A Time to Run (2020)

A Time to Run A stunning debut from police officer turned writer J M Peace This taut believable thriller grabs your attention from the very first line Weekend Post An exciting and gripping story Canberra TimesThe
  • Title: A Time to Run
  • Author: J.M. Peace
  • ISBN: 9781743537862
  • Page: 167
  • Format: Paperback
  • A Time to Run
    A stunning debut from police officer turned writer, J.M Peace This taut, believable thriller grabs your attention from the very first line Weekend Post An exciting and gripping story Canberra TimesThe hunt is on.A madman is kidnapping women to hunt them for sport.Detective Janine Postlewaite leads the investigation into the disappearance of Samantha Willis, determiA stunning debut from police officer turned writer, J.M Peace This taut, believable thriller grabs your attention from the very first line Weekend Post An exciting and gripping story Canberra TimesThe hunt is on.A madman is kidnapping women to hunt them for sport.Detective Janine Postlewaite leads the investigation into the disappearance of Samantha Willis, determined not to let another innocent die on her watch.The killer s newest prey isn t like the others Sammi is a cop And she refuses to be his victim.
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      167 J.M. Peace
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    1. A Time to Run is one of those books you just cannot put down The action all takes place over a few days and the author builds the tension by reporting what is happening to each character at certain times during those days One moment we are in the bush with Sammi running for her life, then we are with her partner who is going crazy with fear, then we are viewing the police and how far they have got towards discovering Sammi s whereabouts It is a very satisfactory way of keeping the reader on the [...]

    2. Now, this is what I call a suspense novel It grabs hold of you and never lets up until the very end I struggled to put this book down it was that good and if you don t bite your nails now then after reading this, there is a distinct possibility you will The protagonist 26yr old Sammi has an argument with her live in boyfriend Gavin, she needs some space so she decides on spur of the moment to drive 3 hours to her closest friend Candy s place Candy is a of a wild girl than Sammi but a girl s nig [...]

    3. I must say that Thrillers crime novels and I have had a good run this year Other than the odd disappointment I m looking at you Second Life , it seems the genre s have shrugged off the all mighty Gone Girl shadow and have returned to intrigue and creativity as there forte This i am glad to say is something that continues with A time to Run.When police officer, Samantha Willis makes the fateful decision to visit a friend and go out partying after having a row with her long time boyfriend Gavin, l [...]

    4. I enjoyed this book, A Time to Run Constable Sammi Willis 1 so much, that the moment I finished it I picked up The Twisted Knot Constable Sammi Willis 2.It is hard to believe that this is a debut novel I know JM Peace is a police officer, but this is so much better than I ever expected it to be I have read other books by police officers turned writer, and largely they have been stilted like reading a police report than a gripping novel Forget that with JM Peace She writes in a casual, relaxed f [...]

    5. The argument escalated between Samantha Willis and her long time partner Gavin until he left the house for a run to cool down Sammie decided she needed than just a couple of hours break from Gavin phoning her best friend Candy had her throwing some overnight bits and pieces into her car and heading the three hours to Candy s place Being a Friday night, Sammie knew the two friends would have a welcome night on the town she hadn t indulged in a long time, but it felt right after the frustration o [...]

    6. This really was a nail biting, heart stopping thriller When Samantha Willis Sammi to her friends storms off after a fight with her boyfriend to spend a night out on the town with her girlfriend, little did she know that one stupid move would have her literally running for her life However, Sammi is smart and also a cop and so begins a battle of wits between the hunter and the hunted When she goes missing and doesn t turn up for work her friends in the force also take it seriously and pull out al [...]

    7. I enjoyed this so very much, it was a non stop thrilling adventure and for so much of the book my heart was in my mouth.When we meet Sammi at the beginning of the book she gets into a fight with her boyfriend so she decides to head to the City Brisbane to go out with her friend and let loose and calm down before she heads home again The night out gets a bit wild and they end up in some dodgey pub so Sammi decides to head back to her friends house She goes looking for a cab and the barman offers [...]

    8. My View This is the perfect Australian based in Qld authentic voiced, police procedural I loved this read with its authentic police voice, its gripping narrative, its wonderful strong female protagonists and its Queensland setting The details of policing investigating that the author shares with the reader are intriguing and realistic Too often crime fiction novels or movies TV series based on crime fiction skip a lot of these type of details, giving their protagonists the power to do as they pl [...]

    9. Sammie is a police officer in a small town in Queensland The book opens with Sammi and her partner, Gavin, having a fight Sammi storms off to have a girls night out with her friend and unfortunately, things do not go according to plan A Time to Run is told from the perspective of Gavin, Sammi, Janine the lead detective , and at times, the perpetrator This is an incredible read and probably the best thriller book I have read so far this year The suspense is maintained right until the end and I fo [...]

    10. Trigger warnings kidnapping, murder, rape, animal deaths, mentions of a murder victim having been attacked by a dog.For a debut crime novel, this was pretty solid The author is a serving police officer, so the police procedural side of things is definitely on point The pacing was good, I liked Sammi as a character However, there were times when the writing was a little.ical, perhaps It wasn t dry, it was just lacking emotion or tension or something And honestly, I think it might be partly the fa [...]

    11. Hands down one of the best books I ve read all year This review originally appeared at mycupandchaucer a time to.Police procedurals and I have a tenuous relationship Countless times I ve been lured in with a deceptive blurb or the you must read this cries of a friend, only to remember halfway through that I find the detail of police procedurals too dense to stay interested I ve seen A Time to Run described as a police procedural, and to a certain extent it is, but it is expertly balanced with a [...]

    12. From the grim Prologue to the nail biting conclusion, this novel with take you on a thrill ride as our Protagonist is put through her paces in ways than one.With a looming feeling of inevitability after the opening, we are introduced to Samantha Willis Sammi The last thing she is expecting after an argument with her boyfriend, Gavin, sees her slamming out of their house and going to her best friend in Brisbane, is to be deserted by Candy in favour of two good looking blokes out for a good time [...]

    13. A thrilling debut by J.M Peace, A Time to Run tells of what happens when a police officer turns victim As a serving police officer, Peace would have many experiences in policing and the challenge was to put all this in a book that engages the reader And it was so furiously engaging, I finished it in a day a long time ago, I could ve said, in one sitting , but with a job 2 little ones a day basically means 1 sitting.Samantha Sammi Willis is a dedicated police officer You would expect that as such [...]

    14. This book gets straight down to business So much so that at first I was thinking, oh dear, am I ready for this story It was late at night when I started reading and I was in bedother couple of pages and I will put it downSeveral chapters later I was up and putting the kettle on to make a cuppa and take back to bed to read some way I could put it down now Sammie and her boyfriend Gavin have been together for three years, they live together and have a very close and loving relationship where they [...]

    15. J.M Peace s debut novel A Time to Run is both a blood chilling thriller and a police procedural working against the clock It is fast paced, with the main action taking place over the course of 4 days The date and time headings of each section adds to the sense of urgency.Set in south east Queensland, police officer Samantha Sammie Willis doesn t return home after a blow up with her partner Gavin and impulsive night on the town with her bachelorette friend, Candy She has been abducted by a cold b [...]

    16. Copy courtesy of Pan Macmillan Australia A Time To Runis a tense crime thriller set in the Queensland bush featuring a cop turned victim and a Wolf Creek style killer.A Time To Run is a police procedural written by a serving Australian police officer and is a fast paced novel with action on every page The events in the book take place over a single weekend and this was such a tight and quick read, I found myself finishing it in record time.What I enjoyed most of all though was the quick thinking [...]

    17. Samantha Willis 26 Jahre alt, Polizistin hat Streit mit ihrem Freund Gavin Spontan besucht sie ihre Freundin Candy in Brisbane, Die beiden wollen sich einen sch nen Abend machen und besuchen eine Bar Samantha m chte dann fr her zur ck nach Hause als ihre Freundin und hat vor, sich ein Taxi zu nehmen Dann jedoch nimmt sie das Angebot eines Mannes an, der sie nach Hause fahren m chte Stattdessen aber setzt er Samantha unter Drogen und f hrt mit ihr in den australischen Busch Hier setzt er Samantha [...]

    18. There s a lot of crime fiction out there that is all about the investigator and the protagonist, but A TIME TO RUN tips that right on it s ear, setting up a scenario in which an investigator cop is the next victim of a mad, dangerous man who makes a sport out of hunting down the women he s abducted.So, not a book for those readers that find that concept of the randomly selected victim and the barking mad, vicious killer too much Particularly as this killer is appalling and very clever about it I [...]

    19. Entretenido Tal vez no me sorpendi tanto porque recientemente vi un cap tulo de Archivos del FBI donde se presentaba un caso con el mismo argumento Est muy bien escrito, la trama es gil, directa y sencilla.

    20. Buenobo decir que Lisbeth Salander elev mucho mis est ndares de heroina en la novela negra y por lo tanto la protagonista de esta historia no me conquist completamente.Primero para ser una polic a experimentada, fue muy ingenua.Segundo no creo que Sammi fuera tan tenaz como la quisieron vender, creo que m s bien tuvo much sima suertebuenoella era la convenci n anual de toda la buena suerte del mundo.Tercero fantasmas buenos NOOOO, NOOOO Una historia forzada y a la que le falt m s suspenso, menos [...]

    21. Una historia muy adictiva que nos habla de un asesino en serie que se divierte cazando mujeres Esta escrita de una forma muy sencilla, por lo que es la t pica historia para pasar el rato pero de una forma muy efectiva.Se nota que la autora es agente de polic a, ya que todo lo relacionado con la actividad policial es muy detallado.

    22. Es el t pico libro que s lo con la portada y la sinopsis, me llama la atenci n inmediatamente Y la verdad es que en general me ha gustado me lo he le do en dos d as Lo peor es que ya sabemos de qu trata desde el comienzo y no hay demasiadas sopresas, por no decir, ninguna As que entretenido pero la verdad es que esperaba alguna vuelta de hoja hacia el final.

    23. El inicio del libro me emocion demasiado, no pude dejar de leer porque quer a saber en qu terminaba toda la tensi n que se estaba desarrollando, pero lamentablemente en el camino la persecuci n fue haci ndose aburrida, predecible y est tica Entretenido, pero nada m s.

    24. I finished this in two nights If it hadn t been so late last night, I might have kept reading, that s how into this book I was.I enjoy crime novels, especially when there s a serial killer to hunt down This one is a bit different because as the book begins, we know in the first chapter who the killer is the Barman at a pub where police officer Sammi is blowing off steam on a night out with the girls We also learn the stakes very quickly as Sammi is drugged and kidnapped, and once the killer has [...]

    25. A Time to Run is a nail biting thriller that will keep you turning pages til the wee hours of morning Sammi needs to blow some steam after an argument with her boyfriend and a girl s night out on the town is just what she needs But when she ignores her instincts and gets into the bartender s car alone, her fun night quickly turns into a nightmare What Don doesn t know is that Sammi is a cop and she won t go down without a fight.J.M Peace not only uses her experience as a police officer to authen [...]

    26. This debut novel is competently written, and I applaud the author s judgement in not trying to aim too high, thus avoiding that common pitfall of new authors of over writing The writing style is clear and uncomplicated, and the story is immediately accessible to a wide readership There is one plot line, which is the focus of the tale, and thus the novel unfolds in an uncomplicated, linear fashion which is very easy to follow.An off duty police officer, Samantha Sammi Willis goes out for a night [...]

    27. Vertiginosa novela, narrada a un ritmo trepidante, que no decae en ning n momento Narraci n en estricto orden cronol gico, de los tres d as en los que Sammi, una de las protagonists, est desaparecida Los cap tulos se van alternando entre tes espacios distintos lo que le pasa a la propia Sammi, lo que sucede en el pueblo donde ejerce de polic a con su pareja y sus compa eros y las investigaciones que la brigada especial lleva a cabo.No tiene el aliciente de averiguar qui n puede ser el culpable, [...]

    28. 3.5.Un thriller que te mantiene en tensi n, la historia se va relatando haciendo saltos entre los distintos personajes, esto contribuye a esa sensaci n continua de querer saber m s , es uno de estos libros que lees casi de un tir n Como contra lo que si que parecio es que falto alg n giro argumental , desde el principio se intuye el final, y alguna interacci n m s entre cazador y presa me falto m s de esto y me sobro tanto detalle que ya conociamos al relatar de nuevo la historia en el encuentro [...]

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