Fearless Creating (2020)

Fearless Creating For writers painters or performers in any field new hope for overcoming creative blocks and finishing the art of their dreams The blank page empty canvas or uncarved stone will often fill artists
  • Title: Fearless Creating
  • Author: Eric Maisel
  • ISBN: 9780874778052
  • Page: 224
  • Format: Paperback
  • Fearless Creating
    For writers, painters, or performers in any field, new hope for overcoming creative blocks and finishing the art of their dreams.The blank page, empty canvas, or uncarved stone will often fill artists with dread But so may the thought of finishing, showing, or even selling their work It is in this artistic anxiety that creative blocks begin.With an understanding that cFor writers, painters, or performers in any field, new hope for overcoming creative blocks and finishing the art of their dreams.The blank page, empty canvas, or uncarved stone will often fill artists with dread But so may the thought of finishing, showing, or even selling their work It is in this artistic anxiety that creative blocks begin.With an understanding that could only be gained through years of experience in counseling artists, writers, and performers, Eric Maisel, Ph.D discusses each stage of creation wishing, choosing, starting, working, completing, selling and the anxieties particular to each He then shows how these inhibiting tensions can be turned to artistic advantages, how truth and beauty arrive in the work of art precisely because, and only when, anxiety has been understood, embraced, and resolved.Fearless Creating guides the reader, whether an experienced artist or someone just starting out, past the pitfalls that appear in each stage of the process By following Dr Maisel s exercises related both to the world at hand and the ongoing struggles of artistic life, readers will emerge from this book with a completed work of art and a new perspective on their potential to be a fearless creator.
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    One Reply to “Fearless Creating”

    1. This is a great book for anyone who creates It breaks the process down into 6 stages and details how to overcome the various problems encountered at each stage Eric Maisel provides encouragement and advice, and the book is full of useful exercises which will help you complete your masterpiece An inspiring book that helps you work through your anxiety with courage and discipline To read about this great book, visit my blog jessicadavidson 2013 12

    2. I totally loved this book It divides the creative process into six steps, each of which has it s own psychological challenges I also liked how his analysis of the creative the process applies to a variety of the arts, whether it be music, art, writing, etc.

    3. This book picked me at a garage sale I put it aside for the future, thinking it might not be too bad.Self help books on creativity are a weird topic, and they often degenerate into cheerleading Which I suppose is fine for people who need somebody to tell them you can do it , but have nobody handy Another kind, usually written by a writer, concentrate exclusively on getting unblocked, something that happens to all types, but especially writers.This is not really either type of book It does cover [...]

    4. Fearless Creating is a powerhouse of a book It looks at the phases of the creative process and how the specific forms of anxiety that are triggered in each phase, and then gives tools, techniques, and exercises for working despite fear and anxiety.There is too much in this book for one reading It is a book to read once and then go back to over and over again.

    5. A workbook on dealing with anxieties that arise during the creative process Some good lessons here I didn t do the exercise, but this is a book that I ll keep for my entire life I m sure I ll turn to some of the lessons again and again.

    6. I really didn t like this book I read it for a class He just rubbed me the wrong way Not sure why Different kind of rubbed the wrong way than Sark I think he made me grumpy because he thought he had the pipeline to getting around artist s block.

    7. Standard I read this, but damned if I can remember exactly when or why disclaimer My rating is based on my memory of how much or little I enjoyed the book at that time In some cases, at that time might mean before most users were born OTOH, it could mean a couple years ago.Not even sure where I got this since it s not really the sort of thing I would buy I just remember it felt like a cross between being lectured to and being held hostage in one of those corporate team building type meetings whe [...]

    8. My review is based on a partial reading I m not going to continue I don t find the book inspiring To me, it s a basic book on how to not procrastinate things you feel anxious about It does not strike as anything that particularly applies to art And I did not find anything in it that was inspiring In fact I found it too dull to continue with I bought it because I have enjoyed Maisel s column in an art magazine But it was disappointing It was done in a similar format to Julia Cameron s The Artist [...]

    9. I laughed, both at and with, Eric Maisel in this book He values creativity so much and is so determined to inspire your creativity that some of his valuing rubs off, and you do feel creative I m glad I read this book A favorite passage It is entirely possible that my work stinks I may capture the radiance of light in only one out of ten of my paintings I will produce many ugly, stupid things My work can stink Is that enough confessing I doubt it I think we could profitably spend hours and hours [...]

    10. I love the introduction to this book He doesn t seem like a bullshit artist, but rather someone who s worked with a lot of artists I ve continued on Trouble is, he is really convincing about stopping to do the exercises, but I am often holding a sleeping baby, or nursing, or snatching a little snack in the middle of the night when I can t sleep, and am than the usual amount resistant to doing the exercises, which then makes me feel kind of badly But hey, I m reading

    11. This is the first book of Eric Maisel s that I read Although you will find other reviews of Maisel s books in my book list, I am making this one of my favorite books It got me through my first art show step by step I have found Maisel to be especially helpful with dealing with the frustrations and struggles involved in working on creativity An athiest, he has helped me develop my spituality which is not athiestic He is a thoughtful guide.

    12. This is the book that changed my life It s not about making art, but the psychology of making art, all kinds, painting, writing, and so forth I would not be the person I am today if I had not bought this book and did each and every exercise with deliberate purpose I just re read it because I needed a boost to work when ill Or when life gets in the way of art It stays on my desk.

    13. I ve read this book when I was a student contemporary dance , and I found great insights in it It describes the differents stages of making art preparing, choosing a subject, working, finishing, showing etc with difficulties and in appropriate responses in every stage Lots of practical exercices My favorite book on art and creativity.

    14. Sorry, but I found ways of breaking artistic blocks through Stephen King s ON Writing than this thing Some of the practice exercises even seem juvenile I just can t agree with all the 4 to 5 stars Sorry.

    15. I underlined, made copious notes and laminated the cover so it wouldn t fall apart.Helps to read some of his other books Found it a good mix of art, pullout quotesand headings so it wasn t so laborious Helped me stay on a creative path.

    16. One of my many writing devotional books Lots of good thoughts about why we procrastinate and how to overcome that special fear of creating Most of the exercises were not something I would do, but a couple are meaningful Overall worth it.

    17. I enjoyed this one Great concepts to help artists of all types get through the creative process successfully Lower stars due to long passages that felt too long But would recommend to other creative types for sure.

    18. All books I have read by this author are extremely helpful, full of excellent ideas and practices I often pull his books from my shelf to re read again and again.

    19. Ha, ha it says finishing That s one bold promise, but we ll give it a trye book is actually in my posession later.

    20. If you want some support from the beginning to the end of your creative project, this book is a great choice Guides you from beginning to end with helpful exercises and constant encouragement.

    21. Mr Maisel was doing a nice email newsletter for a long time, dont know if he still does it Good book if you need help getting going on that creating

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