A Devious Death (2020)

A Devious Death In the sobering yet hopeful years following the First World War Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid Eva Huntford find their summer plans marred by an instance of murder Phoebe and her sister Ju
  • Title: A Devious Death
  • Author: Alyssa Maxwell
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  • Page: 463
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • A Devious Death
    In the sobering yet hopeful years following the First World War, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid, Eva Huntford, find their summer plans marred by an instance of murder Phoebe and her sister Julia are eager for a summer getaway at High Head Lodge, the newly purchased estate of their cousin Regina But they are not the only houseguests Regina s odd friend, OlIn the sobering yet hopeful years following the First World War, Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her lady s maid, Eva Huntford, find their summer plans marred by an instance of murder Phoebe and her sister Julia are eager for a summer getaway at High Head Lodge, the newly purchased estate of their cousin Regina But they are not the only houseguests Regina s odd friend, Olive, is far from friendly, and Regina s mother and brother bitter over the unequal distribution of her father s inheritance have descended on the house to confront Regina In addition to the family tension, Eva is increasingly suspicious of Lady Julia s new maid She questions Miss Stanley s loyalty and integrity, wondering why she left her former employer so suddenly And why does Regina seem ill at ease around the maid, as if they were previously acquainted Everyone, it appears, is on edge But things go from tense to tragic when their hostess meets an untimely end mysteriously murdered in her bed with no signs of struggle Now, with suspects in every room, Lady Phoebe and Eva must uncover secrets hidden behind closed doors before a killer ensures they never leave High Head Lodge alive.
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    1. A Devious Death is the third book in the Lady And Lady s Maid series.I love to step back in time to before cell phone, computers, and the medical advancements we now have The Lady and Lady s Maid series is one my of very favorites for just that.It s August of 1919 and Lady Julia, her sister Lady Phoebe with their maids are on their way to visit Cousin Regina, who has recently inherited a large amount of money from her deceased father Regina, who has purchased a manor house, wants Lady Julia to h [...]

    2. Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her sister Julia have been invited to visit their second cousin Lady Regina Brockhurst at her newly purchased home High Head Lodge Julia is eager to get away from her grandmother s constant attempts at marrying her off to an eligible gentleman and is eager for the visit, despite the gloomy appearance of the Lodge Phoebe isn t sure why she has been invited but is hoping to become closer to her sister and older cousin Regina s friend Olive Asquith certainly no relation to t [...]

    3. A Devious Death earns 5 5 Murderous Motives Delightful Fun, M Lady Ladies Phoebe and Julia Renshaw are eager to spend some of their summer at High Head Lodge, the estate recently purchased by cousin Regina with her than the lion s share of the inheritance from her late father s estate Family drama, of course, ensues when Regina s mother, brother and sister in law, and family lawyer make a disagreeable appearance with the purpose of convincing Regina to share her windfall equitably with the fam [...]

    4. An entertaining light mystery I guess who the murderer was before the end easily but it s not a book for heavy thinking Just breezy enjoyment I have enjoyed this series but I won t be continuing with it after an interaction with the author where she was pretty rude I don t support or recommend authors who are rude to their readers.

    5. It always amazes me how much research goes into a fictional story I use to just read a book, enjoy the story and leave it at that But now when I read a book, I not only enjoy the story but appreciate the hard work that the author put into the story to ensure that it captures the reader s attention After all an author s goal is to tell an interesting story, one that will mesmerize the reader and if the author is lucky the story will stay with the reader even after the last word is read and the bo [...]

    6. An entertaining read I am not one for British cozies but I really like this series Even in a house full of suspects with multiple motives, the story kept me guessing the killer s identity until the very end.

    7. I really liked this book much than the other two books in the series With this one, I never guessed whodunit or expected the deaths of 2 of the characters Such a shocker to me And when we learn about the house and its usage is also a huge surprise I wasn t expecting what happened to happen Overall, it was a very enjoyable read and I look forward to the author s next book in this series.

    8. Lady Julia and Lady Phoebe have been invited to visit their cousin Regina at her newly purchased estate Of course each of them have taken their maids Julia has a new maid, Myra Phoebe has her long time maid, Eva When they arrive at the estate, they not only find Regina, but they also meet her new friend Olivia Suddenly, Regina s mother, brother, sister in law and family attorney all arrive They are there to convince Regina to share her new inheritance She refuses and that leaves her family with [...]

    9. A DEVIOUS DEATH, the third book in the Lady and Lady s Maid Mystery series, is a delightful study in changing England immediately following the end of World War I Lady Phoebe, her sister Julia, and their ladies maids are invited to Cousin Regina s new home Regina has recently inherited her father s estate, and the way she chooses to use her newfound wealth, which remains somewhat of a mystery throughout the book, is reflective of the changing times The lines between the classes are deteriorating [...]

    10. Princess Fuzzypants here Phoebe and Julia question why they have been invited to visit their cousin, Regina From the beginning, nothing seems straightforward and when Regina s mother, brother and sister in law arrive, the tensions go into high gear Regina s father has bestowed his fortune upon her leaving the other three impoverished Needless to say, accusations fly It is anything but a happy family Regina s strange friend and the family lawyer make up the group staying in Regina s home.When Reg [...]

    11. Julia and Phoebe are visiting their cousin, a newly minted heiress who is clearly up to something Eva and Julia s new maid, who is also up to something, also come along The new maid has serious airs about her and left the service of Lady DIana Manners somewhat strangely to Eva s mind Cousin Regina is living with her friend Olive in a newly purchased home after inheriting everything from her recently dead father at the expense of her brother and mother She has big plans for the house but wont say [...]

    12. This was the first book I had read in the series and I didn t feel like I needed to have read the previous books Even knowing that Phoebe Renshaw and her maid Eva Huntford have solved two previous mysteries, it still felt like I was able to get to know the characters without a lot of info dumping.This time Phoebe and her sister Julia have been invited to their cousin s She s just bought a new house and wants Phoebe and Julia to visit But it is a very odd sort of meeting The cousin has now servan [...]

    13. I received an ARC of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review This did not affect my opinion of the book or my review itself.In this cozy mystery, Lady Phoebe and her lady s maid, Eva, work to solve a murder that directly impacts Phoebe and her family Inheritance disputes have brought Phoebe s warring relations to descend on the home Phoebe and her sister are visiting, and the arguments soon lead to murder.Lady Phoebe and Eva are compelling and strong characters, and their r [...]

    14. 3.75 starsThis historical cozy series, featuring an upstairs downstairs amateur sleuthing team of a Lady and her maid, has much to recommend it The characters are quite nicely drawn, and the plotting and pacing is well done The whole notion of this fraternization between classes seems very unlikely, but it doesn t stop this from being a rollicking good read if you are willing to set the plausibility of it all aside.Lady Phoebe, her sister Julia, and her lady s maid Eva are visiting their cousins [...]

    15. Lady Phoebe, her sister Lady Julia, their maids Eva and Myra have been invited by Phoebe Julia s cousin Regina, to her new house Also there is increasingly obnoxious friend Olive Taking place in England in 1919, the Great War is only just over, and there are rumblings about the revolution in Russia, the assassination of the Tsar and his family, and changes in society Regina s family comes to see her, acrimoniously, since she inherited her father s fortune, leaving the entail with very little mon [...]

    16. I got an ARC copy of this book from the author for an honest review Phoebe and Julia Renshaw go to visit their cousin, Regina Brockhurst at her new home High Head Lodge While they are there two murders happen Phoebe and her maid, Eva Huntford help the police discover what happened This was a fascinating book with a surprising ending and an exploration of communism coming to England after World War I I was really surprised by who the killer turned out to be I also enjoyed the interactions between [...]

    17. England after World War I was a place of upheaval and rapid social change The peerage was losing its hold on the rest of the country and often falling into hard times, even bankruptcy A Devious Death follows one such family as they squabble over inheritances, even driving someone to murder The Brockhurst family, headed by Lord Mandeville, are Lady Phoebe Renshaw s cousins, and Phoebe, her sister Julia, and their lady s maids have travelled to visit Regina Brockhurst, who has just inherited the w [...]

    18. A wonderful historical cozy and don t worry if you haven t read the first two as this works just fine as a standalone although you ll find yourself wanting to spend time with Maxwell s characters Phoebe and Eva are one dynamic duo A lady s maid is such an archaic convention for us but she was critical in 1919 Britain That the lady and her maid team up to solve murders, well, that s just a terrific idea This time around you ll learn a bit about inheritance, which is at the core of this mystery M [...]

    19. I was really entertained by Alyssa Maxwell s book, A Devious Death It is the third book in her Lady Maid Mystery series Lady Phoebe Renshaw and her sister, Julia go to visit their cousin, Regina, at her new estate High Head Lodge Not long into their stay, Regina is found dead with a dragonfly pin sticking in the base of her skull There is no shortage of suspects Regina s friend Olive, her brother, her mother, her sister in law, and various servants I thought I had figured out the mystery of who [...]

    20. I have read one of the previous Lady Lady s Maid mysteries don t remember which one, but I remember that I liked it Also liked this one quite a lot actually like Eva better than Phoebe, but both are delightful Julia seems like a bitch, but I don t know all of her story This book had some awful people in it both Lady Mandevilles, Olive who got better , Hastings, Stanley the bad maid , and so on and so on Lots of head bashing in this one, plus a murder by hatpin, of all things Whatever went on, an [...]

    21. August, 1919 Lady Phoebe and her sister Lady Julia Renshaw, together with Lady Phoebe s confidant and lady maid, Eva Huntford, are off to visit their cousin Regina Brockhurst to help design her new purchase, High Head Lodge Think of anything that could possibly go wrong and there you have the basis of this entertaining, quick read Having read and enjoyed the second in this series, A Pinch of Poison I happily returned to the the adventures of Ms Maxwell s characters and look forward to the next i [...]

    22. As always, another great story from Ms Maxwell I always love her books and this one did not disappoint The third in the Lady and Lady s Maid mysteries moves right along and gets us caught up in the intrigue along with everyone in the book I definitely look forward to the next book in this series.

    23. 1919 and Lasies Phoebe and Julie Renshaw are visiting their cousin Regina at her new home at High Head Lodge When the rest of Regina s family arrive there can only be one outcome.A delightful easy read, and well written.It can certainly be read as a standalone novel Tempted to read the first two in the series.A NetGalley Book

    24. Ms Maxwell had me sitting on the edge of my seat when I read this book, eager to find out who the killer was and why She is so good at developing her characters, introducing their personalities as well as providing extraordinary descriptions and details of the time period I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book and highly recommend this series.

    25. Nicely plotted, engaging mystery, setting and characters with a good amount of twists and red herrings The only real quibble I had was with the new lady s maid character and her inconsistency in some cases, she seemed to be a real sticker for convention, but other times she was openly disrespectful and insolent, going against the rules of that time.

    26. Alyssa Maxwell is a careful observer of the changing s that distinguished master servant relationships between the wars Those tensions are a major driver of the plot in A Devious Death This book will be enjoyable for fans of Golden Age country house mysteries.

    27. Really liked the twists Some redemptive features and some opposites Nicely drawn characters whose true motives could surprise for both better and worse Really enjoy Lady and her maid Fun antics and settings

    28. Thanks Kensington Books and netgalley for this ARC.This mystery will blind side, shock, and keep you reading til all hours Can t wait to read the next one.

    29. Phoebe Renshaw and her sister Julia are invited to their cousin Regina s new home, High Hedge Lodge, for a summer visit When they arrive, they are meet by Regina s eccentric friend, Olive, and a limited staff of a cook and young female helper It quickly becomes apparent that things are off with the plans for Regina s home On the second day of the visit, Regina s mother and brother arrive, with the family lawyer and brother s wife in tow, to make claim to the father s inheritance that left everyt [...]

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