An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory (2020)

An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory A concise presentation of the basic principles of political economy
  • Title: An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
  • Author: Ernest Mandel
  • ISBN: 9780873483155
  • Page: 385
  • Format: Paperback
  • An Introduction to Marxist Economic Theory
    A concise presentation of the basic principles of political economy.
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      385 Ernest Mandel
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    1. Want to get a effective understanding of Marxist economics, yet don t feel like slogging through all three volumes of Capital Look no further than this little jewel Mandel explains the subject matter with great clarity and wisdom Best introduction to the subject that I ve come across.

    2. Ernest Mandel puts a finer point on many of the concepts Marx introduces in Capital, Volume One He teases out the ramifications for a mid 20th century world of the Marxian theory of the declining rate of profit, collaboration of the state with capitalist industry neo capitalism , the role of the state in crises of over production, and economic colonialism Mandel s account of Marx is astute and elegant his grasp of Marx was apparent However, I propose that Mandel is a little too uncritical of Mar [...]

    3. A very accessible crash course in the basics of Marxist theory Not a replacement for reading Marx himself, but fine as an introduction, companion, or refresher The second half of the book deals with neo capitalism and from the perspective of 2017 is somewhat less interesting Though his account of the Keynesianism of the 40s 60s is probably very astute, he doesn t anticipate the rise of neoliberalism and thus only has a limited amount to say about the form capitalism has taken today.

    4. I don t know much about marxist economy, so he could be saying that the surplus value is made of ice cream and that value form is codename for a ghost of the market and I d believe him Therefore, I can t say I liked it a lot for I am cautious and aware that this may have irregularities As in fact, some irregularities are pointed out in this critique to anotherof Mandel not this one.With that being said, I m sure that I liked this for it was written in a elucidative, non repeating way Exceptions [...]

    5. Marksist ekonomi politi i genel teorisi ve hatlar yla ele alan ba ar l bir giri kitab kinci elden de olsa Das Capital in ana hatlar n ele alm ve ok kritik etmeden anlatm t r.Yeniden okunas

    6. This book is a classic and a must read if you do not feel the urge to slog through Das Capital Mandel explains Marx s theories thoroughly and clearly.

    7. This is the second time I read this book It was the first book on Marxist economic theory I read, and it was extremely useful still I decided I wanted to go over it again after having read about Marxism for a few years The book is still enjoyable the topics are covered in a very organised manner, and nothing is just mentioned in passing I also managed to understand some bits that either went over my head the first time or that I didn t realise how important they were at the time.I was not thrill [...]

    8. Although it may have been written for the layperson of his time, what must have seemed basic to Mandel is quite dense to us today Still, this little book is one of the best introductions to Marxian economic theory written in any era and at least its first two sections are as valuable now as they were when written The section on Neo Capitalism may seem a bit antiquated, but it also has its insights Whatever problems one may have with Mandel, especially his notion that capitalism will undo itself, [...]

    9. This introduction manages to be very clear and concise, while fitting a lot of theory in I d like to say dense, except that it s not unnecessarily difficult, although it requires careful reading to really get the concepts driven home I ve read this twice now and many parts over many times and I ve learned something new each time I found it helpful to read this along with other introductions to economics as it helps to understand the theory explained in different ways, from different angles.

    10. Excellent Crammed with ideas A great introduction to Marxist economic theory.The third chapter is difficult than the first and second, and deals specifically with neo capitalism That makes this an incomplete introduction, because it doesn t deal with the developments in capitalism since 1967 The third section will be easier to understand if you are familiar with some history from the years 1940 1970.

    11. Clear, concise, quick It almost goes too fast I had a minor understanding of Marxist economics before this and it basically helped to clear up some of my questions It s surely not a complete overview of Marxist economics but it s a good start I m told Harvey s Companion to Capital is another good one but it is substantially longer.

    12. A nice short introduction to some Marxist ideas without the complication of Capital Short and concise it covers some things well It has left me looking forward to getting into the Trait d conomie marxiste.

    13. A clear and succinct exposition of Marxist economic thought Sadly it comes through crystal clear just how useless most of that thought is.

    14. a very easy to read short explanation on marxist economic theory he covers all the basics from capital without the deep explanations easy to understand even for non economists

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