The Journal Of Dora Damage (2020)

The Journal Of Dora Damage By the time Dora discovers that there is something wrong with her husband Peter it is too late His arthritic hands are crippled putting his book binding business into huge debt Summoning her courage
  • Title: The Journal Of Dora Damage
  • Author: Belinda Starling
  • ISBN: 9780747593256
  • Page: 139
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Journal Of Dora Damage
    By the time Dora discovers that there is something wrong with her husband Peter, it is too late His arthritic hands are crippled, putting his book binding business into huge debt Summoning her courage Dora resolves to rescue her family, and finds herself illegally binding volumes of pornography commissioned by aristocrats.
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    1. Okay book About a poor woman in 1860s London who takes over her husband s book binding business when his health deteriorates Wonderful setting and characters Charming writing Interesting and very unique plotline I liked it up until a certain point between the middle and end, where the story went into an odd and rather absurd place for me Because the beginning was all so realistic, with a large part dedicated to showing how Dora manages to make due with the little her family has, when it crossed [...]

    2. Se siete interessati al periodo vittoriano ed avete voglia di leggere uno scorrevole romanzo storico, questo volume potrebbe essere una buona scelta coinvolgente, riesce molto bene a rappresentare l atmosfera e le abitudini del contesto storico in cui ambientato e presenta una vicenda piuttosto curiosa, una dimensione insolita, ma affascinante Ci che ho apprezzato maggiormente di questo romanzo sicuramente l attenzione alla rappresentazione storica Nel raccontare le vicende della protagonista e [...]

    3. The Journal of Dora Damage is a wonderful book about a woman who takes over her husband s book binding business and falls into a job binding pornography for a secret society of London s upper crust Dora finds herself on an intellectual and sexual journey that awakes her senses and puts her entire family in danger Starling has crafted a beautiful tale full of intrigue and atmosphere Sadly, the author passed away shortly after completing this book Definitely give this wonderful book a shot.

    4. This is a hard book for me to rate because I think it had a lot of potential but, as it often happens, it did not stand up to it When I pick up a novel I always look for 1 a great, strong headed and strong willed heroine A girl who is not a frail woman who need other people especially men to tell her what to do At the same time, my ideal heroine has her own flaws and is sensitive.2 A way with words This is very simple, most of the books are written by people who, for me, shouldnt even think to b [...]

    5. I am not very squeamish when it comes to taboo topics, so to read something about the delightful deprivation of the Victorian pornographic trade was fascinating The topic is one I have encountered before but never from this point of view that of a female book binder dragged into the business when her husband becomes ill and unable to work The woman in question is Dora Damage At the beginning of the book she is a beleaguered Victorian housewife with a husband who insists that women book binders a [...]

    6. It was probably not a good idea for me to struggle through a historical fiction and then pick up another historical fiction after that, but that was exactly what I did I was reading this one for my J in the A Z challenge I have to say though that this one was surprisingly good It started a bit slow but gradually got better The difference between this one and the one before is the fact that there was a story to be told in this one.In this story we have our main character Dora Damage in the midst [...]

    7. Not many books finish with a note from another author in this case, Boris Starling who happens to be Belinda s brother telling us the unfortunate and untimely death of his sister immediately after she finished writing her debut novel The Journal Of Dora Damage It s really sad that such a promising author had met such a ungrateful death especially when she shows in her first and only novel such talent Sad, indeed,As for the novel itself, there were times when I pondered to review this book with 5 [...]

    8. Very promising first half Starling has a nice touch with the prose, and is convincing on Dora s Victorian world She s clearly done her research, and it was fascinating to learn about the craft of book binding I think in our age of mass production, books have lost their uniqueness and individual worth I love the idea of getting a bespoke binding for a favourite volume I love the idea of the binder choosing materials to suit the book s content and the character of the reader I want one I lost inte [...]

    9. Questo romanzo la storia di una donna,passionale, ribelle e determinata, che non si arrende alle avversit della vita, lottando con le regole non scritte della sua epoca ed intraprendendo un percorso di crescita che la porter ad acquisire una nuova consapevolezza di s e delle proprie capacit lavorative Dora, infatti, trovandosi a dover sostituire il marito malato nella direzione della legatoria, scoprir un nuovo ruolo e riuscir , in qualche modo, a conciliare il suo destino di moglie e madre, con [...]

    10. Padronanza di s Ripensai a San Bartolomeo e al libro della nostra vita La libera scelta comporta non poche responsabilit dobbiamo scrivere la nostra storia con mano ferma Il libro racconta la storia di Dora Damage, moglie del rilegatore Peter, un uomo in pessime condizioni di salute a causa dei reumatismi, hanno una figlia Lucinda, che soffre di crisi epilettiche, la Legatoria soffre dei problemi di salute del padrone, ha poche commissioni e il marito, all insaputa della moglie, ha contratto un [...]

    11. Dopo aver letto 1 3 del libro mi son fatto il punto della situazione L autrice ha posto l eroina di questo romanzo nella posizione pi facile per accattivarsi le simpatie dei lettori, dilungandosi, a mio avviso, un po troppo proprio su questo punto Un marito, il rilegatore Damage gi il cognome un programma , freddo come un pezzo di ghiaccio sotto le coperte che si scalda solo quando da in escandescenza per rimproverare alla moglie l inettitudine insita non solo in lei ma in tutte quante le donne, [...]

    12. You re probably looking at the description for Belinda Starling s The Journal of Dora Damage and thinking, Not yet ANOTHER Victorian era novel based n sex, intrigue, murder, etc while rolling your eyes Well, stop being a Debbie Downer The Journal of Dora Damage doesn t follow a traditional story arc, as one would expect The Journal of Dora Damage lacks a usual introduction to the narrator clearly, Dora in first person perspective , and her family However, this is the prime case study for when un [...]

    13. Well, as the rating indicates, I really liked it And for those of you wondering why it took me so long to finish it, as it s been on my currently reading list forever, the answer is it didn t take me that long, I just delayed updating my info as I wanted to write a thoughtful review, and life was in the way If you like stories set in Victorian London, and or if you like stories about strong female characters who are nevertheless hemmed in by cultural circumstances, then you will like this book D [...]

    14. Sono combattuta nel recensire queste 400 pagine Iniziamo col dire che si legge facilmente e il tomo stato pesante solo per i miei polsi, a letto, dopo una giornata passata sulla tastiera del computer Per la storia, che inizia in una povera famiglia londinese, a un certo punto cambia tono E lo fa pian piano, senza che tu te ne accorga subito, ma prima o poi si nota e stride un po.Dora la moglie di un rilegatore di libri abbastanza apprezzato, ma ormai in declino a causa della sua malattia Il mass [...]

    15. The journal of Dora Damage es un libro del que no esperaba nada, no hab a o do nada de l Me ha encantado La historia comienza con Dora, que se encuentra trabajando como encuadernadora de libros en lugar de su marido, Peter, que tiene un problema en las manos A la vez tiene que cuidar de su hija, Lucinda, que es epil ptica Dora tiene mucho talento, y pronto ser conocida entre los arist cratas de la ciudad, que la llevar a ser el centro de una red de pornograf aLo que m s me ha gustado es la ambie [...]

    16. Tragically, this was the only book the author wrote before she passed away at a young age.I would classify this book as historical suspense The author does an incredible job conveying the main character, Dora s, desperation, fright and lust It s the first time in a long time that I felt the anxiety of the main character I will say that if you are easily disturbed, this might not be for you, as it explores the early pornography trade, and the main characters discovery of herself as a sexual being [...]

    17. This story follows Dora Damage as she takes over her ill husband s book binding business A woman running a business is very frowned upon by her neighbours and customers but she needs to make a living to support her child As money becomes harder to come by, she starts binding illegal pornographic books for her wealthier clients As often happens in illegal business, she finds herself getting deeper and deeper into this new world of slavery, sex and money.This book really brings you into the sights [...]

    18. E stato il titolo ad attrarmi.Suonava come qualcosa di nascosto e proibito, qualcosa da sussurrarsi piano per non farsi sentire E per questo che l ho comprato.E dopotutto, non cos lontano da quello che contiene questo libro.Parte subito con un diario, un inizio dalla fine che tendo a non apprezzare Da grande fanatica del thriller preferisco un medias res Per come libro si fatto apprezzare Ti affezioni subito alla protagonista, una donna della Londra vittoriana, che cerca di emanciparsi prima dal [...]

    19. Completely absorbingloved it A memorable array of beautifully described characters, and the descriptions of every day life in 1860 s London for the lower middle class were gritty and believable Best of all, the intriguing and sinister story at the core of the novel pulled me in and I couldn t put it down.

    20. Romanzo storico ambientato in epoca vittoriana, racconta la storia di Dora Damage, moglie di un rilegatore che a causa di una malattia non pu pi lavorare La famiglia, tra cui una bambina piccola, sprofonderebbe nella povert pi nera se Dora non decidesse, in barba alle convenzioni del tempo e del marito, di riprendere la bottega Infatti la Corporazione dei Rilegatori mal vede le donne che fanno questo mestiere, ipocritamente, visto che nelle legatorie industriali erano sfruttate e pagate male Dor [...]

    21. Historia entretenida que cuenta la vida de una mujer de la poca victoriana que ante la enfermedad de su esposo tiene que hacerse cargo del negocio familiar, un taller de encuadernaci n Aunque la historia es buena y la investigaci n para retratar la vida de los londinenses en la poca victoriana fue extensa, el problema es que abarca demasiado, se convierte en libro de aventuras, manual de encuadernaci n, rese a de libros er ticos, historia de la esclavitud en EEUU y hay que decir que hay partes q [...]

    22. Two words Deliciously salacious With that said I m SO upset this was Starling s first and having been published posthumously ONLY novel It s one of the best, most tightly plotted, intimately drawn tales I ve read in a very long time I was lucky to stumble upon this gem, and I m heartbroken there won t be any others.

    23. Prometedora primera novela, l stima que tambi n sea la ltima ya que la autora muri poco despu s de terminarla Lo que m s me ha gustado es lo bien que describe el Londres victoriano y el oficio de la encuadernaci n la historia es interesante y engancha m s y m s a medida que avanza Recomendable.

    24. Lovely old fashioned heroine, and the whole book was a delight Dora is widowed, and must take over a printing and bookbinding business at a time when women just did not do those things Nat say Dora is one of her top 10 heriones mine too

    25. Nell Inghilterra vittoriana una donna prende il posto del marito, rilegatore costretto all inattivit per un artrite reumatoide Si trova cos ad entrare nel mondo del vizio , lavorando su libri immorali che la legge ha messo al bando Frammentario e didascalico, buona l ambientazione

    26. Unconventional, atmospheric, chronicles a resourceful woman making her way in a man s world aided by a group of similarly downtrodden characters.u

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