Magic Fishing Panties (2020)

Magic Fishing Panties Have you taken to blaming the little people for stealing all the things you can t find like the damn Chico s gift card you are % sure you left on the dresser When you take off your bra is it as i
  • Title: Magic Fishing Panties
  • Author: Kimberly J. Dalferes
  • ISBN: 9781513702032
  • Page: 332
  • Format: Paperback
  • Magic Fishing Panties
    Have you taken to blaming the little people for stealing all the things you can t find, like the damn Chico s gift card you are 100% sure you left on the dresser When you take off your bra, is it as if an airbag has deployed Have you than once started a sentence with the phrase Back when I was in school If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to tHave you taken to blaming the little people for stealing all the things you can t find, like the damn Chico s gift card you are 100% sure you left on the dresser When you take off your bra, is it as if an airbag has deployed Have you than once started a sentence with the phrase Back when I was in school If you answered yes to any of these questions, welcome to the middle aged cheap seats.Magic Fishing Panties is the follow up to Dalferes debut book I Was in Love With a Short Man Once This collection of humorous tales offers new perspective from the self proclaimed crazy Southern Irish gal and recent inductee into Club 50 Rather than wallow in the self pity often induced by sagging jaw lines, empty nests, and menopause, the author offers colorful depictions of life in the middle You will find yourself contemplating How would you react to being in public during an earthquake Oh, and you re naked The wedding starts in five minutes and your best friend needs to pump her breast milk, but all the bathrooms are occupied Where should she go to quickly resolve her situation You are depressed and alone on your 39th birthday What do you do Hint tattoo anyone You ll come to know Kimba as a true gal pal, someone who will gladly lend you her size 11 black boots, favorite red coat, and anything else you might need to rule the world with the exception of her magic fishing panties Because letting you borrow those would be a little weird, don t ya think
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      332 Kimberly J. Dalferes
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    1. The title alone would make me pick up the book and look inside Kimberly Dalferes follows her wickedly funny I WAS IN LOVE WITH A SHORT MAN ONCE with the even funnier MAGIC FISHING PANTIES, smack in the tradition of Erma Bombeck.Okay, one bit of information will give you an idea of how quirky the author is Her book launches on August 5, National Underwear Day Think it was happenstance Who are you trying to kid Let s get the disclaimer out of the way first I asked for and received an ARC I couldn [...]

    2. I love to laugh I love to reminisce And I love fellow authors who can deliver both of these feel goods easily I haven t had the pleasure yet to meet Kimba, but after completing this laugh out loud, candid, and quirky book, I feel like I ve gotten to know her even a little, teeny bit and want to know her .The adage, you can t judge a book by its cover is true in so many aspects For the sake of argument, I could have assumed that I couldn t relate to the experiences Kimba had to share in her book [...]

    3. I have to admit, Kimberly Dalferes had me laughing with her title and I didn t stop chortling until long after I finished reading it I thought I was going lose it when I read the tale about using the head on a fishing boat one of the funniest things I have ever read If you want to travel through the head of a crazy southern Irish gal, you ll have a rollicking good time with this book Now, I m going to have to read her first book, I Was in Love with a Short Man Once.

    4. When it was my turn to speak, I started with a question for the group I m a little surprised there are no other women in the room Do you have women working here at FDLE Gauntlet thrown Oh, of course we do It s just a coincidence our agency representatives today happen to be all men I see I m curious, are there any women working in the Domestic Marijuana Eradication Unit Well, no, not at the moment Have you ever placed a female intern in the unit I m not sure, but, no, I don t think we ve ever ha [...]

    5. What s needed here is a spectacularly immature act Kimberly J Dalferes steps onto the comedy stage with this excellent collection of short stories cum reveries cum parodies cum confessionals that are pretty much assured of finding the funny bone in everyone fortunate enough to pick up this volume Without any hoopla she just jumps into the pool of memories and circumstances that, despite being her own to won, are actually so universal that they touch every one of us.Her writing is clear, very wel [...]

    6. I need to say nothing than I loved he Magic Fishing Panties by Kim Dalferes But, of course I will, because I want people to read this fabulous collection of short stories and essays I read it one sitting, ignoring all the to do tasks that were indelibly printed on my brain until I picked up this book and started reading It s a long time since I indulged myself like this and I m not sorry The author s voice shines through in each story, whether it s one that makes you laugh out loud, sigh with [...]

    7. Kimba tells the type of stories you hear at Thanksgiving dinners, high school reunions, and Happy Hours the ones that you think can t possibly be true, and that make you laugh so hard that you beg to hear them over and over every year If you enjoy funny memoirs like those by Jen Lancaster, Susan Reinhardt, and Jenny Lawson, you ll like this book.Okay, full disclosure here I actually know the author personally, and she asked me to review an Advanced Reading Copy That might make you think my revie [...]

    8. Another Heap of laughs and giggles from that crazy southern Irish gal, Kimba Dalferes After the fun I d had reading Kim s first book, I Was In Love With A Short Man Once, I was expecting fun memories, and touching stories in her second What a delightful surprise to have found myself laughing out loud several times at her sarcastic humor approach to life s bumps and roadblocks We all experience tough times and good times in our lives What makes us all different is our reaction to life s events A [...]

    9. Magic Fishing Panties is a real gem It s hard to pick out a favorite story in this book because each one truly is something special Peas Behind the Washer brought back memories of chaotic family gatherings during my own childhood, and having worked twenty plus years in the travel industry I was laughing out loud reading about the family s misadventures with a surely TSA staffer Then there s the Easter Egg Roll at the White House, and of course I can t forget the actual magic fishing panties and [...]

    10. Favorite beach read 2 Kim is back again and better than ever If you took my advice, read, and loved I Was In Love With A Short Man Once then Magic Fishing Panties is for you Fun, funny and sweet this second collection of stories and insights will make you want to hug your family, call your girlfriends and go out an buy your own pair of magic fishing panties So pick up a copy and settle in with a big glass of wine you are in for a treat A couple of my favorites include, The World Needs More Virgo [...]

    11. Surprised to find myself not only laughing out loud, but also so impressed at how she takes little moments of life and laughter, and removes them from the shadow of larger issues so it makes sense to real people, in real life, in real time From how her ass looked in the harness of a zipline, to becoming that girl to protect her son, Dalferes hits the nail on the head time and time again You ll wanna be one of her gal pals for sure, but you will really be impressed at the brains and intention tha [...]

    12. Kim graciously shared a copy of her book with me and I m glad she did because I needed a good laugh.Most women dread getting older The body sags and wrinkles The eyesight and ability to remember fades It can be depressing, unless you re Kim Dalferes, who embraces getting older with great enthusiasm and humor The stories are personal, and yet very relatable You laugh out loud and I d be surprised if you didn t snort a few times as well And hopefully, you ll learn to accept aging as the wild adven [...]

    13. Kim Dalferes is a riot We ve never met, but she could be my own cousin for all the familial humor she dredges up Was she that fly on the wall at Thanksgiving dinners at Nana s house If you ve ever secretly wondered what happens when a bunch of bold and crazy women in Magic Fishing Panties start mooching and jigging in the parking lot with the King Slayer, this is the book for you And if you ve never wondered about that, you don t know what you re missing Dalferes may still be a broad in waiting, [...]

    14. I ve been following Kim s blog for some time so I was eager to read Magic Fishing Panties for another dose of her humor and wit This book did not disappoint I could totally relate to many of her mid life mishaps, some of which had me laughing out loud The chapters were quick reads with topics ranging from family reflections including the hilarious tale from which the book gets its title to crazy gal pal escapades to the poignant D Day, the author s story of dropping her son off at college If you [...]

    15. It s been a while since I read a book which had me laughing until I cried but this is definitely one of those books So many of the author s stories are easy for women of a certain age to identify with, as we ve been there right along with her The author does touch on subjects such as racism and sexism, but she has managed to do so with class and grace She is an amazing writer, and I look forward to of her humor in the future.I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an hone [...]

    16. I don t know how Dalferes does it, but she manages to not only make you feel like you are in the room with her, but also that you want to jump in the car and join her next escapade She has a rare talent for storytelling that is simultaneously funny and honest At the end of the book, she leaves you wanting which doesn t happen very often Dalferes lets you find a little bit of yourself in her stories This is the absolutely perfect beach read as it is divided into bite sized short stories, but com [...]

    17. I would never have picked this book for myself And that would have been a tragedy I m not really the core audience for this, as I m not a woman of that age yet But I honestly don t care It s brilliant I want to hug the author, and then go do shots Maybe even adopt her as she seems like she d be a kick ass mom I skipped around in the stories, but still read it in one day So much fun I am so glad it got sent to me

    18. This is a great book with a wonderful story and well developed characters This book will keep you reading long into the night This was such a great read and full of surprises I am looking forward to reading the next book by this great author A Review copy was provided to me in exchange for a fair and honest review The free book held no determination on my personal review.

    19. If you loved Kim Dalferes first book, I Was in Love with a Short Man Once get ready to crack up reading Magic Fishing Panties Kim Dalferes is just hilarious Her writing will make you laugh out loud A must read if you want to get your giggles out

    20. Awesome summer beach read or anytime read Funny, touching, and instructive If I ever find myself on a fishing boat in Alaska, I can head to the head with confidence although I d rather stay at home and read about Kim s adventures in this case

    21. Magic Fishing Panties is the kind of gem that makes you smile I found myself laughing out loud at some of those all too familiar and awkward moments we ve all known at some point in our lives There s no denying how relatable and humorous this collection of essays is.

    22. Magic Fishing Panties is a hysterical collection of stories from Kimberly s life I now have this new found desire to go to Alaska to go deep sea fishing seriously Apart from its humour, there is also humility Many of the stories are sincere and authentic about the coming of middle age and of empty nesting these brought an unexpected tear to my eye A great read

    23. Magic Fishing Panites is a super fun, light collection of autobiographical short stories and blog posts by Kim Dalferes Very reminiscent of non fiction work by Lisa Scottoline, you will be sure to be laughing throughout the entire book A perfect beach read

    24. Eh I thought it would be a lot funnier than it was I never laughed out loud but some of the stories were amusing It was a quick read though

    25. The magic fishing pantiesMany funny stories, some really funny stories and a few bombed stories A chick kind of read Three words.

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