The Artificial Silk Girl (2020)

The Artificial Silk Girl In a young woman writer living in Germany was inspired by Anita Loos s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to describe pre war Berlin and the age of cinematic glamour through the eyes of a woman The result
  • Title: The Artificial Silk Girl
  • Author: Irmgard Keun Kathie Von Ankum Maria M. Tatar
  • ISBN: 9781892746818
  • Page: 158
  • Format: Hardcover
  • The Artificial Silk Girl
    In 1931, a young woman writer living in Germany was inspired by Anita Loos s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to describe pre war Berlin and the age of cinematic glamour through the eyes of a woman The resulting novel, The Artificial Silk Girl, became an acclaimed bestseller and a masterwork of German literature, in the tradition of Christopher Isherwood s Berlin Stories and BertIn 1931, a young woman writer living in Germany was inspired by Anita Loos s Gentlemen Prefer Blondes to describe pre war Berlin and the age of cinematic glamour through the eyes of a woman The resulting novel, The Artificial Silk Girl, became an acclaimed bestseller and a masterwork of German literature, in the tradition of Christopher Isherwood s Berlin Stories and Bertolt Brecht s Three Penny Opera Like Isherwood and Brecht, Keun revealed the dark underside of Berlin s golden twenties with empathy and honesty Unfortunately, a Nazi censorship board banned Keun s work in 1933 and destroyed all existing copies of The Artificial Silk Girl Only one English translation was published, in Great Britain, before the book disappeared in the chaos of the ensuing war Today, than seven decades later, the story of this quintessential material girl remains as relevant as ever, as an accessible new translation brings this lost classic to light once Other Press is pleased to announce the republication of The Artificial Silk Girl, elegantly translated by noted Germanist Kathie von Ankum, and with a new introduction by Harvard professor Maria Tatar.
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      158 Irmgard Keun Kathie Von Ankum Maria M. Tatar
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    1. I am sure that I will read this book again In fact, I will probably buy a copyhopefully some entity like Folio Society will publish this gem Written in the 1930s, this book could only have been published in Europe, North American social s and sexual repression being what they were Some of the thoughts expressed herein concern frank and open but not specific sexuality, particularly from the female viewpoint Female desire and sexual fulfillmentwho knew such things existed So the book was published [...]

    2. I first encountered Irmgard Keun when I read After Midnight, her critique of Nazi Germany expressed in the first person narrative of Sanna, a young German woman who doesn t overtly criticise the Nazis at all In this, Keun s first novel, the protagonist is Doris, another na ve young German woman First published in 1931, Keun wrote the novel with the idea that it would be a German version of the hugely successful Gentlemen Prefer Blondes The novel is mostly set in Berlin in the late 1920s, where w [...]

    3. Tilli says, Men are nothing but sensual and they only want one thing And I say Tilli, sometimes women too are sensual and want only that one thing A souffl with a dash of hard liquor at its center, The Artificial Silk Girl is a sly, charming surprise an undeservedly obscure, lesser carat literary gem that is nonetheless priceless as a vivid peek into the lives of bohemian poverty and amoral decadence in Germany on the cusp of Hitler s dark age.The protagonist of this odyssey is an arresting youn [...]

    4. I only recently came across this book when I became aware that an acquaintance of mine required it for a class he teaches on the Weimar Republic It is a remarkable book The narrator, Doris, is a working class girl and a bit of a ditz who narrates her story and describes her surroundings in a way that appears shallow and laughable even as it reveals both insight and folksy wisdom Doris has stolen a fur coat and finds herself alone in Berlin just trying to get by That means that she mostly mooches [...]

    5. Why is this hailed as a window to pre Nazi Berlin when the narrator s observations are not especially insightful, about her environs or about the times in general Why is this hailed as feminist literature when Doris defines herself in terms of how desirable she is to men and chooses to remain blithely ignorant of the world around her unless it involves increasing her desirability and odds of finding a man to take care of her There is validity in the comparisons to Sex and the City and Bridget Jo [...]

    6. Giretto in libreria, luned , pioviggina, ma la poltroncina comoda e mi faccio quattro chiacchiere con la signora Entra un signore brevilineo sui cinquanta con telefono all orecchio Prende un libro al volo, lo posa sul banco davanti alla signora, mette la mano ha solo una mano in uso in tasca, tira fuori 20 euro preciso preciso il costo del libro e mette pure quelli sul banco La signora batte, scarica, infila il libro in una busta non biodegradabile e la porge all uomo che la prende e se ne va Ov [...]

    7. Tilli says Men are nothing but sensual and they only want one thing But I say Tilli, sometimes women too are sensual and want only one thing And there s no difference Because sometimes I only want to wake up with someone in the morning, all messed up from kissing and half dead and without any energy to think, but wonderfully tires and rested at the same time But you don t have to give a hoot otherwise And there s nothing wrong with it, because both have the same feeling and want the same thing f [...]

    8. There is nothing fake or artificial about the heroine of this surprising work of fiction First published in 1932 in Germany, it was followed very quickly by its English translation in 1933 It was an immediate hit for a young author s second novel praised for its pointed sense of humour as well as the underlying critique of society The story, written in the form of the central character s musings and diary, blends a young woman s daily struggles to make ends meet with an at times sarcastic yet al [...]

    9. das muss man einfach gelesen haben eine bessere beschreibung des lebensgef hls der 20er jahre gibt es nicht

    10. Das Kunstseidene M dchen The Artificial Silk Girl is a book by Irmgard Keun, written in the time of the Weimarer Republik pre Nazi Germany The book is a diary of sorts, without the Dear diary sentences This is just Doris writing what she wants whenever she wants.Doris is an interesting character She s living in a middle large city and bored to death by her job She describes herself as not that pretty, but she must have been interesting enough, because many men seem to want her, her boss included [...]

    11. a classic of feminist lit, from 1931 Germany About a strong if young party hard, bad decision making woman who s just trying to get over thanks every day Curtis Mayfield , and does, for the most part Sure she has to lie some, fake organisms, cadge drinks, lift the occasional haute couture sp item, work at crummy jobs for low pay, freeze her ass off in shitty apartments, have pretty bad hangovers, dance till her feet ache, hide from nazis, etc etc all in the day of a young woman anywhere really a [...]

    12. Weimarer Republik Die junge Schreibkraft Doris tr umt von einem glamour sen Leben als Filmstar in der Gro stadt Doch wie kommt ein ungebildetes Unterschichtenm dchen aus der Provinz dort hin Ein Talent hat Doris Sie ist die Frau der tausend Masken, die M nnern immer das vorspielen kann, wonach sie sich am meisten sehnen Im Gegenzug regnet es Geschenke aus jener Luxuswelt, deren Teil Doris werden m chte Dass sie sich dabei bald nicht mehr nur in der N he der Prostitution bewegen wird, wird Doris [...]

    13. Inhalt Doris ist Sekret rin bei einem zudringlichen Rechtsanwalt Sie will nicht mehr tagaus, tagein lange Briefe tippen, sondern ein Star werden Sie will in die gro e Welt, ins Berlin der Roaring Twenties Irmgard Keun hat Doris kunstseidene Abenteuer naiv und brillant, witzig und verzweifelt, volkst mlich und feurig beschrieben Hermann Kesten Bunte Unterhaltung in Verbindung mit satirischer Zeitkritik eine seltene Einheit Quelle Buch Vor der Rezension In Klassik Edition stelle ich euch Rezension [...]

    14. a quick read, a faux memoir, very direct voice, a good window into 30s germany thru a working class girl s eyes, lots of universal themes i really enjoyed it.

    15. 4.5 StarsReputedly inspired by Anita Loos Gentleman Prefer Blondes, Keun set out to write a response from the German perspective, one that ultimately shows us the darker side of life which lies beneath the glamour of the capital city, Berlin.First published in 1932, Silk Girl is narrated by Doris, a striking young woman whose voice I found utterly engaging right from the very start It reflects her complex personality a glorious mix of the na ve and the streetwise, the vivacious and the vulnerabl [...]

    16. I hadn t heard of Keun until I picked this up for 5 at the Co Op bookshop The novel provides a fascinating snapshot of what life was like for a working girl in 1930s Berlin, but the best part about it is Keun s dry wit and incisive commentary on every page.Some examples a subway is like an illuminated coffin on skis That s what s important how you react to someone while they re sleeping and not exerting any influence over you If you want to strike it lucky with men, you have to let them think yo [...]

    17. The 1918 classic of Ernst Lubitsch I don t want to be a man chronicles the adventures of the young Ossi, a devil may care, smoking, card playing, laughing flapper in the making whose somewhat dissolute, un ladylike manners brings her legal guardian and her entourage to despair She eventually contrives to escape the surveillance of her elders by dressing like a man and hitting town Many slapstick antics follow as Ossi comes to realise as many writers seemed to do in the interwar period not only t [...]

    18. Very interesting lost classic Written in early 30 s Germany about what life was like for a young, attractive, spunky, slightly desperate 20 something woman who leaves her screwy home to hit the big city, in this case it s Berlin Keun was a bestselling author of her time and it s easy to see why The story isn t much in terms of plot acrs or cohesion, but it doesn t need to be We follow our heroine Doris s inner reel of perceptions and actions as she makes her way through the city, flirting and be [...]

    19. Doris ha voglia di vivere, di divertirsi, di brillare come una stella Un diario per raccontarci le sue avventure, la sua fame di vita e d a Una ragazza vivace e la sua voglia d indipendenza.

    20. First published in 1932, taking place in Berlin, this is the story of an uneducated girl trying to make it in any kind of profession her one goal is to be rich and not have to worry, no matter how she does it I found the descriptors of the book to be misleading Damned by the Nazis, hailed by the feminists Looking at content, this one is difficult for me As always, I m happy to find out bits of historical information that I didn t know I didn t know for example, in order for our heroine, Doris, [...]

    21. Full disclosure I may have accidentally stolen this book from BEA _ You know in the exhibit hall publisher booths are piled high and deep with galleys for people to take for free, but as I was cracking the spine on this one I realized that I hadn t picked it up from a pile of identical copies Oh it was a galley all right, but it was one of only a handful of copies and sometimes pubs bring these along as display only samples.So Other Press, if this gem wasn t meant to walk away from the table I s [...]

    22. Wise, moving, funny this book has EVERYTHING I love the voice of Doris, a waif with a big heart who has a hard time surviving on the streets of 1932 Berlin After a couple of nasty experiences with lecherous bosses, Doris decides she d rather do just about anything else than work for a living Like many pretty girls, she has vague dreams of making it as an actress, but she is too shrewd to believe in her own fantasies of instant stardom She is painfully aware of her lack of education, and of her s [...]

    23. The first few pages of this book, I really struggled, trying to follow as Doris shifted from one thought to another, segueing from topic to topic with no real pause That is why I have always had a general dislike for stream of consciousness novels.Anyhow, I persevered and gradually found myself getting into the flow of the prose The story is simple enough, following Doris as she moves through a string of men and troubles in Berlin in the early 1930 s You get a great sense of time and place from [...]

    24. Irmgard Keun s beautiful novel of working class women in the 1930s is a comic and realistic account A young girl goes to Berlin to make her way and finds life difficult The story s realism makes the protagonist sympathetic in her struggles with life While a distant relative of Dreiser s Carrie this story reminded me of the Berlin of Alfred Doblin in the sense that we see people whose lives are on the edge during a time of dramatic change In many ways this is a miniature version of what Doblin [...]

    25. Really pleasant surprise I seemed to be tempted to underline every fourth paragraph, as Doris spews out mostly unfiltered truths with a down to earth voice, cloaked in just enough naivety to produce a comic effect but not mocking enough to discount her very real observations For a book written in the 1930s, it seems like the kind of writing you d find on a tumblr and I think that is awesome.

    26. If the book was burned by the Nazis it can t be bad This is a nice snapshot of Berlin during the last days of the Weimar Republic I find it quite amazing that this could have been written by a young lady in the early 1930 s Well worth a read.

    27. compared to Isherwood s Berlin Stories, suppressed destroyed by the Nazis, and recently republished in a new translation by Other Press YESSSSSS

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