Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde (2020)

Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde My life is spinning out of control faster than I can say sorry for all the things I ve done since this whole planetary shift began Like apologize for the fact I made out with my soon to be stepbrother
  • Title: Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde
  • Author: Anya Monroe
  • ISBN: -
  • Page: 151
  • Format: Kindle Edition
  • Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde
    My life is spinning out of control faster than I can say sorry for all the things I ve done since this whole planetary shift began Like apologize for the fact I made out with my soon to be stepbrother And his stepbrother And that I m crushing on the one guy I swore I d never be into while keeping it all from my BFF Mom says I think the world revolves around me, but theMy life is spinning out of control faster than I can say sorry for all the things I ve done since this whole planetary shift began Like apologize for the fact I made out with my soon to be stepbrother And his stepbrother And that I m crushing on the one guy I swore I d never be into while keeping it all from my BFF Mom says I think the world revolves around me, but the truth is, I m just trying to survive the worst week of my life The universe is legit out to get me It started when my gaming nemesis deleted my AsteroMine galaxy and it s only gone downhill from there It isn t my fault I swear.
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    1. Review copy provided in exchange for an honest review.If you haven t noticed, I ve hit a bit of a slump lately Trying to get back in the mood of reading has proved tougher than expected, probably because I ve been reading my share of Halloween themed books when I was meany to be picking up a light hearted contemporary instead Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde was exactly what I needed it right now It had me laughing and smiling constantly, and it easily made me forget that all my distractions I [...]

    2. 2 This book was one of the hardest book for me to review in a long time I really loved the idea and concept of the book but I hated the main character.She was one of the most selfish, self centered and annoying characters I read in LONG LONG time Many times I wanted to smack the living hell out of her for being such a rude little brat who makes nothing but excuses for herself for her behavior.I think what made it worse for me was that she knew it and acknowledged it but did nothing about it unti [...]

    3. Read this review along with others on my blog by clicking here.Somewhere in the galaxy it wasn t black and white Somewhere it was stardust and a lunar eclipse Somewhere it was magic, and somewhere it was mine.Told from the perspective of titular protagonist Maggie, Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde is set over a few days, and focusses on the vast changes one can experience in such a short time This is a book definitely supposed for those who love a little bit of fun, an easy read, and love a boo [...]

    4. 2 1 2 Platypires for Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde by Anya MonroeI picked this up after a friend of mine gave this book a rave review and couldn t stop talking about it Therefore, I was immediately interested and really wanted to check this book out For those who don t know I m on a quest to read books with nerdy geeky characters I thought this book would fit the bill Uh not so much Maggie was indeed a gamer geek I really liked the beginning and thought I was in for a good ride I really thou [...]

    5. Such a fun read This is a lighthearted and fast paced YA novel Maggie is selfish yet still likable and relatable Kudos to the author for getting the tone and voice of an egocentric teen right without being over the top This was a lot like many of my favorite rom coms It has a disastrous yet delightfully enjoyable main character whose follies lead her into a comedy of errors And while the ending may be a bit predictable I still found myself excitedly turning pages to get there.

    6. My first of many review of 2016 It actually is over the last book that I read in 2015 I ve been meaning to get this review up and out, so what better time than to write it at 3 am I first want to give a HUGE apology to Anya Monroe, the author of this book I was given an Advanced Reader Copy ARC for Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde back in October of last year and it got lost in my email The copy I was originally reading was on my computer, but then I was able to get it to my phone to read when [...]

    7. r Thank you to the author for a chance to read this book in exchange for an honest review.Publish date 8th October 2015Full review can also be found on Paein and Ms4Tune s Book BlogFirst off, I hated Maggie I feel I need to get that out of the way right away Also, there s not a love triangle, but a square possibly a hexagonI know, I know, not my usual type of book at all, but I did warn the author that I don t do well with love triangles and if there was one I probably wasn t the right one to as [...]

    8. This was a cute YA NA read and not what I was expecting Maggie is a 17 year old girl who is obsessed with video games Her life revolves around one particular video game and she puts real life aside to play that game To be honest, she reminded me a lot of my daughter Maggie is up for the battle of her lifee is bound and determined to finally beat her arch enemy, Spaceballz and when she goes in for the final blowlet s just say it doesn t go as planned you ll have to read it yourself to find outn t [...]

    9. I received this book in exchange for an honest review It in no way affected my opinion of this novel I pinky swear Maggie s life is in utter chaos clearly as a result of Mercury being in retrograde Not because of her own actions.I swear Lol.Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde was both short and sweet Maggie is such a flawed character that is completely immersed in her world of gaming I must be honest.I disliked her for almost the entirety of the novel Maggie s personality in which everything was a [...]

    10. The Mercury Retrograde and teenage hormones What can go wrong This book is just too CUTE The dialogue is hilarious Maggie, our protagonist is a spoiled teenager who s all about the virtual world, namely AsteroMine I don t like her Why Because at some level she reminds me of me or rather a much younger me The theatrics though she claim none and that the world is really all about me seems to hit home for many Anya has such a refreshing way of writing that gives this story enough ummph without rush [...]

    11. platypire j hooligan mOh my god, this book Let me explain something to you I crazy stalk new release books on everyday, and I do add some of them to my wishlist What I don t do is immediately buy a book when I see it, except this one.I m pretty busy right now, but I planned on reading this in December when I had a couple weeks off As you may be able to tell, it is not December yet I couldn t even make it a month without reading this.5% into the story, and I knew I would love it Do you mean chara [...]

    12. Unique and fast paced young adult read The story was interesting I m not a gamer but I was easily able to understand how someone could get wrapped up in that world There was so much going on in Maggie s life but I wasn t confused at any time The amount of coincidences seemed way too many but with the way it was all explained in the story it really all made sense.I loved the different locations as well From a stuffy cramped room that smelled of hot pockets yes I could almost smell the grease LOL [...]

    13. What do you get when you mix teenage hormones, life changing moments and a game Or better yet the acquisition of a galaxy and subsequent loss of it A thrill, that s what you get.I did not want to read this book I scrolled down to many books and when I could find nothing to my liking, I decided to give it a try I m not into gaming or YA novels with a self centered, stubborn and selfish lead like this but for some reason boredom I found myself buying the book to read it.Let s say I was not prepar [...]

    14. Good Read This was a bit of a difficult read for me in the beginning It was a bit hard for me to get into, but once I did it proved to be worth the trouble Once I got past my hump, I really got into it As for the characters, Maggie just really got on my nerves She s so spoiled and into herself and isn t afraid to admit it I m not sure if it was egotistical or just plain self confidence I was not so much into the gaming aspect of the book either, as I m not a gamer, but I have a house full of boy [...]

    15. Maggie and the Mercury in Retrograde was quick paced and addictive from the beginning I felt like I was one of Maggie s internet friends, reading her tumblr I like to imagine she has a tumblr , along for the ride It was a witty look at friendships and love from the perspective of a messy but lovable girl Maggie is real and flawed, yet somehow I found myself routing for her at every turn I loved this book and can t wait to read of Anya Monroe s books, especially looking forward to hearing from s [...]

    16. So good This book kind of came at the perfect time for me Mercury retrogrades will kick your butt, such is the case with Maggie who I found to be completely relatable when I recall my own angsty and melodramatic teen years This is a testament to Anya who really knows how to write teenagers The dialogue impressed me the most and even though I m no gamer I had no trouble keeping up with the pace and plot Tallie was a great side character and I m stoked she s getting her own story Also this book re [...]

    17. Really sweet and fun book to read The characters are great and have such personality And I loved watching Maggie neurotically obsess over things I could totally relate I especially loved the whole Mercury in retrograde theme because I swear every time things are going wrong in my life Mercury s in retrograde Anya Monroe is a superb writer with a lot of spunk and sparkling personality Great book for young girls who aren t afraid to come of age.

    18. This was a very interesting book It was nothing like the others I have read prior to it, by for a change of pace, it was enjoyable Although the main character was a female, I could relate her experiences to me quite a bit The author made you feel like you were right there with the characters and part of the story as it went along I received an advance copy of this book to leave a review I wonder if there are going to be any books for this to become part of a series.

    19. Anya Monroe is a great author, and doesn t disappoint with Maggie and the Mercury Retrograde She really nails the voice of Maggie, an angsty teen whose universe seems to be falling apart around her I would have liked to have seen of Maggie with the guy she ends up with, and am hoping we ll get to see some perks of them in Tallie and the Total Eclipse Not my favorite of Monroe s work that would be For Sure and Certain , but still very well done.

    20. This book was such a fun, light hearted romance I loved getting to hear the story through Maggie s very teen view It had me cracking up as I read Monroe s story crafting talent shines with exciting twists that kept me reading and smiling right through until the end I can t wait to follow Tallie s story in book 2

    21. Honestly, I only downloaded this because it s rare to find my name attached to anything and when I read that Maggie was a gamer like me it intrigued me After finishing it, I m glad it was a free ebook because I would have been disappointed if I paid for this It was really hard to not hate Maggie around 70% of this book.

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