately owned maximum security penitentiary for young offenders, built underground, with no visitors, no parole and no way out But it didn t live up to my expectations I found the Blacksuits , the Wheezers , the Skinless D [...]

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