Koko's Kitten (2020)

Koko s Kitten Koko the gorilla uses sign language to talk to her handlers When she asks for a pet her handlers search high and low for the perfect companion
  • Title: Koko's Kitten
  • Author: Francine Patterson Ronald H. Cohn
  • ISBN: 9780590444255
  • Page: 312
  • Format: Paperback
  • Koko's Kitten
    Koko the gorilla uses sign language to talk to her handlers When she asks for a pet, her handlers search high and low for the perfect companion.
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      Francine Patterson Ronald H. Cohn

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    1. I originally rated this book five stars because it moved me to tears Then I saw a couple of documentaries about Koko It turns out that Dr Francine Penny Patterson is an incompetent psychopath who doesn t know the first thing about primatology She says things like, I don t care what the critics say I m not humanizing Koko, I m peopleizing her She also slaps a very young Koko in the face when she misbehaves ie, acts like a gorilla and plays rough with Michael, another gorilla Even the way she teac [...]

    2. I remembered this book vaguely from childhood I knew it existed, but I had no memory of having read it , and when I decided to do a booktalk on real life animals, I thought it might be a nice one to include The story itself is sweet, though I probably would have given it three or four stars rather than five, because in places, it wasn t clear to me how Patterson had conveyed such complex questions and comments to Koko.However, this review unsettled me, and this article didn t help that In retros [...]

    3. Koko is a gorilla her kitten was All Ball This is a true story, written for children Who couldn t love it Back in the 1970s Koko was born and soon thereafter was taught sign language Yes, she really could speak with her keepers in this way So, when they asked her what she wanted, she told them, Cat They got her a tiny gray, tailless kitten The story of KOKO s KITTEN by Francine Patterson tells of Koko s early life and how she came to learn sign language Then we learn about her request for a cat [...]

    4. Koko s Kitten is a must read for every human who eats, votes, or shops This book inspired my respect for the rights, dignity, and intelligence of animals, and led to heated arguments with my teacher in 6th grade and my friends in college Koko s ability to express her unique thoughts and feelings and her friend Michael s ability to remember and describe the death of his mother contradict widespread assumptions about the differences between animals and humans.

    5. First sentence Koko s full name is Hanabi Ko, which is Japanese for Fireworks Child.Premise plot Koko s Kitten is a nonfiction picture book for elementary aged readers Though the book is called Koko s Kitten, the picture book biography of a gorilla tells much than just that one little snippet of her life It tells of how Koko was is the subject of a special project, how she started learning sign language, the special bonds she s formed with the humans in her life, etc The climax of this one, is, [...]

    6. Part of me loves this sweet story, accompanied by photographs, of a signing gorilla interacting with its pet kittens But I am also left a little unsettled by how unnatural this is A few minutes of internet research on Koko s trainer leaves me disturbed I would like to do research to sort out my feelings on Koko s life and this book.

    7. This is a true story about a gorilla that a zoo had worked with with sign language and knowing her personality They gave her a kitten to care for and she did take care of her feeling all the emotions a human does with deep friendships.

    8. I first read this book when I was about eight years old Its tenderness touched me, changing my perception of the power of a book forever.

    9. 1 Category Genre Non fiction2 Copyright Date 1985 by The Gorilla Foundation3 Age Level of Interest 3 4 Reading Level Upper 3rd 4th Grade5 Brief description Koko is a gorilla raised in captivity at the San Francisco Zoo, and she has learned sign language When asked what she wants for her birthday, Koko signs a cat She gets a kitten for her birthday, and then sometime later, the kitten get hit by a car and Koko is very sad She eventually is given another kitten and is happy again.6 Identify 2 char [...]

    10. I THINK this is the first book I remember reading when I was a kid , I loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this book and I love KOKO

    11. I am drawn to cross species relationships This one was a reminder that motherhood and love of a child are almost universal experiences across the species spectrum.

    12. Koko is a gorilla that has the ability to communicate through sign language Being able to communicate with humans through sign language, Koko is able to express what he likes and does not like One year for Christmas Koko expresses he wants a cat as his Christmas present Eventually Koko gets a Kitten that she names Ball and takes care of as if she is her own child Koko and ball create a very strong and loving relationship with one another, until a tragic day in which Ball is taken away from Koko [...]

    13. This is an informative and entertaining book about a gorilla who has learned American Sign Language and communicated with her caretakers that she wanted a pet cat The story is a bit long, but we really enjoyed learning about this amazing animal and her ability to learn and communicate with humans The fact that Koko was so kind and gentle with the kittens and even gave them names really shows us how little we really know about other species.The photographs appear to be somewhat dated, but the boo [...]

    14. 1st 4th gradePatterson wrote a book that all children will love She tells the story of Gorilla that became good friends with a kitten This story is filled with pages of real pictures taken by Ronald Cohn of the Gorilla, Koko, and her kitten friend There is about one picture a page and most of them have titles explaining what is happening in the picture The reading is easy for 1st 3rd graders because it is about 30 pages of large font reading There is about 15 25 sentences per page and it is easy [...]

    15. I gave five stars, because it is a really good book Because it s about a gorrila who was tought sign language and so I thought that was just cool On koko s birthday I came to see him and I said koko what do you want for your birthday koko sign, Cat Karren went and called up a friend of hers and she came over so Karren gave koko all kinds of kittens but she picked brown tabby tailless one instead realation ship whith the with kitten Sas good they bonded and really liked eachother so then one day [...]

    16. Based on the story of Koko and Dr Patterson, this is a 5 star tear stained narrative nonfiction read But further probing on youtube and several reviews later, though, I am giving it a 3 Initially, I wanted to pair this book, along with some video of Koko, with some books of Dr Goodall s work with chimpanzees next semester when we unpack informational text Now I m left with the quandry of whether it is a greater good to give the information about Koko to my kids and let them wrestle with the quan [...]

    17. I just bought this book for my step son, but I can t deny my selfish motivation to re read it myself Even as an adult I am awestruck by Koko s story, that is so relatable I remember this story being so validating to me as a child who whole heartedly believed in the equality of all living things at least the mammals, or cute ones and the ability of other animals to experience emotions As an adult the book is not only scientifically fascinating and wonderous, but also a reminder of how a child can [...]

    18. I loved this book I knew nothing about Koko until I read this book Summer 2016 We read it to a class of students in summer school, and I fell in love with Koko and her story If you want a quick Kids book that adults will enjoy as well, read Koko s Kitten Its a true story of Koko, a gorilla that was taught sign language to communicate back in 1972 I did a little research of Koko and discovered that she is still alive This is a great read aloud story for the entire family and it can be read in one [...]

    19. I read the first book about Koko to my now grown daughter, and I loved it although it didn t become one of her favorites Now I hear that one of my grandchildren is into all things primate, so i immediately thought of Koko the Gorilla This newer book, about Koko and her love for her kitten was one I had never read before today Simple straightforward story of a caring team of humans who live and work with Koko, a now grown Gorilla full of the desire to care for another creature, and able to commun [...]

    20. This is a true story about Koko, a gorilla who learned to sign and can communicate love, anger, sorrow and joy Her trainer reads picture books to her and her two favorites are Puss In Boots and The Three Little Kittens This leads to Koko asking for a cat for her birthday She eventually receives her kitten which she names All Ball it doesn t have a tail This story about Koko and All Ball, accompanied by photographs, is not only heart warming, it demonstrates the gorilla s intelligence and its abi [...]

    21. I remember hearing about Koko s cat when I was a kid This is the story of that cat, and the details about Koko choosing him The book even has the Reading Rainbow logo on it I am amazed at Koko s, for want of a better word, humanity She is not of course, she is Fine animal gorilla And she should never aspire to humanity, we have too many faults But being able to understand another species to this extent leads us human and gorilla both one step closer to true compassion I am inspired to check out [...]

    22. I don t log or review kids picture books on here, but I m making an exception for this one Last weekend I read Koko s Kitten out loud to my younger kids it s a nonfiction account of a woman who communicates with a gorilla through sign language and carefully gives the gorilla a kitten for a pet It s educational for both kids and adults, and I found it moving and I m not even much of an animal person.

    23. Be prepared because this one is a tearjerker I think that the storyline behind this book is great since it is a true story Individuals of all ages will enjoy this book It is very sad when the first cat dies, but it ll help show students sympathy It ll also be very interesting for my students to see how well two completely different animals react to eachother All around I think this is a great book and it made me want to learn even about Koko.

    24. Koko has a choice of kittens She has one named Lipstick and one named AllBall Lipstick is very red She s really cute too Koko s choices are no tail, short tail, or long tail She draws a picture of AllBall It doesn t really look like anything but was really cute Koko keeps AllBall on her back And Lipstick sometimes, too Penny reads Koko a book about kittens so she knows what kittens are She is so cute

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