Covet (2020)

Covet For Jonathan Liam Delacroix Lemaitre II everything revolved around the love of his life Raven Shaw But they were too young and too destructive Raven thought they would always be friends yet Liam kne
  • Title: Covet
  • Author: Amarie Avant
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 457
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Covet
    For Jonathan Liam Delacroix Lemaitre II, everything revolved around the love of his life Raven Shaw But they were too young and too destructive Raven thought they would always be friends, yet Liam knew a different truth The son to a vast Legacy, he is shipped off to Paris at a tender age, leaving Raven to fend for herself, full of questions and doubts Now, he has retuFor Jonathan Liam Delacroix Lemaitre II, everything revolved around the love of his life Raven Shaw But they were too young and too destructive Raven thought they would always be friends, yet Liam knew a different truth The son to a vast Legacy, he is shipped off to Paris at a tender age, leaving Raven to fend for herself, full of questions and doubts Now, he has returned to town and determined to get back in her good graces Gone is the clumsy, fat boy he once was In his place stands a man ready to take on the world, with the woman he wants at his side Raven, on the other hand, can see the new man but still searches for echoes of her friend Who is this handsome guy that has swept into her life He was Liam, but he wasn t HER Liam And she wasn t sure if he ever could be.
    • [E-Book] ✓ Covet | By ☆ Amarie Avant
      457 Amarie Avant
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    1. If you could see my Read Shelf and the genre that I have been submerging myself in, then you would know that this is one of the few romance books that I have read For going through a phase of reading only High Fantasy you know that this is on the other far side of the spectrum.Why Well, to be honest, I read this because of the blog tour, but damn, how happy I am that I did I lost myself in this story of Liam and Raven This was written with the reader in mind because every emotion, whether it be [...]

    2. I received this book as a ARC Oh man I can tell you right now that this book was AMAZING you could feel the love of Raven and Liam I won t give too much away but Raven is fantastic main female character she was strong and always spoke her mind As for Liam he was good too but for me he really didn t stand out as much Raven did, I feel like he allowed his family to control him too much but that s just my opinion But once this epic book does comes out I will recommend that everyone should read it T [...]

    3. One thing I ve come to expect from Amarie Avant is an emotional story The love, the build up and the sexual aspect of this unforgettable couple was everything Ms Avant knows how to capture the attention of readers, force you to care, and then slowly take you through it Covet is no exception.I absolutely loved getting to know Raven and Liam, as the young friends grew into something much The plot unraveled as the past and present collided It seemed like everyone had some kind of secret, one that [...]

    4. ARC given in exchange for honest review Liam and Raven are childhood friends who whenever you saw one you saw the other Raven couldn t remember a day that she didn t have Liam by her side, until one day when he was abruptly ripped from her life Raven never thought, that after almost 4 years, that Liam would walk back into her life, With the reappearance of Liam comes startling revelations that change what they thought they knew and force them look at each other differently.This story had a lot o [...]

    5. As close friends, Raven and Liam looked after each other, stood together against the world and had a brilliant supportive relationship until the day they kissed That was when Liam left, sent away to Paris Now he s back Their attraction to each other is as strong as ever but both have changed in the intervening years and trust doesn t come easy He s changed the most dramatically, no longer overweight but now the epitome of tall, athletic and handsome Has his personality changed, too Does Raven re [...]

    6. Title Covet Deceptive DesiresAuthor Amarie AvantPublisher Blu Savant PressReviewed By Arlena DeanRating FiveReview Covet Deceptive Desires by Amarie AvantMy Thoughts.Definitely a attention Grabber Be ready for a little bit of it all as this author will take you through lots of deception, dramahurt, secrets and lies with all the twist and turns with such emotions that will keep you on the edge of your seat What will happen to these two young friends lovers.Raven and Liam And what about those othe [...]

    7. I was given this book as an ARC reader for my honest review I loved it and Liam mother I can t wait to see what happens to her I loved Raven and Liam together , but in my opinion Liam did not have a backbone maybe in the next book he will I can say all that I want to say b c it will give away to much of the story but I can t wait for the next book and Sept 29 the is to long for me Lol

    8. I was given an Advanced Copy of this book to post an honest review Let s get the overview out of the way first This book is centered around two main characters, Liam and Raven They are surrounded by shadowy individuals such as Elise, Jonathon, Charlene, Monica, Chris, Damon, Alvin and just a few others to help round out this peculiar cast Liam and Raven are childhood friends that have had a connection almost from their very first encounter Raven was in many ways Liam s protector and the aggress [...]

    9. Rating 3.75Cover buys Sometimes they re great, sometimes they suck And sometimes they re live CovetYou should really walk away but you just CAN T This book was touted as a Romantic Mystery which drew my attention in the first place, well that and the cover I like pretty people okay Anyway, when this book came across my kindle recommendations, I was in the mood for a mystery romance Something than a book about a couple falling in love and having to get over their trials and tribulations and prov [...]

    10. 40% DNF ARC Just to choppy, I kind of get where the story was going but it just didn t flow well for me I am sorry I just couldn t finish All the best to this author, but this book just didn t do it for me, sorry All my Reviews are 100% honest and my own.

    11. I was given a copy of the arc for review purposes It has in no way affected my review.The story revolves around two childhood friends Liam and Raven Liam is the rich heir to a fortune and Raven is the parentless average child Even though they are from complete opposite sides of the tracks they become fast friends Suddenly his parents send him away to Paris to live with his grandfather Raven is devastated She s been raised by her grandparents and is very wary of other people Even though she knows [...]

    12. WHAT OMG NOOOO I m so confused right now Wow okay The secrets, the lies, and the manipulation That should be the name of this book My heart breaks for Raven and Liam buddy you are on my s t list How are you going to what you did years ago to her again Jonathan punk ass ain t s t and I need for someone to off Elise

    13. Romance, Coming of age, New AdultCOVET Deceptive Desires 1BLURBFor Jonathan Liam Delacroix Lemaitre, everything revolved around the love of his life Raven Shaw But they were too young and too destructive.Raven thought they would always be friends, yet Liam knew a different truth The son to a vast Legacy, he is shipped off to Paris at a tender age, leaving Raven to fend for herself, full of questions and doubts.Now, he is back in town and determined to get back in her good graces Gone is the clum [...]

    14. This book has so many twists that it will leave you with your mouth hanging open Raven has had a tough life growing up Not being raised by her mom and not knowing who her father is Lucky for her she had two loving and supportive grandparents in her corner along with her best friend Liam Liam comes from a well to do family who looks down on Raven for reasons than one but as kids they never knew why Being attracted to Raven, Liam is caught kissing her and is sent away to Paris by his mom to live [...]

    15. I received an advance copy of this book This is my review and how I see it Amarie Avant, I am so mad right now and you are so wrong for what transpires here The book is just that good and suspenseful, I never saw that coming.This story is about Jonathan Liam Lemaitre and Raven Shaw, best friend since they were little, until Liam was ripped out of her life by his mother and sent to France In their senior year of high school Liam reconnects with Raven to claim the love of his life Raven is dating [...]

    16. Nail Biting SoI was conflicted about Raven s age firstbut then I realized this young lady s life was impacted at an early ageeven though she was sexually innocent.e was chronologically older.Liam was also forced to grow up earlyeir parental units were very dysfunctionalRaven had her grandparents thankfully and Liam had his eccentric grandparents who were devoid off maternal and paternal instinctsElise is your quintessential spoiled princess who would do anything to destroy everyone who dares to [...]

    17. This story is about Liam and Raven The story starts with them as teenagers, seniors in high school It tells us how their friendship developed, got lost for a minute and reconnected I liked the connection of the two even as teenagers The romance was done tastefully and you can feel the love the two felt for each other Liam is rich and privileged but he is down to earth despite his upbringing Raven was raised by her grandparents because her mom gave her away, she didn t know who her dad was This s [...]

    18. HmmmmmThe 5 star reviews fooled me into reading this I believe in unbiased views when reading a novel Whether I m a huge fan or a newbie to your work I believe in giving a fair review So here goes my opinion of this novel This book was lacking There was no clear direction at times Raven was too extra for me and Liam well he was just Liam Nothing flowed smoothly to me It was all choppy and erratic It jumped from one scene to another with no real clear time line It just seemed to me as though it w [...]

    19. Great ReadI loved this book RAVEN, the heroin was strong, loving, loyal and a fighter She knew what she wanted The secondary characters were amazing and helped in making this story so great Liam is another storyI was so disappointed in his sorry that started to put the book downbut I didn t and I m glad kept reading This book was so real that s why I kept going but Liam needs to grow some BALLS REAL FAST He needs to be taken down a couple pegs and I feel Raven is going to fix him Real good He wa [...]

    20. I am having a difficult time leaving this rating at 2 stars I would love to bump it down to 1 Why are there so many 5 star ratings here The book was difficult to read, the dialect was certainly questionable and the characters were unbelievable It was painful to read I kept wishing I was at the end.Raven and Liam are not people that I would enjoy being around It was as if they didn t even know one another Their descriptions of each other varied from page to page and any attraction between them wa [...]

    21. Deceptive is the right titleI wanted to love the book But, I just couldn t I found all of the characters to be annoying down to their five year old daughter I found myself scratching my head and saying wait, what at some of the plot twists Frankly, by the end of the book I was just bored and could care less what happens to these folks I enjoyed the first book in the series and had waiting excitedly for the second , but I m very disappointed This would have been a much better book had she just wr [...]

    22. First, I just want to say that I absolutely love Raven She is a strong, feisty woman that doesn t take crap from anyone This is a book that will keep you turning pages until you get to the end, and man what an ending There are so many secrets in this book and I can t wait for the next book to see what is exposed I won t give you any spoilers, but I really think this is a great book I won t say anything bad about Liam, but I hope he can redeem himself, lol.

    23. WowThis is my first Amarie Avant book, but it will definite not be my last I m finding to read book 2 of this Intriguing Deceptive Desires series Liam and Raven story, Covet , tugs at your heart, especially for readers who love to read about destined lovers I hate Elise, and I hate Jonathan s weak behind even I started reading the sneak peek for book two, and now I m upset that it ended so quickly T

    24. I was given a copy of this story in exchange for an honest review Review to follow3.5 mystery filled angsty stars

    25. Such a disappointment and let downOne of the worse books I have read in a long time And I purchased 2 and 3 before reading the first instalment I will never do that again a lesson learnt There is no emotive language, no transition structure from one page to another, no show just straight up tell, very unbelievable storyline from the standpoint of the heroine side, which does not convey that Raven has any emotional pain from the abandoning from her mother and her so called baby father Who the hel [...]

    26. To my surprise, I was drawn inAs a prequel, this book set the stage and introduced the characters I was interested from the start, but experienced moments where the story transitioned quickly and I was a little lost However, that didn t last long and as the story continued to develop I found myself unable to put the book down Now I m excited to start the next one in the series Overall, it took time to develop the characters and demonstrate the build up of the relationship, but once the different [...]

    27. Liam and Raven whewMrs Avant did say she was going to have us love them and watch as she breaks their hearts, she did just that This is actually my second time reading this series, I forgot to review it before Since its my second time, then you must know I enjoyed it Although they are teenagers, Mrs Avant still provides a very nice idea of who they are and how their pain facilitated who they will become I m just beside myself with both of their mothers though Deceptive is so right, and so wrong [...]

    28. Book one OK, Book one should be advertising a new soap opera if that is the intent The beginning saga of a romance set amongst two that were known since age two should have a stronger base Though you try to bring it to that, it is quite weak I m moving on to book number two and hope it hold

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