The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars (2020)

The Manhattan Projects Vol The Sun Beyond the Stars Collecting The Manhattan Projects The Sun Beyond the Stars
  • Title: The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars
  • Author: Jonathan Hickman Nick Pitarra Michael Garland Rus Wooton
  • ISBN: 9781632156280
  • Page: 444
  • Format: Paperback
  • The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars
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    • UNLIMITED BOOK ✓ The Manhattan Projects, Vol. 6: The Sun Beyond the Stars - by Jonathan Hickman Nick Pitarra Michael Garland Rus Wooton
      Jonathan Hickman Nick Pitarra Michael Garland Rus Wooton

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    1. There are some pretty depressing stories out there in the world of literature, classics that include lines that convey an unimagined depth of pathos and sorrow, such as the following I buried Little Ann by the side of Old Dan I knew that was where she wanted to be I also buried part of my life along with my dog And Percy was shaking his brother, and Ron was kneeling beside them, and Fred s eyes stared without seeing, the ghost of his last laugh still etched upon his face When someone you love di [...]

    2. Ok, this one definitely went much weirder than the main series did The humor and insane ideas are still there though.

    3. A friend of mine who is getting to know my tastes pretty well was like, Hey, you know that series you tried and didn t really like Well, they basically ended it but kept the name and now it s this story about a guy and his dog travelling through space And I flipped through it and saw that it was mostly weird aliens for characters and I was like, Yes, I will read this thing I did enjoy this volume of Manhattan Projects better than the previous volume I d read, but only a smidge better, so it stil [...]

    4. What can I say If you re gonna read this, read as much of it as possible in as short a time span as possible Or maybe this is the strongest endorsement I can make for wearing helmets and avoiding drugs and alcohol Kids, when you grow up, there will be comics you like But when you re older, you ll only get about 22 pages every 30 days You can do the math on that, it s not a lot And when these stories get complicated, you are going to need every ounce of brainpower to remember the details of what [...]

    5. Focusing chiefly on Laika and her human, Yuri Gagarin is always going to win me over Such a good dog

    6. Ahhh much better This one was funny and very spectacular againIt was great seeing our intelligent dog Laika and cosmonaut Yuri again Would definitely want to read like this.

    7. Off the rails I think I have missed the last two Manhattan Projects trades, but boy has this book changed in direction I am not sure if this is the very last book in this series This story certainly felt like a funny epilogue to what had transpired in the first four trades Sure, I have noticed that the book has strayed and away from the serious, thriller tone and into the absurd and the satirical, but damn is this story WAY out there was fun, but it didn t contain the great historical fiction [...]

    8. MANHATTAN PROJECTS is one of my favourite series, but while the anarchic spirit of volumes 1 5 is still present in this spin off series, the story just isn t as compelling and the whole thing comes off as a kind of lame GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY riff Still, hard not to admire a book that ends with the two main characters burning to death as they fall into a sun Gutsy storytelling.

    9. I first learned of Jonathan Hickman s Manhattan Projects about five years ago The premise of the effort to build the first atomic bomb being a cover for a group of the world s leading scientists to engage in some truly gonzo activities had me hooked from the start I purchased the first three volumes quickly, and then the next two as they were published Yet for all of the fun of the basic idea, the series seemed to be losing steam, and when I learned that the delayed sixth volume was going to foc [...]

    10. I am left feeling that this went off the rails somewhere back around Vol 4 Great art but given that I read the series over a couple of months I am either not smart enough to follow along or this story line is all over the place.

    11. Can t help but feel I missed a volume somewhere along the way, but well, this is a self contained adventure featuring cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin in space searching for his dog friend Laika They end up transporting a vengeful ex slave armed with deadly biological weapons into the heart of a vast space empire, pursued by a bored space judge looking for a little spicey space adventure So, that happens It s certainly colourful and strange and full of black humour and violence and scientific nihilism One [...]

    12. An ending that ends in the stars, away from most of the rest of this series A good ending, yet out of place in the great scheme of this universe Overall, a good series with interesting and disjointed plot lines, and really good artwork I wish that the focus had remained on the altverse creation, but an overall good series, that I wish was incredible.

    13. Not as good as previous volumes, but worth reading, I d say A satisfying conclusion to Yuri and Laika s story I only hope this isn t the end of everything, as there are many threads left unresolved.

    14. Not the best from a series that never seemed to have much of a plan But as an epilogue, it had a satisfying ending than vol 5 so it gets a bonus star for that.

    15. Fora do arco principal mas extremamente divertido.Assim como a s rie principal, te faz pensar um pouco entre todos os tiros e explos es e a ci ncia incr vel O que mais me deixou encucado foi a ideia de relativismo cultural entre diferentes esp cies alien genas e a corrida armamentista conquista de civiliza es intergal ticas Se n s n o conseguimos concordar numa base de direitos que TODO MUNDO deveria ter entre civiliza es humanas , que chance ter amos em rela o civiliza es alien genas E o segund [...]

    16. The artwork is very good, and as a stand alone story in this book is entertaining My main complaint is that the story revolves around the two least interesting characters in this fictional universe As cool as the splash pages and plot were, I kept wondering what the other characters were doing.I will add that the tendency of previous volumes to fast forward from plot point to plot point has been my major problem with this series up to now, so the commitment to fully fleshing out a plot, that was [...]

    17. JONATHAN FUCKING HICKMAN Every single time I think I know where he s going to take the story, he pulls a fast one on me and does something even better A writer s writer I ve been getting sick of the predictability of most written things nowadays, so these comics, this man, are heaven sent The ending was perfectly amazing And I totally thought there would be some creepy interactions between Laika and Yuri, but Hickman pulled a fast one on me and the last piece of uttered dialogue was perfectly am [...]

    18. I thought this volume was okay For me the main reason I didn t love it was the focus on Yuri and Laika and their adventures in space.It was a fun, science fiction adventure but I miss the real world focus of the previous volumes I love the mix of real world history with the bizarre alternate reality of The Manhattan Projects and because this was such a departure from what has come before it felt a little off to me.

    19. I see a lot of people complaining about this volume, that the comedy isn t there and they re somewhat true The humour has been toned down, but it s still there I think it s a stronger story for it This very much felt like Manhattan Projects meets Dreadstar I loved the story, the setting, the characters we met There was comedy, but it was definitely darker and wry An excellent volume, I enjoyed this very much, in a series that has been pretty much near perfect.

    20. By any normal standard I should love this, but it is a diminished version of what was so great in the first few volumes Only Yuri Gagarin and Laika, trapped out in the stars, trying to get home this is a caper, and it has loads of humor in it More humor than ever, undoubtedly Some great characters, to be sure, but this is all a work in miniature Hickman is a tremendous inventive writer, but this is Pitarra s volume, very weird and funny and expressive.

    21. Sin duda el tomo mas flojo de la serie Hickman nos lleva a una aventura espacial de Yuri Gagarin y Laika, dos de los personajes menos interesantes de la serie, pero igualmente se las arregla para que sea entretenida Pitarra hace un buen trabajo, en l nea con los anteriores, es un gusto adquirido El color es uno de los puntos fuertes de este tomo que recopila lo que hasta ahora son los ltimos 4 n meros del t tulo.

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