Seeing Red (2020)

Seeing Red This powerful profound autobiographical novel describes a young Chilean writer recently relocated to New York for doctoral work who suffers a stroke leaving her blind and increasingly dependent on t
  • Title: Seeing Red
  • Author: Lina Meruane
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  • Page: 419
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  • Seeing Red
    This powerful, profound autobiographical novel describes a young Chilean writer recently relocated to New York for doctoral work who suffers a stroke, leaving her blind and increasingly dependent on those closest to her Fiction and autobiography intertwine in an intense, visceral, and caustic novel about the relation between the body, illness, science, and human relationsThis powerful, profound autobiographical novel describes a young Chilean writer recently relocated to New York for doctoral work who suffers a stroke, leaving her blind and increasingly dependent on those closest to her Fiction and autobiography intertwine in an intense, visceral, and caustic novel about the relation between the body, illness, science, and human relationships.
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      419 Lina Meruane
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    1. This book is harrowing and intense and wonderful It tells the story of a young woman facing blindness she has known for a while that she could lose her sight, and then one night at a party it happens Her boyfriend doesn t get it and thinks she s drunk as she stumbles around But her eyes have filled with blood and while she hopes an operation might help, she knows it may not The novel is written in the first person and we spend the entire book experiencing all her thoughts and emotions with her I [...]

    2. I discovered Lina Meruane s Seeing Red when I stopped by at the bookshop a few days back The cover grabbed my attention and refused to let me go Then I read a quote by Roberto Bola o on the back cover raving about Lina Meruane well, who can resist that I started reading it a couple of days back and finished reading it yesterday Seeing Red tells the story of a woman, who has a delicate health condition Her eyes are in a delicate condition her blood vessels in her eyes can burst any time and she c [...]

    3. Primer libro que leo de Lina Meruane y estoy fascinada Escribe con una fuerza que te atrapa desde la primera p gina No se diga la historia, personal y dur sima, pero hay algo en su uso del lenguaje que me conquist Tiene una urgencia que te empuja a seguir leyendo esta historia, que no sabes si pas tal cual o no, pero como las grandes historias, tampoco es que importa, porque es una maravilla Vivida entre Nueva York y Santiago, tiene amor, el vivido por ella, familia, hermanos, y en definitiva la [...]

    4. Con diferencias m nimas de lo que se entend a en la Grecia antigua como tragedia, esta brutal novela de Lina Meruane podr a ser le da como tal sin coro, y con un reparto m nimo de actores, la narradora nos hunde en el sufrimiento de la vida de una escritora, una investigadora, que pierde la vista, al menos temporalmente.Aunque antes de movernos a la compasi n, siento que se acerca m s m s al espanto, al horror y al mismo tiempo a una belleza ciega, una belleza del sonido, de los aromas, de las t [...]

    5. This book is described as a new to me genre autobiographical novel Apparently the author, Lina Meruane, had a stroke and suffered temporary blindness, necessitating surgery Her novel s main character, also named Lina Meruane, is based on the author, also being an author having serious problems with her vision The literary character literally sees red from the burst blood vessels behind her eye.The book is written in short chapters with a stream of consciousness aspect to them Having been through [...]

    6. Acho que nunca na vida um livro me deu TANTA agonia quanto esse Interrompi a leitura v rias vezes porque n o aguentava continuar QUE GASTURA mas foi timo, escrita da autora impec vel

    7. As I was reading Seeing Red I had a sudden vivid wish to gather some women writers together who i realize have similar energy and similar honesty in their writing as Lina Meruane has in her writing, and whose writing is, like hers, brutally physical by which I mean, not violent, but even so, deeply felt in the body There is no distance at all in their writing They write about blood and love and life and death.Seeing Red begins, literally, with blood and love, in medias res, at a party, where the [...]

    8. This book was so good I sent Meruane a giddy fan letter It began as a sedate, polite note about how much I enjoyed the novel and spun out from there because Wow It was fantastic I devoured it I read it in the original Spanish, but I understand that Meruane worked closely with her translator for the English edition, Seeing Red, so it s bound to be excellent as well Definitely seek it out Definitely read it.

    9. Albeit a fascinating read I did struggle at times with the style, not sure if some of this is down to translation, but it did feel like a constant stream of consciousness which I found quite heavy at times.Despite that, it s such an unusual story, semi autobiographical as I believe the author experienced blindness following a stroke, so it s a pretty horrific journey through the terrors of blindness, peppered with dark humour.

    10. an unsettling and disquieting look at a woman s descent into blindness, lina meruane s seeing red sangre en el ojo melds autobiography with fiction meruane, a new york based chilean novelist and lit professor, was awarded the 2013 sor juana in s de la cruz prize given to spanish language women writers for this work with a first person narrative chronicling her own ocular decline, seeing red bears witness to the inter and intrapersonal struggles that force the narrator to make sense of the relati [...]

    11. Lu en anglais Seeing RedDifficile pour moi de ne pas saupoudrer ce texte d une pluie d toiles Le visc ral parle Quel texte fascinant Dans ce roman autobiographique, on suit Lina Meruane et les retomb es terribles d un simple mouvement vers l avant L auteure souffre d une maladie qui fragilise les veines intraoculaires, et lors d une f te, alors qu elle se penche pour saisir sa seringue d insuline, les veines se rompent et le sang envahit ses yeux.C est le long parcours vers l op ration qui nous [...]

    12. I expected this autobiographical novel about a Chilean American woman going blind to be riveting sadly, whether it was the translation or what, by the 50% mark I found it to be quite putdownable so that s what I did.

    13. Hardback version from Atlantic Books My review is on ireadnovels.wordpressAt a party it was happening Right then The doctors had been warning Lucina, for a long time At Twelve o clock sharp she gave her an injection, when her purse fell to floor Lucina bent down to pick it up And then a firecracker went off in her head But no, it was no fire that she was seeing, it was blood spilling out inside her eye Until twelve o clock that night Lucina had perfect vision But by three o clock Sunday morning, [...]

    14. This book was nothing like any other book I have ever read The book is written with such a sense of urgency and passion which helps the reader sympathise with the protagonist in their situation of losing her sight.It was an interesting read and I found it quite a heavy read and it took a lot of concentration to get myself back into the book each time I picked it up.I also assume that because it was translated from Spanish this made it difficult to become engrossed in as it had some grammatical [...]

    15. I received a review copy of this title from the publisher through Edelweiss.Our senses are our most precious natural gifts because it is through them that we are able to experience the world At one point we have all probably wondered what it would be like to lose our hearing or our sight or our sense of smell In Seeing Red, we are given a vivid understanding, through the character of Lina, of what it is like to lose one s sight Lina, a young woman attending graduate school in Manhattan and livin [...]

    16. Initially drawn to this book because of the very striking cover, and the insides are just as striking It wasn t written in the normal way and I think that really worked well with the subject matter as the author describes her conflicting emotions as her world changes when her eyesight begins to disappear.I found her story to be shocking, brutal, raw, honest and she pulls no punches in describing the despair she begins to feel, the way she takes things out on the wrong people and had to start dep [...]

    17. Algunas de mis frases favoritas me quieres decir cu ndo fui yo una ni a nunca te dejar ver lo que hay aqu adentro, cosas que ni siquiera me cuento a m misma los ojos eran dep sitos de memoria abr la ventana como quien abre un p rpado un clamor de p jaros electrocutados en los cables de la luz los vecinos todos esos gringos acostumbrados a madrugar con los calcetines puestos y los cordones ya anudados Dec a Central Park y la cabeza se me llenaba de patos azules la palabra amanecer no evoc nada lo [...]

    18. A great, great book Each chapter is a single unbroken paragraph a few pages long, and rich in vividly sensorial descriptions I highly recommend this interview with the author on the Between the Covers podcast davidnaimon 2016 06 30 The circumstances in which I read this were less than ideal squished in a car with my family, amazing scenery out the window providing a constant distraction so I m definitely re reading this in the near future.

    19. and suddenly I understand that this lunch is a goodbye We all get up at the same time and Genaro wraps me in his arms, kisses both my cheeks and my forehead, promises to call me next week, to come visit me, but I know he won t that our friendship has ended in that picturesque restaurant of scavenging seagulls.

    20. Que no os enga en sus 177 p ginas, este libro hay que leerlo con pausa, admirar su estilo, angustiarse con la protagonista, perderse en sus descripciones y sus reflexiones Poquito a poco, como en p ldoras, porque a veces te corta la respiraci n.

    21. A strange one, leading the reader on with winding sentences into despair or rambling, panicked thought utterly queasy making at the opening, but less so later This is one of those books that I ll have to sit with to mull.Which is a good thing, I think.

    22. Like many kids, when I was young my sister and I would play a game where one of us would pretend to be blind and had to be led around by the other While reading Seeing Red, by Chilean author Lina Meruane and translated from Spanish by Megan McDowell, I felt like I was a part of an extended, adult version of this game, complete with all of the serious examinations of the narrator s relationships through illness Set partly in contemporary New York City where the narrator lives, and partly in Santi [...]

    23. El comienzo y el final del libro son las mejores cosas del libro Las primeras hojas enganchan r pido y el ltimo p rrafo deja la intriga necesaria.Me sent muy inc moda con todo el asunto del ojo viscoso, sangre acumulada A n as , lectura muy recomendada.

    24. This book showed no mercy and clawed into my brain The prose is relentless, the story is haunting, and the fact that Seeing Red is an autobiographical novel makes the main character s anguish all the real.Lina has diabetes and has been told for a long time that one wrong move, one sudden swish of her head could rupture the veins in her retina, rendering her blind And that s what happens And then a firecracker went off in my head But no, it was no fire I was seeing, it was blood spilling out ins [...]

    25. Fui ler esse livro sem saber muito sobre ele para o clube Leia Mulheres Para in cio de conversa, eu odeio ler sobre olhos, sobre o funcionamento de rg os, sobre sangue e veias, ent o acho que parte do erro de should ve known better culpa minha mesmo Ele conta a hist ria de uma mulher diab tica que sofre um tipo de infarto ocular e seus olhos acabam cobertos por sangue, ocasionando uma cegueira tempor ria Eu dei muito a ler esse livro, porque apesar de ser um livro curtinho, ele n o flui O projet [...]

    26. Hello Lina where have you been all my life you write the way I want all authors to write it s so searing so personal so psychologically painful and profound and it is an absolute honor to publish this book No, please don t, I said to myself, keep talking, keep shouting, howl, growl if you must Die laughing That s what I said to myself, my body seized up though only a few seconds had passed I d only just come into the master bedroom, just leaned over to search for my purse and the syringe I had t [...]

    27. Estou especificamente chocado com a ltima frase desse livro Sangue nos olhos um livro com uma leitura extremamente prazerosa Voc acompanha a hist ria de Lina que vai perdendo a vis o Ao longo da sua perda vemos a sua rela o com seu namorado Ign cio, seus familiares e poucos amigos Lina n o a personagem mais agrad vel do mundo No entanto, voc fica ansioso pra ver como ficar a rela o dela com as pessoas mais pr ximas N o nego que os dois ltimos cap tulos me deixaram intrigado, mas a ltima frase me [...]

    28. Nace desde la enfermedad y se erige en su torrencial avance como un gigante de lo morboso corporal, de la obligaci n al amor y al sacrificio Es s dica, grotesca, inc moda, cr tica y profundamente ntima La reivindicaci n, el grito de una femme damn e algo tirana que se ve ahogada por la sombra de la inhabilidad que los dem s procuran que recuerde Est sola con su sangre en el ojo, ciega, pero entera.

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