أعداء : قصة حب (2020)

  • Title: أعداء : قصة حب
  • Author: Isaac Bashevis Singer سمير أبو الفتوح
  • ISBN: 9789779100029
  • Page: 236
  • Format: Paperback
  • أعداء : قصة حب
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      236 Isaac Bashevis Singer سمير أبو الفتوح
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    1. It s 1948 or so, soon after the birth of Israel Herman Broder, who is Jewish, lives in New York with the shiksa who saved him from the Holocaust This woman, Yadwiga, a Polish peasant with calloused hands, hid him in a hayloft for four years She brought him food She carried away his waste Naturally, when the war ends and he hears the terrible news that his wife and children were gunned down in a trench, he acts upon his gratitude and marries Yadwiga He brings her to New York City They settle in C [...]

    2. This novel achieves a remarkable feat in that it makes a love quadrangle among four ex pat holocaust survivors seem both traumatic and sexy, rather than traumatic and even traumatic Herman is the un fortunate bigamist caught between his faithful peasant wife Yadwiga and runaway soul Masha as he struggles to adapt to his life of wartime memories and apparent freedom while ghostwriting Talmudic materials for a rabbi, despite having hurled God in the bucket sort of Later in the novel, his presumed [...]

    3. Fury Brad pitt Shia LaBeouf Brad Shia .Brad Life of PieI ve lost my family I ve lost everything I surrender What do you want God, thank you for giving me my life .

    4. I loved this book because it scared the apathy out of me about living as only still being there, and letting anything that happens happen que sera, sera gone horribly wrong I ve done nothing as the shit hits the fan Unfortunately, wake up calls don t last long before I hit the snooze button once againI loved this book because it made me laugh It s scary that I can view my own hopelessly absurd mistakes as, Oh, yeah, I m quite a character, with an affectionate head shake See, lack of reality agai [...]

    5. This is a deeply uncomfortable book The story is a mix between Holocaust tragedy and 70 s bedroom farce delivered in a unblemished package of beautiful prose The book goes from a discussion of ones children being shot to how do you make sure your mistress doesnt find out about your first wife coming back into your life while you placate your second wife Actually I am not entirely sure if it is meant to be a comedy so I am really just going off the blurb on the back on this one I found the juxtap [...]

    6. A fascinating read The idea that the best and most pious Jews died in the Holocaust and the unscrupulous and dishonest were the natural survivors is fascinating It seems somewhat blashphemous, but Singer pulls it off by having these broken, half dead by their own admissions characters wracked with survivors guilt and trying to make sense of their lives My only complaint is the over emoting, purple prose that slips in and makes the narrative overblown at times.

    7. This is the first book I ve read by Isaac Bashevis Singer, who was awarded the 1978 Nobel Prize in literature It won t be my last Every scene is filled with insight about human nature The characters are sharply defined, and the author tells their stories in in a remarkable and straightforward manner Herman Broder is a Polish expatriate who survived the Holocaust by being hidden in a hayloft for 3 years Through a tragi comic set of events that require duplicity, complex coverups, and endless lies [...]

    8. Too much spoilers in reviews, but also in the synopsis, almost ruined this one for me 1 3 of the reviews should be flagged There s one reviewer who wrote, without inserting a spoiler alert The climax of the story is when he I m never going to read reviews again, before reading a work of fiction So if I don t like your review of a fiction book that s on my to read list, you now know why The story is rather far fetched and dark, and the main character is extremely pathetic Nonetheless it kept my i [...]

    9. Enemies A Love Story deals with the aftermath of the Holocaust and its impact on survivors Herman Broder survived three years hidden in a hayloft by Yadwiga, who had worked as a servant in his home before the war His wife, Tamara, and their children were murdered in the Holocaust Herman and Yadwiga marry and move to NYC, where Yadwiga begs Herman to allow her to convert to Judaism and bear his children But Herman who had been unfaithful to Tamara and apparently was a pretty bad father lies to Ya [...]

    10. I read this because a respected columnist in the WSJ said is was one of the books every American interested in the history and development of this country should read.This was copyrighted in 1972 and at that time it probably was considered to be cutting edge writing Frankly, I was bored and occasionally irritated.This is the story of a small group of Jewish survivors of the Holocaust trying to adapt and make their way in America a country so vastly different from the European countries and cultu [...]

    11. Interestingly, I was reading this novel as I was finishing a pilgrimage to the Holy Land I did not plan it that way, but I am beginning to think that my timing in reading books is often just darn lucky The story in this book involves a Holocaust survivor Herman who ghostwrites books for a rabbi who takes credit for Herman s work Herman ends up having three wives his dead wife who turns out to be alive, his former servant who saves him from death during the Holocaust, and his mistress who manages [...]

    12. I thoroughly enjoyed this witty tale of a man caught between two wives and a neurotic mistress as well of a man paranoid that the Nazis are constantly following him Bordering on the verge of camp, and a witty and satirical look at marriage and the absurdity of American convention and religious tradition, it s a definite must read for those who enjoy comedy of the human condition The characters, Herman his two wives, Tamara and Yadwiga, and the neurotic mistress, Masha are all fully formed, funny [...]

    13. Just finished itmehow makes the impossible, manageableI mean the Holocaust is given a human face, somehow, enjoining it to the rest of Western History Here s the thing it does it as a comical romp through the shenanigans of a polygamist who cannot decide with whom of his three wives to settle with He was not a victim of Hitler He had been a victim long before Hitler s day is Singer s take on the Herman Broder, the protagonist in this novel Yes, it s got a touch of the allegorical Herr Mann Brude [...]

    14. This is an unusual story I found it interesting for its psychological exploration of its characters than for the story itself The characters are all survivors of the Holocaust who have moved to America, but they all have issues to work through relating to their experiences, and most refuse to This is not a story about polygamy so much as a story about a man who ends up with three wives because he hasn t been able to deal with his past.

    15. Well, to me, enemies a love story is clearly not a love story.It is cruel, raw, dark, real and incredibly brilliant, but not fun.It shows the psicological repercutions war can have on someone and how we can still be alive, and have a rol in society with out really being there With out being anywhere at all.Deep stuff Though stuff.

    16. Singer should be read by people than he seems to be He writes about post holocaust families in the US in the 1940s trying to assimilate to a new country while dealing with the past.A few bizarre twists to this novel, and not the most cheery, but Singer is a fantastic writer.

    17. Herman Broder survived the Jewish Holocaust in Europe by hiding in a hayloft in Poland for three years with the assistance of his peasant servant, Yadwiga Later, as an expatriate living in New York, he is married to Yadwiga, out of a debt towards her than any true love He works for a rabbi, but tells his wife that he sells books and tells the rabbi that he has no phone and no permanent address All of the lies lead to one person Masha, the beautiful seductress who survived the Nazi camps and is [...]

    18. Q When one is DOING A Year of Reading Proust, 2013 where the Hell does one seek refuge A Apparently in the fantastic Yiddish World of Isaac Bashevis Singer Q How do I know this A Because this is the Second Time I ve ended up HERE It is no less a Relentless World than Monsieur Proust s.Nor less Fantastische I now realise I have NOT escaped from Proust AT ALL I have just jumped into a Different Version And from Long Association, I should have KNOWN BETTER, since I have read ALL Singer s Short Stor [...]

    19. This book is hard to describe, aside from the plot The voice of the book is great, dry and funny The characters are always somewhat two dimensional, almost caricatures, but the book succeeds because they are interesting I wouldn t say sympathetic, in the traditional sense, not exactly What I loved most about this book is the wry sense of humor, and the sweeping proclamations about life.It really struck me, reading this book, that most contemporary narrators resist making broad statements about l [...]

    20. Description Almost before he knows it, Herman Broder, refugee and survivor of World War II, has three wives Yadwiga, the Polish peasant who hid him from the Nazis Masha , his beautiful and neurotic true love and Tamara, his first wife, miraculously returned from the dead Astonished by each new complication, and yet resigned to a life of evasion, Herman navigates a crowded, Yiddish New York with a sense of perpetually impending doom.Opening Herman Broder turned over and opened one eye.

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