Força-V (2020)

For a V Em meio ao caos do Mundo B lico existe uma ilha Arc dia um o sis de paz sob a prote o da For a V uma equipe de Vingadoras encabe ada pela Mulher Hulk Um ataque misterioso acaba acarretando no ex lio
  • Title: Força-V
  • Author: G. Willow Wilson
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 280
  • Format: Mass Market Paperback
  • Força-V
    Em meio ao caos do Mundo B lico existe uma ilha Arc dia, um o sis de paz sob a prote o da For a V, uma equipe de Vingadoras encabe ada pela Mulher Hulk Um ataque misterioso acaba acarretando no ex lio de Am rica Chavez Agora, a baronesa de Arc dia deve descobrir quem o tra dor que ame a a paz de seu mundo
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    1. I don t have a problem with female centric books, but this is at first, predictable and second, just another half hearted attempt to pigeonhole the lady super heroes into one big team on one big title see The Fearless Defenders it s not an organic smushing of characters, the focus is spread thin, and aside from a few characters, most are left on the fringes of the story.She Hulk is the baroness of an idyllic island, but there s trouble in paradise and a traitor view spoiler If I told you that th [...]

    2. The only real problem I had with this book is that there are far too many characters Yes, it s technically a team book, but in actual, ongoing team books, that should even out as characters who star in one story become supporting characters in the next In a limited miniseries like this, you end up with a handful of characters who are allowed to make an impact while the vast majority are little than decoration I d say that there s at least half a dozen characters who don t get than a couple of [...]

    3. Oh girl, I m starting to think G Willow Wilson s only quality work is on Ms Marvel first that Vixen crap at DC, now A Force , a 90s sounding lame superhero team Though I suppose she only co wrote this so some of the blame goes to Marguerite Bennett.Welcome to feminist paradise Arcadia on Battleworld, policed by A Force, an all female superhero team led by She Hulk They do it right, not like dumb men Then a series of disasters happen and She Hulk s leadership is challenged Stuff is going on what [...]

    4. The Battleworld island of Arcadia is defended by A Force A Force is a team of warrior women led by She Hulk.Recently problems have been occurring outside the normal and A Force must discover the cause before their home and team are destroyed.A Force is an interesting bunch because they take most of the toughest Marvel women and put them on a team together In this Battleworld it appeared they lived in an ian sort of way where the women lead and the men are the lesser citizens even though that s n [...]

    5. A sweet story, with a touch of emotion and loss that doesn t normally show up in the bro comics.Oh is that so Marguerite Bennett does poetry in her comic scripts This oughtta be an interesting rideWhile some complain that there are too many women in this comic to do each of them justice, that s a weird criticism to lay on such a book too many women Yes not all of them get an arc or even a personality neither do the guy heavy a Avengers or X Men when a big team book gets together.But isn t it coo [...]

    6. Wow This was BALLER my word for 2016, apparently My favorite character gets banished at the very beginning, so boo on that, but this whole thing was great WHO RUN THE WORLD STRONG WOMEN WITH SUPERPOWERS WHO GET SHIT DONE And now I have a ton of characters I love and want to read about, so hooray for that So much reading to do FEMALES ARE STRONG AS HELL but America, bb, why did you have to throw that goddamn shark

    7. I have no idea what the background of this series is Weird alternate universe, I m guessing Alternate timeline, like House of M anyway, that doesn t matter This book s good, clean, shark punching fun It s great to see so many Marvel ous get it ladies kicking butt Looking forward to .

    8. I was a little confused because I didn t read secret wars but I was still able to follow along enough to enjoy the story and the characters.

    9. A Force was one of the interesting tie ins to the recent Secret Wars event.A Force introduces an all female Avengers squad a team that will continue in the rejiggered post Secret Wars Marvel Universe On Battleworld, She Hulk is the baroness and chief protector of Arcadia, a peaceful island nation She also leads A Force, charged with protecting the prosperous community Key allies include Captain Marvel, Medusa, Dazzler, the female Loki, Nico Minoru and Ms America.An attack by an odd sea monster [...]

    10. The A Force, an all female Avengers team in Warzone Arcadia , is on the case when monsters start invading the city This was a terrific adventure, filled with fantastic characters I wish America had been in , but storywise, that s my only complaint I wasn t crazy about the art generally seemed largely exploitative, which is extra gross in story for women The one exception is Singularity, who was impeccably colored I loved the relationships, and the five issue arc was perfectly paced I loved seein [...]

    11. I haven t read Secret Wars yet so I didn t really understand the Battle World stuff, but honestly I don t think you need to read Secret Wars before going into this.There are so many amazing characters in this including some of my favourites like Nico and America I just loved that this was an all women avengers team, SO GREAT.Overall this is a super fast, entertaining read and i really enjoyed it

    12. I love the all female avengers But it was a bit too fast paced aaand I missed a thorough introduction of the characters Im not an expert in marvelverse But it was very cool with all the girlpower

    13. I only gave this 4 instead of 5 because I don t like that this collection didn t not have a preface or run down of the characters as I ve encountered in many other graphic novels Also, it s not established that this is an alternative universe There were several characters in the story whom I was not familiar with and had no idea about their entangled relationships or what their powers were but they way the story is written, it s as if the writer assumes the reader is familiar already That aside, [...]

    14. I love all of the characters in this book, and I love G Willow Wilson s contributions to the Marvel universe So I was really looking forward to seeing so many great heroines interacting, and was proportionally disappointed when I got into it, only to find out it is not a starting point whatsoever and is a huge mess in terms of script and panel layout edit I forgot got talk about the panel layout in my initial review, but this was something that bothered me the whole way through If you know what [...]

    15. We re back on Battleworld for another Secret Wars tie in This time, the events take place in area of Battleworld known as Arcadia, which is a land populated and protected by Marvel s female superheroes, including Spider Woman, Dazzler and Captain Marvel, with She Hulk as their leader.The story kicks off with Miss America Chavez of Young Avengers beating the crap out of a giant shark She defeats it by tossing it into neighboring Marvel Zombie world and in doing so, breaks King Dr Doom s law of ke [...]

    16. 3 5 starsNot my favourite Marvel comic, but I will be picking up the next volume The cast is incredible, the art is beautiful albeit the panel layout gets a bit confusing, especially during the fight scenes that take up two pages , and I m sure it ll get less confusing as the series goes on and I adjust to the Secret Wars setting Admittedly, one of the big reasons I picked this up was for America Her time in A Force was brief, but she was view spoiler exiled the True America Way, and for that, I [...]

    17. I appreciated the color tableau of badass female heroes of the Marvel Universe some of my favorites popped up in there Not crazy about the story, but I guess they had to kick it off somehow Curious how the post Wars issues will go.

    18. This story has some touching emotional moments Especially the relationship between Nico and Singularity was fun to read The only problem I had with the story is that the climax wrapped up too quickly, and there didn t seem to be any real danger at the end.

    19. Super fun Loved all the heroines and the message Art wasn t my favorite it was very Marvel event style.

    20. This was fine It s cool to see an all female cast Still secret wars is kinda dumb and the art here was way too sexy and the body types were wildly homogenous

    21. I m honestly not sure whether I really enjoyed reading this comic or not, partially since the plot is disconnected from the typical Marvel universe which leads to it being somewhat confusing since I haven t bothered to read Secret Wars.The writing throughout each issue really varies in quality during some parts, the omnipresent narrative sounded articulate and artistic, whereas some of the quips characters made during fight scenes were irritating than cool.The real depth to the series seemed to [...]

    22. Bez bicia przyznaj , e A Force to moja prywatna utopia Wszystkie postaci, kt re kocham w jednym miejscu Amerika i Loki praktycznie s par i adoptowa y Nico Ta seria mog aby by lepsza tylko gdyby Anya Corazon dosta a sw j klasyczny kostium Arany, a nie Spider Girl Serio, to m j jedyny zarzut Chc napisa do niej tysi ce femslashowych fanfiction Gdybym mia a wybra fikcyjny wiat, w kt rym chc y , Arkadia by aby w pierwszej tr jce opcji branych pod uwag.

    23. My only complaint about this book is that they didn t manage to give screen time to awesome ladies This was a total delight, and I m looking forward to reading the next volume of it The art was great, and the team did a great job including a lot of fun cameos and humor.

    24. I am so out of the loop with the Marvel universe at the moment, but trying to fix that.This was enjoyable, had my favourite character She Hulk and some good action scenes.

    25. This is based on the single issues the tpb and not the actual tpb.Why I picked it up Come on This was on THE VIEW and all over the internet We knew it was coming All girl Avengers It was the second 1 I had heard of JEM was the first Then, my husband told me some magical words Marvel Subscription That s twelve issues of a comic for 28.96 and mailed to me At the time that was a big deal, as my comic store of the time was far, far away I now love my local, up the street store, Robot Zero The Art Jo [...]

    26. I was disappointed by this book I knew going into it that there were a ton of super heroines basically every single one in all the Marvel comics so I knew that there d be a struggle to get them all time But they didn t even bother to focus on any other characters besides She Hulk, Medusa, Nico, Dazzler, Captain Marvel, Singularity, Loki, and America All the other characters just ended up being in one or two panels and most had no dialogue whatsoever No I m not just bitter because my favourites d [...]

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