Concrete Park Vol. 1: You Send Me (2020)

Concrete Park Vol You Send Me Earth s outcasts exiled to a distant desert planet and forgotten will either destroy each other with gang violence or find a path to redemption that will create something entirely new Concrete Park
  • Title: Concrete Park Vol. 1: You Send Me
  • Author: Tony Puryear Erika Alexander Philip R. Simon
  • ISBN: 9781630080624
  • Page: 371
  • Format: ebook
  • Concrete Park Vol. 1: You Send Me
    Earth s outcasts, exiled to a distant desert planet and forgotten, will either destroy each other with gang violence or find a path to redemption that will create something entirely new Concrete Park, a dark, sexy sci fi saga by Tony Puryear screenwriter of Eraser and Erika Alexander Living Single , is filled with unforgettable protagonists, a colorful supporting cast,Earth s outcasts, exiled to a distant desert planet and forgotten, will either destroy each other with gang violence or find a path to redemption that will create something entirely new Concrete Park, a dark, sexy sci fi saga by Tony Puryear screenwriter of Eraser and Erika Alexander Living Single , is filled with unforgettable protagonists, a colorful supporting cast, redemption, romance, and nonstop action presented in an exceptional, vibrant style Concrete Park Volume 1 You Send Me collects the critically acclaimed graphic novel from the pages of Dark Horse Presents into a director s cut hardcover featuring new pages and bonus materials
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      371 Tony Puryear Erika Alexander Philip R. Simon
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    1. The chatter about the lack of Diversity in books and especially comic books has been heard and re heard by everyone with an Internet connection There are panels on it An entire hashtag WeNeedDiverseBooks was created just to bring attention to this dire problem All the while comics like Concrete Park go seemingly unnoticed But maybe not everyone is ready for what Concrete Park brings to the table This is a violent, sexual, hyper active comic swimming in a world of diversity And it is a true repre [...]

    2. One of my fave science fiction comics ever, a can t miss if you re a fan of dystopias or high action sci fi In the near future, criminals from poor communities are deported to a correctional colony on a desert planet where they work in the mines or try to survive in the gang controlled neighborhoods The story roughly follows the intersection of two main characters Isaac, a young black man who is transported, and Lena, a brown queer woman who s been living on the planet for some time and whose ga [...]

    3. Maybe of a 3.5 read, it s kinda chaotic But I m interested enough to keep going Side note I checked this out via Hoopla which I love but some of the pages must have been 2 pages in print which makes the text REALLY hard to read digitally and if you zoom it the pixelation sucks and it s STILL hard to read So if you can find this in print, I d recommend it over digital.

    4. In the not so distant future, society s undesirables are sentenced with transportation and exiled to a uncharted prison planet This essentially the gist of Concrete Park, a multi volume graphic novel series from creator Tony Puryear.The reader loves how meticulously researched this series is, from the guns to the convict slang hodgepodged from actual Earth language a helpful glossary is included It is also competently illustrated by Puryear whose art style combines both the grittiness of its set [...]

    5. I m reserving judgement on this until the next volume I found some of the concepts interesting, but there were so many people introduced in just this volume, so quickly, that I had a hard time developing any attachment to them.

    6. I m so glad that I finally got the chance to read this A graphic novel created by a diverse team, Concrete Park is a mix of sci fi, action and admittedly a bag of everything else under the sun It s busy and I love it You ve got gun battles, shape shifters, turf wars, melanin blessed characters, women present, in command and with agency of their own bodies.Very much reday for volume two which I already have

    7. Great art, great tale This is a world where nothing is safe but Tony Puryear and company find a way to make it fun Many gangs, each with their own fun sub cultures A great start to a series

    8. Fantastic graphic novel I usually don t read graphic novels, but this world is so immersive Scare City looks like a bombed out South LA on planet with two suns Everyone is young, exiled and the slang is a mix of Hindi, Portuguese, Chinese and It s great.

    9. A solid read that seems to have a large amount of potential Based on the glossary in the back and the map of Scare City, it seems like a lot of research and thought went into the construction of this highly diverse world with influences from Chinese, Latino, Malay, Arab, Iranian cultures and So hopefully we ll get to see how that is handled as the story develops The biggest draws are without a doubt the setting of the desert planet and the characters.The weakest point of the book is its art I f [...]

    10. Admittedly, there s a lot going on A whole lot But actually that s why I enjoyed this so much This is just the beginning of the first arc, so really, this is of an introduction to the world of Concrete Park, but I already want to visit not stay in this futuristic mash up of cultures and ideas Again, keep in mind that this is an appetizer The meal will be in the future issues.

    11. I live the pure diversity of this book There is a lot going on, enough to be confused as to what is actually happening but by the end there is enough information to figure it all out.

    12. Gratuitous and over the top violence, depravity, gore, and body objectification, about POC communities trying to survive a horrible dystopic wasteland I see every ethnicity except white represented white people haven t been forsaken They are part of the leadership White supremacy has won for good in the future it s depressing as hell.

    13. I love the artwork in this book The hardcover edition has eye popping color and graphics on nice thick pages Very high quality materials and the story inside achieves the same level of quality This feels like the beginning of an epic tale and I can t wait to see where it goes.

    14. ah, so much going on, I actually had to read the study guide online once I understood about the world though, I m super interested in reading volume 2y cinematic, so I m hoping there s a film or tv adaptation in the works.

    15. Very exciting start eager to read the rest Loads of language play in a melting pot of the worlds poor Gorgeous drawing, ambiguous storyline, and the sex and violence make sense.

    16. All Over The Place Not very fun read I spent most of the time trying to figure out the point of the book No.

    17. I liked it I ll read the rest but there was something missing here.I needed a little back story before Scarce City appearsrtheless fun and nothing s wrong with fun.

    18. Concrete Park is a comic book graphic novel series that I stumbled upon in the Kindle store The first volume was free and it looked like it could be a diverse read, which I ve been trying to find of lately, so I decided to just go for it Just a quick note this book is definitely for mature readers only, as it contains violence, nudity, and heavy swearing To start, this is a sci fi book with a unique premise Criminals on Earth are sent to a somewhat close planet to be slaves in the mines there, [...]

    19. Concrete Park is set on a desert planet that is used as a dumping ground for criminals and exiles from Earth These people join gangs to fight over the limited resources in the town that has formed Conceptually, this reminded me of Bitch Planet and Escape From New York.The book is pretty in your face from the beginning Violence and sex abound It is great at dialing into the character personalities and showing the struggle that these people have Luca, the leader of an all female gang, does a nice [...]

    20. In the near future, the New Earth Council exiles the young and poor to a secret off world colony to toil away in ice mines The lucky ones escape to Scare City, an outpost divided among 100 gangs The first volume of Concrete Park, by Puryear Eraser and Alexander Living Single , follows Isaac, a new arrival from Los Angeles, and Luca, who is an established player in Scare City s underworld While Isaac gives the reader insight into the conditions on Earth, Luca shows what it takes to survive in Sca [...]

    21. I d not heard of this comic but it was on a list of Feminist comics you should be reading with a bunch of other graphic novels I ve really enjoyed so I thought I would try it I enjoyed it The art was kinda simple and bold but it really fit the setting It was near future sci fi about a penal colony and the different gangs Not the most original of ideas but it was well done, and there was good characterisation Unlike some things where all the criminals seem the same here the main characters were d [...]

    22. The story creators Puryear and Alexander tell pulls you in from the first page In an urban colony its population call Scare City, on a harsh desert planet where young criminals are exiled in droves aptly reminiscent of mass incarceration gangs fight daily for resources, drugs, money, power and power As one of the main protagonists, Luca, the leader of an all female gang bluntly observes early on, Something s always burning Between segments of exposition that does a great job of revealing backgr [...]

    23. GR only credits Tony Puryear on this book s page and not Erika Alexander.This feels very similar in tone to Deconnick s Bitch Planet Extremely diverse cast and a solid premise however this volume s really short so most of the story is set up but I liked it and I will be getting the next trade.Minor negative though is that there is a line of disconnected arabic letters which is really awkward looking but a really easy thing to fix if it ever gets reprinted unfortunately afaik the second volume ha [...]

    24. I ve only read the first volume, but I m already intrigued by the plot and world of this series I was beginning to give up on dystopian sci fi, but hey, here s one that ISN T just rip off of The Giver with a love triangle The characters feel authentic, and diverse You see the influence of different cultures everywhere There s a glossary in the back of the slang used in this world and it has so many different linguistic origins You can tell the creators put a lot of thought into how different cul [...]

    25. Luscious art made this a highlight when it was originally published in Dark Horse Presents a few years back Collected together we can read the volume all in one place.The story is fun and the setting is very intriguing The only thing that stops it from going that little bit further is that the story within feels like a Prologue or Pilot to the meat of the story to come We are introduced to characters and have a small story to whet the appetite and tie things together The most interesting aspect [...]

    26. I saw the co writer writer of Concrete Park speak at a panel at a pop culture convention Months later when I saw the first volume at a used book store, I had to pick it up It hurts me to say this, but I didn t much care for this book There s some cool ideas but the execution is poor There were structural issues and issues with how the story was told and its progression I feel the story would have benefited from some time in the oven, as they say It hurts when a story has so much potential but d [...]

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