Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You (2020)

Comfort Detox Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You For too long I have lived life on comfort mode making choices for life engagement based on safety ease and convenience It has left me very little wiggle room just a small parcel of real estate upo
  • Title: Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You
  • Author: Erin M. Straza
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 292
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Comfort Detox: Finding Freedom from Habits That Bind You
    For too long I have lived life on comfort mode, making choices for life engagement based on safety, ease, and convenience It has left me very little wiggle room, just a small parcel of real estate upon which to live, move, and have my being It s not quite the abundant life Jesus was offering Whether we re aware of it or not, our minds, bodies, and souls often seek out For too long I have lived life on comfort mode, making choices for life engagement based on safety, ease, and convenience It has left me very little wiggle room, just a small parcel of real estate upon which to live, move, and have my being It s not quite the abundant life Jesus was offering Whether we re aware of it or not, our minds, bodies, and souls often seek out what s comfortable Erin Straza has gone on a journey of self discovery, awakening to her own inherent drive for a comfort that cannot truly fulfill or satisfy She depicts her struggles with vulnerability and honesty, and shares stories of other women who are on this same path Straza also provides practical insights and exercises to help you find freedom from the lure of the comfortable This detox program will allow you to recognize pseudo versions of comfort and replace them with a conviction to embrace God s true comfort Discover the secret to countering the comfort addiction and become available as God s agent of comfort to serve a world that longs for his justice and mercy.
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    2. I wasn t sure what to expect from Comfort Detox, but it turned out to be just what I needed Erin is a gifted writer and her personal experiences combined with knowledge of scripture and thorough research yields a powerful exploration of comfort and the role it plays in our lives As Christians, we know that God is our only source of true comfort, but so often we allow ourselves to become desensitized to the pain of the world around us and the work that needs to be done by indulging in temporary c [...]

    3. Straza s book goes after one of culture s largest sacred cows comfort I appreciate her insight, her straight shooting, and her willingness to speak truth about our tendency to choose comfort over challenge, risk, and sacrificial giving Here are 2 examples There is too much to do and too much brokenness in this world for any of God s people to sit idle, amused by life pursuits that benefit only ourselves We are modern day Esthers We have a place in the palace, a seat at the table of influence The [...]

    4. A good book for Lent or any time that addresses North American privilege and addiction to comfort In contrast, comfort detox means putting off old ways to make room for the new choosing compassion over convenience, trust over safety, humility over perfection.

    5. Erin has been a mentor to me We connected through Christ and Pop Culture where I do some writing She is the managing editor of the Christ and Pop Culture magazine, which is for members only And she has a podcast through CAPC, with Hannah Anderson, called Persuasion This is one of my favorite podcasts, because these two women are deep thinkers, culturally savvy, and don t spend too much time chatting and giggling as do some podcasts for christian women Now Erin has launched into the book publishi [...]

    6. Every Christian should read this book It s convicting and challenging in all the best ways There are practical challenges at the end of each chapter to help you detox from comfort, turn to the Comforter and use comfort to change the world The author writes passionately and deeply, including stories along the way I only wish the chapters were broken down into a digestible way This is not just another self help, feel good book This book will challenge you to change the way you live your life.

    7. I can t speak highly enough about this book I ve seen so many books tackle complex issues like comfort, perfection, and convenience either with an overemphasis on pragmatism or tips that don t deliver or an overemphasis on motivating you to change through guilt Never works Straza doesn t fall for those traps instead she takes the harder and better road, analyzing our addictions to comfort, nuancing the ways these play out in our lives, and presenting Christ and His Kingdom as our solution In a l [...]

    8. This book far exceeded my expectations Rather than focused on simple fixes to the problem of our obsession with comfort, it points us to some underlying sources much deeper than I expected and the true source and purpose of comfort I was encouraged and challenged, yet not beaten over the head with guilt for areas I am out of balance Great read Recommend whole heartedly.

    9. It has been a long time since I read something as relevant, powerful, and impactful as Comfort Detox From The Question to The Shredding, Erin Straza takes a holistic approach to the human experience that appeals to all walks of life The first part of the book is a heart wrencher, and I wound myself weeping as I realized how my own comfort addiction has sapped my spirit Timely, eloquent, and powerful, the author encourages you to embark with Jesus on a spiritual journey both through yourself and [...]

    10. Comfort Detox is part contemplative and part a call to action both personally and communally It took me almost a month to finish because I had chew on many chapters for a few days before I continued This book is an important part of the ongoing conversation of spirituality and the role of materialism, egocentrism, and identity Straza relates her own journey to basic ideals mixed with a lot of well thought quotes from the Christian community to create a journey for those that want to see the worl [...]

    11. I m very much a fan of this book It s a very level look at confronting our balance of comfort desire, whether in Jesus or in other things It does not condemn being comfortable, but draws out whether we are idolizing that or not It also pushes you to embrace not run from discomfort when it comes in the form of a hurting friend, a tragedy, etc be tools used by Jesus to comfort others with the comfort with which we ve received There are a few bits and pieces I disagreed with the author s approach o [...]

    12. Comfort Detox challenges the reader to realize that we are addicted to comfort, holding on to convenience, safety, and perfection The comfortable we become in life, the less likely we are to dare to follow Jesus into His kingdom work Author Erin M Straza invites the reader to gather your people to work through coming to grips with our addiction to comfort and to shred it to find comfort in God alone Her advice is good as the book has many stopping points for consideration that would be best und [...]

    13. I got about halfway through Comfort Detox when I realized I was reading it too fast and had to slow down or I d miss the conviction that comes across every page Erin provides a surgical journey into the concept of comfort and how it captivates our attention, often distracting us from the mission of God Rather than eschewing comfort altogether, she sets it within its biblical framework a gift from God who is Himself Comfort to be stewarded in service to others Each chapter closes with practical a [...]

    14. This book challenge my desire for comfort and encouraged me to step beyond my self The author shared her own story and prompted me to question my self and desires Am I willing to stand in faith, engaged in the brokenness that is shredding the world, and proclaim that God is still God, even when life doesn t change and hurts refuse to heal The author challenged me to learn to trust in God s promises even when it is hard Practicing trust means that I have to confront my doubt that God s promises a [...]

    15. Should be a memoir This book should be a memoir, rather than meandering into Christian living It s not meaty enough to be teaching The title is a little deceiving too, because I thought the author would talk about specific ways we go to comfort idols rather than God and give suggestions to reorient to the Comforter Detox The author basically wants the reader to think about others, get out of small life thinking and feel all the feels She lost me at that statement feel all the feels Really If yo [...]

    16. When I first heard the title of Erin s book on her excellent podcast, Persuasion I knew that I would have to read it I feel that my life is all but a constant search for things that will make me comfortable from extra sleep, to mindless Facebook scrolling, to making sure I ve got the clothes and gadgets that will bring me happiness All the while, I feel as if I m missing out on the bigger things of life A detox seems like just what I need Others have given a good overview of the main points of t [...]

    17. Someone who saw me reading this book asked, What are you left with after you detox from comfort Discomfort Good question I said, You re left with truth, glorious truth The timing for the delivery of this message is perfect The author s clear, authentic style of writing cuts through the noise on how to best live as a follower of Jesus Christ Love this line, Learning to rely on one true Comfort, the Comforter, would upend our hold habits and insert a new reward One of my favorite chapters is 6 The [...]

    18. This isn t a book for the faint of heart, because it will challenge your preconceptions about how to live your life Our society is filled with comforts we don t appreciate and some that are holding us back from serving a God who didn t create us to live comfortably.Straza uses examples from her life and from pop culture to highlight her own journey of retraining her brain to seek a comfort that truly satisfies I appreciate her intelligent suggestions on how to experience personal growth and posi [...]

    19. I m going to risk sounding like a broken record on Medium, but this was a book that didn t come across as I expected it to I thought Comfort Detox would somehow help me with a nasty binge eating at night habit I have I thought the book would tell me how much God loves me and that he d be willing to work with me to undo this unsightly and ghastly habit that has piled on the weight like no tomorrow I thought the book would detox me from my comfort eating habit, as I believe that some of it is emot [...]

    20. I had heard about Comfort Detox, but wasn t sure what to expect when I picked it up until the first page when her engaging writing style and sage words combined with wisdom from most of all scripture along with passages from Ted talks, insightful lyrics, personal anecdotes and insights from other contemporary thinkers that really brought the concepts home for me, hitting me right where I needed I read it cover to cover, and plan to go back in to really spend time with each chapter and the exerci [...]

    21. In Comfort Detox, Erin Straza opens up about how we often respond to the pain and stress of life we insulate ourselves by using false comforts which distance us not only from the suffering, but also from the joy Her stories of The Shredding how a trip to India changed everything she had come to know and led her to understand the heart of God are vivid and powerful She skillfully diagnoses our addictions to Convenience, Safety and Perfection Then she turns our attention to the Comforter I have pu [...]

    22. I ll be honest, I was afraid this would smack of self help, cushy Christianity So often books like this are self focused, but Erin has done a superb job of keeping this work Christocentric and outwardly focused From the first page, Comfort Detox isn t about you it s about getting you out of the way so Jesus can love others through you.If you are disenchanted by cultural Christianity, if the prosperity gospel turns your stomach but you aren t sure what to do about it, this is an excellent place t [...]

    23. I m generally aware of the false comforts I run to but Erin Straza s words unearthed other pseudo comforts that hold my heart This book helped me process and release many of the ways I work to gain comfort for myself instead of comforting others Throughout the book Straza also points to the true Comforter Biggest surprise in this book The author has included questions and comfort cleanse steps at the end of each chapter I love when books house a practical way forward Comfort Detox would work wel [...]

    24. Wow Comfort Detox I loved this book God spoke to my heart as I read it on where I was looking for comfort and how to go to The Comforter instead I loved the relatable examples and application ideas This book is on my re read list Highly recommend it

    25. In Comfort Detox, Erin Straza asks the reader to consider the lengths we go to achieve physical, mental and emotional comfort She then leads us on a journey to understand that our pursuit of personal comfort stands in the way of our personal relationship with the Lord and our purpose in his kingdom Through a rich personal narrative, she demonstrates how a propensity for comfort, stands in contrast to God s desire for us to be engaged with our community A great and challenging read

    26. Simultaneously challenging and encouraging The author doesn t resort to guilt tactics, rather she inspires the reader to a deeper, meaningful life than seeking personal comfort and avoiding risk This is one to read slowly and chew on I ll need to return for a second or third read I feel like there s much wisdom to be gained, here.

    27. I bought this book without reading the description first I was looking for a book to help in growing my home based business I guess God knew what I needed of instead I can still grow my business but have Kingdom building in the forefront of all I do This book helped me to realize that I shouldn t withdraw myself from pains going on in the world, but instead be engaged in helping comfort those in need I did not agree with all of the sentiments in the book, but I appreciate the overall direction [...]

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