Lorn (2020)

Lorn Being raised among a race of half breed Vampires and Lycans has been far from easy for Kira VampLycans despise humans and her mother s human blood runs deep in Kira s veins Unable to shift having few
  • Title: Lorn
  • Author: Laurann Dohner
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  • Page: 213
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Lorn
    Being raised among a race of half breed Vampires and Lycans has been far from easy for Kira VampLycans despise humans and her mother s human blood runs deep in Kira s veins Unable to shift, having few VampyLycan traits at all, Kira is denied acceptance from the clan and the love of the man she s wanted since childhood A little girl s crush that s bloomed into a desire sBeing raised among a race of half breed Vampires and Lycans has been far from easy for Kira VampLycans despise humans and her mother s human blood runs deep in Kira s veins Unable to shift, having few VampyLycan traits at all, Kira is denied acceptance from the clan and the love of the man she s wanted since childhood A little girl s crush that s bloomed into a desire so strong, it threatens to consume her Suffering the pain of Lorn someday finding a mate is not an option With their evil clan leader, Decker Fil, currently on the run, it s the perfect time for Kira to escape to leave Alaska behind and attempt happiness elsewhere Just one day, and she s gone for good Lorn has a difficult decision to make, one that will change not only his life, but the lives of everyone he knows He s been asked to take control of his clan With Decker gone, the time for such a drastic power play is now It s a responsibility Lorn has never wanted but the choice is made for him when Kira is unexpectedly attacked, changing her in a way that should mean her death Now, he ll do what it takes, kill whoever he has to, to keep her from being executed under clan law If he can defeat his enemies and gain leadership, Lorn will change all the rules for Kira or die trying.
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      213 Laurann Dohner
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    1. This series is proving to be nothing like The New Species Series by Laurann Dohner.The hero, Lorn was a total twithe goes somewhere else to get off with other woman because he can t do it with the heroine, Kira Kira moons around himrows herself at him, keeps getting rejectedease girl.t a life and get rid of this twit None of the characters made an impression on me The plot was just too silly at times All the repetitionover and over and over againjust got on my nerves I actually finished reading [...]

    2. I was definitely not disappointed with this book This is the best story of the series so far Essentially the book works in two levels There is the love story of Lorn and Kira on the first level, but on the second level there is the power exchange issues between the members of this particular VampLycan community We know from the previous books that evil clan leader Decker is on the run Thus, the leader s chair is empty Lorn is the favorite and the chosen of the other VampLycan clan as well as Lor [...]

    3. 4 I m so happy I liked this because I love LD Stars Ok, Yay I want to do a little happy dance Why do you say Because I love Laurann Dohner but her last two book were C R A P, CRAP But you know what This one was not crap It was what I love about Laurann Dohner some loveable characters in an almost perfect society there is a little discourse in this one though , some weird strange not quite right dialect, and some super sexy sex scenes Classic LD smut I loved it Lorn was a sweetheart alpha, and Ki [...]

    4. How to rate this without being too unfair Well I will start off by saying that the heroine was too weak in her devotion of the hero that she came across as too pathetic I didn t like her character not because she was horrible she wasn t but because she spent years pining for the Lorn knowing that through the years he was taking trips to another clananing he was going off to have sex when he was in heat I hated the fact that he wasn t celibate and that he was in total denial that heroine was his [...]

    5. It s safe to say that this series are NOTHING like her NS series The H is possesive but he doesn t really want to mate her he was in denial that she was his true mate and the h kept throwing herself at him When he hit puberty he distanced himself from her since he went into heat he left the clan when he felt the need to sleep with ows now he gets upset that she let a human fucked her but I guess he can fucked anything and everything I won t be reading any of this series And when they had sex for [...]

    6. I have been waiting for this book and I couldn t wait to start it I loved this book The story continues with Decker still missing and now many want Lorn to take over his clan but Lorn s father has other plans Kira has never been treated the same with a human mother and her being closer to her mothers side everyone has let her know she wasn t wanted Everyone but her father and Lorn Since she was young Lorn has watched out for her but then everything changed when she turned fifteen Kira has always [...]

    7. I love to read almost everything that Laurann Dohner writes but her last two books were awful I was truly looking forward to this book, and I was not disappointed LornKira

    8. romanticcynicblog.wordpress.cBeware of Spoilers Star Ratings Heroine Kira 3 5Hero Lorn 3 5Plot 3 5Grovel noneCheating noneHEA yes but no epilogueTriggers h has known each time the H has spent time with other women this was before they got together Average score 3 5Best Line I will fight to the death if anyone attempts to kill her Worst Line He d have to accept some woman his father had chosen for her lineage and suffer in silence It was expected of him Personal Review This was an ok supernatural [...]

    9. Just like the first 2 books in the VLG series, this book suffered from pack politics, archaic pack rules, and families hating each other.The romance took a backseat to the maneuvers for pack power I also had trouble believing the romance.The hero and heroine have supposedly loved each other since they were kids He stayed away from her so the pack leader wouldn t kill her When his needs couldn t be ignored, he traveled far away to other towns and screwed other women there, but he always pictured [...]

    10. 5 Lorn Stars Audible Review HERE Ok when I first started reading this book, I was like oh ok different clan Lorn we learn about in book 2 and he was intriguing enough to want to read his book I am so, so happy I did You know that saying the bigger they are the harder they fall Well boy howdy is that true here He has always been protective of Kira because her bloodlines are not as strong with her mother being a human So he felt the need to protect her even if that means from himself.Not only does [...]

    11. I was really looking forward for this book to really change my mind about this whole series because I wasthisclose to give up on it I absolutely loved the first book it s one of my favorites but the second book was just horrendous.This book had the potential to be great but I m afraid it didn t work for me At first I thought the third book was going to be about Lord Aveoth but since this one is about different characters in different community I thought, Okay we ll see Unfortunately, it just fel [...]

    12. Another great addition to the VLG series Yes, these stories are not like the New Species series, but this is a completely different world that is set apart from the NS To read this series and expect it to mirror another series is unfair to the author This is my favorite story out of the series so far I loved Lorn and Kira as a couple I REALLY want to read Lord Aveoth s story, but I wouldn t complain if the next story featured Lorn s brother.

    13. 4 Marvelous stars Loving this series Lorn was intense but still I can t wait to reach Aveoth s book Off to read

    14. Lorn was not LD s best story in the VLG series in my opinion The banter between Lorn and Kira was repetitive They kept repeating over and over why they couldn t be together and what happen when they were children Kira was born of a human mother, her father Davis was VampLycan Kira had human traits the VampLycan ones She wasn t excepted into there clan and was horribly mistreated by the other children and adults Lorn befriended her at a young age and they grew up together Lorn protected and defe [...]

    15. Lorn and Kira I kept putting off reading this because I m not a fan of Romeo and Juliet type scenarios But the story went in a direction I had not foreseen.So Lorn and Kira grew up in Decker s the jackass villain from books 12 pack Lorn is the son of Decker s right hand man who is also a right bastard Kira is the half human daughter of a member who tried to leave and live among humans Now she is trapped in the pack Trapped by her love for Lorn and the fact Decker would hunt her down and kill her [...]

    16. THE BEST ONE YET IN THIS SERIES I freaking LOOOOOOOOOOOVED LORN Sexy, loyal, a real bad ass leader with a gentle, kind soul and Kira was a tenderhearted sweetheart who loved Lorn since she was a child I SO enjoyed their romance and want another VLG book like NOW LOL.rfectly written with the kind of heart, romance and sexy men we desire.

    17. This Third Book was Better than the First Two Books, however, it got old really fast that Lorn and Kira couldn t be together.I understand Lorn was protecting Kira by staying away but it still was sad that Kira had to watch him leave the clan and knew where he was going and what he was doing while he was away.I understood why he had to stay away from her, I just didn t like it and it lasted for too long.The author did a really good job writing the Villain s.

    18. After reading the reviews and my very disappointing reads of the first 2 books in this series I am going to skip this one I really hate to drop a series especially since I adore Laurann Dohner This is me giving my sad unhappy face NEXT BOOK

    19. 3.5 starsI enjoyed this story the most so far It was sad and emotionally difficult to read some sections because Lorn learns how much he has hurt Kirahe apparently didn t realise that she returned his feelings because he had to avoid being close to her for so long He finds out a little of how she has suffered when he finds out she was with someone else in college.Lorn will do anything to keep Kira safemetimes to the point of ridiculous How he ever denied that she was his true mate is a wonderbut [...]

    20. Kira was a mestizo, half human and half VampLycan, and she was a renegade in her clan.She was in love with Lorn since childhood, when they first met and he went on to defend her from attacks from other children.When they reached adolescence, his father didn t want Lorn kept his friendship with Kira, and forbade him to stay with her or she would be sentenced to death.For years Lorn obeyed his father Until Kira was attacked and her human side became vampire, the main enemy of VampLycans.Kira would [...]

    21. 3 starsThis book had potential to be my favorite in this series But, the political drama was overwhelming For a Laurann Dohner book, it was light on the romance Usually the romance is front and center throughout the book I know it was important to the story and the series, but it just didn t hold my interest I felt we were going on and on, saying the same thing over and over Really disappointed but I still think this series is a good paranormal read.

    22. I really enjoyed this book The characters were great, but they were so many that I sometimes had a hard time remembering who was who The story was simple but interesting and made it difficult to put the book down even if the end was predictable The cover is also great, but the guy s facial expression just ruins it But overall, I highly recommend this book and I can t wait for the next one.

    23. 3.5 stars instead of a solid 5 because I have to say, the ending stunk I kept hitting next page then I realized the book was over so many questions unanswered I get this is a series and there will always be something left to wonder about, but this one left a lot of them Its not quite a cliff hanger, but it almost is.

    24. Lo siento, pero NO SOPORTO leer celos y reclamos de los protagonistas a ellas, sobre si han estado sexualmente con otros Para luego, la autora venderme que m gicamente todo olvidado Lo siento pero no me creo que alguien que monta en c lera por algo as , jura que matar al tipo y encima se siente traicionado, porque supuestamente ella lo amaba, haga de repente borr n y cuenta nueva.

    25. Ms Dohner has done it again Ms Donner has done it again I admit I approached this new series with some trepidation as I am not fond of vamp or gargoyle series, but was I ever wrong I have enjoyed all three books Go on Ms D

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