Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 4 (2020)

Kingdom Hearts Vol The saga comes to a close as Sora Donald and Goofy discover who is really behind the Heartless and the Darkness They are forced to choose between duty and friendship Our heroes must follow their hea
  • Title: Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 4
  • Author: Shiro Amano
  • ISBN: 9781598162202
  • Page: 291
  • Format: Paperback
  • Kingdom Hearts, Vol. 4
    The saga comes to a close as Sora, Donald, and Goofy discover who is really behind the Heartless and the Darkness They are forced to choose between duty and friendship Our heroes must follow their hearts if they are to succeed and defeat the growing Heartless menace But in the world of Kingdom Hearts, choices are never easy
    Kingdom Hearts Volume Shiro Amano Aug , Kingdom Hearts Volume Shiro Amano on FREE shipping on qualifying offers When a storm hits his island, fourteen year old Sora is swept into a mysterious land where he meets Court Wizard Donald and Captain Goofy Kingdom Hearts, Vol Shiro Amano Aug , Kingdom Hearts, Vol Shiro Amano on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Sora and crew are swallowed by Monstro the whale, but when Sora and Riku finally manage to surface, they must rescue Kairi from Captain Hook on his pirate ship Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Vol manga Shiro Amano Nov , Kingdom Hearts Final Mix, Vol manga Shiro Amano on FREE shipping on qualifying offers Sora, a young boy who lives a peaceful life on his tropical island home, is set adrift when a horrible storm wrecks the world he loves and separates him from his friends Kingdom Hearts, Vol Kingdom Hearts, by Shiro Amano Nov , The book Kingdom Hearts the first volume is a good book that should be read by some th and th graders This story tells the tale of Sora, Donald, and Goofy and they go to this castle called castle Oblivion and this Happens because of a nobody telling Sora that he would find his friends in the castle and ends up traveling to different worlds like Traverse Town and Agrabah. Kingdom Hearts, Vol v Aug , Great entertaining book to read collect It is the second book of the volumes of Kingdom Hearts later on continues on to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories then onto Kingdom Hearts This manga series is great to follow on if you ve never played the Kingdom Hearts Kingdom Hearts II, Vol manga Shiro Amano Feb , Kingdom Hearts II, Vol manga Shiro Amano on FREE shipping on qualifying offers A young boy named Roxas whiles away the last days of his summer vacation with his three best friends in their quiet little home of Twilight Town But all is not as it should be in this hamlet nestled between night and day.
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    1. Nice but two things could make it much better1st Donald and Goofyimage I love Goofy And here I didn t see much Goofiness or much of Donald s personality It could be two other random characters in their place and it wouldn t make a difference.2nd Colors, we talk about Disney here Our heroes visit so many great worlds and meet so many great characters Alice, Hercules, Peter Pan, etc and it s not the same without the colors I know that this is a manga but it s a mix with the Disney world and I thin [...]

    2. Bueno en Espa a este ser a el cuarto volumen en vez del tercero El mundo de Tarz n no est por tema de derechos legales y la verdad es que se nota su falta En general me ha gustado pero me hubiera gustado mucho m s extenso ta que hay zonas que se quedan cortas.

    3. I m not sure if this books would be satisfying if you haven t played the games The plot feels so thin I don t know without replaying if that s because the game was padded out a lot with sidequests and battling Heartless, but nonetheless, in a book it s really noticeable.Still, like the other volumes, it s cute, and it s a good recap if you have played the game.

    4. Sigh The time when sora sort of suicides himself to save Kairi how he some how miracously survives from his suicide how kairi and sora are happy but then riku is sort of half deadishh I LUV THIS BOOK

    5. Let s be honest, this was a little better than the game s storyline This has been entertaining enough for me to continue with the series.

    6. I was actually surprised with how much I liked this volume just for the simple fact that it ended almost exactly the way that the video game did, well except for how the book doesn t show them going to as many of the worlds that they do I kinda wish they would have shown us the parts when they travel to the worlds of The Lion King and The Nightmare Before Christmas which were two of my favorite parts of the video game, otherwise I thought this was a great series and I would recommend it to anyon [...]

    7. SighHi, anti climax I guess I should be happy I never owned this one I don t know if it s because the original game pads the ending out or what, but some things have to be seen and heard as opposed to read about Because the ending in the game just feels epic and magical and overwhelmingly optimistic This is just ending I was enjoying the rest of this too, but as I ve learned from other books, a rushed ending can just ruin everything.

    8. These are surprisingly funny, even though the humor can be a bit odd It s not as expansive as the actual game play by any means, but if you need a quick refresher on the series before Kingdom Hearts 3 comes out, this is great.

    9. the feels i love the characters development in thisi ve always also loved the ending because it sets out some epic upcoming events

    10. We tend to take for granted the story telling that occurs in new media The subtlety of character development and ambience that persists in video games is unique, after all The time that you spend with characters can transform blocks into personalities Thomas Was Alone , visual build up can turn red clad wanderers into heroes Journey , and the silence of unlikely physicist warriors can shape a generation Half Life I choose these examples because these are all narrative experiences that could only [...]

    11. Sora and the gang finally face exactly what they ve been chasing after and they find out that they ve bargained along the way for a little Donald and Goofy must decide between their loyalty to their beloved King, or their loyalty to their new best friend, Sora And as for Sora, he must make the choice of trying to save Riku, or giving up his own heart to awaken Kairi Okay, I have to admit that this one was actually not too bad It only pissed me off here and there, but I was reading it fast enoug [...]

    12. Ultimately a simple and straightforward look at the story behind the first KH game Cute, funny, and sometimes surprisingly poignant Although the artist takes a Japanese style manga aspect to this work, it s flipped to be read as an American comic Not sure how I feel about that Also, as a self proclaimed die hard fan, there is than one dialog between characters that is ripped straight from the game I am sure that the developers okayed this, and it is probably fine in the minds of many fans, but [...]

    13. Sora, Donald and Goofy are at Hollow Bastion to find Kairi The three meet the Beast from Beauty and The Beast and he s trying to find Belle who was taken away from him As they enter Hollow Bastion Sora finds Riku who takes away the keyblade with him leaving Sora with nothing With some words from the Beast, he continues alongside him fighting with a wooden sword As Sora finds Kairi, RIku appears again but as Ansem who has taken over Riku s body They both fight and Ansem dissapears Kairi on the fl [...]

    14. Defintetly the best one in the series Today I have read the second, third and fourth, and yesterday I read the first This one, the fourht is my favorite so far Very action packed and the Beauty in the Beast scene was very good Liked the switching to the good side I will not say any names and the new or old actually characters again, no names The only thing I would change was that in this book, it says that all you need to live was a heart and a body Well, what about a soul Dont you need that Any [...]

    15. Going through the entire series and then comparing it to the game, there are little differences, but that are crucial to understanding the journey Sora and his friends are taking If you are of a reader and not a gamer, I do recommend you read this The only thing that you are really missing is the humor, which I missed in the reading It all depends on your sense of journey reader, gamer, or both view spoiler There are worlds in here that aren t shown as they are in the game You are also missing [...]

    16. 3.5 5 stars Overall, I m highly confused as to whats happened in these last 4 volumes It s kinda hard to comprehend if you haven t played the games and sometimes the artwork was too dark to see what was happening The ending where Sora travels into Winnie the Pooh s world was cute and that alone was worth 4 stars.Update everything in this series happens so fast sometimes hard to follow and makes the battles with the big baddies totally anti climactic and boring Nice art, but I hope this series im [...]

    17. As a side piece to the games, it s a fun and funny little addition Unfortunately, if you haven t played the games, it s way too simple and straight forward to even get a good glimpse at the beauty the game possesses I recommend only as an add on to fans and not as a stand alone series simply because by just reading the books and not playing the games, you are jipping yourself of the amazing FULL story you deserve from this.

    18. I read this series because a friend of mine suggested I play the game, which I didn t really care for as there are way too many cut scenes and if you re not well versed in Disney characters or video games in general, it s kind of boring The books are ok, not great by any means, but if like me, you want to find out how the story ended without wasting obscene amounts of time playing the game, the Kingdom Hearts books are worth checking out.

    19. I love the Kingdom Hearts series, though I m not a video game person the plot is amazing and it s got some of the most beautiful music The manga adaption is cute and funny, and while I like it because, hello, it s Kingdom Hearts , it cuts out so much from the actual game which by the way, I ve never finished I just watched most of the cutscenes I just wish this volume had been a little longer Actually, my favorite part was the bonus chapter with Winnie the Pooh

    20. I bought the whole series and read it on the bus during a band trip in high school This one is probably my favorite This is the most active in the series If you played the game, it was fun to see the major moments in manga style If you get what I m saying My only problem with the series is that it is too short Why not make it longer I highly recommend this, if you re a fan.

    21. I really enjoyed these books I liked the twist in this one, though I am kind of surprised to see how little a part Maleficent played I feel like she wasn t really doing much in this series, just being a kind of figurehead almost However how that came around in the book was done well enough I cannot wait to start Kingdom Hearts books.

    22. In the Final Volume of the 1st Kingdom Hearts Graphic Novel series Sora and Company travel to Hollow Bastion where they have to defeat Malificent and a suprising enemy, Sora s childhood friend Riku Sora saves the princesses and his other childhood friend, Kairi He then has to surender to save her frome dissapearing.

    23. aheh I found this to be splendid Although Amono s version of Kingdom Hearts has a quick pace, she still displays the events wonderfully The Ending of this story in particular always makes me cry XD

    24. Sora, Donald, and Goofy go to Hollow Bastion to find Riku and Kairi and confront the person helping Maleficent The series starts to get really confusing at this point since it is plot focused, people gaining hearts, losing hearts I m glad I finished the game so I kind of get what s going on.

    25. There is always a door to the light An epic conclusion to the beginning series of the Kingdom Hearts manga franchise I am quite impressed by this series ability to keep up with the video game and not lose the audience, love it

    26. Bonus points for the girlfriend not insisting on tagging along at the end Double bonus points for Belle and the Beast showing up.In terms of content, this manga is about equivalent to a classic Disney film mostly clean with the typical Disney fied heart friendship believe message.

    27. This finished it off nicely And I was so happy to see Belle who is the greatest princess of all time show up This was such great easy mindless reading and the ending wasn t disappointing For my first manga series it was awesome

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