Full Coverage (2020)

Full Coverage You can take the boy out of Quinn Texas but you can t take the love for sexy cowgirls out of the boy Evidently Nolan Winters left his hometown after high school wanting bigger things than Quinn cou
  • Title: Full Coverage
  • Author: Erin Nicholas
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  • Page: 227
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Full Coverage
    You can take the boy out of Quinn, Texas, but you can t take the love for sexy cowgirls out of the boy Evidently Nolan Winters left his hometown after high school, wanting bigger things than Quinn could offer Years later, he s a popular journalist, reporting stories that stir him, and also a bestselling author to boot, working on his second book a biography about one ofYou can take the boy out of Quinn, Texas, but you can t take the love for sexy cowgirls out of the boy Evidently Nolan Winters left his hometown after high school, wanting bigger things than Quinn could offer Years later, he s a popular journalist, reporting stories that stir him, and also a bestselling author to boot, working on his second book a biography about one of Texas most beloved football coaches, Quinn s very own Nicholas Carr Now Nolan s finding himself home a lot often For research Yeah That s the story he s sticking to He s not coming home for sexy, sweet local mechanic, Miranda Doyle Nope Not at all Randi s a born and bred Quinn girl, than content to stay there forever Football, steady work, football, family and friends, football the small ranching town has everything she needs And lately, something she wants Nolan Winters Never much of an athlete, he s asked football fanatic Randi for help on the sports details of his new book about Coach The ins and outs of the game It isn t long before Randi would rather help the hot scholar in and out of other things like her bedroom, and definitely his clothes She s a small town, C average ex cheerleader He s a big city, A plus bookworm Their differences could keep their engines running hot or steer them straight toward a crash and burn.
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    1. WOW Everyone knows that I am a huge Erin Nicholas fan, and I really doubt she could write something that I wouldn t like at least a little bit I just sometimes get shocked when she writes one that seems to get even hotter and better, because I never think it s possible to top her last one, but that is what she did with Nolan and Randi when she went back to Quinn, Texas this time I loved how open Miranda Randi was about her personal and sexual life, and even so that Nolan didn t judge her becaus [...]

    2. Slick s review posted at Guilty Pleasures Book Reviews4.5 starsYou can t go home again or can you Nolan Winters was studious, he was an observer of life, a writer and a quiet, young man with a crush on the head cheerleader, Miranda Randi Doyle, but their two world really didn t mesh in high school and Nolan knew he wanted out of small town Quinn, Texas and he s made a name for himself a newspaper features reporter and for the book he wrote For the last year he s been in and out of Quinn writing [...]

    3. Loved this 5 Stars Full Coverage Boys Of Fall by Erin Nicholas There are nine books in this series by authors Erin Nicholas, Mari Carr, and Cari Quinn with three books releasing each time Full Coverage released at the same time as Wild Card Mari Carr and Going Hard Car Quinn These three can be read in any order however the previous six books in this series should be read prior See below for full list Please note that these are standalone but in order to relate better to the characters mentioned [...]

    4. Fantastic story Nolan and Randi, the main characters in FULL COVERAGE, perfectly complemented each other and had sparkling chemistry In the beginning they seemed to have completely opposite ideas about their priorities, but in the end, love won out and was all that mattered Ms Nicholas wrote some great scenes that really demonstrated their love and strong connection what made it different and real All the guys she d spent time with should have looked at her like she was the best thing since some [...]

    5. One word comes to mind when thinking about this book SWOON I swooned on about every page Nolan made me fall in love so hard It also made me laugh out loud, super hot, cry and angry, but the swooning won The sexual chemistry in this book had me hooked from the prologue and didn t let go Nolan and Randi were combustible Who would have ever thought the nerd from high school and the head cheerleader could be such a steamy combination When they say opposites attract they mean it and Nolan and Randi e [...]

    6. All you contemporary romance fans out there Yeah, you One Click Full Coverage by Erin Nicholas now This one was definitely one to put on your reread list Nolan and Randi were so adorable, and sexy, and witty Great interactions with the other people in town, and also Nolan s mom This was a fun read

    7. I have loved the Boys of Fall series from the beginning and sad to see it come to an end In her last book of the series, Erin Nicholas once again wows me with her amazing storytelling and beautiful love story between Nolan Winters and Randi Doyle These two are complete opposites but they complement each other well The author not only puts sexiness in her story, she also puts a lot of heart into it I loved this story so much and what a way to end the series.

    8. I m a big fan of Erin Nicholas and I ve yet to read one of her books that I didn t like There is just something that she has in her writing that keeps you turning pages till the book is done I always love the endings yet always want at the same time I love Miranda s Randi s character in this book She isn t your typical heroine being that she s a mechanic but she also loves dressing up and looking great proving that women are very versatile She doesn t fit into any stereotypical box She s got a [...]

    9. Funny, sweet, and sizzling sexy hot is the best way to describe this incredible read Randi is such a fun character, outlandish and free spirited and Nolan is, well.just Nolan Swoonworthy, smart, and compassionate Together these two are combustible This is a fantastic opposites attract story with a bit of friends to lovers thrown in While they ve always been attracted to each other, they both are afraid to take that first step She thinks she s not smart enough to be with him, he thinks he just to [...]

    10. Another fun, sexy, sweet installment to the Boys of Fall series I love the confidence and personality in Randi She was a friend to all, a great mechanic in a man dominated profession, loves to have a good time with her friends, and has trouble talking with a certain brilliant man She complemented Nolan very nicely He was a story teller who had feelings for Randi for a very long time, but was also nervous when around her Their discomfort around each other was very cute and funny But when they wer [...]

    11. The final Erin Nicholas book in the Boys of Fall series, Full Coverage, is just amazing I cried at the end of the book because it was just so perfect Nolan has had a crush on Randi since middle school Randi gets tongue tied around Nolan and feels less than to his obvious smarts When Nolan asks Randi to dance at the party for Coach Carr, little did they both know that it was the start of something amazing to come Fast forward four months and Nolan is back in town and asking for Randi s help on a [...]

    12. Holy Tequila I absolutely fell in love with Nolan, the writer, and Miranda Randi , the mechanic Their chemistry was there from page one Erin Nicholas hits another one out of the park with this addition to the Boys of Fall series I loved Randi s straight forwardness, along with her awkward moments when she was frazzled by Nolan s presence I always love a little back story with characters, and their history heightens all the feels They moved fast in their relationship, but it s because they alread [...]

    13. I absolutely loved this book Randi is pretty much the girl next door, and the one you want as your best friend Nolan is a sexy hero, with a bit of a naughty hidden side that Randi does a perfect job of bringing out I was drawn in from the beginning of this story, with the odd conversations these 2 would have I loved catching up with characters from the previous books, and can t wait to read of this series.If you are looking for a steamy read that will have you laughing, swooning, and maybe have [...]

    14. I adore this series Full Coverage is a great addition Miranda is the town mechanic in Quinn, Texas I have to admit I have a soft spot for a heroine who isn t afraid to get her hands dirty and knows what she wants And Nolan, a man who knows how to use words and his hands The chemisty leaps off the pages I have to say I was surprised by a plot twist in this book and that doesn t happen often The author didn t take the easy route here and I loved it I hate to see the series end.

    15. There is always behind the labels that were put on us in high school Ms Nicholas pairs the nerd with the cheerleader and fireworks Erin Nicholas has created a beautiful story about how opposites attract and being able to bring out the best in one another You will remember your feelings of inadequacy and longing for what you dreamed of when reading this story.Nolan Winters started the school newspaper he was smarter than anyone else in Quinn, Texas and proved that by traveling the world, writing [...]

    16. Just wow Where do I start, loved, loved the story of Nolan and Randi We are back in Quinn, Texas for the final installment of the Boys of Falls, wiping tears away Nolan and Randi grew up together but both opposites Nolan, now an author and Randi is the town mechanic feeling very comfortable in her coveralls but boy can she turn Nolan on Can you say hot combustion on the fifty yard line They were both afraid to show their feelings but the chemistry is hot, but they just need to find away to make [...]

    17. Full Coverage is the final Erin Nicholas installment in the Boys of Fall series Nolan Winters has always been a quiet observer in Quinn, Texas and now he s writing a book about the town s beloved Coach Carr and needs the help of local football and Quinn expert Miranda, Randi, Doyle He s always had a thing for Randi but she was the head cheerleader while he was the editor of the school newspaper Randi has always found Nolan attractive but feels like her C average intelligence doesn t measure up t [...]

    18. Nolan and Randi I loved these two Although I must admit I really enjoy these Boys of Fall books way too much I think Nolan is the book smart shy high school kid who grew up to become a pretty famous writer Randi was a high school cheerleader secretly crushed on by Nolan who knows everything there is to know about football and is now a mechanic Still too completely different people So when Nolan is writing a book about Coach and his high school football teams, he knows exactly who to turn to And [...]

    19. Wow Every time I think that a book of Erin s is my favorite, she writes another one that pushes the other one out of the way I loved Randi and Nolan Nolan is the smart guy from school who is now a writer and Randi is an ex cheerleader turned small town mechanic They are very different from each other but their chemistry is amazing I loved all of the odd conversations that they had I had several laugh out loud moments while reading this book While I have loved all of The Boys of Fall books, I thi [...]

    20. Nolan and Randi are complete opposites which makes their relationship all the better in my eye Nolan is the geeky author and Randi is the average girl turned mechanic They are constantly in awe of each others work, and each other This is a steamy, ink your ass, kind of story and I loved every minute of reading it.farewell Boys of Fall

    21. I don t know how Erin Nicholas does it but Full Coverage is yet another 5 star book I couldn t put Randi and Nolan down A nerd and a mechanic chick The chemistry between the two is through the roof This is one of those books that show you how well suited opposites can really be Love knows no bounds If you love little town contemporaries then you will love this book.

    22. Football finale in QuinnVery good finale Nolan the school editor, not a football player not even a football junky The kid that made something of himself away from the town of Quinn Yet something is drawing him home, that something is football So after the football stadium dedication to Coach Carr, Nolan is going to write the story of this Texas town s love for football Randi is beautiful, confident, a true lover of football and secretly had a crush on Nolan in high school He was the A student wh [...]

    23. Anyone who follows my blog knows that Erin Nicholas is one of my all time favorite authors, so it s no surprise that this book is another winner from her Seriously, does she know how to write a bad book Unfortunately, this is the last book from Erin in the Boys of Fall series by her, Mari Carr, and Cari Quinn Look for the other reviews coming soon Ever since the second set of releases for this series from these ladies, I was interested in Nolan I love alpha males, but I find the nerdy ones quite [...]

    24. I love this series and I love the way this author writes small towns and the people that inhabit them Nolan Winters was the nerdy guy from high school that left Quinn for opportunities better suited to him He returns to Quinn often to see is mother and he s an author who s writing a book about Coach Carr Miranda Magnolia Doyle, otherwise known as Randi, was the high school cheerleader that loved Quinn, loved football and now owns a garage and is the best mechanic in five counties She s sassy, s [...]

    25. Ok where to start, this was an awesome HOT read as always and totally what we have come to love about Erin Nicholas It s like that saying she s like a good bottle of fine wine, get s better with age that is totally true when it comes to Erin Nicholas.Randi is really a girly girl when she wants to be, she also has a crush on Nolan who makes her feel awkward and jittery and reminds her that she is not the brightest bulb in the drawer But never actually made her feel that way, it was all her.Nolan [...]

    26. Randi and Nolan were introduced to us earlier in the Boys of Fall series, but we really get to know them in Full Coverage just as they re getting to know each other as than friends Each has secretly longed for the other for years, but they re just now acting on those feelings and the attraction that can no longer be denied I really like how Nicholas portrays Randi as the cheerleader who grew up loving cars and football like just one of the boys, met her goal of becoming the mechanic owner of a [...]

    27. WOW what an amazing book once again by Erin Miranda Randi Doyle lives in Quinn, Texas She loves football, beer and cars She is the local mechanic Nolan Winters comes to town to write a book about coach He works for the San Antonio Express News He is going around talking to everyone getting their stories when he comes up on Randi They have been friends for over 20 years, going through school together Little do they know it but they both have had a crush on each other She gives him all the informa [...]

    28. Received an ARC in exchange for an honest review Full Coverage is written by Erin Nicholas, and it is part of the Boys of Fall series It can be read as a stand alone book It features Nolan Winters and Miranda Doyle.Nolan has come back to Quinn, Texas to write a biography about a beloved hometown football coach So what better way to get an insight on the sport and the coach than to ask football fan and mechanic Miranda aka Randi Nolan and Randi have known each other since high school Even though [...]

    29. I love this series I have loved every book in the series Full Coverage by Erin Nicholas is my favorite It s my favorite of the series and it s one of Erin s best I loved this story from start to finish There is the fact that you have the opposites attract which I love I think you could also include friends to lovers another one of my favorites Also the humor in this book is another trait that I have grown to love in all of her stories The school newspaper officehad me laughing out loud Erin also [...]

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