Dimsie Among the Prefects (2020)

Dimsie Among the Prefects None
  • Title: Dimsie Among the Prefects
  • Author: Dorita Fairlie Bruce
  • ISBN: 9780903445771
  • Page: 393
  • Format: None
  • Dimsie Among the Prefects
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      Dorita Fairlie Bruce

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    1. My second Dimsie book and actually two books before the one I read previously, just to really confuse matters And it was a lot of fun, partly because it has all the school story tropes taken to extremes by a new girl who s only knowledge of boarding schools comes from reading books set in boys boarding schools, which leads her to take some fairly drastic actions Dimsie is on hand to sort her out, and Dimsie herself is such an extreme of school girl fiction the one girl who gets away with everyth [...]

    2. Dimsie among the prefects is one of three Dimsie books I own, and I must say how much I enjoy reading it This is not my first time reading, and I hope it will not be my last, because the Dimsie series encompasses everything I love about old school stories friendship, bravery, mistakes and forgiveness, pranks and exam results Dimsie once again is the stand out character how can she not be, when she is so close to perfection but still displays enough faults to be interesting Here we see the story [...]

    3. Jolly japes at the Jane Willard Foundation girls school once again with Dimsie Maitland at the centre of the action, having been promoted to a junior prefect Pleasant story with lots of fun, and trouble, for the girls in an enjoyable bygone age.

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