Introduction to Arithmetic (2020)

Introduction to Arithmetic None
  • Title: Introduction to Arithmetic
  • Author: Nicomachus of Gerasa
  • ISBN: 9780384388161
  • Page: 183
  • Format: Textbook Binding
  • Introduction to Arithmetic
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      183 Nicomachus of Gerasa
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    1. This book is a textbook on mathematics from around the year 100 It was not renowned for its originality rather, the book was famous in antiquity and in the middle ages for being a useful primer covering the mathematical knowledge of its time.I am no mathlete, and I ll admit some of the esoteric concepts and convoluted proofs that Nicomachus throws out there made my eyes glaze over For me, the interesting aspects of this book concerned Nicomachus philosophy Nicomachus was a Neo Pythagorean who e [...]

    2. Fascinating This book was not particularly difficult, but it was just well, fascinating All of the different properties of numbers and even some of how they apply to music were expounded in this fine piece of Greek literature If you are interested even remotely in the mystical, Pythagorean properties of numbers, or even a little bit in just arithmetic in general, then this book is definitely for you As opposed to its name Introduction to Arithmetic , you don t really read this if you re JUST int [...]

    3. He flourished around 100 a.d, writing the introduction as a summary of what was known about numbers at that time Much of the focus is on the various categories odd, even, perfect, superlative, deficient, prime, etc There are quite a few orders found within a variety of series All of this tied back to philosophy as the early mathematicians made so many connections Perhaps not since that time has anyone thought in such away about multiple dimensions and dualism.

    4. Not at all what one might expect, but reading it one can easily see how the Ancients attributed all the mystical properties to numbers The correspondences are amazing How numbers are the building blocks of everything Sort of the creation s alphabet A difficult read, because of my own unwillingness to put in the requisite attention.

    5. I kept up for about 2 3 of Book 1, but got lost in all the superpartients and sesquialters Yes, iPhone, those are real words in Book 2 I was able to catch snippets around the geometric principles Surprisingly, I sort of enjoyed this book at least some of it Mathematics is a kind of elegant unifying idea, despite my inability to grasp it Glad I read it

    6. You amuse me, because you seem to fear that these are useless studies that I recommend but that is very difficult, nay, impossible For the eye of the soul, blinded and buried by other pursuits, is rekindled and aroused again by these and these alone, and it is better that this be saved than thousands of bodily eyes, for by it alone is the truth of the universe beheld Plato

    7. Great stuff Reading for the first time, I grasped the overview of the ideas, and I very liked the philosophy Definitely will need to read for the second time to get into details, and maybe even third and the fourth time separate parts of it Maths never was so exciting as for the ancient Greeks

    8. So amazing to see the pattern and simplicity in numbers, to recognize that we discovered what was already there meaning the organization of numbers and quantities, equality and its opposite in all its species, existed prior to our understanding it Mathematics proves natural law.

    9. When you re talking about fundamentals, you re talking about Metaphysics This Arithmetic is harder than I thought it would be, and I was a Math major.

    10. I don t think I agree with Nicomachus about the Nature of God but wow, he discovered some amazing patterns and relationships with numbers I ll need to study this one again.

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